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Image 2 of Progress report (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n.176

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

PROGRAMS FOR I968 ANIMAL SCIENCES FIELD DAYS DAIRY FIELD DAY July 2, I968University Coldstream Dairy Center, Lexington Conducted tours ot demonstrations and exhibits showing recommended practices and solutions ot current problems Facing the dairy industry beginning at IO:OO a.m. - Lunch provided by American Dairy Association of Kentucky, Louisville, Aubrey Feed Mills, Louisville, and Southern States Cooperative, Lexington, Sealtest Foods, Louisville, and Kyana Milk Producers Association, Louisville. - Address -- "Dollars and Sense of Programmed Dairy Herd Health" - Dr. David A. Morrow, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, N . Y. LIVESTOCK FIELD DAYS July IO, I968-University Coldstream Farm, Lexington July I2, I968Western Kentucky Substation Farm, Princeton Conducted tours of beef, sheep, swine and horse research at regular intervals beginning at 9:00 a .m . - Lunch provided by Bluegrass Stockyards, Lexington, and Field Packing Company and Owensboro Milling Company, Owensboro - Address -- "Future of Agriculture in Kentucky" Honorable Louie B. Nunn, Governor, Commonwealth ot Kentucky

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