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Image 73 of Progress report (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n.176

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

-71- - The lambs in both groups were allowed to nurse their mothers from 5 p. m. until 8 a. m. and from 12 noon to 1 p. m. daily except during the time when milk production was measured. . Milk production was measured for each ewe. The lamb was given a 5 3/4 - hour fast followed by a 15-minute nursing period. This was done four consecutive times, constituting a twenty-four hour period every two weeks. The lambs were weighed before and after nursing. One lamb from each set of twins was weaned at 4 weeks of age. The weaned lambs in both Group I (milk only) and Group II (milk plus creep) received the creep ration free-choice. The lambs that were not weaned in each group continued on _ the original treatments and milk intake measurements were made. Results and Discussion At the start of this study the 12 lambs in Group I averaged 44.3 kg weight, while those in Group II averaged 45. 1 kg. The total gain for each 14-day period is shown for each group in Table 1. The lambs that received milk plus creep from birth and were . not weaned gained fastest. Lambs that received creep prior to weaning at 4 weeks made greater 10week gains than either milk fed group. Although one lamb per set was weaned from each ewe at 4 weeks, milk intake per lamb did not increase greatly and continued to decline over time (Table 2). The lambs that were provided a creep consumed more milk throughout the study. The lambs receiving creep before weaning consumed more feed after weaning imtil 8 weeks of age, as shown in Table 3 . The . lambs receiving creep from birth consumed more milk, consumed more total feed, and maintained a higher level of performance throughout this study. Table 1. - Influence of Early Weaning and Creep Feeding on Lamb Gains/ A I ? Milk Only Milk Plus Cree? A e in Da s Milk Milk Milk lus cree Milk lus cree ks kg ks kg 0-14 20.7 18.2 19.8 20.3 15 - 28 21.8 16.5 24.7 25.3 29 -42 28.8 16.6 32.2 20.5 43 -56 23.4 25.4 27.8 26.5 ~ 57-70 17.6 25.0 26.2 25.5 Total 112.4 101.8 130.7 118.1 ' 2/ Total for 6 lambs per treatment - WWeaned at 28 days of age

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