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Image 19 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), March 13, 1902

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

v mruu111 N M11UJIIiJb Wash Life SizDOLL Woolens eFREE II and flanIelsIr t Babys clothes will now fit dollief r wit PARUMt Girls can get this beautiful LifeSize Doll absolutely Free for sell ¬ ing only four boxes of our Great Cold and Headache Tablets at Write today 25 cents a box and we will send you the tablets by mail postpaid when sold send us the money I oo and we will send you this Life Size Doll which is 234 feet high and can wear babys clothes Dollie has an Indestructible Head Gol ¬ den Hair Rosy Cheeks Brown Eyes Kid Colored Body a Gold Plated Beauty Pin Red Stock ¬ ings Black Shoes and will stand alone This doll is an exact re ¬ production of the finest hand painted French Doll and will live in a childs memory long after childhood days have passed and they will be softer s betterl last longer look like while Follow e New Haven Conn FREE 0 I 01ctW rlr o io BEAUTYJOLLA French Bisque Wax Doll p n rPaine x togetherr Ladles Hair um Ornamentsimported Special Novelties each ties etc at Five Cents paper Girls remember this is Not a of our latest style d > in I t or rag doll but a real Imported Sleeping Beauty Doll that will delight and please you neatly dressed from hat to name and Send us shoe pretty as baby herself the 30 assorted articles to sell address and we will When sold remit us 150 and we will send you the big Doll and Chatelaine as above adver Sleeping Order at once and address described DOLL SPECIALTY COV IO9 Am Trust Bldg BRIDCCWATER This handsome SolidJalne awithin Aluminum Silver I Chain Bracelet IB given free as an extra Present In CONN PRESENT EXTRA addition to the Doll and Chate ¬ 6 for selling the worth of novelties six days Brace ¬ let will wear like Uteri IBB Sliver and never tarnish J j on p es rewFRE 2 L l- D IBIG SLEEPINGI Nearly two feet taU with natural automatic sleeping eyes moving jointed head and arms curly body bet shoes stockings etc complete Given tree iioixs jwith F RrE BIG p brighter NATIONAL MEDICINE CO flop Dept 11 t- A Address < > 1 PClTt 11 tr 1< Ii l lt L

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