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Image 700 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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n . Bachelor of Arts without certification · E ` Bachelor of Science ln Home Economics Bachelor of Music Education with certification · Bachelor of Music without certification · Q_h_e_ Faculty I I Murray State Teachers College has been singularly fortunate _ . ln having an able faculty from the beginning. Members of the faculty \ ' have been chosen and retained on merit. Salaries prior .to the de- l pression were increased from time to time as funds were available 1 ·_ for such increases. Since the depression began, salaries have been Q n decreased approximately 55%. Notwithstanding this drastic cut ln ` V salaries, the morale of members of faculty has been maintained and ` the efficiency of their work has not been lowered. · The number of members of faculty increased rapidly from the opening of college in 1925 to the fall semester of 1951-52. There were eight members ln the fall of 1925 and eighty-six ln the , . n fall of 1951. The maximum number of members of faculty was eighty- nine in the summer of 1928 and also ln the summer of 1951. - l The members of faculty are not only well trained but they are l : ` specialists. in their particular fields. In the present faculty, , there are eight doctors of philosophy, thirty-five masters of arts, ·_ ( one doctor of medicine, twelve bachelors of arts, and only one · I without a degree. The achievements of the Murray State Teachers College would 4 not have been possible without the loyal and hearty cooperation of the college facultya The progress of their students and the esteem ' I in which they are held attest their real worth. . ;l_'H_§ PHYSICAL _ElA£’ t Buildings I ` The Administration Building was erected under the auspices of I the Normal School Commission with funds provided by the citizens of Murray and Calloway County, at a cost of' $100,000.00. Later, changes ` in the building were made which cost $20,181.71. Total cost, $l20,l8l.'7l. It was first occupied in September, 1924, being the first building on the campus. It contains the executlveland administrative offices; I the chemistry, physics and biology laboratories; and some of the

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