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Image 823 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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V 393 Meat Q2 B2 Purchased from Lowest and Best Bidder by Month V Motion was made by Mr. Stokes that the Business Manager be empowered to make contracts by the month for Government inspected meat to be purchased from the lowest and best bidders. This motion. was seconded by Mr, Trevathan, and the roll was called on its adop- tion with the following result: Mr. Stokes, aye; Mr. Trevathan, aye; Mr. Swann, aye. Letter from E. Hire _1j_e_: Increasing College Attendance · Next, Dr. Carr presented a letter from Dp. Chas. Hire in reference to increasing the attendance of this college. The letter, which follows, was read and dlscussed informally. x w July 25, 1934 Dr. J. W. Carr ~ Murray State Teachers College Q Murray, Kentucky ` A Dear Dr. Carr: A few days ago I wrote a letter suggesting plans for bringing prognectlve students to the campus during the coming year. One of the plans suggested was that of free admission of all persons enrolled in high school to the Murray College football games in the fall of 1954. At the time of writing your letter I did not realize the full advantage that could be gained from such a pro- cedure. In contacts with officials of our county clubs during the last few days it has dawned upon me that such privileges granted . to high school students would give pur county groups a leaverage by which they can increase the popularity of this institution during the coming year more than it could be increased by any form of advertising that we can adopt. Furthermore, we should lose no time in taking advantage of the high wave of enthusiam found at present in our county groups. _ So as to make reference to my former letter unnecessary I will slmply state thm the plan which I suggested is to give free . admission of high school students to the football games. It was not suggested that one penny of money be spent upon these high school j students for transportation or food and lodging ln Murray. It is Q desired to bring large numbers of prospective students on the campus at no additional cost whatever. Of course it is very probable that 3 adults would pay admission to the ganes in order to accompany the high school children who are admitted free. So that in all probability paid admissions to our football games would be increased in numbers by the free admission to the children. The time for perfecting such an organization is rapidly 1 drawing to a close. I am very anxious to begin detailed arrangements W the latter part of this week if possible. I would therefore apprec1— ` ate early action on this phase of the advertising plan. Yours sincerely, CH:RJ' (Signed) Chas. Hire - · Vacation for Miss Breckenridge Dr. Carr reported to the Board that Miss Tennis Breckenridge had asked for a month's vacation in order that she might visit in California. Motion was made by Mr. Stokes that Miss Tennis Breckenridge be given a month's vacation. This motion was seconded by Mr. Trevathax ' and was unanimously carried.

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