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Image 699 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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272 · ~·> SS Gu college subjects; This course was expanded somewhat at the beginning Q: of the second semester. The first printed course of study was issued I in the summer of 1924, and went into effect in September of that year._ It consisted of two parts: a. A four-year high school course. I b. A junior college course. _ In the junior college course, 58 different courses were offered I in eleven departments. l The next year, 1925, the college course was extended into a four- year college course - lll different courses were offered in fourteen j departments. · . Some radical changes occurred in the course of study at the beginning of the college year 1927-28. The high school course of study as~part of the college work was discontinued. The college _` course was organized 1nto courses of junior college rank and senior college rank. Those courses of junior college rank were numbered 100-199; those of senior college rank were numbered from 200-299. _ _ Curricula were set up for the purpose of training teachers for dif- ferent klnds of positions. I In 1929-50, definite curricula were specified not only for each kind of a certificate but for a major, first minor and second minor in each department. · At the close of the first decade, the college proper offers 259 courses in thirteen different fields. These courses are of such _ I number and variety that students may not only prepare themselves for n teaching and school administration, but they may also obtain a liberal education to prepare for other professions. _ The college offers 18 majors, 20 first minors and 22 second minors in the different departments. The requirements for each of these are set forth under the different departmental headings. Like- wise the requirements for each degree and each certificate are set l forth. · V Seven different curricula have been arranged, each leading to _ a Bachelors degree, as follows: ` ` Bachelor of Science with certification A * Bachelor of Science without certification Bachelor of Arts with certlflcation ·

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