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Image 891 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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461 ‘ I recommend that action be deferred relative to Evelyn Slater, — Mary Ed Mecoy Hall, Mildred Botto, Liza Spann and Mrs. Wells Overbey ‘ until a later date. 1 I New-Buildings . ; . . ` G. Tandy Smith, Jr., Architect, is preparing plans and speci- . fications for the Home Management House for the department of Home Economics. It is understood that Mr. Smith is not to.receive any remuneration for his services if the building is not erected, but if,it is erected that he is to receive the usual fee for his services. I recommend that a special committee be appointed to prepare application for funds for the construction of the Health Building A and also for the construction of the Home Management House. . . Pay for Extra Critic Teachers j ` I recommend that Lula Clayton Beale, Louise Swann and W. B. _ Moser each be allowed $25.00 for services rendered this semester as critic teachers. . , . . Extra Teachers for_ the Summer Session . L I It is impossihle, at this time, to know what extra teachers will ’ be required for the summer session. Unless this Board directs other- wise, I shall appoint such teachers as may be necessary, subject to the approval of this Board. — . , c h · . . Respectfully submitted, , J. W. Carr, . - . . I JWC : TB ‘ Pres ident Finances and Budget _ The financial report and the basis for next year's budget , __ ‘were informally discussed but no action was taken. Election gf Faculty and Administrative Staff · r _ A ` ` _ Motion_was made by Judge Gardner that the faculty and admin- istrative staff be employed, as set forth in Exhibit Y filed with * the President’s report this day, for the coming year at a guaranteed ' annual salary the same as received in 1954-55, to·be paid in eleven equal monthly installments; and provided, further, that, if funds _, are available in the budget on June 50, 1956, they be_paid addi- _ , ; tional salary as set forth in Exhibit Y; but, in the event that - there are not funds sufficient to pay the entire tentative salary V as_set forth in Exhibit Y, any available amount·in said budget ' shall be paid on a pro rata basis; and provided, further that in / the event that funds are not available in the budget on june 50, 1956 to pay_said salaries, no unpaid portion of the tentative salary is to be held as a claim against the Board,of Regents of_ . Murray·State Teachers College. This motion was seconded by Mr. Stokes, and the roll was called on its adoption with the following, result: Judge Gardner, aye; Mr. Stokes, aye; Mr. Trevathan, aye; Mr. Swann, aye. The motion was unanimously carried, and the _ ` official list of persons, assignments and salaries follows: . . A - . Tentative _ Classification Length of Guaranteed _Additional . Name and Degyees and Assignment Employment Annual Salary Salagy I..Administration —. ’ . · i ` A ’ ` .A. President{s Office U - . . . . » . Carr,·John W. · President _ _ _ _ A. B., A. M. Ph. D. U _ Breckenridge, Secretary to 7-1-55 to $1,300.00 $1ig_1g M j Tennie the President 5-50-35 _ _ _

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