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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, November 1, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

tVo'L.'lI.' K. ' E? II. C S"A. TU.R K; D A . Y,. x LEXINGTON: Printed by JOHN BRADFORD received, and LOST it E ..G' A NO.VEMBER i. 1788. vw J ; his Office mMflfu Street, where SubfcriptionsrMvertifements, Printing inns different branches done withCare and Expedition. At for this paper', are thankful 'L O N D O N,i May 23 By agentleman who lest BruHel". very lately "'e e informed, thar, iiotwithftanding the many Im perial reports of vieroi ici gained over the T irk-- in the present war, the lattp&have actually ha.d tha ExtraB of a from Bourdeaux, by the Ship Marqntl de la Fayette, dated June 18, , 1788. N. Saturday the 181I1 list between "The King has bioke all the Parliaments, gnd the 4 mile tree on the Hickman road, they have protertcd again'ft the measure as illegal,' and arc endeavouring to perfu-,dand Capt. Youngs in Lexington, a pair' advantage-ove- r the poor ignorant, in th.e happy, quiet, public, that his measures are opprefiive of Saddle-ba- gs containing ftiirts, ftpckings, ion; and this fucce:'- - is so little ahnoTttjy'ery act- and difagieeable to and..oibe,rloatj?s., together with some some part of the Emperor's fubjefts, that public end tending to tyranny, .because they have for. the deftruftion cf the almost unlimited and h" pupfrs'-hiccan be of use to .the owner rejoicings were made in Bruflels on a late defeat deftrudllve power of the Nobility and Clergy! only. An person who (hall deliver the of the Imperialists. Will they succeed? An infatuated' love for Nobi- -' In above' articles to Capt. Young in this been nlmofl every warit in which the Turks have Iity, which prevails among the peasantry of this hitherto engaged, was their military fyflem country, will savor, I rear, (hull have 'five Dollars reward, by place, to aft on thedefenfivs. In the present war they act: difigns; Hut for the love of too much their felfifli humanity and liberty, prin cipally on the offensive, owing tathe very rapid I hope they will be thwarted. InDaphiny thefub-- ; Lcxhgton.08. aotu788. JAMES BROWN. ' improvement in the ufc of artillery, in which they jests have taken arms, to prevent the military frorrf . N.B. 'Ihe cuaths ere marked with the nitals now equal the mod expert nations. compelling an enregiftement of ihe new regulati, ofmy name. J. B. ons ; which they elTecled, aster the Ids of a sew Exiratt of a letter from the Madras Courier, Delives, and took the commanding officer under thj " cember 6. King, prisoner, and rnadi; him protest againlt the' . " We have intelligence, which we believe may orders of his mailer,, i.. w ..w llV'fl R-- E be relied on a. authentic, confirming foimer acW A R D. wrote with a impended weapon of death over person, who will counts and opinions as to the Jnfomidablefitu- - his head, with intention to put an .end to his life WlLL be" p.ud to an ation and powers of Tippoo. The latelt advices in case of refusal. The same meafuies have been ' He eloped the be- - say, that his ftrengih is considerably weakened bv ' taken in Britany, but with lei's rigour ,and with fubichber. delertion, and that even mutinous mumuirs aie ge- - out calling arms There are the to'he only Provinces gtiii.ias; of this month. Has a wise at" neral throughout his army, from the,want of pay. that have manifested such violent opposition, they' a being twb that have many extra privileges. In the Capt. Fowlers, and probably lurks about He is affected befidesby ve levee return of the ion under wh ch differed foir.e time ago." lfle ot France, the eyes of the People are mere t neighbourhood, or in the Vicnt' of th . opened, and a gieat majority of them are against To-vnWILKINSON. JAMES this PHILADEI.PI-I'A,&p- . the Parliament, and in savor ofth1; new, mealures! 20 fLexfngtoh OS. 20th 1788. Extratt of a letter from a Gentleman at ForPFitt The Parliament of Giuennejiave leftLibourn and to. Ins friend in tins cit dated Sept. 6. come to Bourdeaux, as private bourgeois, being "Agreeably to a promise made vou when in Philadeprived of their led robes'." : delphia, I give .you the following information re- -' Tpe-in- g the ticaty about to be"beld at. the mouth Lithgowr who, in' of the Mulkingum. Many Indians of the six Na- By the United States itLCaaRreCi.aB'evibled. Seetember WHEREAS"Hec1or tions have been here for some? time pafo- About " ' 13. 1 738or about the year 1764. served as forty", incTdding women and . ' chi.ldren, embayed in WHEREAS the convention affembled in 'Philaa prva'te in hs britannic majefh's 77th company with the Indian Agent on the d.inft. delphia, purftiant to the lefolutionof Congrcfeof regiment, then .quartered at Halifax, in while others returned to their Homes, aster the 11ft. tebiuary, 1787, aid, on ihe ;ih of., to the commiflioner or Aecnt, that they Nova Scotia, lest ?hat place for Great-Britain- , September in the same year, rcporc to the Unihad made peace with the United S'ate ; that it ted States in Congiel's allembled; a- same capaand proceeded in the conftitut on was a great way to Muflcingum, and in go'ng there for .the people of the Unued States whereupon city to the'Raft, Indies, where he died in they would lofc their fall hunt; since which .lame" September Congrcfs, the year 178 pplleffed of a cofiderable quarrel had taken place. By a Gentleman who no didrefolvc on the 28th of the unaminoully, " That the said icppr,t, lest' property, and by his last will and tefta-me- nt M Ccingum the 29th" lilt im infoimed, that wi'h the rcfqlutions and letter accompanying the, 100 Indians of different tribes hai been at same, be aanfmitted to the several leiflaturcs, in bequeathed the lame to, Jphn arid High LitlfgowV sons who were that place for some time, waiting the arrival of o. older to be submitted to a convention of delegates, thers: that on of the aurh they all chosen in each state by the people theieof, in bowi, in thevfaid .town of Hallifax,-and- ' without giving any cause for their retreat conformity to the resolves of the convention made lately resided there, and alio hrances of them lef t part of their baggage. and provided in that case." And wherea.-- the c "ByaGcntlem.incnlv twelve days from Detroit Sweeting, .their mother: "this is thfrtfprel, so repo ted by the convention, and by we are informed, that Capt. Brent, with notify tire said John and fj.igh Lith-gowaCongress (trahl'mitted to the several legiflaturcs, 300 Fiances Sweetmg.or anyof them, where were prepared to, set out for the Miami, has been ratified in the mannci therein declai ed to be a general council that falisf ctory lhlornfation ns th'evhole determine whether they was callel, toin order to fufficieot for the ellaDlifluiie.nt of the same, and would jo the treaty such ratifications duly authenticated, have been tranfadion may be Halifax; by or not informant war taken pnfoner List fining leceived by congiefs, and arc riled in the office of apr'y np o iVkflrs Brtner and Feither about the time Mr. and other-- were the fecrctary Rejuived, That the first Wednesday in January atN . Yrk to Miomas Pope efq. at Phi- taken. He says MrvPdrviance was burnt at the Towns ladelphia to Archibald Gay, Letitia court.. Wifhaw party of oiMhe Wabash ; that he was ta next be the day for appointing eie&ors in the seken by a Shawanecs'. with veral States, which before thefaid day shall have Any who may have it in their power five whites, one of whom named whnm 'here Fitter that a Mr. ratified the said conftitut.ion ; that the first y so giv'e latisfddor information with Garland from Richmond; and a Mr. in February next be the day for the eleft-0from pan of Vi ginia, werC ta'tn 'at the to the above person s, or any of fomeother to ailcmblc in their icfpective States, and vote them, (hall be rewanJ.-- for their trouble fnne time. The two lat'c weie fTrf pir to the lor a Piefident; and that "the first, Wednesday ia ' March next be the; and the piefcnt fegt The Printers in the West India torture, and then furnilTied food To- their feift. "These accounts I isla. os and tlk states of America are dcli-re- d p'articularlvjthac from conce've may be re'ied on, of Congress the place for commencing proceedings Mnftingum. I iTiall wiitc under the said constitution. , ,4 to inl'ert the above advertifrment, you from M.ilking'im when I arrive there, provi- CHARLES THOMSON. Sec'ry . . ded I can give you any thing worthy attention." and the charge of the same will be defrayed by tranJrrrittirig of accounts to Evtratt of a letter Frnm L' Or'rit ,rece:ved 5v the either 'of theabove gertlemen. From a late Irifb Paper. Ir's; hely, Capt Kelfa, arrived at Ballon, dated As more ErcoARs th.m we toutd wift, do ftillia-fe- ft ' ,7"'y 7. our rtreet' r it may not be imp opei to ecom-me" In this unfortunate and'unhanpv country we ' ' ttjeperufal ol the following mode of dn'per- VENN A May 5. ' cannot depend upon anv thing. The King is now The !ofs;on both sides, ia the unfuccefi'fal .. .fiiii; thole genuy. at WAR with his fubiefts, and theie'remanv reef, r agamft Dub'czji ha-- - been confidcrabie ; ours A FEW vears since lames Malonp. ' R&nirp Ma. -Is fTJ- h est mated at 8oq:men knlcd, and sour generals merits of infantry that have refuted to fetvc him against their connry be?in ro col-le- ft vounded; amongft'ihe iiuia ji iic eiaD e snci r.a ,7 .Tnp.paranY-Mfni'- r rest general Vins,and in formidab'e hodies, and havcoffered a large generally mjdc, he ftould divert them or iSe ff'rir!-ge- lt general Khun. Is the aidour of the turks contireward for the head of the Intendant of the city claim to (he chancy nues as i has begun, we fiiaH find them not so of Rcnucs, who has had thegood luck of cfcaping. the sol owing agreement of the humane? come o easy to 6e overcome as we imagined- with One Oeocrreg..n, present fcems rb have a me"Kvery thing at one of h.s conftab'e, who was by trade abdiber, The wound recencd by Prince Poniato'.vftow lancholy afpef the minds of thereople aie much pephew to the king oi Poland, at fliabaiz, seems 'viz. He diieficd the bail ei to seize all the beg-ga- is irritated.' Ill is Iras continued these three iron'hs, he sound ftrollir;: v ithin the limits of,the cito be rather dangei ous. and we do not know when or how it v! cnd. Our lo'sat Pi bus is fajd, by piivate letters ty, for each of whom he piomired a ieward;but T!i:k we behold the .cenfequences of 1 bad "ftronV thcl'c parts, to amount, to ..inuead oiv bringing. thtmbefo.e huu (the'JWafcr . a-- , " -- N'O-- ICE '"' J - . 1 his'to the-nigh- t . nfj ! -- Wed.-nel'da- re-fp- ect 1s d - , ' . nd ' pt ' te 111 -- 3coo'mea.

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