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Image 644 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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T » 217 Motion was made by Judge Gardner that the letter of Mr. Smith be received and the policy as outlined in his letter be adopted. This motion was seconded by Mr. Stokes and unanimously carried. Report 2; the President Dr. Carr read his report to the Board. { .Motion was made by Judge Gardner, and seconded by Mr. Snook, M that the report of the President be received and filed. l Additional Faculty Dr. Carr reported to the Board that there are some members of the faculty whose loads are too heavy and there is need for employ- ing one part—time instructor now, and perhaps others in April, if the mid-semester enrollment is as large as expected. Motion was made by Mr. Stokes, and seconded by Mr. Snook, that ‘ Dr. Carr be given power to employ a part-time instructor or such teachers as may be necessary to carry on the instruction necessary. This motion was unanimously carried. . Settlement with City and County Boards 2f.Education Mr. R. E. Breach presented to the Board of Regents notes in settlement of the old indebtedness of the City and County Boards of Education, according to the agreement reached January 25, 1955, as follows: City Board of Education ~ 1 note for 1,500.00 dated January 25, 1955 and due in twelve months 1 note for 1,500.00 dated January 25, 1955 and due in two years I . Calloway County Board E Education 1 note for 2,100.00 dated February 15, 1955 and due April l, 1955 1 note for 2,100.00 dated February 15, 1955 and due April 1, 1954 Mr. Broach stated that the Calloway County Board of Education is ready to execute contract for the continuation of the instruction of _ students from the county districts in our training school, according to the agreement made between these Boards on January 25, 1955. Miss Ada T; Higgins' Salary · Dr. Carr, next, reported to the Board that he had taken up with Miss Ada T. Higgins the matter of her salary and that she had advised that she was actually due about one week's salary, and that this matter would be definitely settled soon. A State Journal Account _ Dr. Carr read to the Board Dr. Rainey T. Wells' letter in reference to the account filed by the State Journal Company, and stated that _ effort is being made to get this account definitely and satisfactorily settled. Basketball Tournament at Winchester, Kentucky I Dr. Carr also reported to the Board of Regents that this college has received an invitation to participate in the Kentucky lntercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament to be held in Winchester, Kentucky, »February 22-25, 1955, and that this invitation has been accepted. Mr. Richmond's Recommendations Mr. Richmond stated that he had sent each member of this Board a copy of a letter to Dr. Wells in answer to a letter of his. He said that he did not claim any honor for himself because of this but that he had expressed his profound sentiment in regard_to what he thought

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