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Page 12 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 3 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

I 12 Understanding the Community "Education must be conceived as broadly as life itself, as broadly as democracy itself. Curriculum policies and plans growing o`~ of such a concept will be formulated with reference to the nee and problems of society and of individuals. The curriculum will be focused upon the culture - its values, its conflicts, and its potentialities. The competencies required of the individual as a personality and as a member of social groups will be developed. As educational opportunities are extended, education will make a difference in the realities of everyday community living." -National Education Association I I What Kind Is Yours? IS YOURS a community school? Do you agree with the statem It above: "Education must be conceived as broadly as life itself, as broadly as democracy itself." ? These are questions that have been raised in recent years in the Rural School Improvement Program financed by the Fund for the Advancement of Education and carried on in Eastern Kentucky. A report of the first four years of that project has been issued and is available to those professionally interested. Ask for the Report, Rural School Improvement Project, Department of Education, Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. On the opposite page we are printing one of the "quiz sheets" contained in the Report. Just for the fun of it, take this quiz yourself. How does your local school rate? Or don't you know enough about it to take the test? If you are in doubt about the way in which your school serves its community, why not take a little time off and visit the place, just to get acquainted with what is going on there. , And when you have made your visit, why not write us a lett~ telling us what you find there. We are especially anxious for letters telling us of creative ideas that are being used with success. We would like to pass them along to others. We hope to publish at least a dozen letters in our next issue telling what schools are like and what they are doing in different communities of the Appalachian South.

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