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Image 2 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), April 28, 1904

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

jU- Ww THE BEE EARLIN15TOM KY > ir u WNiWlWaWNNNr IN STOCK Watch This Space NOWB AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT OF This TRUNKSBags BARGAINS YV V It Is unable to do for Itself even If but disordered W LI Walden Bought III SHORT LOCALS I Specially Scopes 25 Cents for Ihe Worlds m vw stomachtroubles v by local applications as they cann t reach tho diseased portion or the ear There is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube Whe this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear ing and when it is entirely closed dcafnrss is the result and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition hearing will be destroyed forever nine cases out of ten are caused catarrh which is nothIng but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces We will give One Hundred dollars for any case of deafness caused by catarrh that cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure Send for circulars free F J CHENEY Co Toledo Sold by druggists 75c Take Halls Family Pills for stipation Plows corn planters garden hoes and rakes at W 0 McLeods It is not always the politicians fault He cannot tell the truth and hold his job 100000 lbs of No 1 timothy hay to sell at COc per hundred at Finley Plain Madisonville Ky ri G i Deafness Cannot be Cured City Marshal Benton says he once Mrs Albert Toombs had a severe arrested a young man for stealing glances at a pretty girl attack of quinzy this week but is some better now Wantedto sell or trade a fine Dulin McLeod of Madisonvllli lot of jersey cowsV have an excellent picture of the 0 MCLEOD Queen Quality shoe plant on exhibit In their show window this week This is one of the largest shoe hous es in the world and has twentyeigh hundred employes If you are in could not wear their spring hats Madisomville this week or next dont tVtr are making hot prices on fail to take a look at this window Owensboro buggies and surries We carry everything in the and harness of all kinds Stock hardware line from a tack to a FINLEY PLAIall new cook stove farming implements NMadisonville Ky and machinery of all kinds The public school that has been closed three weeks on account of smallpox opened Monday with a large attendance FINLEY PLAI- NMadisonville Ky v Elder W R Jinnett lectured to a fair siled audience at the Temple Theatro Tuesday night on the subFifty cent molasses at W 0 ject of Odd Fellowship Those who McLebds for thirty cents were so fortunate as to be present Why buy an old style buggy say the lecture was a masterpiece and that Elder Jinnett sustained when you can buy an uptodate his reputation as a first class lecOwensboro at the same price at turer Finley Ky Plain Madisonville Patterson of Madisonville will sell you an up to date wagon enry Earl the colored driver first class in every respect for works for Jas Crenshaw while Log wag iriuVdown the awning in front oJ 40 for a short time 15t4 en haws store Saturday had the ons of all kinds cheap to break one of the large glass windows in the front of Quite an excitement was caused plate Tuesday by a dog supposed to be W O McLeods store fllcted with rabies The animal had Yeu cant afford to ride in an the usual protruding tongue and old rusty buggy when you can slobbers A fine bird dog belongingto Griffin was bitten and alget it repainted at Pattersons so Flottiobelonging to Ike Cookseya dog Madisonville for 4 and make it A fine Jersey cow belonging to Jas 15t4 Johnson was bitten Officer Rufe look nice Clark and others gave the dog a Theives attempted to force an en ¬ hard chase but were unable to get trance to the residence of M B Long wIthin shooting distance and the Tuesday night The family had not animal escaped yet retired when they heard some one walking stealthily along on Get the Habit the roof and attempt to raise a win- ¬ Of trading at the High At Store dow The Inmates of the house of Strouse Bros in Evansville made a slight noise and the would Indiana and you will never regretbe intruder beat a hasty retreat it They are the makers of practi cally the only mens and boys In ¬ You Know What You are Taking sured Clothing made guaranteeingyou take Groves Tastoles the same to be the equal in all re When Chill Topic because the formula is spects to the best of Custom Made plainly printed on every bottle show ¬ this means particularly in cut ma ng it is simply Iron and Qui ¬ nine in a tasteless form No cure terial fit and service being Manufacturing Tailors on such a large on pay boscale that the product of their hand oPatterson of Madisonville has icraft is sold in every State and Ter them the a few more 46 wagons If you ritory of way Union enablesgoods in at to seU their a retail want one come quick Warranted factory prices they do more than t4 thIs for their trade outside of Evans first class in every respect yule upon request they will remit a Jas Crenshaw will in the neacount card by return mail entl future make some improvements in tl the holder to a rebate on all his store by adding a perch to the pu ases of 100 or more Their run line of Mens and Boys gpri op Coats Hats Caps Furn wits Shoes aro of kind and that speak for themselves TaataoaUse lara drupgtsts Habit of trading at Eyansyille Ind 6 Bros Itro Isfortune I i l I OI junday J I shihbd Geta i 4 supplies the natural Juices of digestion and does the work of the Year digestive disorders Pictures and Frames Roorr1 MoUldirJgs If In all the new colors latest designs and decorations larger assortment in Western Kentucky stomach relaxing the I nervous tension while I the inflamed muscles I and membranes of that organ are allowed to rest and heal It cures Sl DISONVILLE C McLeod The man who waits for the girls consent before kissing her will not get many kisses fair M Kodol I 175 BISHOP f KY L otf to COMA- If you want to buy or sell farming land or city property it will pay you to see the hus tling real estate people W The friends o f Mrs Harrie Browning are glad to know she is improving 125 to 750 Suit Cases 150 to 1900 Bags 35 Cents to 650 Wall paper Window Skate VXdentdyspeptlo or overburdened Trunks Hasnow a complete line of Jk famous remedy doesforthestomach the sky cornea the star of health to the weak and In PERSONALS Indigestion i bsJ Misses Lizzie Hanna and Annie Fugate of Madisonville visite friends here Thursday Miss Brenda Kenner of Hopkins ville is visiting friends here Mrs Ernest Newton and sister Mrs Albert KeoWn were in Mad sonville Friday shopping M B Long was in Evansville on business one day last week Miss Clara Brumfield of this city visited in Madisonville last week Pete Bourland flagmen on the L spent tJuesda in Madisonvill 1N friends W L Gordon Jr of this city was in Madisonville last week visitHenry Jones of St friends and relatives Inhus citying Jno X Taylor left Sunday for Ohio county where he will vIsit friends and relatives Robt Hale flagman on the L S N T spent Sunday in this city vIsit ncr relatives Leslie Baynham visited in Slaughters Sunday Bruce Grubb of Hopkinsville was In this city Sunday Miss Lula Smothers of Morton Gap visited friends and relatives here last week Mr G A Browning and Mrs W S McGary went to Hanson last Saturday Mr G A Browning of Greenville S C was here visiting friends last = palpitation of the heart nervous dyspepsia and all stomach troubles by cleansing purifying and strengthening the glands membranes of the stom ¬ ach and digestive organs elfYY1M Tour Dealer Can Supply Too 100 Size holdlnc 2K mina Bottles only the trial the which sells for SOc Prepared by E Co DC WITT 6 CO CHICAGO Taylor E Hibbs the popular Baldwin piano man of Madisonville was here one tiny this week Mr Colle Moore the popular traveling salesman for Bement and Seitz ot Evansville was hero Tuesday on g r tt tr tr tt ertr tr tr tr Tr i BEN l1 i11YVY1flsy + rttr W Vl tr tr tr tr tr r tr r r T ROBINSON friiggit + t k Mortons Gap Ky t J + t Fresh tPrescriptions + We carry a full line of businessMr L Walden the well know grocery merchant of this place was called to Central City on business last week JaB Malony was in Providence Sunday visiting homefolks Frank Coyle of Madispnville was here Tuesday on business Mr Frank Baynham Jas Maloney were in Hecla Sunday Miss Sue Foard visited Miss Blanch Edmondson Sunday Mr and Mrs L W Rico are visit tug near Greenville Mr Hall of the firm of Morton t Hall furniture dealers of Madison ville was here Tuesday on business Mr W T Drake went to Nash vllle Friday to accompany his wIfe home some time this week John Longand Miss Georgia Wyatt were in Madisonville Sunday Grover Long is on the sick list this week Jewell Webb is able to be out again after a few days sickness Miss Effie Teague and Mrs Ike Davis are on the sick list this week Kate Withers and her sister Mrs J W Richardson of Fleming Mr B B Butler will move his county are visiting friends in Greenomily to Hopkinsville and run on ville Central City South Carrollton outh local and Sacramento this week Roy Wilson visited relatives in We have all kinds of harness Robards Sundayand plow gear Will sell you A K Gamblin and sister Miss cheaper than any one Come to Sara of near this place was in Mad see us Bring your repair work sonville Saturday FINLEY PLAINin Gordon of this city was in NMadisonville Ky ladisonville Monday Grover Long and Frank Devylder Hot Weather Cominwere in Madisonville Sunday calling gIf you have any feather beds that friendsMr McLeod of ProvI- you wish to dispose of write your dence was here Saturday on busi name and address on a postal card W GLAMOR and mail it to Madisonville Ky nessMiss Mayme Foard of Hecla was 019 Wanted to Exchange hero this week visiting Miss Garnett One new Ames bucgy or a now indleMisses Lizzie Hanner and Brenda sewing machine for a good Jersey Kenner who have been visiting cow Call on or write to Porter friends here a few days left for Hopkinsville Wednesday on an ex Installment Company Madison vile Ky tended visit Miss Grace Fugate of Madison Mr L B J Baynham attended a villa visited friends here Tuesday swell hop given at Hecla last Saturand Wednesday day night Mr Baynham says he Arthur Daves of this place left eyor had such a time in all his life for Murfreesboro Tenn Tuesday on a business trip Uncle Karney Hite a very old Baynham who is clerk- citizen of Christian county passed Mr Frank Ing for J M Victory was in Hop quietly away Friday with old ageHis relatives have our sympathy kinsville Sunday on a visit Mr C B Tate of Madisonville Mr Lylo Robinson of Mortons was here Monday Gap Is staying in Jno X Taylors Miss Hattie Parker of the Pleas- drug store while Mr Taylor is abant View country made a short visit sent on important business in Ohio to Earllugton last week county Mrs tarry Brown was in Madis Mrs Ella Hankins formerly booknvillo shopping Monday keeper for J M Victory has re- ¬ Mrs W T Drake is visiting this signed her position and will leave week in Nashville for St Louis in a few days Mr was J ester Baynham takes her place Strother Hancock of this in Madisonville Monday on business Several of the K of Ps of this Mrs Harry Brown of this city place expect to attend the circle was in Madisonyille Monday shopmeeting in Madisonville Thursday ping night About 26 candidates tor Mr Gill was in Madisonville Mon- degrees and also a banquet An theI day on business yable time is expected of the Porter InJ W Porter stallment Co of Madisonville was Elacato Your Bowels With Ciuoaratfc Candy here one day this week j tOc1c If000jaildrugglstsregundmoney a 4 Pure Drugs Promptly and Carefully Prepared + + + + y T DAY OR NIGHT 4In + addition to a full line of Drugs we also handle Paints Oils and Varnishestx + tVe + + et i7 solicit your trade and guarantee close prices and Small Profits 1+ ir T if qq + 4- q +4 + q CRENSHAW I r l OMMEI 4Consisting 4Latest of Things in Cotton Pongee Shirtwaist Goods PERCALES ETC AND And et eA Qenefal Dine of Gbro Him I ye aC the enst l1t Old Town Offutt UptoDate Druggists have installed a handsome 1800 Soda Fountain and secured the services of and will be prepared to serve the pub an But Sory FABRICPAINT druggists TONIC for that tired feeling SORY TIE DRUG STORE ON CORNER OPFUTI MADISONVILLE KENTUCKY SubscribeforThe Bee v ALL THE LATEST NEWS BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM i Sul criptioo 100 Per Xe t JD AI I f tI v A Hot Time in 1 I t Ladies Hosiery CHILDRENS UNDERWEAR MENS f t smc I t Is now receiving his weekMrs 1 I PRICES ARE RIGHT AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Come arid see me before you buy Madisonvillo Ky flatulence IFor sale by John X No to select from Kodol DyspepsiaOire III fi StoreI Book and Jewelry rLikeI FOR S asks AD + r- 1

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