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Image 1 of Bardstown herald (Bardstown, Ky. : 1851), July 22, 1852

Part of Bardstown herald (Bardstown, Ky. : 1851)

THE HERALD rCIUSIIED EVERY WEDNESDAY ELLIS & NOURSE. XS T E II M S . Per &ci.nm, in advance, :::S n six ui3iiths Three copies, in advaucc, r IT EY BARDSTOWN J IliPj 2 OO 2 50 5 CO : to 2)olitf ess, ZLftrrnttivr, Science, eommcvee nun JlEtou. 33ct50tta l 50 per copy Of 10 iho Herald will be " Of 00 " " Of 30 ALB J JDj j ! eilis ircuEsr, FRymuToRS. 00 1 tic f"Tle TERMS OF ADVERTISING. VOL. 2. THURSDAY, BARDSTOWN, KY., THURSDAY, JULY 22, itC, EILL-HEAC- CXTiZZ. BILLS. fc3 , on fiso ib:te or fancy Faper. i;;r will be printe-Black. B'.ae, or lted Inlt.oc short notice. Wc r- determicci to ns all means wiihio our power f please those who favor us with their patroaaro. NO. 27. 1852. TA7.1THZ.ZZZ. BALL TICSETS PCSTEKS, & 2i money mnt always accompany caries of Clab Eubsribers.l Vc h.iv. since the expiration cf t!ie Crt oiaci ot the HeraM. made several very and handom? addkinca to curJ03 OFFICE, wh;r will enable us to get a? oar work in a style that can rot fail to pltaiKj. ! LOCXS. JAMES D. KOUESE, E DITOR. TO CLUBS JCIL JOB PRINTING. QrGirz CALL. VS A JIjtA.Y 15, 1852. 1'slavery in any form and color, and in fourth resolutions. Now, what is the his pamphlet of Halleit's. My friend personal contest at the certain risk of ever, the resonluticn expresses no r 'favor of freedom asd free soil where' purport of each and all of them? Did from Tennessee, (Mr. Culloinjthe other life. I have seen such.whn King jioa. But whether the resolutions are $0 Satire. ten lines or fcfirst insertion, IA11 Communications addressed to the Edtoir 'ever man lircs throughout God's heri- Mr. Rantoul quote an 'isolated part of a day referred to the Boston Times, an Caucu3 stamps his foot, tremble like an good or bad we rearl as a matter of Flacli subsequent insertion, .... .... ...........0 25 tage. No. Nor did he misrep- abolition paper, which had at the head Eastern slave. resolution?' ....$4 00 mast be One square three months Tcry little n oment. They undoubtedly - fix 56 00 " tsingle copies of the Heald for sale at the "That is one of the resolutions; here resent Mr. Ilallett." of its columns the names of Doualas 10 ro Th3 gentleman from Massachusetts, sPeaI lhe sns of lfie committee who " twelve " Office. Price, 5 cents is another: " 00 and Hunter. I refer to the facts given To inform the Southern people, them, but in no respect can they laif insertion,SCO 00 " 'Ilcsolred, That we are opposed to do not know what is the character ofwho in his speech, of the alliance between (Mr. bantocl) mar talk about ie volu-- j 'med " one year Ha'.f the tionary heroes. I listened to him with'0 cons.dered a? speaking the sense of $9 00 insertion THURSDAY, JULY 22. 'the extension of slavery to free Territo- builders of Democratic platforms, I will t!ie Democrats and the Abolitionists. $33 00 him the convention. norinnaRl kindly ries, and in favor of the exercise of all only ask them to read these resolutions, Young America was then blooming. I pleasuie, and felt to thosetowardslimes.) In the article referred to before n;r, when he referred olJ will be required to pay in Transient Advertiser"! 'constitutional and necessary means to with the three letters asking their "good suppose if Young America had been and told us tue Pst saJ,: pdvanee. When an Advertisement is handed in the 'restrict it to the limits within which fellowship and brotherhooa !" Hear nominated, with all his fillibustering, revolutionarythat he was a descendant of of time it is to be inserted must b stated, if Mr. Pierce voted, when in Congre?; Of 3Ir. Stanlr, of North Carolina. sires, and that their blood uutil ordered not stated it will remain in the paper 'it does or may exist by the local laws how colly Mr. Hallett,, in his three let- with all his kind treatment of friends, flowed through his veinsand the veins (continued.) aud charred accordingly. "srct the right of petition, as, cvr-ocut. 'of the States. ters, speaks of the convention at Spring- with all his soft insinuating ways to all his constituents, as I understood cised b the abolitionists.' We had platforms shortly after I Tlioe who advertise for site months or one year "Now, gentlemen will as!i me, what field, in 1S49: mankind, and nobody in particular, him ,il It adds: i.,.. i,. liarc the priviieee of chancing and renewing no came first to Congress. We had is the vote upon these resolutions of llaughter, my friend from Florida on thi, in three weeks. exceeding once i',frr Vn m 'The ri ht to as' for the extineiia.i "Certain it is that neither Mr. We have had the Mr. Hallett? It was a very full Demplatforms. l yt We hope that the above will be plain enondi to be Democratic party dodging upon the sub' come tlown lo "Captain Scott." cf of s'avery in the District of Columbii nor those who thought with him, or 'YVW , ocratic Convention, and the vote in faa iliat all w ho advertise svwt .... .Wct.i hv a 'anybody besides, had ths least conce- namoui. iiaitelt. and the whole ol Richmon . and go the plaform. There is now admitted; but Franklin Pierce, I took vor of thesi resolutions was a unanioininr.'irrpivhli ov.r rennireiuents. instead of ject of slavery since the first this concern, going tt because ;3 nothing .h,, vn rT..,b. whatever be his op'nions respecting trvine tor hours to lower onr prices The Foreman a seat upon this floor. The Aiherton mous one, on the 19th of September, ption that the Slate Convention of IS 19 General Scott would not write a letter ler. f the O.Iiee has no time to spend in barcainine. My friend from Florida (Mr. the Compromise, was one of the easi'had, in any form, endorsed Frecsoil-'ism- ; 1849. Gentlemen who write one kind respect to persons: we have no dispo- resol utions were a part of the platform; This without and if any suclimonstruction can since the 3d of February, 1&52. Talk Cabell) will have to go there, if he est to insert it. sition to d. work clieaper for a close listed customer resolutions concocted hy Nulifiers, of resolutions for ihe newspapers, unanabout progressive Democracy. The quits us. The gentleman from MassaThe paper of the &th of June says: than for our liberal patrons, w ho arc willing to let le put upon the doings of that conven-'lio- gen.leman and Abolitionists. Who sus- imously adopted circulating them thro-ofrom Ohio (Mr Olds) talked chusetts, who defends Printers live. "With regard to the resolutions sail the discovery has been reserved the coalition, can tained them? You will And that Marthe State of Massachusetts, in a about the old "fife and drum." This iTl V ' asan extensive circulation, au n Tlic adopted by the l1:.Vs . I, tin Van Buien was the godfather, if not printed form, for effect, and who will 'until the present time, for all . ""i. (".luprs iu, -juuiiimiii,; iu nu; tohavebe--Pe'ore t elose, called convenc i Rlt;,v.n.a!n,r uib u anai urum. platform. business meu wi'l find it advtantageous to make use in some Since ihu days of Judas llon Jl,sl exposition set down that con- - u""u,1"c the father of them. What has become write another kind of doctrine in priof its coinicns as a means of communicating with I wish I had half an hour, by war of Iscarict. there has not been so abo nina 1',arter3 'lfle plalfoim.' w reassert in of him and his platform, and where has vate letters to members upon this floor, 'venfion as having utterly repudiated the public generally. rcesoilism, and taken the "personal explanation," to comment ble a coalition as this in Missachusetts stronger term what we said yesterday. he gone? He and his followers in New must submit to have their two systems 'political 'platform oj the Baltimore upon the drum and fife music of this between the Democrats and Abolition- - further inquiries into the circum-taYork, (Preston King and others,) now compared. 3 thai in sajmj that they Gentlemen who can defend that, ce3 contemptible platform. CASH. beg pardon i5l3 supporting Pierce and King. We had some When this information startled u d not express the sens-the cunve- nCan any man read this, and not be of the Democrat? for savin" it. It is!ca submit to any thing else in the way Ta ppan, of Ohio, here, who said that he of the members of this House, ihe gm- v.c Lave charred the BARDSTOWN truly coutemptible and disgraceful, es- ot platform. Th? gentleman from llo. we e ' ae iasi expressive teln!,, from Florida asked if th s Mr. suspicious of platforms' Will not the HERALD our expanses lsve been considerably would subscribe money to furnish pow They New York, (Mr. King.) over the way, phrase the cas-- would jmtify irgmia men, Hallett was the chairman ot the Demo New York Evening Post farnis i "a con pecially the Compromise part of it. increased; we arc therefore compelled to adept the der and shot to kill would rather take the Free soil resolu- made a speech giving u3 a demonstatiJn were not adopted Ly the convention, if. Scr.z this, is to women, and rhildien, in case of an in- - crtttic National Committee ? To which 'emporaneous exposition" of the last C.H ?VSn:M Oar o''ject of tiie ire mbers more Baltimore platform, when it says the tions of ihe gentleman from Indiana, that he would ii. t support the nomina-- , enable us to meet promptly the demands on us for surection and war. When it was charged the gentleman (Mr. Rantoul) answered: it is said by some (Mr. Fitch,) the Smithsonian Regent, tion of the Fugitive Slave bill, has en- - tnan CASH for Taper, la'i. Labor. O .See rent Ac.Scc. on ibis floor that he had made some such "It is the same man. is called at resolutions were "not even heard, a conWhat ,efl l!,e oomi not more than a Could we on tcT as we r.o. it would be better for declaration, siderable number of members present who says "it was him" who did this and dorsed it, and matches riht into line; Her then from the North a Hunker Democrat." Mr. We alterwards the gentleman from ,en ?f lhe resl k,iexv wt'jt wa3 doing. I would rather take these resous as well as for ojr custo.ners. From those who Ohio, now Senator from California Now- let us see what the chairman voting against them, and those who said that. JW sir js lfl" party 'na. South Carolina, a Secession., (Mr.O'r,) advertise yearly wc expect payments quarterly tried to deny it, and said that Tappan cf the Democratic Nj tio ml Committee, aye did not kn w to what they were lutions than this platform. They do nol oualised ?" I ani a ion slopped by use the word "finality." What becomes comes in an give it3upport, though he For all transient Job Work and Advertising, the was as much opposed to "modern abogiving their applause?'' the man of "two systems," the builddots not approve all of it. Of what lheir platform? Hear lhe Post furt! er: money must be paid when the work is done this lition" as anybody in Congress. "ModMr. Hallett. in these three letters, ot my friend from Florida with the use is a platform, if er of platforms lor Secessionists and "From one of th members, then in is without exception. Abolisionisis nn I rule Where are you? Are you ern abolition !" And then Tappan, to Abolilicnists to stand upon what does gives an extract from the "series of two "finality?" surrendering convention, who tvas dfridedlj without going with thai platform against inter- Secessionists keep up the game, made a speech, on he say iu answer to this ? He alleges columns" of the resolutions of the cona Pai1 of lhe ""solutions, and opinions, can unite in supporting Bed WONDERFUL PltOOn presenting au abolition petition, and that the sole evidence upon Which the vention of 1849, but omits all those nal improvements ? What does that against them if he ? The whole Smithsonian college, it.orsipporting the nom nee whostands w"'d have voted was forthwith regarded as a friend of allegations made by the gentleman from quoted by the Lynn paper. He charges mean Dr. niacUwell's L'e'i given an opportunity, we haveif there were twelve from Indiana, can- upon it? The New York Evening Post, (Mr. Rantoul,) and th General Taylor was elected by the not tell he did nol even hear the resoluCompound Sirvp of SarsapariUa and the South, and a supporter of prat lor ins. Massachusetts, whit the"general system" of in- a Democratic Aboliti n paper, dissent These ere the men Tappan, Van others are mad-- "rests upon the quota-'tio- n "bad faith" of the South; and he adds Iris iersicola. froin ihe platform, deiiouuces it, ap li,s Pul to TO'(. a,vl was not aware of ternal improvements is. The whole who stand that, although the Northern Democrat on the floor of Congress of one behoov es every Curen, Ilallett, and others of hi proves Pierce's nomination, and says lli3 Ptence that they had been adop:e.l platform at Baltimore was a farce. They stood on IN toj;p rmnibu;cry, it eye in the upon your platforms. and half of another, disjointed keenly felt, as they were bound to, the Some euaid with a ?u;i-iumember called, iu the great con- that Scott "cl ims publicly to be one of li" ,ie "Par ' of il afterwards. A plat-th- e iiiterc'ls ol indi idinU and elrjtie. And even the pla'tform of ISIS. B. F. Ilallett from the whole series of resolutions,' defeat "of the great American statesman, ,niJi 4,1 1:113 manner does not authors of the Compromise, fusion, for a division of tne question. lor of outward sho v was the chtirman ot the committee who then the finzzlin? Cass, and ihe election, by aid of passed by the. Massachuse its Democrat-iname ol a Urce, which Ten ,Je eIve Slave law aud all so far as to have insinuates itlf ir.lo the favor of imny, and reported the resolutions of '4S the and General Saunders, of North Caroli y State Convention at Springfield, 'Southern Democratic votes, of ihe A larce is play-b- e thy become wii'i.; dnpe ti nn'io'y end5. said that lhe resolutions could not earnestly and successfully used all his we jesterd-- give it. Thu it i we see !ieMieiicm. C.Jiii'vovanee, same man who had the gentleman from September 19th, 1S49," &c. "One res 'abolition slaveholdiitg chief, General il., before an a u .hence which is aware of influence with Congress to procure its divided! Think of that Mr. Chair-- ' loo much of Massachusetts (Mr. Rantoul) kicked olution and hall of another P Wht 'Taylor, they did not lorget to weaken find S iii itual Ripiinir. I quote the very words. I "hat is going on A long string of resolutions passage." the rutenticri of rational and intel!i;n1 out of the Democratic Convention, be- did not the three letters give us all ttie 'the bonds of brotherhood between the man. ,vpr. nfrrol ,.nnn civet Here we h'lve lhe proof tiiat tue Dial- even to the ileilironiii; cf t !:eir supreme cause he would not disgrace himself by and nntb.! have the paper uefore me. resolutions? Now, mark how a plain 'North and South, nor deny to the latter nig in particular, lney put in those anoitier extraci tor Vie beneht ol my inteiii;enee. All feelin; an i'iterel fn their " " - 'l .iuuuiiuuho; :'i th? the full measure and security of their own. and the welfare of t tie community, and promising in advance to support any tale shall put this down. I have belore from South of 179S and '99, but left out the resolu friend from Florida, and those who read,3" oftiiat mic!i is useful, platform that might be m ide, and beit '.lie f.i!'f'ierrter5-io-me a paper, published at Lynn, 'constitutional rights." (Mr 0:"0 hj3 shown us it is not tions in regard to the French revolution, the Tribune to frighteu southern we would recommend to their seiio:ia considercause he had brought to light the fact of General Tay or "an abolition chief,' which It only intla- binding on April 2i)lh, 1Sj2. It is a tlemeu. ation were adopted four )ears ago by IIallet:s reporting abolition resolutions Democratic paper. Its motto is: ''We says the , those, who are sound without it. of the Balti- the Evening ences , wilh whom principles Black it ell's Compound Sirup cf at an lhe editor of the ISew T. Dr. lor meeting in Massa go where Democratic principles lead." more platforms of 1813 and 1852 the lne p.allorm denounces a n ost, Junes, I5o2, speaking of Generali S irsaparilla and iris crsiccla, chusetts. Ilallett the "soldier of for The editor of this paper applies to Mr. man who drafted the rcsjlutions of the aro eternal and platforms finalities. bank: vet Mr. King, tae nominee for Louis Napoleon sits upon his throne Scott s declaration, thai he procured the President, wa-- a republican mem- r.r.d request the same inr ct icalion. ty vavof tune," he is called in I shall not Springfield Convention! a And in his , c i pi r in fact; and where now is all trial, that has been exlended to other o'yrrts has written one of the funniest pam- Ilallett harsh expression t lie " ' ber of Congress three letters he answers the charge of their He says resolu in 1S16, Irom Nort!t use to ears polite. ofle;s importance, lie aert if s n,ieriority 'His declaration to this sympathy and confidence in the I wish I had ai Carolina, aud vot?d for the very monphlets I hare seen an Hons were "written by .Mr. Hillett, as his being an Abolitionist in 1849, by mi'ar t"iT1i'und ecryrt introduced, 0 nv French They need Mr. taken down from his own mouth, has especially where 'chairman of the committee, on nnd defies the pu 'ic to pro iiK.e its equal for hour to devote to it pigiving copies of various resolutions, in Ilallett, revolution? tfoim says is unof Boston, to fix up another been published in the Tribune itielf.and ster bank l!ut trie liie cure of the f!Io.ving Diseases: Scrolu'a. he is so affecting in his appeals to his Mr. King is a e;it!eby him to a Demo- - other years, in which he was opposed to and reported li j u ef conslit Jtioml. I want no nnlmlu Ii j a Jjnij.l l',i j platform cannot go that. . JiUidice. Female Democratic or Kin's E il, b ethren to sustain Vgood 'cratic State Convention holdeii in abolition only proving that a man may such drum and fife music as that. Does tne statement. is not a colored.iCoju ol ineproacha o.e character, whom r:u.)tion of tn kin, Sv.IIkI fellowship, unquestioned laith and fidel. Springfield, September 19th, 1S49!" be in D 'mocratia "brotherhood" on the highly respect. I have defended him all 1ija?es arising from an impure tJland. and . ity, and firm brotherhooJ," among each "Ue brought them iu his pocket, all cut Jaltimore platform with Secessionists the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Old) man carried fT from his familv tinier! tate of the bio?d. fife and drum, if it plays Yan- tins itjiamous law, not. a tree man or Amusing letters, indeed, are and dried," says the editor of the Bay iu Bill'nnor, and on the Springfield want the other I think he voted for the Force bill, the "Three letters of 13. F. Ilallett to State. The editor is replying to a let platform with Abolitionists in Spring- kee Doodle and protection to American woman enslaved by what are denomi whicli Nullifier-- say wis intruded to labor; or does he want "Rule Brittan-nia,nated its summary processes, alio may Colonel C. G. Green, editor ot the Bos- ter iidJre-seG neral Jackson to destroy the field. b Mr. Hallen to a gentle "God save lhe Queen," and free not, if we take General Scotl's own enable Ii ielcinonv of the t'ininnt ii tue of lhi ton Post." Brotherhood with Hillett I have much more material before, me Sttti of South Carolina. man from Virginia. (Mr. Thompson,) a reCo'iviTind we u jo ii a "Angels an ministers of and published iu the Union. Trie gen reining to Mr. Hallett, but I will not trade, according to the Democratic plat- word, thank him for all that they are Laughter. Mr. Bragg. '1 ht. Jovrna! wid iio',7 liable citizen wil.i the ot;in:oi of an excellent form Sir Henry Bulger's letter? We made to en lure. There is not a marshal grace defend us" from that brotherhood! tleman from Virginia was probably se- use it at present. rlcia n : may do so hereafter, Mr. King, of Alabama, voted go under these platforms unless or his deputy employed to seize t,,e pre-God forbid that we should get in'o it ' lected as the medium of communication LovrisviLLF., June 3. the celebrated Force bill of if it becomes necessary. lie is one of cannot we know what the music is, and who tended fugitive, or a commissioner whj wish thro.i:i Give me Jounson, ol Pen iisyl vania, in S r: Dr. Barkwell opinions those now busily engaged in endeavorhis on of the musicians are, but the Democrats sits to admin ster the law, who is nolj Messrs. B.owa and Mingura, Senators this in eiium to info m yo of the Sucre's of stead of Johnson, of Virginia the Ciro.lUJ. in former times on the subject ol slavery. ing to create sectional discord in our t n P.n-,- il Tbfcr are .nnr Pilr r nlo.s- - than in S.ntl fnT So r Ii. ,r0,n vour ainpari'lr ipvi my little eautrhter J instead of the R n louts and Floyds. The same geuilem-iII; is one of tie peculiar fn" would the bst is also the biogra-- country. r";:v; .u ngi a ie 7ui uui. imposcu. upoiij Mr. Smily. S ie is no v iit yeaif aje. From her it c aie. ujj aim fjr as can help it, I will have no KiiiL'. but But iu my print- friends of t lie S juth, assailing ihe best ;he hac heen t otih'ee with a b: t akiuz out As .er of our Speaker. who l"13 13 lh le T,e honorable gentleman from Miss- ,llose!i " ,h: For body, resemb'uis Scrou'a. At time' "brotherhood or good fellowship" with ed remarks over will allow the editor to men in the country, living and dead. ,I,,,, !:,. droca ? l's wi re covered over with lai; her ni in an any of them. II I inns; choose, I would sneak for hi self. bill. I stand corr;c tei. Extract fro:n the. lie called the late cove mi on to ordrr as issippi. (Mr. Brown,) the former Go . of last win- rather endure those who will ai us in 'vorite candidate for the Presi- luniiin; o:es. Towards thee fb We tj hj-- f Bay Slate, a Democratic paper publish- chairirtjn of the Democratic Central cmor of the State, does not pursue the dency, at the very moment he is making worrc than had bejn ter she flew o giving protection to American in u try, ed at Lynn: an.! corruption raised ayv.nst he drafted ths resolutions coursa of our friend from Florida. JI iutrigu?, Committee; before, that I r.iaimed. and was about in out the, party who h'n boasts that , bit for lis perso:ul Mr. Clay because, he votsl for Mr. application to a Physician when I ac and improving our rivers and harbors, "There are in the above quotations of the Bilti more platform in 1813; and wiil not rule every inhim. When e, the detestable bill of which we to act with another 'i.ienta'iv hca il of jour S irsapai ilia as beirz and to the old States some share of the several direct falsehoods. The country was preiydiced We can call is, after his course has been exposed, wish-are speaking might never have become a Adain3. a ci:kt pji::FiI r. of i hi: ri.oon. I immediate-lpublic lands. I will vote for the b O this a for years aga'u.s: Mr. continued by the Democratic party as gentleman wanted to "kick" Uie gentle- law." omit. them by no milder name. procured a bittlt and comm. need its u'e. man from Massachusetts (Mr. Rantoul) by my friend from Michigan. The vile slander is not :eleiv?d now by In relation to the resolu- one of ihe National Democratic wa ned ip Icotil se a mark- idvocated e t :ie iJt'io. "Firs'. I he would take New York Evening Post, nolic any intelligent Democrat. The (Mr. Stuart,) because I like these im- tions refened to: Mr.IIallett wrote them We have Coil ill lied its It is to such men as these that out of the party, he sai ed r!nn.' fjr til" lilTILR. and with him. ing the recent nomination, s ivs: d Cass thiul '.olt'e was taken, when an x provements in the first place, and recent evidence from Beaten unsolicited, uninstrucied.and was direct Mr. Tierce owes his nomination. They: his support, ct i. I nrn no.v happy to He is more sensible than some others. 'The nomination of Frsnkli-- Pierc, tliat thev never believed it. Coalition Tim: crm; was he afforded me the opportunity to ed to as ne naa pre have been allowed to fraternize wilh report them just sav sh er. ovs better health hau s'je eve r ew uampsnire, a3 tue wcuiocr-u- c Dt?g pardon lor drawing comparison? ci make this short personal explanation. pared them. i;!;e lhu f.lseU charred on Mr. Clav t yo:i He orouglit them iu his Southern Secessionists and Democrats, i'fict say I ro:ici ler bif re. in I know they are "odorous." The gen-- ; candidate for the Presideney, appears ai, Mr. A lams' have always been a Laughter. mrji 'ines vour S usa. a. ilia one of the pocket, all cut and dried. The charge and have directed their counsels. Here is Mr. Helen's pamphlet the uo.v in use for pmifinx tae b o d, and c innj Such men can always find evidence tlemin from Mississippi, in his speech' to diffuse general 6atifaclion amon the ,ni.tcj ia be disgraceful until defended amst Mr. Rantoul. that he 'quitedan i ti z doiii its imp n ity. Wilh "Thue letters lo Colonel Greene." all In by ,;lt. gentle:nan from '.Massachusetts of their opposition (j abolition. Tltey of Aprii 13 and 14, 1852, said, in refer- Democratic party.' t. thi, please accent nif v.t sin ere tiianks and this pamphlet he charges that General ISOLATED PAKT OF A RESOLUTION, made have "two systems." They "eat sou- ence to the bank, tariff, and distribution Why? Becauic of the platform? ' ( Mr. Rantoul. ) i)OL"(;:i!:urY. J. wishes. Hallett knew to be false when he vii the gentleman from Massachusetts Far from it. Hear further fro n the The Speaker of this House p'iMished llairison was elected in 1S40 "by a suc it. Mr. Rantoul quoted two resolut ons, thern dirt," in the language of the - 'a (Mr. Rantoul) ras appointed by Pres- Post in the. same article. The Post e cessful fraud, in mikin him pass as an aixl would, undoubtedly have quoled the som from Massachusetts, (Mr Ran)ears aj;o, in which he Ph of idciit Polk district attorney for Massa- - joices in the nomination of one "who tKar bar in iiiritfuan nirmo. the city, vbui 5lattnient cannot be call d in Aouliiiouist in th? .North, and a firm remainder if he had had them; and Mr. toul,) in Baltimore, and in Springfield supporter of lavcry at the South.' Me tlallett's glaring inconsistency rvould are higher-la.uet'. ion : men, opposed to slavery chusetis. being accepted as a s ound Dem-- ; did not think it wonh his while loam ll0ll Up0 .ir. Clar. He is occupvin Il says,; ,ht: speakers chair' and wc are in the Dr. I. P. Cinskwe" S'r: lnrr;;!y to your-- also says there is a movement at the have appeared the stronger. in every form and color, "and iu favor ocral: "I will not reject ttie aid of the nei Robert G. S ;otl a Ie tier. o: gentleman from Massachusetts. your receipt South, headed by Senator Mnigum, ot will state, that I have exainirw-Committee of th whole, he can have a following aie the resolutions of freedom and free soil wherever man "The .Mr. Pierce did not, like General for yo'.ir C i ii io i!i S np of S u ';ipar iila a n;l North Carolina, to tun General Sou it as . , rP1ir ftn i though he be, in upholding the if touching slavery, wiitten by Mr. Hallett, lives throughout God's heritage." They 'Democratic side of these questions." Scott, if we miy believe the boasts Iris Ver'j o a. :ui co.iMjet il :i:i excellent M(J mn i,,jusle. a candidate." Then he and adopted b the cou ven lion: Sou-- j would have tree soil even in ihe There is a great "om.'ou u d. rr aT " When a good work has to be done, which Scott is so loud of publicly mak- lt,ai m,jre ,riu!l in lhe hdT uf a COJ. alleges that the "who.e Democracy at or J M. BLVKLY, M. D. lie ;, fu l; "1. RcSolvf.d, That we aie opposed to therti Stales. Did ever ing, procure the passage ot ihe Corn pro-- ; ti0 u rhe Democrats Willi tb? freesoil-mis- e the North mean to abid by the com slavery in ever form and color; and or Johnston, of Pennsylvania, I 'I will accept aid from any quarter." and for aie v.noieT.le and nred by Congress. He has of the er5 j If so staunch a Southern Rigfits D iino: promises, and stand where they have n. V.Kl!I. &. Iil.ACKWIiLf. iollse thd, there ever was in favor of freedom and free soil ask my trieud fro n Florida, go further crat as the gentle nan from Mississippi UU . I). M. CiX, ol paternity to induce him:tw-ei- i Aisoby Ciav and Ad,ms. Look at tha stood upon the Baltimore platform." I concur entirely with the p.o c g huut than this? i Rirr'stovn. lv whlklver man lives t h can accept such aid, cannot my friend to employ the influence of his office toj We Miall see presently how they slan D. mocratic nominee for the Vice PresiSlavery Auual Report in Massa- God's heritage. trom rioriaa taKe some sucn aui in put uown ireeaorn oi speecn on mis to- - chuseus which I j'lotedin a letter mib- P. B. MtTIR T. 77. PILE 7. on that platform if they staad as he Raolved, That by common law dency, (Mr. King,) when he wrote that '2. opin-thei- ; pre-pai- - j SPEECH I f j nn.i,tM. Hal-'let- t, I ! I 1 - 1 n,).;,, I ho-j- pell-mel- l, i n, it - confem-'porancou- - i"iui . - : n Conven-'tion'.'.- r' 1 of e nr-Mnc- 1 ' i 1 Three-'ourlh- s thrse-fourt- dcz-an- d ' - 1 j oppo-the- ir J ' J1 11 ; s Fugi-;for,- n 'G.-nera- l c th-.- ;1 j 1 J- 1 1 i ii- gen-".- 1 s!. master-workma- anti-slaver- n Dec-'.ccrac- y . ' . j ; 1 ! efT-c- t, 1 n resolu-Mion- - 1 -'ia I 11 I i - i ,1 , . K ! i " d ! i 1 1 2. 1 1 D-- well-know- Kel-Ioj:- i n ' s "-- -" I . -i , " 1 v- - j i e 1 I . i 1 h- I I p j ! sh- ir.a-- I n s r :1 11 11 CJ-- j Coin-mitte- l i e. 1 be-ca- fT i r! i 1 i 1 -- 1 de-- l t j - i ti s j 1M ni'i-- j gen-tleini- u - 1 . 1 Free-'soil- l .r,.! ' AL-- i v i .' Loui'-vi;- V1 r OU X E Y S AT LA XV Lou'sville. Ky. Will practice Law in tue various Courts held m tin? Court of A ppea'.s. and in the Ctr Loui- - Xelson, Juilitt. Larue, ciit Co ir.g of S Counties diu a:id Mea c on hdictcii blh and Gth W li- re mi'.' or o itii nnv always be found to give lljr (Ji J'ffcrbon, cou .d au) busiuesa u Jan 4, coulided to them CAUPEXTEl SAMUEL SON. & LAW, uds own, Ky., AT TO UN FAS AT D S.""L. CAlirtXTKd has resumed the pracand Will, iu partnership wilh riA 'L CAKPLIXTt ll, J ii., practice in Nelson and the -purrouudin counties Hi.d tho Court of Appeal All business cuirusied to their care promptly attend vdto. (Jan. 14, IcoJ tice of Lw, T. W. RILEY. RILEY. AT H.B.MUin. J. MUIR. BAILEY, & C. BAILEY. TORSE VS AT LA V, KY. BARD-TOW- Will praetiei- Law in the Nelson Circuit and County Cauru. Ouii-c- the sama formerly oceiipii by - , Riley &. ""uir. They will cive prom;. t and attention to all busiiieis coulided to tl em. B M'l: jy 1 dili-c- u LICK WATI.R for sale hv w I LSON 3 IIMCOM) J )jvli )LId'(oi VY F . hf ' - I AT L -' Kel-lo- V C &N 6 U RS i:. )FFi:R fir 1a hy SJP.IIilL, VN" J. r3L'il C instantly on hint and for sale by CJLLLNS & 81' HIGHLAND. C does. These letters, be it remembered, are written in answer to the speech of the gentleman from Massachusetts, (Mr. Ruitoul,) made in this House on March 9th, 16s2. lie was defending the coali-tioin Massachusetts between the He says Democrats and Abolitionists. the coalition was formed in 1S19. In lS"i0andin 1S31 they succeeded; "the first lime a failure, the last two times successful." The gentleman from Mass-ach- u etts in that speech said what I have before me, which I will print, and can not. for want of lime. read. It is as follows: "Now, before the coilition was made, of course those Democrats who came the nearest to the peculiar opinions of the Freesoilers had no difficulty, and The repugnance felt no repugnance must have been on the part of those who vveie furthest from the Freesoiler and I propose to show where Ihey stood I hold in my hand tue resolutions re ported by the honorable Benjamin' F Ilallett, September 19th, lS46,the week the coalition va formed, and gentle men will see how far Mr. Ilallett and those who thought with him had to g' before they could act without repun nance with the party. Th following is oue of the resolutions re ported by Mr. Hallet: "'Resolved, That we arc opposed to u v and common sense, as well as by the de- "a large portion of the former of ihe North lend themselves to cision oi the Supreme Court of ihe Uniihe advocacy of Freesoil doctrines, and ted States, (in Prigg vs. Pennsylvania, wilh-thunprinlG h Peiers,) "ihe state of slavery is a make common cause mere municipal regulation, founded cipled and the infamous agitators and abolitionists." He probably referred upon and limited to ttie verge of ihe law;' that is, ihe limits of the to Mr. Van Buren, Ilallett, and others. Dem-'ocrac- e State creating it. "3. Resolved, therefore. That as slavery docs nol exist by any municipal law iu ihe new Territories, and Congress has no power to institute it, the local law's of any State authorizing slavery can ne.-e- r be transported there, nor can slavery exist there but by a local law of the Tei ritories sanctioned by Congress, or he legislative act of a State in its sove reign ca pacity. "4. Resolved, That we are opposed to the extension of sUvery to free Territo-rits- , and in favor of the exercise of all constitutional and necessary means to restrict it to ihe limits within which it loes or ma exist by the local laws of he S ates; but "5. Resolved, That these sentiments universal at the North as to 6e- ong to no party, being held in common re so y all men north of a sectional line, vhile they are repudiated by most men - ulh of that line, and therefore ihey CANNOT BE TEST. MADE A NATIONAL PARTY "Mr. Rinloal quoted the first and The "former Democracy," old fogies, I suppose, lo whom he referred, are now on ihe platform with him, Now, sir, whatever may be said in condemnation of the abominable opinions of the gentleman from Massachusetts, ( Mr. tCautoul.) 1 think vastly more if him than I do ot the master-builde- r the bossMr. Halleit. The differ, ence between them is about the same as that between the bold, daring highwayman, who says the world is his oyster, which he, with sword, will open, and comes gallantly into the fight, and the hypocrite, like A.ninidab Sleek, with long face and solemn professions, putting money in his own pocket obtained If I could have under false pretences. any thing like a preference, I rather preOf all e vils,'4sa ve, fer the highwayman. oh ! save me and ihe Whig party from the "infamous agitators and abolitionists,'' who wish to sow discord in th country, by their miserable wooden pedlar-madnutmeg, horn double-face"good fellowship, firm brotherhood' platform resolutions. There never vas a greater "fraud" than gun-flin- getting river and har or improvements, and tariff, or his Florida railroad? I warn the gjntleman, with his sublimated opinions, lo keep out of the Democratic party; they will have the whole or none, and unles-- . he yields he cannot stay with them two months. I heard it said when I was a child, in homely phrase, that it was allowable to "make the devil tote the brick to build church." Who is there lhat wojUI worship there because the devil did "tote" some of the bricks to build it? Who so overrighteous as to refuse to worship in a church be- ause some bad men approach ihe altar? I would notl eldets and deacons of them, but let ihem sit near the door. Hallett was! a higii priest in the Demociatic Conveu-- ; lion. II any tveitoggs come among us, we will try and place them on the stool My friend from Missisof repentance. sippi, who is a strong Southern Rights man, if 1 am not mistaken, and is quite ultra upon the ground of secession, ran fold his arms, aud stand upon the platform with ttie gentleman from Massachusetts, (Mr. Rantoul,) who must stand there, although he was kicked out of the convention, in accordance to the dictates of party, and dare not refuse. He is like many other men I have seen in this country, who would seek "the bubble reputation at the cannon's mouth," and vindicate their honor in a j i ilished or. the 7:h April la.-- t. That rc- The resolutions were adopted by t!nse! port. referring to the attempt to endorse They j tie Compromise in the Democratic who nominated the candidate. not put till a large number of th- -j cus at the early iwi-o- f tb present ses- memoeia iiau ii nura w n; wiey were hoi sion. Sa S "lUf,motlon ras!aid oil the debated, not considered, not even heard; tjble; and .mT. Linn Boyd, of Kentuck. a considerable number of members p es- - obiaiue d the Speaker's chair s OLtLT ON eQl vole(l aSa,3t an l 3e wno Til 3 CONDITION." SalJ aye did n t know 10 what they Here is ihe gentlt man from Connecwere giviri2 their applause. The pre-- a ticut, now in his seat, Mr. Cleveland, tence of passing resolutions of adopt-no- t however much we may condemn his o- of political belief, under piuions, he always hi3 the manliness to in3 a ur circumstances, is tne merest lirce aTOW ihein. To play douh-fac- e does in thtJ world a proceeding as destitute suit his nature. s in'that caucus; 01 moral lor 'e as 11 ltle solutions bad he voted lor our Mr. Boydl Deeu auopteu Dy a uozen cnance iravei-mak- e 1 ask him if the Speaker of this House Ier 0,1 bjarJ a steamboat.' was not elected "solely on the condiA,lJ yet we are lold w? nationalize tion." that the Com piOmise measures Paie3 by making them stand on plat- - were laid on the table in the caucus? forms. Hear the Post further : He is too prudent to answer now. I dare With regard to what i3 called the him to Jeny it. He would not h i ve d platform adopted by the convention, we for hi:n If lhat pldtfor.ii bad been have but a lew words to say. Some Hr-ris a great dea more pioof part of it is excellent that which re- of coalition betwe-- n our speaker and fers to the resolutionsof 1793 is worthy the Abolitionists tba.i of any ever of all commendation, inasmuch as it brought against Clay or Adams. those principles of construction Sir, 1 abhor thrs? coa Ii lions ths which the legislative authority is be- country abhors them. If I had never ginning to disregard. That portion abhorred them before, they wojUI now which relates to the Fugitive SUve law, be odious, when I see the result of the founded on a doubtful con3tr iction of Massachusetts coalition. The good old the Constitution, would appear to many Bay State, so full of glorious revoluto be indirect contradiction with this, tionary associations, by means of this to say nothing of the inhuman provis- coalition sacrificed Winthrop and what ions of the law itself, on which, how- - have they sjnt in his place? However P1C can-wer- e ' j ie". 1 l j sp-ak- vc-te- i

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