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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1960

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Cheating Iliilcs Receive Coninicnt; See Editorial Page J University of Kentucky Vol. LI LEXINGTON, KV., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, Record UK Budget Approved By Trustees By BOB ANDERSON, 10 No. 91 ' AS--. Kernel Managing Editor record $17,1SP.173 biuret, which will provide average faculty salary increases of was approved yesterday by the University Board of Trustees. budget to the trustees, UK President Frank G. Dickey called the In piesenting the 1900-0budget "the best ever," not only in the amount of money granted, but in the fair distribution of funds. A $210-90- Weather Today: Clear and Mild; High 66, Low 36 -- J Js A v) rtt 0 1 The budget will provide $4,011.-OvTmore than was requested by the University last fall for the 19G0-C- 1 fual yt;T which will begin O July Analysis Of Salary Increases 1. For the tiennium of 1960-6the Billion Cellar" Legislature ap- propnated to the University $8,- 202.00 ) nitre than was requested. In addition to the salary in- crease, the budget will proide funds for a new chemistry-physic- s building, library expansion, addi- tion to the Student Union Build- Int. new commerce building, an addition to the Education Build- ing. and engineering building. It i.s the many buiklincr projects to be undertaken under the new budget that makes it so nwh larger than pa.-- budgets. Increased salaru-and money to be used or hiring additional instructors account for only 2 million dollars. Both the Agricultural Experiment Station and Agricultural Extension Service received greater grants than requested under the budget submitted last fall. The tctal increases in the new 2. Division of Colleges and Experiment Station Professors Associate Professors Assistant Professors Instructors Mediral Center professors Associate Professors Assistant Professors Instructors Salary 1960-6- 1 12" Maximum Mean $10,410 8.550 7.390 6,120 $ 1,200 900 650 450 $ $18,000 13.000 14.000 10,000 $15,500 11.960 9.640 8.000 $ 1.000 $ ana agricuiiurai ana geological projects. $822,760. Board member Clifford E. Smith, Frankfort, recommended that the trustees cost Done votinr on the budget until all members had a chance to read it more thoroughly. He pointed out that they were to the Southeastern Interfraternity Council Convention are, from left, Dick Wallace, Delta Tau Delta; Dave Stewart, Tau Kappa Epsilon; and Dave McLellan, Phi Gamma Delta. The convention is being held at the University of Alabama Friday and Saturday. 12 Month Basis Maximum Mean $13,800 11.075 8.880 7,210 budget over the 1959-6- 3 fiscal year ending June 30 i.s $3,272,580. Col- leges and administration show a $1,418,370 increase; Medical Center, ii.uji.uo; Increase IFC Representatives UK representatives 19G0-6- 1 700 600 0 900 700 530 350 UK Trustees Approve Med Center Positions 340 350 240 0 Dr. Halstead's appointment will become effective Aug. 1. Dr. Stewart is associate professor of pathology at Columbia and an associate attending pathologist at Presbyterian Hospital in New York. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and received his M.D. degree from the University of Rochester. He will assume his new duties June 1. Other appointments in the Medical Center approved yesterday by the Board of Trustees included : Paul F. Parker, director of the Division of Hospital Pharmacy for the American Pharmaceutical Association and American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, appointed director of pharmacy and central supply and assistant professor of General Electric Foundation, pharmacy in the College of PharUK Medical Center. N. Y.. $209.50 representing the He is a graduate of Harvard Col- macy, starting April 15. sum of all reported gifts made by lege and Harvard Medical School. Continued On Page 8 former UK students who are by the General Electric Co.; National Merit Scholarship Corp., Evanston, 111., $200 as scholarship assistance to students at the University who are not merit scholars. American Air Filter Foundation, Dr. James F. Hopkins, University professor of history, Inc., Louisville, 1,000, for the William Maxwell Reed Professorship was presented the Alice Hallam Book Award Monday night Fund administered by the Kentuc- for the most distinguished writing by a history faculty memky Research Foundation. The American Hereford Associa- ber during the past year. tion, Kansas City, presented a The award, presented at a din- - versity. Before joining the UK sound and color movie to the of Phi Alpha Theta, ulty in 1950, he had been a high Department of Animal Husbandry. national history honorary, was school teacher, businessman, and The Pan American Petroleum made on the basis of the first state welfare official in Missis-voluCorp. of Tulsa, Okla., presented to of "The Papers of Henry sippi. the Department of Chemistry a Clay," of which Dr. Hopkins is Dr. Hopkins is the author of two magnetic susceptibility balance editor. books published by the University A native of Noxapater, Miss., he press: and an infrared catalyst study A History of the Hemfj equipment unit with accessories, holds degrees from the University industry in Kentucky," and "The valued at about $32,000. of Mississippi, UK, and Duke Unl- - University of Kentucky: Origins and Early Years." He also has written several articles of an historical nature for a variety of professional publications. played in America since the days estine as it was in the time of Speaker for the evening was Dr. of Edwin Booth. In this play, he Christ. George Abemathy, UK visiting; introduced Maurice Evans and It would have camels and history professor from the UniMargaret Webster to Broadway. donkeys for transportation, a vast versity of Alabama, who spoke on He brought Sir Cedric Hard-wick- e bazaar section, and an amphithe- "The Changing Face of Creat and Sara Allgood to this atre seating 5.000, where Nativity Britain." country for Carroll's "Shadow and and Passion plays will be given New members of Phi Alpha annually from Christmas to Theta who were initiated before Substance." He starred himself and Julie Easter. the dinner are: Haydon in Saroyan's "The Time of Jane Shewmaker, Harrodsburg; Your Life," the first play ever to Annetta Handshoe, Handshoe; win both the Pulitzer Prize and A&S Dinner Rose Hill. Prestonsburg ; Martha the Drama Critics Award. Tickets for the annual Arts Keffer, Greensboro. N. C; Anne In 1943, he brought back acand Sciences dinner, to be held Armstrong, Lexington; Genevieve tress Laurette Taylor to play opat 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 26 in Carroll, Miami, Fla.; Ethel Amposite him in "The Glass Menagthe SUB, may be obtained from brose, Lexington; Elaine Long, erie." He directed Eugene O'Neill's Capt. Frank D. Weeks, phone Lexington. "The Iceman Cometh" the next 21GH. year. Susan Dye, Cincinnati, Ohio; Features of the program will e project is to be the Dean's Report by Dean Patrick Furlong, Lexington; WilHis pet reproduce in exact replica the M. M. White and a presentation liam Judy, Frankfort; John Holy Land in Florida. of slides showing rampm life a Souder, Lexington; Robert Patters, son, Irving ton, and Donald Dow ling's idea is to erect a half century ago. copy of Pal Stratford, Conu. Appointments of an assistant to the vice president for the Medical Center and a department of pathodealing with an 18 million dollar logy chairman were approved yesterday by the UK Board Cf Trusbudget. tees. Mr. smith asked that the hnnrd Dr. James A. Halsted, a decide the matter in two weeks. r. p. Hopson. vice chairman of in Iran,professor of medicine now to will become the board, pointed out that if any Dr. William R. Willard. assistant tiustees found any faults in the B. Stewart, facDr. budget after approving it they ulty Wellinton member at Columbia Univercould still change it at a later sity's College of Physicians and meeting. Surgeons, will head the Pathology The board approved the budget Department. after considerable debate. Dr. Halsted is chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Shirax in Iran and chief of medical service at a hospital there. He will direct postgraduate medical education for the Full-brig- ht UK Accepts $7,540 In Gifts Gifts of mcney totaling; $7,540 were accepted yesterday for UK by the Board cf Trustees. Two miscellaneous gifts a sound film entitled 'The Hereford Story" and a chemical equipment unit also weie approved. Donors and their gifts are Mrs. John L. Davis, Lexington. $20 to the Kentucky Research Foundation for the Frances Jewell McVey Foundation, k Fund; Chicane, $1,000 to be applied towards the scholarship fund for the International Summer School. Smith Kline and French Laboratories, Philarirlpha, $1,500 to the Agricultural Experiment Station in support cf the animal husbandry project entitled, "Growth Stimulants for Swine." Shell Chemical Corp., New York City, $1,000 covering grant-in-ai- d for the Department of Entomology and Bctany; W. Atlee Burpee Co., fears-Roebuc- Philadelphia. $100 as a scholarship award to a student in horticulture; Dr. Robert D. Shepard, Lexington. $10 to the Kentucky Research Foundation for the Jack O. Webb Memorial Fund. Herschel Weil, Lexington. $200 and $100, to be awarded to the two seniors in agriculture who have the highest accumulative standings for the first three years of college. Philip Sang, River Forest, 111., $1,601.07, representing the proceeds from the sale of 50 shares of stock in Spiegel. Inc.; Kentucky Retail Farm Equipment Association, Louisville, $200 to be used as a scholarship for a student studying in the field of agricultural engineering. David Bolotin. Lexington. $200 to the Jay D. Weil Memorial Scholarship Fund; Sealtest Foods Corp., Louisville. $200 for the dairy scholarship fund. Os-sin- g. em-ploye- ed History Professor Wins Book Award 900-fo- ot me Bowling To Give Lecture Thursday " Kddie Dow ling actor, direc- - tor, producer, and playwright will appear in Memorial Coliseum at 8:15 p.m. Thursday, as a part of the Central Kentucky Concert and Lecluie 1' -- t y i , Series. f : 1 LDD1E HOWLING The late Lee Schubert, a friend of Dowling. once said, "Eddie nas enriched the American theater with his imagination and his integrity. He has had the courage to take a chance on dreams." Dowling was the first producer to prrsent in America the plays of Paul Vincent Carroll, and the first to give Tennessee Williams a break by producing "The Clavt Menagerie." In 1930. he produced "Richard II." the first time it hid been long-rang- per-nutie- luile-aquu- re nt, Rob-bin-

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