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Image 527 of 1930 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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100 e F "TJ Q`-n, < MINUTES gg BOARD QE REGENTS · I MURRAY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE A May 26, 1951 V 4 ·' ‘ T The Board of Regents of the Murray State Teachers College met in the office of the President at 3:30 P. M. Tuesday, May 26, 1931, with Mrs. William H. Mason, Mr. G. P. Ordway, Mr. S. J. Snook and Mr. Claude T. Winslow present. Vice Chairman S. J. Snook presided. \ Reading of Minutes I _ The minutes of the meeting of the Board of Regents on April l0, _ 1931 were read, approved and slgned. .· Leave of Absence for Dr. Carr l V l r President Wells presented to the Board of Regents Dr. Carr’s re- quest for a leave of absence from June 4, 1931 to August 28, 1951 and recom ended that his request be granted. Motion was made by Mr. Winslow, and seconded by Mrs. Mason, that · Dr. Carr be granted a leave of absence from June 4, 1951 to August 28, 1931. This motion was unanimously carried. . Borrowing of Additional Funds Mr. Winslow introduced the following resolution and made a , motion that it be adopted by the Board. EEEQLEEEQE . Based upon the facts set forth in the minutes of the Board of ‘ Regents of March 23, 1931, and after having made full payment to all contractors for the construction of the Men's Dormitory and the Library _ Building, we find it ls necessary to negotiate an additional loan of $50,000.00 to meet the payment of these contracts and to return the ' funds transferred from the maintenance fund, and that there are more · than sufficient funds due this institution on July 1, 1931, available · for this purpose. Therefore, be lt resolved that the President of this institution be and he is hereby authorized to negotiate additional loans sufficient to meet these obligations, not to exceed $50,000.00, and execute prom- isory notes on behalf of the Board of Regents of this institution for the sumszas needed, as directed herein. This motion was seconded by Mr. Ordway and the roll was called upon its adoption with the following result: Mrs. Mason, aye; Mr. Ordway, aye; Mr. Wlnslow, aye; Mr. Snook, aye. Adjournment Motion was made, seconded and carried that the Board adjourn to meet again at 8:30 A. M., Thursday, June 4, 1951. 1 / T (_ ~ _ Chairman Secretary

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