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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 11, 1839

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

xtntxick) "T ' True to his charge-- he D. BRADFORD, Editor. PRINTED No. 6 $ 7, Hunt's dunt.op: Roid, Water "TffT" come, the Herald of a noisy world; News from all nation,, lumb'ring'at his back.' ' LEXINGTON, KY. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1839. EVEHY TltUHSDAV, BY J. C. NOBLE & J. - -- ' Street, FOR DANIEL BRADFORD, Publisher of the Laws of the United States. Publishing Office, Main Street, a sew doors below Bren nan's Hotel. TERMS. For one year, in advance, $2 50; is not paid within six months, $3 00, and is not paid within inu yea, , gj ou. No paper will bo discontinued until all arrearages are paid, unless at the option of the Editor. ' ICTLetters sent by mail to the Editor, must be tost aid, or tney will not be taken out of the Office. ADVEitTisiNG. One square of 14 lines, or less, 3 times. $1 50; 3 months, $4; G months, $7 50; 12 months, $15. monger ones in proportion. SuBscKirTion -- when assembled on public business, oleven thousand eight hundred dollars; For the necessary buildings required at the several agencies, and repairs thereof, ten thousand dol NO. 15. VOL. 54. For the removal of the Choctaws from Mississip-pi- , sand dollars; to be applied onlv to the payment of the General Land Office," approved July seventh nineteen thousand nine hundred and ten dollars expenses incurred prior to the twenty-thir- d day of eighteen hundred and thirty-eigh- t. For the removal and subsistence of Indians, Be it enacted by the Senate and House ""vj igiei:i Jiuujiuu auu iiuriy-eigseventy-seve- n of Repthousand eight hundred and fifty- Ftrti carrying into effect the treaty of the seventh resentative, of the United Stales lars; v of uujiuis ana seventy cents; ii dajr of February, eighteen hundred and thirty- - Coneress assembled. That the seonnH America in r;nn P For postages, rents, stationary, fuel for offices, For carrying into effect the treaty with the Mi- - nine, with the Chippewas of Saganaw, viz: "An act to extend the time for locating Virginia and other contingencies of the Indian department, ami Indians of the sixth of November, eighteen For the payment of the purchase money of forty military land warrants and returning and for transportation and incidnnl Knnnm.' , ,.... , nu.iuitu aim uiiriy-eigll- l, r . viz: acres of land ceded by the first article of the treaty, on to the General Land Office." surveys there..-.'winy-si- x annrovrd .Tnlv uiousana live Hundred dollars; For the payment be made seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty eight, be, and For the salary of one clerk in tho office of the tion of the treaty, by to provision upon the ratifica- three hundred and twenty dollars; a contained in the For the expenses incurred in the negotiation of ine same is nereoy superintendent of Indian affairs, south of the Mis- third article of the repealed. same, sixty thousand dollars; the trcaty;ne hundred and twenty-fiv- e dollars; souri river, one thousand dollars; appeoved, March 3d, 1539. For the first often annual instalments stipulated For carrying into effect the treaty with the Great For carrying into effect the stipulations of cer- to be paid by the same article, twelve thousand and Little Oiages of the eleventh day of January tain Indian treaties, and the laws connected there- five hundred and sixty-eigPublic No. 17. dollars; AN ACT for the relies of umbrella-makerwith, viz: For the payment of claims provided for in tho eignieertihunured and.thntyninc, viz: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Revrs. pauie payment ot the'annuity stipulated in the For the Six Nations of New York, sour thous- lourth and fifth articles, one hundred and fifty! na.article. twentv thousand dollars: sentatives of the United Stales of America in Con- and five hundred dollars; uuuars; uiuusuuu or the support of two blacksmith For, the Scnecaa of NeV" York, six thousand For the expenses of valuing buildings and im ments, building a grist and saw mill, pay establish gress assembled, That there shall be refunded, out of atten- of the Treasury, to such umbrella-maker- s dollars; as have provements upon the ceded lands, For the Ottawas, sour thousand three hundred tion of others, as stipulated by the nnd for the erec- dants and assistants, tools for the mills, and the importca umbrella-stretchesince the passage of seventh article, erection of mill houses, seven thousand eight hun- - the act entitled dollars; "An net to alter and amend tho three thousand three hundred dollars; areu aouars; several acts imposing duties on imports," approved For the Wyandots, six thousand eight hundred For the expenses of surveying and marking ibo 1 or furnishing cows, calves, hogs, plough, har the fourteenth day of July, A. D. eighteen hunand forty dollars; boundary lines of the Miami lands in 'the State of ness, axes and hoes, as stipulated by tho treaty, dred and thirty-twFor the Wyandots, Munsee3, and Delaware, Indiana, as stipulated by the ninth all excess of duly, beyond article, two seven thousand three hundred dollars; what such importers would have been required to one thousand dollars; hundred dollars ; For the erection of houses for chiofs, furpay, is the provisions contained in the tenth and For the Christian Indians, sour hundred dollars; For the expenses attending the examination of nishing wagons, carts, oxen and chains, as and stipula- welfth clauses of the second section of said aot For tho Miamies, forty thousand one hundred claims which havo accrued the twenty-thir- d since ted by the treaty, six thousand nine hundred and had at all times since its and ten dollars: passage been suspended uay oi wctoDer, eighteen hundred and thirty-sou- r, eighty dollars; in their operation in the same manner as thev wens For the Eel Rivers, one thousand one hundred iwo mousanu nve hundred dollars; For the payment of claims for depredations. suspended by the act of the second dollars; of March A. For the expenses of the commission to examine thirty thousand dollars; u. eighteen hundred and thirty-threFor the Pottawatamies. twentv thousand two claims under the treaty with the entitled "An Miamis, of the For Ihe expenses of a commissioner to examine act to explain acd amend the several uunarea aouars; acts impotenth day of November, eighteen hundred and and settle those claims, two thousand five hundred sing duties on imports, passed the fourteenth ns r or the Pottawatamies of Huron, sour hundred thirty-sevenot covered by the formor appropriadollars; July, one thousand eight hundred and dollars; tion for that object, two thousand dollars; ror the payment of the purchase money for re- so far as relates to hardware and certainthirty-twFor the Pottawatamies of the Prairie, sixteen manufac For the payment of the Pottawatamies of Indilations, forty-thre- e thousand five hundred and tures ot copper and brass and other articles," and thousand dollars; ana for the corn crop abandoned by them upon twenty dollars; by other subsequent acts of like character. For the Pottawatamies of the Wabash, twentv their emigration west of the Mississippi, which lor the reimburse nentofthe annuities deduced Appboved, March 3d, 1839. thousand dollars; was appraised by agents appointed by the Govern- in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-fivthree For the Pottawatamies of Indiana, seventeen ment, seven hundred and forty-tw- o dollars and fifty uiousana aouars; rPuBLtc thousand dollars; No. 18.1 cents ; lor the reimbursement to the Clermont band of AN ACT to authorize the Secretary of the Nary For the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawata For the payment to the same Indians of the the annuity deducted in the year eighteen hundred mies, thirty-sou- r iu wciiuse a unci ot land belonging to tho thousand two hundred and ninety value of twelve log houses appraised in the same and twenty-ninthree thousand dollars; heirs of John Harris, deceasid, being within uoiurs; manner, and destroyed bofore their removal, six For the payment to the Iowa Indians of the inthe limits of the navy yard in Charlestown MasFor the Winnebagoes, ninety two thousand eight hundred dollars; terest at five per cent, for one year, upon the sum sachusetts. hundred and sixty dollars; For the expenses of the removal and subsistence of one hundred and n thousand five hun Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Tim. For the Menomonies, thirty-tw- o thousand six of these Indians, fifty thousand dollars; dred dollars, seven thousand eight hundred and resentatives hundred and fifty dollars; of the United States of America in For the expenses of fencing and breaking ud seventy-fiv- e dollars; Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the For the Chippewas of the Mississippi, thirty-fiv- e ground for tillage for the Omaha Indians, as stinu- For building ten houses for the Iowav chiefs as Navy be and he hereby is authorized and thousand dollars; reonired iaieu uy me inira article ot the treaty with them ol per stipulation of the treaty, two thousand dollars; to purchase certain lands situated within the limits For the Chippewas of Saginaw, five thousand eighteen hundred and thirty-six- , in addition to the For the completion of the surveys under the eight hundred dollars; sum ot twelve hundred dollars appropriated in the treaty with the Delaware Indians, and for the ex- of the navy yard in Charleston, in the Stale of Massachusetts, said land being the property of the For the Chippewas, Menomonies. Winnebagoes. year eighteen hundred and thirty-seveeight hun- penses of locating the Miamis and Winnebagoes, heirs of John Harris, and New York Indians, fifteen hundred dollars; late of said Charlestown, de- dred dollars; two thousand dollars; 1-- or the ccuauu. Sioux of the Mississippi, forty-twthouFor the salary of the farmer to be supported To ensile the Executive to purchase from Sec 2. And be it further enacted. That ih nrVx sand five hundred and ten dollars; among the same Indians as stipulated by the same a Poltawatamie, five sections of land re- and value of said land For the Yancton and Santie Sioux, sour thous- article of the same treaty, eight may be fairly and justly es- hundred dollars; served for him by the second article of the treaty and three hundred and forty dollars; For the balance of the expenses incurred by the of the twentieth of October eighteen hundred and uumieu, uie secretary ot the XNavy is hereby authorized to agree with Said heirs in qplprliniran For the Omahas, three thousand nine hundred commission for the examination of claims under ihe thirty two, sour thousand dollars; choosing three disinterested, discreet, suitable men and forty dollars; second article of the treaty with the Fox For defraying the expenses of holding a treaty, who, aster being For the Sacs and Foxes of the Missouri, twelve Indians of Mississippi, of October Sacs and hunsworn, and having sully examined eighteen under the direction of the Secretary of War, with said land, shall estimate thousand five hundred and seventy dollnrs; and appraise the same; thirty-sevedred and over and above the former a ruviaeu, u can he purchased for a reasonablo For the Iowas, eight thousand nine hundred and appropriation for that object, one thousand five the Stcckbridge Indians, two thousand dollars; For the employment of phvsiciana to vacinate sum. fifty dollars; hundred dollars; the Indiaii3, to be expended under the direction of Sec 3. And be it further enacted. Thnt. wkon For the Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, fifty-soFor the support cf a miller for the Sacs and the Secretary of War, five thousand dollars; the appraisal shall be made known to the Secretathousand five hundred and forty dollars; Fox Indians of Mississippi, ::s stipulated by the For paying the travelling expenses and board, ry aforesaid, and a good sufficient For the Sacs, Foxes, Sioux, Iowas, Omahas, and third article of the treaty of September eighte'en deed of the while detained in the City of Washington, of the same land shall be Ottoes and Missourias, three thousand dollars; tendered or given to the United hundred and thirty-six- , six hundred dollars; delegation of tho Stockbridge, Mansce, and Sene- States by the said heirs, For the Ottoes and Missourias, five thousand six then the Secretary of tho For the expenses of procuring rations for these ca tribes of Indians, in propottion to the distance Navy shall pay said heirs the amount of said aphundred and forty dollars; Indians for one year, as stipulated by the third they have travelled, or may travel in returning to praisal, being the consideration for the nromiwu. For the Kanzas, six thousand and forty dollars; article of the same treaty, over and above the proFor the Osages, fourteen thousand sour hundred vision heretofore made for that object, fourteen their respective tribes, a sum not exceeding two out of any money in tho Treasury not otherwiso thousand dollars; appropriated. and ninety-sidollars; n thousand six hundred and dollars and To enable the Secretary of War to have exeAirnovED, March 3d, 1839. For the Kickapoos, five thousand five hundred thirty-seve- n cents; cuted under his direction twelve maps for the use dollars; For the balance of the expenses incurred in ex- of the War Department and of the Senate, showing For the Kaskaskias and Pcorias. three thousand amining claims under the second Public No. 19. article of the the position of the lands of each Indian tribe in AN ACT dollars; making appropriations for building a treaty of September eighteen hundred and thirty-seve- n amity with tho United States, one thousand pier at the northern extremity of Winnebago For tho Piankeshaws, eight hundred dollars; with the Sioux Indians, by the commission lake, and for other purposes. the Wcas, three thousand dollars; For appointed for that purpose, over and above the For defraying the expenses of surveying and Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Ren. For the Delawares, ten thousand sour hundred former appropriation for that object, five hundred marking the boundaries between the Indian tribes resentatives and forty-sou- r dollars; of the United States of America m dollars; west of the Mississippi, ten thousand dollars; Congress assembled, That for the security of tho lor the bhawnecs. seven thousand one hundred For compensation to a commissioner and clerk Sec 2. And be it further enacted, That the se- navigation of the commerce and eighty dolhrs; of the United States, to be appointed to the claims under the cond section of an act passed the twenty-eigh- t day the following sums be, and the same hereby are apthe Senecas and Shawnces. two thousand last mentioned treaty, lor the to be of May eighteen hundred and thirty, entitled, "An propriated, and sixty dollars; to be paid out of any money in th made in the Indian country, five thousand five hun- act to provide for an exchange of lands with the Treasury not otherwise nnnronrinfpH. una tn k lor the Senecas, two thousand six hundred and dred dollars; Indian tribes residing within any of the sixty dollars; For the payment of the expenses of the investi Territories, and for their removal west States or applied to the following objects: a ur uunamg a of the river n For the Choctaws, at thousand sir hun. gation into frauds practised in the reservations of Mississippi, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Winnebago lake, pierthe the northern extremity of dred and twenty-fiv- e in dollars; Territory of Wisconsin, the Creek Indians for the year eighteen hundred Approved, March 3d, 1839. the sum of five hundred dollars; lor the Uhickasaws, six thousand dollars; and thirty-ninfive thousand dollars; For placing buoys at the mouth of Neenah For the Creeks, forty-sithousand sour hundred For the payment of the expenses of the removal Public No. 15. end forly dollars; river, at the head of Great bav, in said Territory, to and subsistence of the Creek Indians to be applied AN ACT to authorize the construction of certain mark tho channel thereof, the sum of five hundred lor the Quapaws, sour thousand six hundred in payment of claims settled by the accounting improvements in the Territory of Wisconsin and dollars. and sixty dollars; officers and to reimburse other arraronriations for other purposes. Appeoved, March 3d, 1839. lor the Florida Indians, nine thousand six hun funds used for the removal to subsistence of these and Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep dred and ten dollars; Indians, including outstanding claims not yet set- resentatives of the United Stales of America in lor the Pawnees, twelve thousand dollars; Public No. 20. tled, eighty-fiv- e thousand dollars; Congress assembled, That for the further survey AN ACT making For the Cherokees, seven thousand six hundred a donation of land to the TerriFor carrying into effect the treaty with the ana an estimate ot the cost of and forty dollars; tory of Iowa, for tho purpose of erecting public improving the naviCreek Indians of the twenty-thir- d day of Novem- gation of the Neenah and Wisconsin rivers and buildings thereon. lor the Ottawas and Chippewas. sixtv-tw- o thou ber, eighteen hundred and thirtv-eieh- t. viz: connecting the same by a navigable canal or water Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Ren. sand sour hundred and sixty-fiv- e dollars; To make the payment in stock animals, stipula- communication, two thousand dollars; be and the resentatives of the United States of America ror me uaddoes,ten thousand dollars; ted to be made by the second article of the said same arc hereby i appropriated; and that the follow- Congress assembled, That there be. and herbv i. For the following expenditures in the Indinn treaty, fifty thousand dollars: ing suras of money be, and the same are hereby appropriated and granted to the Department, the appropriations having been carTerritory pf Iowa, To pay the interest at five per cent, for one year appropriated for the construction of roads in the one entire section of land, of any of the surveyed ried to the surplus fund on the thirty-firs- t Decemupon me sum or mree nunarea and nity thousand Territory of Wisconsin, to wit: public lands in said Territory, for the ber last, viz: dollars, pursuant to the stipulations of the thirH For the construction of a road from Racine, bv erecting thereon the public buildings r.nrnoi f For blacksmiths' establishments., twenty-seve- n for the uso ... . article or the said treaty, seventeen thousand five -T .11- ' aiiesvinc, 10 omipeo, on the Mississippi, ten thous of the Executive and Legislative departments of tho uiousana nve Hundred and eight dollars and sixty, nunarea dollars; and dollars; Government of the said Territory Pfm.,vi ti-- . six cents; I f rm v ffiA nlnt r, n t. it t i For the Survey and the said For treaty stipulations, fifteen thousand sour 'suant Tn EE Sauk Harbor, on lake constructiontoof a road from authoritysection of land shall be selected under ..... tho Dekorrec, on Michigan, hundred and thirty-tw- o of the Territorial LeHsl.-it.K j dollars and eighty-sou- r .'.. !J aireaiy, iwenty-on- e nam thousand one hundred and the Wisconsin river, five thousand dollars; of Government located thereon, and notice of said cents; three dollars and thirty-thre- e cents; For the road from For the expenses of treating with the Chippewas To purchase stock animals for the Cranks m- - Lac, on lakeconstruction of a Fox lake, to Fond du selection officially returned to the register of th Winnebago, by the Wis land office in the district in which the land of Saganaw, ninety seven dollars and thiiteen ,moved ashostiles, as stipulated is sitby the sixth article consin river, five thousand dollars. uated within one year from the passing of this act cents; oi wie ireaiy, ten thousand dollars; Sec 2. And be it further enacted. For the expenses of Indian deputations, two To meet the expenses of the purchase and dis-- of two thousand dollars, appropriated That the sum fircu proviaea,, mat nothing herein conby the net of tained shall authorize the selection thousand six hundred and thirty dollars; of the six- -, muuuou oi me For the education of Indian youths, twenty requirements of siock animals, according to the the seventh ot July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eigh- t, tcenth section in any township reserved for the uso the second and sixth articles, entitled "An act making appropriations for of schools, nor of any lot thousand five hundred and forty-onreserved for public purdollars and miue muusuiKi oouars; certain roads in the Territory of Wisconsin" for a poses; and that in tho selection twenty-fiv- e cents; to be made as aforeFor the payment to the Cherokee Indians of the railroad, shall be applied by the Secretary of War said, no For holding treaties with certain Indian tribes, value ot the improvement or right to preimprovements upon the Missionary 10 ine survey ot the most eligible route for a rail sour hundred and forty-seve- n emption recognized by law, shall be prejudiced dollars and fifty reservations, pursuant toa stipulation in the fourth road from the town of Milwaukee, on lake Mich- thereby. cents; article of the treaty of December, eighteen hun- - igan, to such point on the Mississippi river as may Sec 2. And be it further enacted, That is, at tho For locating reservations, two hundred and five ureu ana miny-nvin addition to the former be deemed most expedient. time ot the selection of the spminn r dollars and thirteen cents; v- .for that object, fifteen thousand one Appbovid, March 3d, 1S39. made as aforesaid, the contiguous sections thereto For purchase of r'fles for Pottawatamies, one hundred and eleven dollars, and e seventy-fivcents; have not been made subject to public sale, or behundred and twelve dollars and thirty-eigh- t cents; For compensation to the commissioner under Public No. 16. For carrying into effect the treaty wTth the Ot the above treaty, in addition to ing so subject have not been sold at nnhlh-- . snl, , the appropriations AN ACT to repeal the second section of "An act by privato fortv-thre- e tawas and thntn.-ientry, then each and every section cave of eighteen hundred nnd thirty-si- x and eighteen to extend the time for locating Virginia military tiguous to said selected section, ven hundred and sour dollars and twentyfour cents hundred and thirty-eigand nni for that object, eight thou-- , land warrants and returning surveys thereon to 'shall b hereafter reserved and withheld from sa . .: s. rs BY AUTHORITY. e, I'tiWI'Or THE UNITED STATES PISSED AT THE THIRD SESCONQRESS. Or THE TWEMTV-F1FT- SION Public No. 12.1 AN ACT to revive and extend "An act to author ize the issuing of Treasury notes to meet the '..current expenses of the Government,'' approved the' twenty-firof May, eighteen hundred and st e, thirty-eigh- t. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the with the approbation of the President of 'the llnitcd States, is hereby authorized to cause to be issued the lemainder of the Treasury notes ..authorized to be issued by the act to authorize the issuing of Treasury notes to meet the current cx- pensesofthe Government, approved the twenty-firs- t day of May, eighteen hundred and thirty-eigh- t, according to the provisions of said act, at any . time prior to the thirtieth day of June next, any limitation in the act aforesaid or in the act "to au- thor ze the issuing of Treasury notes," approved ine iwenui day ot October eighteen hundred and thirty-seveto the contrary notwithstanding. JAMJiS rv. rULK, Speaker of the House of Representatives. RH. ftl. JOHNSON, Vice President of the United States, and President of the Senate. AmtoYKD, March 2d, 1S39. M. VAN BUREN. Public No. 13. AN ACT to provide for the erection of public buildings in the Territory of Florida. Beit enacted by the Senate and House ofEcpre- sentatives of the United Stales is America in Congress assembled, That the sum of twenty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, granted to the Territory of Florida, out of any money in the Treas ury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of Octroying the expenses ot erecting a suitable State House orpublic buildings in the Territory of Florida, for the use and accommodation of the Territo- rial Legislature of said Territory; and in which building, when erected and completed, the office of the Secretary of said Territory shall be kept, nd also the public records and archives of said .territory. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the said sum" of money appropriated by the first section of mis aci snau De paia over to the Treasurer ot said Territory on the order of the governor, and shall be expended for the purpose aforesaid, under the direction of the Governor and Legislative Council, and in such way anJ manner, and at such times as they shall, by law or resolution for that purpose, TIainiuirfn nrnsiri a. j., HMiHt tl. passage OIP iL! law WHS fivavwvt.-xiiuiiiiu shall not at any lime be held as an engagement on ;jsjjhe Part of the United States for any further appro- Espnaiiun io me oDjects hcroinbetore mentioned. Approved, March 3d, 1839. 1 s fPUBLIC No. 14.1 AN ACT making appropriations for the current i and contingent expenses of the Indian Depart ment, ana tor fulfilling treaty stipulations with thc various Indian tribes, lor the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-ninBe it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, . and they are hereby appropriated, for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-ninfor the purpose of paying the curient expenses of the Indian department, fulfilling treaty stipulations, with the various Indian tribes, and contingent expenses: to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. For the current and contingent expenses of the 'Indian department, viz: For the piy of the superintendent of Indian affairs at St. Louis, and the several Indian agents, as provided by the acts of June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-souand of March third, eighteen hundred and thirty-sevesixteen thousand; ;five hundred dollars; For pay of authorized by the act of june uiiriieui, cignieen nunurea and thirty-louthirteen thousand dollars; For the pay of interpreters, ns authorized by the same act, nine thousand three hundred dollars; .For presents to Indians authorized by the same ;ct, five thousand dil'ars; lEftr the purchase of Provisions for Indians, at the distribution of annuities, while on visits of bu-- ! aincss with the superintendents and agents, and e. e, r, sub-agen- r, e, -- fifty-seve- n, o h, x fifty-seve- dol-lar- s; fifty-seve- e, x c E'tto.. ZZ & H a a o pre-existi- c, iti ht ,u

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