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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 4, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Jeffers OMAN The DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, January 4, 1912. Vol. 5. No. 27 ' 1 sk. one present proceeded to the parlor when she read her paper on "Womind received uunierous presents from an's Work for Kentucky and How From the Hogwallow Kentuckiani a beautiful Christmas tree. Those the Editor May Help." Mr. Paul M. Atlas Peck has notified the public present were Mr. and Mrs James Moore, of Earlington, who is always to travel slowly by his house as his Wisehart. Mr. and Mrs. W- S. Wise-hart- , found lighting for the betterment of chimney is about ready to fall down. All Over the County Told in Mrs. Matilda Carlton, of Louis- Have Time of Their Lives at schools in the state, read a good paKllick Hell wanger has keptso sober ville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wisehart. per on "The Road to the Rural for the past three months that he Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith and Brief. Winter Meeting. School." ami if his suggestions are has driven from here to live Straw children, William Henry and Sarah carried out this "road" will be greatwithout hitting a stump-ProfEllen. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hawkins ly improved In the future. H. C. and little daughter, Marrel, Mrs. Sap Spradlen. of the Wild Chappel, editor of the "Thousand-sticks- " Wadding Masons Elect Offi- Came Moreluad. of Louisville, Miss Enjoy Fine Luncheons and Receptions Onion school, has purchased a new at Middlesboro, told of the Fdna Wisehart. Mr. and Mrs. Chester pair of shoes and they hurt his feet Business Sessions Successful cers Wooden Wedding, Socials, "Progress of the Press in the MounMiller. Mr. and Mrs. James so badly he expelled two pupils and Other Items. tains'" in a most delightful manner. Louisville Commended. and little daughter. F.velyn. yesterday. Miss Anna Hopper, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Wisehart and favored the members of the associaTobe Mosely says he is awful glad children. Marietta and Clara May tion with a piano solo that wasgreat-lKentucky went Democratic, but he Miss Ruth Brandon Weds. lamies Edward and Roy Clifford. Louisville certainly did herself appreciated and enjoyed. Beaubenefits expects to get more direct Miss Ruth Brandon, of Jacksonproud in the entertaining of the tiful boxes of flowers were distributout of the two possums he caught on ville, Fla.. and Mr. A. E. Levriett. of W3RTHINGT0N. members of the Kentucky Press ed by the Louisville Press Club to that night. South Carolina, were united in marthe ladies of tbe Association. to - Miss Kstelle Bess, of Lou- Association, which met at the Dec Sim Flinders had the doctor Dec. 20. 1M11. The bride is a Hotel Thursday and Friday of The hospitality manifested by the come to Tickville Monday night to riage isvillt is spending this week with daughter of Kev. B. A. Brandon, Mrs. last week. Allot' the heads of the citizens of Louisville to the memsee his wife. The doctor did not Noaii M addox. who was pastor of the JelTersontown business organizations of the city bers of the Association was never want to come very badly as he knew Miss Neuton Miller is the week-enMethodist church last year. and other prominent men were on surpassed. They were kept ou the he would never get any pay for it. guest of relatives in Louisville. hand to give the editors a hearty all tlie spare time, either enjoying . D. c;i imberlain arrived The thermometer at the home of Sunday welcome to the metropolis ot the to elegant bullet luncheon or attendWedding. an Washington Hocks got out of fix una to spend several weeks state and seyeral buffet lunchens On Tuesday afternoon. Dec. 1!'. Mom Aiah and ing the piays at the theaters, the and registered 1911, Mr. morning Friday with relatives. Wilson-ville- . receptions were prov ided. Harrison Allen, of iiiar.agersof which opened their doors eighty-onMr. and Mrs. 11. N. Simcoe and degrees be lew zero. As a The meeting was called to order to the press. Spencer county, took by conconsequence Wash and his family quest one of the most highly prized daughter, Lucy, of S. Louisville. Mr. Thursday at 2:un o'clock p. m.'by The tirst luncheon was given by the are threatened with pneumonia. county, and Mrs. The'O. Chamberlain and the president. Col. W. B. Haldeman. Louisville Convention and Publicity possessions of Jefferson namely Miss Winnie Clark, from her children, of Poplar Crove, spent iof the Louisville Times, and the League at o'clock on Thursday at Lucy Chamber- invocation was made by Rev. Acquilla School Hygiene home at Routt, and considerably to Monday with Mrs. the Seeluach Hotel, followed oy a lain. Webb, pastor of Warren Memorial buffet luncheon and reception in the The Wisconsin the detriment of that community Mr. ami Mrs. T. L. Ell wanger spent Presbyterian church. The address evening at II o'clock, given by the Association has recently conducted a anil to the enhancement of his homr. several days this week with relatives of welcome was. made by Mayor W. members of the Press Club at their series of "One Day Crusades'" among after an automobile trip to Tayiors-vili- in Louisyiile. O. Head, and was responded to b accompanied- by his accomplinew headquarters on Walnut street, the public, school children in the Messrs. Eugene, ami Bruce Sims cities and villages of the state. Mr ces in the persons ot Mr. and Mrs. were hosts at a delightful party Mayor Chas. M. Meacham, of ihe rooms oeiug handsomely decoratmember of the Association. ed tor the occasion. Ou Friday at 1 Harvey Dee Brown, director for the Bud McDonald. Miss Margaret Reid Wednesday evening in honor of Mr association, delivered illustrated and Mr. Ralph Allen. He brought Clay Hunt, who has been in Bowling After addresses and informal wel- o'clock Col. W. B. Haldeman, presilectures showing the dangers of the her back as his bride to partake w ith Green at school. Miss Hattie Hunt comes by Fred W. Keisker. president dent ot the Association, and Mr. W. of the Louisville Convention and Pub-- K. McKav, manager of the Louisdisease and met hods of preventing it friends of a bridal feast. presided at the frappe bowl. A delicity League: Thos. C. Timberlake, ville Herald, gave the editors a buf-fe- t As many as l.fioO children have been licious supper was served at nine Masons Elect Officers. president of the Louisville Commer-- I spoken to in a single day. luncheon at the Seelbach. which o'clock. Cortland, Ore. The school hoard cial Club: Geo. L. Dautorth, president vas greatly enjoyed. Jefferso.itown Lodge, No. 771. F. & Mr. aud Mrs..). P. Goins entertainof the Board of Trade, and H. S. PeT. has recently passed a rule that A. M., held its annual election of ed a number of friends The meeting was said to be one of and relatives kins, president of must possess a certificate officers for the ensuing year on Wedthe Merchants the most Successful ever held. teachers at dinner Tuesday Manufacturers Association. a n il of health. It is aimed especially to nesday evening of last week. Dr. . Miss Louise Miller is spending President Haldeman called upon keep tuberculosis instructors from L. Huiu.njl was elected Worshipful J. D. Powell is Out. several nays witu trienas at south Lieutenant-Governo- r coming in contact with children. McDermott, Master; W. J. Leatherman, Senior Park. Mr. John D. Powell writes that he who made a spien Jid a Idress to the Ashland. .Minn. Common drinking Warden: R. B. Smith, Junior WarMaster William Arthur White, of upon their opportunity or has severed his connection with the from all of den: David McKinlev, cups have teen removed Ingleiiook. is spending the holidays editors service in the state in the way ot Middletown Mercantile Company at the public schools and replaced by Secretary, and C. H. Harris, with his brother. Larry Lee, who He Is agent for the sanitary fountains. Treasurer: R. O. Eliiiigswortn was makes his home with Mrs. .1. P. Coins. having the laws inforced. After the Middletown. Allen Portable Bath Apparatus. The department of psychology of elected Tyler. J. C. Alcock was apaddress of Mr. McDermott. Masters Dan Rite and Charles Swagar Sherley, Congresman Hon. the University of Pennsylvania has pointed Senior Deacon and P. K. from Thanks Her Friends. recently launched a plan to improve Miller, Junior Deacon: Rev. Win. L. Warm r Hardin entertained a number the ITif th District, delivered a splenand condition of defective Berger, Chaplin; J. L. Ellingsworth of their little friends at dinner did address, which was enjoyed. Miss Minnie Hoke, the popular the care school children. The movement is and Wm. Banmlisburger, Stewards. Tuesday. After thanking the gentlemen for operator tor the Cumberland TeleMrs. PhiliD Thomas de" srh t . Mr. to be state wide in Pennsylvania and The officers will be installed the first entertained t'hiiiyday evening the hearty welcome extended, Presi phone Company at this place, has any city that desires it, may .have, meeting night in January. which in honor of their daughter. Miss dent Haldeman asKed the secretary , requested The effersonian to thank its backward children studied by the will be Saturday, Jan. I.!. Anna, who is at home from Sacred .1. C. Alcock. to call the roll of her many friends for sending ber so experts of the university. A conAbout fifty newspapers many lovely presents during the members. Heart Academy for the holidays. siderable number of children have Several appli- Christmas holidays. Miss Hoke reWooden Wedding Celebrated. and pupils of the were represented. The teachers been examined in Williamsport. Uridine school had an enter-give- cations for membership were reported ceived a large number of gifts, which M addox were Rock Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Susquehanna, Media and smaller and it w!ls necessary for the rules to were given in recognition of the a wooden shower In honor of taiument and Christmas tree at the towns. The men sent out by the Friday, Dec. 22. Quite a be amended in order to recei ve them, courteous manner in which she treats anniversary of their University with the the fifth "I nomber were present and enjoyed which was done on the foilowingday. all patrons alike. Dec. in. at their residence in medical inspectors to locate, as far riage A number ot addresses were made A six o'clock dinner it very much. as possible, the causes for mental Springdale. How's This? E. T. Chamberlain is expected and papers read upon subjects of ineveryone enjoyed it. deficiency in the children, and sug- was served and to the newspaper men, and w ts beautifully dec- - home today altera week's visit to terest We offer one hundred dollars regests means for individual cases in The diningroom the business sessions of both days orated in Christmas bells, holly and friends in Troy, Ohio, ward for any case of Catarrh that overcoming retardation in school were very successful. Mrs. Maddox was assisted! Mr. and. Mrs. H. H.Sims and family work. A large percentage of back- smilax. "The Lady Reporter." by Miss cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh M is. Susan Miss Hattie bv Misses M able and F. J. CHENEY & CO., wardness, it has been found, is caused in Randolph, of the Courier-Journa- Cure. .v addox. Oueada Nachand and Leola Hunt. Messrs. John and Clay Hunt Helen Toledo, Ohio. by physical defects, such as poor was presented in a delightg uests 'were as spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. J. We. the undersigned, have known eyesight and hearing, or adenoids. Maddox. The other ful manner by this charming young Misses Katie (Juiun, Edith B. Clore at Crestwood. F. J. Cheney for the last IS years, A number of cases which havcJeen follows: Mr. aud Mrs. Olando Johnson and lady reporter, who gave some of her DieVick, Elsie May Nachand, Ruth and believe him perfectly honorable treated according to the suggestions ilaughter. Miss Catherine, entertain- experiences in getting the news. and Nettie Stut.en-burge'of the University inspectors have Madtlox. Katie Much regret was expressed over in all business transactions and finanof friends Thursday Klsie Rothenburger: Messrs. ed a numbL-been improved in a remarkable dethe fact that Kmmet G. Logan, of cially able to carry out any obligaFred Stutzenburger. Paul Martin, evening. tions made by his firm. gree. G. N. Littrell, of Louisville, spent Bowling Green, was ill and couldn't Karl Nachand. Dr. A. M. Laird. :or-viWai.dim;. KINNAM v Marvin. Brockton. M ass. A health room be present to talk on the subject. Miller. Robert Dietrick, John the holidays with his sons, Wilbur Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. is to be arranged in the high school. and Douglas, at the home of Mr. "When We Were First Acquaint.' Quinn and Walter Rothenburger. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken interIt will be similar to the fresh air It was also regretted that John .1. Chas. Hite. nally, acting directly upon the blood rooms now used successfully in ProviMrs. W. B. Tyler, who are Kerry, of Paducah, David Duncan, Mr. and Entertained. and mucous surfaces of the system. H. L, Boston and New York dence. of Brandenburg, and Francis Dougand Mrs. going to move to New Mexico, were las, of Danville, could not be Buechel. Dec. 2S.-City. presDt Testimonials sent. free. by Price 7" gi veil a reception in honor of their W. F. Shake celebrated their twelfth all Drugcents per bottle. Sold The value of dental hygiene is wedding anniversary Saturday-ni- and take their parts on the program. wedding anniversary Wednesday. tenth Take Hall's Family Pills for Mrs. J. A. Mitchell, of Bowling gists. discussed in a recent issue of the lit at the home ot Mr. and Mrs Boston Traveller: The mental and Those present were Mrs. Lucy Miller T. C. Tyler. A large number gathered Green, made a "hit" with the editor's constipation. physical efficiency of school children of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Fred to congratulate this happy couple can be greatly aided by the proper Ostrich, of Newberg, Mr. and Mrs. and wish them on their care of the mouth and teeth. This J. B. Ward and family. Mr. and Mis. trip to their new home. is fully attested by experiments in B. M. Miller and family. Miss Lvdia Hardv. of Boston, is the Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ward entertainGermany which cover a wide field. guest of Misses Rosa and Klsie Roth-enbThere dental infirmaries connected ed a number of their friends Monday. rger. Iusic and games were the features with the schools have been in operThe many friends of Miss Vestina ation for a sufficient length of time of the day and all reported a good Grunwaid were much surprised at to demonstrate: lime. WITH LIME SULPHUR SOLUTION her marriage to Mr. Alexander Potts. First That the time expended in Monday evening. We join The putting the teeth in order was far Delightfully Entertained. in wishing them a long and less than the time formerly lost Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Clark delight- happy future together. Mr. and Mrs. R N. Maddox, who from toothache and disability caused fully entertained on Christmas day recently moved troin Onusby Station by diseased teeth. at their home at Routt in honor of Second That the cost of keeping the bride and groom. Miss Winnie to this neighborhood, entertained a of relatives and friends at the teeth in order was more than Clark aud Mr. Wm. H. Allen. It was numberChristnins day. linner by better health compensated for Wish to congratulate The also their usual way of spending this and a consequent reduction in medi- day. Those who enjoyed the good splendid paper of last cal expenses. dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Mr. week, and to wish it a prosperous and successful year. Third That the child became B. Reid and family. Mr. and Mrs. physically stronger, secured a higher Jas. average in kis studies, was easier to Emmett Davis, Mrs. Lula Finley, Solves a Deep Mystery. control and was apparently happier. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allen, Mr. and ''I want to thank you from the bot The Philadelphia board of educat- Mrs. D. B- Finley. Miss Corinne and tom of my heart,'' wrote C. B. Rader. ion has recently been petitioned to Thos. Allen. A jollv good day was establish open air schools for children spent. The only regret was the of Lewisburg. W. Va.. "for the got from double benefit inclined toward tuberculosis. shortness of the day. but we all hope Electric Bitters, in curing me of to spend many Christmas days with a severe case of stomace trouble SOLD BY Dcath In Roaring Fire of fire- Grandfather and Grandmother Clark and of rheumatism, from which hail may not result from the work past one sjiali be long and heervau almost helpless sufferer for bugs, but often severe burns are and this by aJl remembered pleasantly ten years. It suited my case as though caused that make a quick need for present. made iust for me." For dyspepsia, Buckien's Arnica Salve, the quickindigestion. Jaundice and to rid the est, surat cure for burns, wounds, Entertained Christmas Day. Incorporated insystem of kidney poisons that cause bruises, boils, sores. It subdues I A most delightful day was spent rheumatism. Electric Bitters has no pain. It soothes flammation. It kills and heals. Drives off skin eruptions, Dec. 2oth at the home of Mt. and equal. Try them. Kvery bottle is drug Mrs. James Wisehart. A delicious guaranteed to satisfy. Only 50c. at all ulcers or piles. Only 25c dinner was served, after which each druggists. gists. Hogwallow Happenings. HIGH SCHOOLS at $1.00 Per Year Every Thursday EDITORS HAPPENINGS - or Jefferson County Are Need- Writes H. W. Moremen. . O.f-r- $1,033 For SchJils ia Siuth Jefferson s Bible Should If Property Is Sold Clark-Alle- - n Lash-broo- Be Taught. w: Oaklaad, RorroB set in a late issue Fla.. Dec. 2i our efli ient County Superintendent, fwtsosi -- 1 Orvilte Stivers, is contemplating building a high school for each of the eight school districts of the C tuntf. This is one of the objects e & McFerran in son - it by Mr. eaabiing act for a county the bn issue. H ovever. if Mr. Stivers Iihs a plan by which this result can be reached sooner, no neetl to wait. a Me Kenan Contemplate Mr. building s:iHi Sent on at least ten acres of ground, so that ample plav grounds may be seen red and also agricultural and industrial instruc-lio- n If fifteen or twenty be given. acres caa be secured, so tnucta the better. As Mr. Slivers savs. ample buildings for present purposes built so that additions caa be made if needed. s njtirn ?s a tocitton can he se cured that will answvr for two districts. For instance, I have a lot at Pleasure Ridge Park for which 3,O0O $2,400 cash and will take will give to the cause of bet. 1.000 Mr. get-tin- 1 F 1 tcr schools in South Jefferson. Tins ten acre-- , is on ttie Lincoln Way. the trolley line and in 200 yards of a depot on the I. O. Rail-ma- d Good macadamised roads connect it ia every direction with the surrounding country and it is so situated that trie Valley Station and Snivel? districts could both use it, and pupils could come trom Mt. Holly. Peoiel aadOakdale tor much jess expense than they now attend the city schools, and learn more that they ought to know aud fail to learn mauy things they Ought not to know. What the people of South Jefferson need is Christian and industrial education, and this is the anniver- sary of the angel heralded Savior, who is to bring peace and good will tfi men' and his command to us is to love our neighbor as ourselves not the neighbor who treats us nice and does good things for us. hut anybody we see and the man or person who even mistreats us. Law suits and quarrels do not improve a country. What South Jefferson needs to put it in the front rank of the best parts of the best state in the Onion, Ken- tucky, is Let us cease to do evil: let us learn with Mr. to do weU. and Stivers in his endeavor to give an industrial high school to every one of the eight school divisions of the county. God has done much for South Jefferson. Let its citizens do "wnat they ought, and there is no better land under the sun. Very truly yours. HoitAi K W. Mortr.MEX, Oakland. Orange Count v, Florida. Dec. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Will Orms, nf South Louisville, visited Mr. and Mrs. I. James the first of the week-Mis- s Martha Whitesides visited Nellie Young during the holi- days. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. y Seel-bac- h d Clark-Alle- e 1 is e, - Hop-kinsvill- e, ' . .1 : -- i .1 n mar-schoolh- ouse te re.-eivi- l, j r. r n Mr. 0K0L0NA. Miss k God-spee- d u Thnrne had as guests at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hell and daughter and Misses Mattie and Margaret Ireland. Miss Virginia Briscoe, of the Pot-tp- r Bible College, spent the holidays w ith her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Briscoe. Dr J. A Kirk, wife and baby have returned to their home in Louisville, after spending several days with Dr. G. W. Kirk and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McDowell entertained the following one dav last week: Mr. and Mrs. Clay McDowell and family, .Mr. and Mrs. Rob Mcid Mrs. Dowell anil family, Mr. "Jones, Mr. arftLMrs. M. M. Thome f ind family. Mr. Tom Sanders and uighter and Mrs. Joe Brooks and -- iss Niva Tiel) has returned to her in Louisville, after spending lidavs with her brother and siihn Tom and Virginia Bell. Standiford JBeeler atiri daugh- - J rettrrned hotneiifter spend- il rfays wjth relatives in. LnwiiiyJr. J. B. Walker and son, of Debvsr. ar e with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. B4eler. Jefl-ersonia- Spray Your Orchards Now n DON'T BOTHER WITH WATER .Teffer-sonianont- - woj-derf- u 1 See The New Way! Air Cool Gasoline Engines Lime Sulphur Insecticides I HALL SEED CO. ali Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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