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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 11, 1839

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

it & a oips. aPELiar-arEi- ' Lexington Plrc, Life, nnil Marine Insurance Company, HARTEREDbythe Ken-luc- WOULD stock of LARS! 'I his Company v illiusuie Btiildingt, Merchandize, &c. gaiust Loss or Damage by Fire, in Town or Coun try. Steam, Keel and Flat Boats, and their Cargoes ngainslthe Damages of inlnnd or liver Navigation; and PROPERTY o entry description, against the perils of i SPRING GOODS . 30(1,000 DOL- CArn-A- e, ' Selected with great caro from Iutcit arrivals in New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, and arc prepared to npply those nulling to purchase, either by WHOLE' SALE orRETAIL, at as low prices as anyhouscin the eity. our stock comprises in part: CLOTHS Blue, Woolen dcd Black, Invisible, Polish is Company will also INSURE LIVES, for and Rifle Grocn, Golden Olive, Brown, Mixed and nthcr colors. nne or more ear, or for life! The owners of Negro Men, Wool-dyed Ribbed Striped, Bucltsin, Blue, CASSIMERES Slavs employed in Factories, or on Farms, will mid iito Black, and other fancy colors. their advantage to rail." English Satin Figured and Plain, Toilinct, TESTINGS The following arethe officerschosen by the stockholders: Welting, Mersaillcs, and other Vcstings. JOHN V. HUNT, President. French Embroidery A splendid assortment of Laco WM. S. Waller, Trimcd and Ruflcd Capes, CollaTS, Cuffs, Caps, Jacob Asiiton, Edging and inserting. M. C. Johnson, Camels Hair. Cashmcrs, Thiband Shaicls Joel Higgim, f D"'ten- j Net and Hornani. et, Satin Plaid, Tiios. C. Obcak, English Thread Laces, Edgings and lnsertings. II. II . Tl.MDr.RLAKE, Muslin DeLane, Pon Dc Chcni, French Lawns, Chintz, A. O. NEWTON, Secretary? Challas, Cambrics, Jaconets, Swiss Muslins, Plaid, Alvan SmniENS, Surieyor. Striped and Figured Swiss and Jaconet, Curtain Lex. May 7, 1838 2I-- tf Muslins, &c. Black Italian Lutestring, Silks and Dro dc Rine, Pol do Soux, Gro. do Nap. Serge, Satins, absorted colors. Satin, Imperials, and Black and whitj embroidered, Hosicra Plain Darby Ribbed, Picnic, Lyste, 'I bread, English and hite and Swiss Cotton, Boy's and Misses' Bl ck, Colored. Cloi.cs Gentlemen's and Ladic's Kid. Beaver, Silk, Black. White and Colored, Mohair, Black and White, Picnics, Black, White and colorc'd, Cotton, Lyste, Thread and Cctton Gloves. Super and Extra Super Irish Linens, Linens gpSi , and 12-- Irish and Barnslcy Sheetings, 10-and 12.4 Irish and Barnslcy, Common and Damask Table Diapers, vt . M. rt y.-- t Hucobac, Common toweling Diapers, Napkins, Long Lawns, Drillings, Real India Grass Cloth, Brown and Whits Linen Cambric and CamgKm.ctte gJfnaPuciiaEPe ftaa ty bric Handkerchiefs. 4 4 4 j 5-- 8 4 4-- 4 KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY. Subicriber respectfully in. the citizens of Lexington the benefit of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. its vicinity, flint he continues to No. 29, for 1839. To be determined by th manufacture FURNITURE of eve- drawing of the Maryland Stale Lottery, Clm No. 8, ry description, and ns good quality for 1839. To bo drawn at Baltimore, Md. April 10, us is made in Lexington or clse- - 1839. D. S. Gregory & Co. Managers. ir-- 'j n where. Mis stock at present is not SCHEME. V so larre a. it miirht be. thouirh he has 1 1 Prize of 20 Prizes of 8150 15,000 some specimens of as sine work as can be produced here " 1 or abroad, for Ihesanie price. 125 20 10,000 For a description of the article!, and their names, I 1 100 " 200 2,000 will refer to the lonr advertitemeiits of some Chairma- 1 62 1,500 Ucrs and Upholstcresi. 1 " 30 02 1,400 Purchasers from u di'tnncc can have their Furniture ' !25 1 well and securely packed. Terms of sale favorable. " 1,153 62 UUICACU U. JJ1.MIUK. 10 " 1,000 .20 124 Lexington, July 11, 1838 29-- tf 10 10 500 1 ,50 -- BY COL. EDWARD STIFF. Plough making' Sc ing. -.- rWMIE jKsS-5a.. 10 Black-smit- h 250 200 10 Subscribers re- Tickets - JL spectfullyiiiforinlheir $5 4.526 24,563 . " , ' 5 ' zt Shares in proportion. KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY, friends and the public genthe benefit of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. erally, that they have purNo. 30, for 1839. To be determined by tho chased the well known es tablishment, formerly be drawing of the Virginia State Lottery, for the benefit of longing to Mr. William1 the Monongalia Academy, Class a, tor loi'J. lobe Kockhlll,aiiH ale now pre.ljdrawn at Alexandria, Va. April 13, 1839 D. S. Gke'o-Dare- d to furnish all arti- - "i & Co. Managers. cits in their line, on short GRAND SCHEME. notice. The PLOUGH-- 1 1 Prize of $30,000 10 Prizes of $500 MAKING Business will 1 " 15 " 6,000 250 be continued in all its 1 " " nr;inrla stnt a annil nc' 5,000 25 200 1 sortment ol the latest improved Ploughs kept constantly on' " " 4,500 182 150 hand. Uld lougus repaired with neatness and despatch. 1 " 4,000 210 129 FOR EDWARD STIFF. 4 AUTHOR'S ADDRESS. Ene-Iish- . FOR unci Tlio above work will be Drinled on rrood oiiDer. hand somely bound, will contain about 200 pages close print, and will be delivered to subscribers for $1 50 cents, payable on delivery. Any gentleman is authorized to act as agent for the work, who will interest himself in obtaining subscribers, a list of which must be forwarded to New York by the 1st of July, and all such agents will be remunerated by a commission of 20 per cent. Relying on the libtrality of editors and publishers, lliey are requested to publish this prospectus and jaddress for one month, and forward the paper contain ing uic same io me auuress oi ine undersigned at ,cw York City, and they may receive payment in Books, at 25 per cent, discount, or in cash, at their option. 4 r, $30,000 $20,000 815,000! THE "r . 03-Th- 1 Horace E IMmlck's Cabinet "IVnre.Uooin, Tio. 15, Hunt's Row. his Travels and Adventures, n Mnti is thn C!nnntrv! , -- ..... &. A," aescrioing inmate, son and Productions, itivera, Bays, Harbnurs, Towns, Laws; Education, Morals, Usages and Customs of the inhabitants, together with the causes of the Revoljtion, the operations of the contending armies, and cm! racing a condensed statement of interesting events from the first European tettlo-mein 1692, to the meeting of the Third Congress, which convened at the City of Houston, on the first Monday of November, lo28. Also, an Appendix, containing extracts iroin the Constitution; the .Land, Revenue and Tax Laws, and a Price Current of such commodities as are in scleral demand. NARRATING Legislature of in Mnrch Inst. Ho. 3, Main Street. inform their cubtomcia and purchaser that tliyy arc now receiving their THE TEXAN EMIGRANT, Since the days of Christopher Columbus. North and South America have been theatics of mishty and im- 'portant overits, and it is well for mankind to review f "sc WM. P. DROWNING, Ilrom time to time, the gradual changes that arc 1 " 3,500 100 60 JOHN HEAOLEY, in the moral and political world, occurring 1 " " 3,000 60 90 which not unprofitably call to mind the successive UNDER THE FIRM OP 1 " 2,500 " 60 in his own temporal and physical condition, to .60 BRO iFfflSTG lz HEAD LEY. 1 the final dissolution of his body, and his entrance on a " 2,250 60 50 K. B. We wish to employ a first rate more even field of the most absorbing interest. 1 " 1,800 120 30 or Wagon Maker, tn whom constant employment will be'' At the eventful period of the discovery of America, t : .Lc.-.L.: 1 " 1,750 5,940 ur o .tipprcuiiccs in nic oniiinsnnp , oi re 20 jthc whole continent was inhabited by numerous tribes given, vno 1 1,500 26,50 10 :of Red men of the sorest and prairie, who were destitute spectahle parentage, and who can comr well recommended L,tx Sep 7. 53-- lf U. &. U. 1 " ot tne arts and sciences which characterize the present 1,200 age; but some improvement had been made, and among Ticeees $10 Shares in proportion. the numerous family of native Americans, the Mexicans THE stood foremust in wealth and improvement, and it was' KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY, their riches, much of which consisted of the precious 13 Pieces Extra Brussels. the benefit of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, FOR THE TEAR OF OUR LORD, 35 " Super Scotch. 1st and 2nd Stories JYo 17, East Main Street, metals, which first enticed the cupidity of Spanish in- Class No. 15, for 1839. To be drawn at vaders, who eventually subjugated them to the most 35 " Extra Super Scotch. LEXINGTON, ICY. Louisville, Ky. April 11th, 1839 D. S. Gregory. & Co. grevious and humiliating bondage. 3 " Imperial and Damask, The history of the rapine and murders committed in Bv Vcnitian Striped, 5" rgj THANKFUL for the very liberarcncouragcmcnt I D. M'Cullougiii, i this day nnbli-heand fr, Managers. GRAND SCHEME. 2 " Oil Floor Cloth, 18 feet wido by 45 long, JL have met with since 1 commenced the above bu- this far country, by Cortes and his successors, would sale S. the Office of the Kentucky Gazette. It contain. at 1 Prize of $10,000 Which we will cut to sit anj size passago or room. siness, I take this means of informing my customers and sill a large volume, and it is not the purpose of the writer 64 Prizes of $50 Sun and Monti's Tis'mg and setting the Sun's dc- The the public generally, that having purchsscd a large and to more than briefly allude to them, in marking the pro10 pieces Straw Carpeting, " 1 04 3.C00 40 length - the time the Sun's being clinalionllie daifs commodious house, suitable for the accommodation and gress of events, in a section of America contiguous to A great variety of London Tuft RUGGS, . 1 " 2,000 " 64 .30 on the mertdiun, accoraing to a mil regulated clock the exhibition of the extensive stock of and at that tune part and parcel ol what is now denomBrussels and U ilton Ruggs, low priced and sine, 1 " " moon's place in the Ecli tic, and its got eminent of 2,C00 64 20 inated the Republic of Texas. Now on hand, and Wc expect in a short time an adCabinet Ware, Chairs, Mattratscs, Blinds, maws uoutjyigurcs oj an vie cotish nations oj tne jo ' 1 128 Americans, in common with the friends of freedom 1,263 16 ditional lot, purchased by sample, and expected in a sew aud other articles in my line, which it is my dctermina- - eury where, must ilways view with feelings of lively diac, with descriptions of each timts of the Southing oj 100 weeks. 500 128 " lite rising lion to Keep constantly in store, 1 am now prepared to interest, erlbrts which arc made to spread the influence the principal jtxed Stars and Constellation In Carpeting wo shall continue to keep a heavy stock, ya. . . , ?8 200 ...,l of institutions 20 " " 3.C08 o lavor me wiui and selling of the Planets descriptions of the Planets, simihr to our own, und such efforts re tnd solicit a call from those wishing to purchase, pre- - """ l'"i grcaioi muuceinuiu io inosc-v'"4 150 22,176 uns i am pcriiutnciiuy neu in uxnigion, anu J am1' ceive an additional importance, when eminatms from a' and directions in what pari of the lieartns to look for 20 " Tious tomakimr their selections. them, and what lime in the year 1839 Explanations ej ICO " conmieiii r can give mure fauBiacuon to pnreliasers. people with whom m my of us are connected by ties of 20 1400 Pieces PAPER HANGINGS Lati- -- .,.... the Uon,inicallclltr, Epnct, Golden A'umber, iic..w......... .. Tickets S4 Shares in proportion. irienasiii!) ana Kindred blood, ifiu nrcscnt iids t im ol """ To holc?aIc Customers o would say, cur goods .'.udes and Longitudes of nearly all the tovns and villages Sofas, Mahogany Bureaus, 'l', w hen taken in connection with her former histo-rpurchased by the Package, of first hands En ' importers' Slilcildid Spring-sca- t A. S. STRKETER, Lexington, in Ixcntucky limes for hading all the Courts m Ken and prospective career, is worthy of the profoundest is uncommonly largo, ;nd will bo sjldat our usual low Siddo:ml.i, tccrit.;ria, Wardrobes, Pier & Main street, next door to the Library. tucl;y t tutistiial and other important mailer, &.C .reflection ol the statesman and politician, und while the ' Wressteg Tables, with and without Marble Tops. foi Incoming volume will furnish lights tn guide in re PrCTCoI The contents will shew the great iidviiiilnyp of this Al. T he r.ssortincr.t of CHAIRS is cry large, and SENNARD & MILTON. various searches, the I hrMian and Philanthropist in every manac over nil other- - offered for sale ill Krnlurkv. Unzettr,' DAN. I5RADFORD, editor of the P. S. BOOTS aid SHOES, for gentlemen and Boys, ''in stylo and quality, and at reduced prices. I will sill clime, will find ample materials lull of instruction :n the most speedy manner pcsdblc, all orders of the In pursuit of such materials, his labours have been un-. is snlj- - prop.ielor: Kid, Morocco, and Lasting Sfiocs lor praclice in the Fajmte Cnurls. The collec- Onleis, accompanied with the cash, To"clher ith a Uigo lot for Cliildreimnd Misses cf above named articles, as well as every thing appertaining remitting, and he persuades himself tint he has been ,ion of chiiiusprninpily attended to. K & M. L to the UPHOLS'i ER1NG BUSINESS; besides which, influence, by a laudable ambition; the country of wnic'i recetven auti cxeruiin . every ucscriiition. Hit Office is on Mum street, in the front rooms over the 1 have EAETl-BLINDS, of the most approved ho treats being the centre of attraction, the information Siichnfiinr brethren:)! will give tbraboven sew inser2 Lexington .March Tuilor'i hop of Mr. Thomas Itunkin, opposite to the style at moderate prices . which he has emboddied will be sound useful to his feltions, shall hare Ibe same reciprncnted mi npplicatinu; Xjexiiiptinn LjiiirHry, furniture delivered in all parts of the city without low men. He is perfectly convinced that a work of the nnil we snouiii tie clan to receive tnrir orners inr such Lexington, h. Nov 28, 1838 18-- ly NEW STORE. & NLW SPAING GOODS. charge to the purchaser. In supply Iheir kind is much needed, as well for purposes above men- milliner of AlnuiiHcsas inny lie nece-snrNov. t.1838. tioned and to furnish tho Texan enngrant-- a safe guide subscribers. calls win meet prompt attention. SHELL COMBS REPAIRED. In the second story of my establishment I keep every in conducting him to favorable locations and in a cheap a K20 & m Wo f EP',r Subscriber respectfully informs of tho finest finishod Furniture, and I solicit a way acquainting him with every thing he desires to variety JtL his friends nnd the public generally, rOULDJnforin their friends and purchasers gen call frcm the publ c whether they wish to buy crnot. know, as to present Texas with all its advantages and Cnrntr of Water and Mulberrn-Streets- . erally, that they have taken the tatoro house 1 JAMES G. MATHERS. disadvantages, and thus enable those who think of a MliiMl lllfi that be Vns removed nis Shop from the Jatt-lbouse of J Bunnell, iu the Corner of occupied by James Penny, No. 5, Main Street, March 21, 1839 12-- lf. removal, to knowingly decide whether it is advisable to pjii'S THE Subscriber respectfully informs th public Streets, opposite the where immediately opposite the Court house door, and are now liESIS gmcrnll, tins t he Inn taken the stand, formerly .Mill teckahome in that country or not. ve their COMBS repaired in the nentei! receiving a very largo and well selected stock of Of the cause that have contributed to the production occupied by David Mcgowan, nnd more recently by Ladies WMns-noojo- r. J. S. VANI'ELT. . the corner of Wnlcr anl Mulberry manner. work, to Win. SHEjunscs' 2S2!tn rSIIII' subscriber respect ully i. jof this not thatthe undersigned desires here Iranklyhad! streets,Stoops, at upper end of the Market House, nnd Lexington June 25, 1838 26-- tf opposite the speak; he is vainly ambitiousof notoriety 'onus his customers and the Providence so decreed, he would have by far preferred hopes by nltenliun to business to receive a liberal share Selected 'by both partners, in Philadelphia, and New public generally, that he continues York, and they flatter themselves that, from their lent; 'the quiet walks of private life; but the circumstances ol public patronage. SO, IheC'ABiNKT Makimj Business at hit n experience in the mcreLntile businsss, and hating purare of him-- ! that sacred regard HIS BAR IS WELL FURBISHED, rWVIE undersigned very respectfully informs his friend JKIiS"i3iH3 old stiuiil mi Mu1n.lrcct. immedi It elf such,fitnily aforbids silence. to the reput.-.tio" Goods mostly for Cash, they will bi r" chased their and Goud, Bed Rooms Comfoutaisle, Horses JL nnd the public generally, Unit he has purchased ilelv tiniioMte (lie lot oil which lite sc.l remarkably low for cash, or to good custom14th' Tablu There is a tide in the affairs and the ENTIRE STOCK OF GROCERIES of M. B. Masonic Hall fonuerly stood, and u day of!3ci, had brought of men, crisis the his jT rf well attended to; ers, on tho usuaLtime. forth a in At the same stand he will always keep a fresh tew doors below Lnsaii's corner, The honest but mistaken opinions of some, and the And being well known himself throush the State, he will CONSISTS, IX PXRTf or .THE TOIXOWI.NG JJIEia STOi-and good assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES. Ho n here nil in licks in he way of FURNITURE can be malignity of others, had done their work, it was not here iimke proini'es, but trusts that his endeavors to has on hand at present, u large quantity of AKTICLI8, VIZ: - ebeivlier a they can brhail on .is roiiH Sucah, Cor-feprocured a period ot gloom and misery. Pecuniary misfortunes,1 please will be crowned with success. "Wool-dvcBlack. Blue, and Fancy colored GLOTilS in tire will be sold at the lowest Tea;, Liquors, &c. which lie invites all uishirn; tn purchase nr- - and the desertion of friends in whom he WEEKLY BOARDERS well ac hid confided J and CASSIMERES, of tho finest ths city culd fur- fticlc? ii, l.i- - line, In i.ill :it hi" SAMUEL C. TROTTER. market prices. nnd examine ;had placed him in a most painful situation, and in viewj comiuodaled, on reasonable terms. nish; U ilcri-- i mined to sell b.irsnins. Inr lljenisfUi s. us be N. B. I wish to sell my DRUG and CHEMICAL to ho was, E. TERKINS. Plain and Figured Satins, t.Tqjlinctt, Mersaillcs, and himplf uiih n FURNITURE of which not remain where of hope. the undersigned could! timvijlcd one glimmer Two small and lov-"" -- " ""'"- - ' ' "" " worn, oeiween a B. I would inform the public that I am pre- AliOX, nil iirlicle. nought of In ur will be delivered discover frt-oth.r Fancy Vcstings, and d great variety of Goods ing sons hound him to life, and his duty to them comnrVrt with SCALKS FOR WEIGHING WAGONS and a"d 4'00- - ,AfI Pe"n thilt, want,9 an establishment of for men anil boy's Summer; where in the ciM , free ns clnre. any pelled him to leave their embraces for a time, and seek THEIR CON ThNTS, where I will be happy to wait on ine Kinu, win uu wcu o iippiy eariy , us i win civs a Embroidery, sucii as Capes, CoiIts, Cuff's, Iiandkcr-chief- s JOSEPH MIMVARD.' bargain, and make the payments easy. in the wide world, the materials for their honorable supand Children's Dresses; N. B. Iain jireparul with :i HEARSE, nnd will at port, and tho means to relievo himself from burthens those having weighing to be done. S. C. TROTTER. Thread Lisle and Mantilla L.iccs, and Thread and Mns-liE. PERKINS. lend tn funeral cnll, either in the city orcoualry. Lexington, Sept. 20, 1838 38-- tf that would there have weighed him down. lnsertings aJid Edgings, a splendid assortment; Lexington, Nov 29, 18384HI 3G-- tf, Sept 5, I838 His resolution was hastily taken, and 4 o'clock sound Porapadore, Mohair arul Twisted Silk Shawls and HandA fresh supply of superfor FLOUR, him rolling out of Baltimore, in bidding adieu to which, kerchiefs, areat variety and some very superior; ITZiOXTB. TO HEMP MANUFACTURERS. at the Mills of Mr. G. Weir, just rehe humbly called upon God to witness the dire necessiJHoaslin Do Lains, Pon Dc Cherry, Chally andCliallictts, of FLOUR, ADEIRA In pipes, qr. casks, Indian barrels, ty and the integrity of his intentions, and invoke! tho rinilE subscriber has invented a HEMP HECKLE, ceived. Also a small lot for very sine reduced manuPlain and Enlbroi icrod; sale a price. spirit of the chosen partner of his bosom, whose remains demijohns and bottles; JL which may be put in operation ly any power. factured by Mr. Howard, BEN F.atCRUTCHFIELD. Plain Figured Satins, Gro De Grains, Poult Dc Soi, Gro DoParisand Vorita Lutestring Silks, Fancy Colors and T1&T N ADEIRA In Indian barrels, demijohns and repese in view of the noble monuments which grace that The Hemp and Tow are put in good orrter with very litLexington, March 2112. famous city, to guard our orphan children during his tle labour. Any person wishing insinuation on the subBlaok; bottles; Black and White English Plain, Ribbed and Derby SHERRY, Brown, Pale and Golden In qr. casks, In pilgrimage, to crown his efforts with success and hasten ject are referred to William Alexander near Paris, who Ins return. A sew Cases Mariskine and has one of my Heckles in operation though not yet con-- l Uibbed Hoes and Half Hoes; dian barrels, ucniiiolms and bottles; The. result thus far ha3 answered his ardent hopes. pleted. The machinery is simple anil datable. Any COr"LDXAXS. a very sine article, sold by the Ladies' and Men's "A bite, Blickand Fancy Kid, IIos- - PORT, White and Red In qr. casks, demijohns and He has traversed tho woods of Texas, and returned to person endeavoring to make a machine of the above des- case or retail. kin, Silk, Thread and Lisle Gloves; nettles; B. F. CRUTCHFIELD. MALMSEY, White and Red in qr. cafis, Indian bar his own, his natiue land; and now, in coining before the cription, without permission, will be treated as they deIrish Linens, Lavtns, Shectingj?T.ablo Linens, public and soliciting Iheir patronage, the undersigned serve. Communications ndiliescd to the subscriber in' Lex Blarch 12, 1839 11-- tf Table Cloths, a groat rels, demijohns and bottles; Toweling Diapers and does most solemnly declare, that is there was on his Shelbyvillc, will be promptly attended to. variety. CONST ANTA in nr.atks, demijohns and bottles; Super Kid and Lasting Shoos and Boots, for Ladies;' ROXDURY and CANARY MADEIRA-.c- ry rare mind one remaining doubt respecting the utility of his, exten-r Boots, for anew October 4, 1838 40-- tf Colored and Black .and delicate article, in Indian barrels, demijohns, labours, or that he had not obtained materials for MASON, Esq. formerly of Kentucky, has ' sive us. fulness, the work would be abandon d, and he. und bottlee; article; f JOHN inT. hands as his Agent and Attorney, a fund my would seek some nev channel of labour, confident as hCj Misses and Children's Shoes; HOCK- in cases; GOELICKE'S in Lands of tine quality, and good title which I am to is, that careful scrutiny of his fellow citizens, will inva-- , Men and Boy's Fine Boots and Shoes, very superior ar- LOUBIENHEIMER; dispose of in settlement of all demands against him in riibly award th imecd of praise where praise is due, and ticles in that line; JOHANNESXVRGER, Cabinet;,' Those having claims against him, will imKentucky. six the seal of disapprobation where it ought to rest Fino Cutlery and Fine Plated Castors HOCKUEIilER; Looking Glasses, mediately consult rne upon the subject. Should this humble effort of the undersigned meet with Trays; and Tea 'SAVTVRN; JAMES E. DAVIS. Carpeting, Hearth Rugs and Door Matts. .MUSCAT in cases, assorted qualities, some of which such lavor and patronage as will enable him to relieve Lexington, February 14, 1839. 7tf T AKKS pleasure in announcinsf to the afflicted, that himself from obligations which former losses and misIt is unnecessary to enumerate farther, as wo pledge is very nne; & he has at length received a consignment of this in fortunes in business have as yet prevented, he will be -ourselves to keep a full stock of all dosirable God3, and 'SPARKLING BURGUNDY very delicate; grateful and happy indeed. But whatever may be its valuable Medicine, which can be had at his Office, No. wo will sell, either RE I'AIL or WHOLESALE, as low CHAMPAIGNE- -n variety of brands; 23, present reception, he will live and die under a firm as any house in tho Western Country OWENS would most respectfully- .SH.'IMUERTAIN, and a variety ol CLARETS. Nov. 29. S2,50 per bottle. that the motives which have given birth to this inform the citzens of Lexington, 3"Ve wish purchaser to call and examine for them- j The above Wines have been care'ully selected from selves before buying, and the public generally, that he is now rethe importations ol John Linton. March & liro.; liar work, arc as pure as fall to the lot of man upon earth, DOCTOR S. W. KILPATRICK, D. M. CRAIG, ceiving, and intends to keep constantly on clay & Livingston; J. & D. M. Williams; Vaughn &. Co.; and that perhaj s when his heart has ceased to beat, and valley, his hand, a Iare assormrnt of DOUBLE 'Duff, Gordon KCo.; and some other approved importers; his head is pressed by tho cold clods of the some small E. W. CRAIG. located himself on the Tates Creek road, where labors may assist his fellow men, and be of SOLE FRENCH BOOTS-a- nd also a, them imported direct by mysell-aU-oand a part f."TAS croaser l.'ast Hickman, about 8 miles from Lex- Xcjington, "March 20, 1839. 12tf large lot of CORK suitable for manufacwhich will be sold at reduced prices carclully put up, advantage to his much loved and orphan sons. ington, where he tenders his services as a EDWARD STIFF. turing Cork Sole Boots and Shoes. Also, s. and warranted pure, and in cvcTy inttance where thcy cf TURF- - do not prove such, they will be taken back, and all largo ;sottment of coarse Mcn'a and Chil Now York City, March 21, 183912. tcicttttoitcb oC ti&ClcctUciiie dren's Brouans. all of which he will sell as low for Cash. charges paid by mc. These ttho wish to supply them- the S O 4- - WES '1 7 More particularly in Obstetrics and tho Diseases of 'ns any other house in the city. He' invites the public tt selves, will do well to can ano examine. ' can Women and Children und examine ins siocic, ai ne iceis connucm iney STUD OP KOllSBS belonging to Col IN STORE, . JkL John Hoth, of Virginia, will bo sold for Cash, at Lexington, Feb. 7, 1839, cannot be surpassed. A Urge sunplyof Champaignc and'Cogniac Brandy, the Lexington Kentucky Races, during tho ensuing RICHARD OWENS, E. Seignctte, O'Tarde, Dupuy, &.c- - Brands; JaSpring Meeting. Among them aro the following, of the Main street, opposite Brennan's Hotel. Spirits; Holland Gin; Irish and Old Bourbon j maica Medstock: most approved and fashionable N. B. In addition to his Eastern and Fiench work, Whiskey, which will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. A sorrel mare, six years old, by Charles, cut of Bren-dche would inform the public that every description of BE') F. CRUTCHFIELD. full sister to the celebrated racer and stallion Collier. liUOrSaml SIIUEb are manuiactureu on the shortest 1839 11-Lex. March A brown mare. Drunken Frolic, outofBrender, CoEXTRACT OF TRIPPE'S CONCENTRATED liukiu. .tint must- miuniuicuni". llier's dam, by sweet Larry, by Alfrcd,iolit of ajfujl sister SARSAPARILLA; Lexington, Dec 13, 183850 tf ' FEMALE CORDIAL OF HEALTH. tooldSirArchy. West opposite JeJj'ersonSlreet. A Filly, sour years old, by Andrew, out of Drunken ririHIS invitliiiihlt' preparation is u nicdicinatecl Wine, J UPERIOR to any other prcrcralinn of the kind in -i 19 . Frolic. JL pleasant to the taste, gralt'lul to the stomach, and jTEHIE Proprietor of the I.exinKtori Hrewery begs leave K? ue, and recommended by the bignest testimonials as a remedy in all Scrofulous, Rheumatic and Syphilitic A sorrel colt, three years old, by Hotspur, out of eiuiniutly Ionic in its effect?. Isul it; li'clie-- t nnd besi LL AVING permanently settled himself in Lexington, tn iiifnrm his old eu'tnmci. anil the luveisnf MALT diseases, Cutaneous Affections. Sic. Drunken Frolic. quality is in its specijlc and and curatice efficls on female LIQl'O'.t in gensrnl, that hi liiewery is now in a full offers his professional services to its citizens and the BLOODGOOD'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH; A Bay Filly, 2 years old, by Gohanna, out of Druniceaknesiei. opposite. state of operation, and that every exertion in his power A specific in Dyspepiu and all disorders of the digestive funnels in its vicinity. Office on ken Frolic. Verj main nl'the wivei and uiolhers among us are coi the Courthouse, next door to Gen. Combs' at&ceSpk "" A Sorrel Marc, by Sir Gharles. out of Wirkham's Ta- demned la unlnll siiQi'riii, by diseases arising ftom loeali will be used in support tip high leputation he has no orgins, and a neueral restorative in weak and dihilitated ' July 19, 1837 2.-- t( quired for the manulacturc of ,. riff Mare. habit;, caused by previous disease of the stomach and and gtnaral de'iilily; and because they find no relies fiom Ormond, by Sir Charles, out of "an Alfred inare, and tie sueiijliei m icim Hies in common use, they me too' bowels. AND JABKZ BEACH, thcrs that will be presented, with extended Pedigrees ollcn j;ii en up by (he NERVE AND BONE LINIMENT; as incurable- - Wtakness-cs,n- s A T his Coach Repository, hse He return" thanks to his nld customers for Iheir liberal An invaluable remedy for Sprains, Bruises, Fresh of eaoh, on the day of sale. fectltl.T well as the p mis in the back and limbs, with which XA. I.ow 011 hanrt a COACH The brown maro Brender, was got by Young Wh'p, such females am afflicted, will all yield tn (he sovereign patronaje, which list enabled him io stop all IMPOl!- - Cuts, Sic. equal to any in the Stale, and sour the son of old Whip, owned by Mr. Cook of, Kentucky, land infallible effect's of this CORDIAL OF HEALTH. I A 1 1UW, and circulate thatCAl'1 1 ALin our city anil MONTAGUE'S BALM; verv sine COACHEES, CHA'R- vicinity, which ha? been forso many years past, distribuher dam by old Medley, and her dam a Mcdloyniarc. A cure for the Tooth Ache, aud a. preventative of decay-ilAnd for the neaknesses consequent upon the obstrucIOTEES, BAROUCHES and BUGGIES, all of tha JULES C SELDEN. the teeth. tions and irregularities to which unmarried and young se- ted in FOREIGN MARKETS. j, which first qua!itj,manufictureil at New-Ai- t, Richmond, Va.Fcb.26, 1839ll-t- d. His BF.ER season commenced en the first of SeptemA supply of the ahove ynentioned Medicines kept almales are subjtct, there can be no remedy in the whole will be sold on the lowest terms. Materia Medica, which combines such innocent and cur- ber. Orders from the adjacent towns will he attended ways on bund and for sale by Any person wishing Cairiage of any description, ctn by S. C. TROTTER, to. Distillers will be furnished with Malt and Hops, and CO"? "PEE. A small lot old government ative v'rtues. forwarded At his Drugstore, Cheap'ide, Lex., Ky. giving an order, hare the samecommission. from the mjit-factuie- rs Prepared by Edward Prentiss, sole proprietor, and sold Farmers supplied with Fall and Spring Barley Seed. free of at New-ArB. F. CRUTCHFIELD. And at the Drug Store of Gej, W. Nortoh, Main-i- t. JOHN R. CLEARY. (by Daniel Bradford, at the Office of the Kentucky GazLexmgtsn , Sept. 15, Adjust 3, 18J7 ll--Tt Lexington, Not. 15, 1838. ette, Lexington, Is.. March 12, fiify-U-l5-- 4-- 4 , alto-ratio- &Ms" 30-4- Plough-Stocke- Birds-cyean- . : d atWt CAP.PETIITGS. mm WM, f m r, lo 4 -- KENTUCKY ALMANAC, FOR 1839, f j . .12 ..,! . ,,..,. I - y 4c Sihe. ..,.... 1 jroix.vjrr. JtvcijjjLja, Auornoy ai i,aw. 1ILL 21-1- y cisiinc, E. Perkins's Tavern, S-yrt- Posl-Offic- c, aiBssjvisT Spring and September 1838. ena-blod- 1.l Mok-kiso- x. I e, rit. t!i; Waii'-lJnoi- n ii.' """' N. k n m A-- Satin-Face- ?r NOTICE. Satin-Gaite- - Matchless Sanative: DANIEL BRADFORD, Main-nree- Boot and Shoe Manufactory. R t. ico , f TO THE BREEDERS UTH MEN of WllE tf. A-- Valuable and Tried Patent icines. LEXINGTON B tf. 11 Main-Stree- E W E II , t, R. It OSS Short-Stree- PORTER, ALE BEER. -' New-Jtise- JA1TA 1S3G--55--- U L t, t

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