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Image 2 of The Hartford republican, June 12, 1908

Part of The Hartford republican

iy I i> f GRAN REJECTED FRATERNAL 1 fl FOR SMALL OFFICE Paper Found Shows He want ed to Be County Engineer Nine Years Later He Was NomI nated by Acclamation for Presidency was once l jt Gen U S Grantpoliticians urn wits Sr Louis od down by refused to gtve him a job will be a srrpI to many who do DOt know h 1 r he arcs Mked for an I t e ort document was unO A + Register d qtyshows that which Rrggt a Gr a political office ja l The paper wa3 ty CItY ReiPter Ja dv WcIhsll tog- reed d by- C J McClure roug y j he was sedrei d records for an old S Luls Cury document He fated that unhr dJ of lugust I IS9 the future g rgeneral and protdeat then 3i y t > old had applled for a prsttton as cuunt ostoHr and wus turned dvWIl by tIN Board ot County Commissioner ill favor of another applicaut Tile paper was unmarked except a pencil note OR the bsck stating that it was the application ot C S G ll18r1t It was a recommenda ion w p I Reynolds a W fien by and chum of Grant l r Auate y < asthenprofenor of et sin antes Ai uilnatciL r ti u vaP4lf was ater d i explatiaed tha Woo a II chum of Grant al p r nod had acrvcd elI mica is the array The d h whit I AT I NTFORD JI 1 1 ir FAIR GROUNDS I J jlW Louis August 0 G 1 IWoCap 1- ant wu a member of the c t t mt1tary academy Heat Putn He alwlYi h graduated la 1843 WIt shed a high taudifls and gradu Rih great credit eprvialy II macs mechanics and eagarrrFrom my prllQllal kuwltdgeai his capacity and itcqulrelJ1ll all ha strkt iuegrtty and 11ua1mAttinl Jndultr1 consider him ir em1w nt degree qualified for th J I RE YNJLUSof county en1aear Pnteeeor Neehanlca and EnglneerlnVuJtulton Untveratty I wu for three years In the corps of cadets at West Point with Cap Grant Mnd afterward served with him for some eight years to In the army ami can fully ludorl the foregolllg statements of Pror Reynolds S M FROST Signed That Gen Grant did not get the position which hJ asked for Is shown hr tllo failure of hlii mate to appear In the county rustier of that date and by the American Encyclopedia which says that he accepted employment with his father in the leather bust nest at Galena Ill at about that date I The posftlon of county engineer was poor pay anti Its pliueipal dudes dealt with the construction of county brIdge and similar work TIle office was finder the jurlvdietion or the hoard or County CUDlmlsilouera whose duties jUlltlll from the old records seem to bave Nlllilsted mostly In the management and improvement of county roads and the aduriaalun or paupers to I I 5 ln Ju ooT 1E IEvery Member of Every Fraternal and Labor Organization Invited To HON Present Be J CAMPBELL CANTRELL WILL SPEAK IN THE INTEREST OF THE A S OF E HON TOM PETTIT WILL SPEAK FOR THE MASONIC FRATERNITY PROF McHENRY RHODES WILL BE THE ORATOR OF THE DAY FOR THE K PS VARIOUS OTHER ORATORS HAVE BEEN INVITED AND WILL BE PRESENT IS the PoorIl01l The Board of County Commissioners riema to have Hhowed uu llIlelt1Sl in the man who was to he provident or the United States Asldu trolll the one eoord showing that hili application for the Iloaition was duly filed for reeorl he weals to have beaentirely iKlorild by wo IJanJ Gen Grant had a love for St Loath due to the tact that he married ill 2848 dltssJulla Deed II St 1411115 cmnt girl who Will a sister or one of hia lie r Vest Pont elasamates from the army while stationed at Fort Vt2ccuver Ore July 81 I8 I and came to St IAl1IS County w live lie enlUvated a anti IIlId engaged In tilt real cattle hUllillitH uutl 1819wben he entered businoss with hiS father and moved to GIIIIIIII m where he remalnell until the beginning or the evi War Eight weals Ii 1 Just nine years after Leing retie ABoard uf Conlmis IIlorjllh ly Qf St IAtHI Coun v he twos autIlit ad by acclamation to tho Repnblieatl National Convoaton far presldt of the Carted Stntus aid elided The dI eovory of tllU record of Grants tirlt failure us II poluiClaa isnow peculiar Interest just of references of account the UII St Loma Gen Grants to career by Secretary of War Tart slated of five members J1y Ju his Memorial Day address which has had tile advantage ot birth oPllonontI raised ia furor among Grants friends I ho being a citizen by In his personal memories General Om- carried oft the prize The application for a job lu St Loul ot the Incident n citizen of St Louis and Is now In a badly dilapidated condi While engaged In the realestute egency bus tion havIng lain among other old ness 1 was n candidate for the office St Louis County records at the City ot county engineer an office or ro Hall alnc the city took over the spdctablllty anti emolument which courts and other institutions wIthin very ac- the city proper many years ago It been have woudd time Is written In Ink and the writing Is me to ceptable appointed talrlyledble The paper however beas was Incumbent The County Court which con marks of decay and althougli abided by the A BRASS BAND HAS BEEN ENGAGED ffUl I Forty Head of Sheep Six Beeves and Twelve Hogs will be Barbecued for the Occasion GROUNDI lIt is to Be an Old Time J th t- Fraternal Picnic Held for the Benefit and Under the Auspices of the Hartford Masonic Lodge SyiLctimn JOINT DR atthat sheet of helwywclght writing par per bearing the seal of WashlngiOn University It Is nearly torn at one ot the folds and the Hartford K of P JAS M Lodge DeWEESE Sec COMMITTEE brought a fortune Into his pock Dlxby J Young BIxby had to lawyer said the ask for the reaet amounting to several millions The have an estate and must get a- wal ot his note two or threo times man referred to John M DlxbY came rid of the farm on the north side h adto deprive hImself ot tho necossl to New York In 1830 from n backwood of the city It Is appraised at 200 tI es of life to holl the farm until the as a halfstarved lawyer To You cad have It at that figure district o petting ot tho Erie Canal and the TORZAfBepay tour dollars a week far board and I have not one dollar to my name t1 rat lighting of the city by gas gave Kind You Nan Always Bought are washing kept him on the verge of exclaimed Dlxby ti Ie metropolis a new birth and his tltgaetanat bankruptcy Ho struggled on for a You can give me your note and I ft rm was quickly swallowed In the year or two and was constantly seek- will renew It until you set eady to growth At the time ot his death ing odd jobs outside of the law to pay It replied the 1Xbys property was A Story of Millions to exIst when a friendly worth seven enable him n The for some interesting story Is tQ1d ot lawyer In whose office ho had desk time IHewasverY nervous butpla 1-one today Its market value Is more Another 1clng himself under obligation for sotlban thlrteen how the reluctant gling of a pro- room called him asIde ono day The Giant City New Is Here a chance for you large a sum but fInally consented York June NationalMngazlne missory note by pennlless New York OA lawyer f iiiThe lawyerD ml J I 1 S 1I L r M of 4 d t t > > w < T t t eqwyh Fi v <

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