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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), August 20, 1811

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

' 'g ' u"m1Jaga! V0. Series 4V 34 "To. LEXINGTON, . " ALETTE THE KENTUCKY EVEUV TUESDAT, IS PUBLISHED JIT THOMAS SMITH, TO DANIEL BRADFORD. SUCCESSOR "vg -- j- " ' Boarding School G t - 5 TUESDAY, K sir AUGUl 20, PURSUANT ir rl RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on tlie 14th of May, a negro man by the mame of FOLLOWING TRACTS OF THE S 1 31 U IV is, 5 About twenty twovears of ape, about five feet in Knox eight or nine inches high, ana well built in 10,000 pioportion to height, and when talked to bj any C countv, on Rockcastle: mi inn inqnt fohmp , rtriun loot. lii&dreSS a in Mercer county, liirht mixed home spun clollnr,aBdlBsa dark 5i000 on the Rolling .Fork of Salt i i er, a great pro- coloitred surfbut the last account 1 had of fportion bojtoin. him, he was riding a sorrel hoise, hrae in one of his hind legs, near Bairdstovvn, Kentucky, in 1,000 he being very aitful I expect he will alter his county, on Pleasant' run. Any patent-c- d nime, and endeavor to pjs asafieeman. The above mentionedLANDS werewill I Rive person bringing said ncgio h.ime tome on in the name of James Southa.ll. Sumner count), Tennessee, or a reasonable credit, and receive in payment Goose crctk, so that I get him again, shall securing him Horses. Cattle, Whiskey or Hemp receive the above reward, and all reasonable TUNSTAL QUARLES. expenses paid iVoolford county, iathjuly, 1811 WllLL SELL 1 LA-ND,vi2- AcRElyihg 'Acres FOR SALE, Al.kely NEGRO GIRL, about i2 or 13 year, old she is a grind spinner, and accus tomed entirely to house bigness. 3y. ioth. i8ii Pl'lCh IN CASH 1 HE HIGHEST Will givir.for be SdkPetre, ''SAAPl. By '1 THOMAS WORNALL. 8w' P " July 5th, 1811. REMOVAL. ASA BLANCHARD, GOLD VT blLlEK SHUTS, TNFpRJ5thepuhlicg?Qralhthath?Eaiire. . ROTTER inTllE subscriber, wiehes lespectfully to form the public that ho li3s commenced C A RlOlNG WOOL at his mill, (late M'Cim eel's) n.W Lexington on the Frankfort road per pound hatter's wool tour e.t eight cents per fjounil Thomas Royls. TO THE PUBLIC. has re-v- 5 transact services to those who may wish to iorcign business through the medium of the JFrcrih or Spanish language -- He ?,!.,i Street ui tliejiou.-- i lately occupied by "'de" i. ...j,..- - - j- May 2Eth, 1600 Acres In two survejs, adjoining Col. Waggoner's 755 Acres At.S:9i Adioininir Mai Ficldintr Jones. AH those Jand he near together, and are valuable They will be sold together, or in separate tracta several valuable farms on them, a small part of the purchase money will be reouired m hand. the balance m 6 annual instalments For further particulars, apply to Nathaniel Harris and Maddox Fisher, in Lexington, Ky. 6m -- T . PATENT MEDICINE STORE, ?$t, r JL moTed v.;' NEW-YORkt-ji New Millinery, MRS. BROWN, of Baltimore, has just imported d BaltiPhiladelphia more an extensive and el!f ant assortment of E'ATE ,Qii.,r t, , S'k tor J0ST RECEIVED JDr. Otin. IRON WORKS. Slate Iron Works are now in full blast,. TOTH FURNACE and FORGE are Fa, ctle Circuit Court. JUNE TERM, 1811 Daniel Morriv, John Moins &. William bers Taken of Mr. Satterwhite'slavern FROM the bar on Main sticet, a new bottle living gieen SURTOUT COAT ; the "peison who be so good as to return it tf took it, TAKE NOTICE. tlvii-copie- ' . IRON Prtntingn SPer A..SO J ALSO-5- 5000 wt of Salt-petrewt ofifevv IIOU "" vuly i2th, i ' BACON. i.utu. William Qpbertson g ii tf ' TEN DOLLAlUtEjPRD. . AN a v Y from the snbscfibei, on a B' cht Hcro of the 16lh ot fellow, named last M-- " . Jhe 11KeV N E L S O N, Of black complexion about 22 sears of age, and Urge u 5 fe"t ten dr elevento dies high, heavy or upwards weigh 10 JiTtbs, supposed nance is not a rood one, but" disco vers sullen disposition ; he has a remarkable fioma cut on the inside of one hie i stet (jjrjb.ibl) on the lest) which extends from the !k!e bone towards his gi'eat toe he is He dull of speech when" under examination took with him a good wool hat and white l'msey cloathing. Any person who will appre-lion- ! the above negro", anil bring him home, of icoi'e him in any jail in this state, shall have tlie abov'a reward, with all reasonable charges dollars ifUkfin out of the state vi:ibe given, with luwRil i. lvt-i-sca- expt-nse- s JOHN PSEBELS. Montgomery count, K,. war Ueuntittrlhg. 'July zoth, i8n tf. vVSTPURI.UItZD iA'- FIR SALE, - J LJMPM' L's SEIWUN OS BAPTISM. . Tj" SUBSCRIBPllS are requested (oead 'heir 'copies at the office of the KentucU tr -- - yT v -- .i i - or- - saie. ilbjwi"r.ging.seats and a set of g iod Leather Harness' It is well calculated fbr mrkit a corrirgfamil)-toine"ngndfoi "" " ue Y.mng Hcrsei in ion! tvk n in pay Enquire o thePimte- wagfti. T " 5: D Clari count set. Jiiiey. !8ll bv h.tntdJ M'Crjry, e about fou L'dberg U(', a ba kina siai in his sir h h, i'l er ' .biand peiceiv ibl Taken up liv t. e fiv hi appuisedu. . 1 Im-i1 i JuitErH 16 " n f CLAHE, -2 b Van-Es- s Z j iics it . s ' defen-jlant- A Small Covered Wagon, x A Great Coat 1- 1 p.c. e 1 -j HsdeoEdwards, Clement Bell and Margaret his vise, john Steele and Anna his vufe, Abiaham Vandegritt" und jane hi wise, Pribcilla Francisco, jjlin Steele and Williini Steele, lfeirs of Andrew Steele, deceaiedy the heirs and representative of I homs-- t Qiiirk dee'd. the hei.s and repiesentativs of Andrew Allison dc"d the heirs ind of David Dr)den dee'd John Brown, Nathaniel Drvden, Andievv Vane and Daniel Williams Defendants. IN CHANCERY The defendants Haden Edwards, Nathaniel Oryden, the heifs andrrpresentatives of TIios. Qiiirk, tl e heirs and representatites of Andraw Allison, and the heirs and representative! of David Dr)den, jiee'd. all of whim aie unknown t" the CompIainnts ) having (tiled to enter their appearance herein agreeable to law, arjdlhe rules of this court, and 't itif arnif; to the ati faction ofthecourt that tby Me rot inhabitants of this Commonwealth on th motion of the complainants by their coucb it is ordered that unless the said defrndmti Haden Edwards, Nathaniel Drjder, the hem and representatives of Thomas Qiiirk. tl e hcirs-anrepresentntives of Andrew Allison, and the heirs and repreentatiss of David Diydto, dee'd do apper here on or befyre the first of the next September trm of this court, aril answer the eomlmMnls' bill, the sinP"iU betaken for confessed sgainss them tnd it i j. further ordered that a cpy ef this oidr bo inserted liT some authorised paper, for eight weeks successively agreeable to law. A.copy atttsst, P.I. RAILEY djc r c c Iff rtpre-stntativ- lite-arr- y BLUhGRASS SEED, Cham- Complainants, AGAINST, in the neatest manner, vvjth dispatch. All kinds of machinery cast on tlie shortest notice, THOSE whom it m2y concern ar(: out of as soft metal as )et discovered in the anu wauaiueu iu aiaiiu u &;: hereby inforrrecl that at the county court uuucu oiaies. holdeii for the county ot Bath, in the vere neat. of Dttember next, we shall apply BAR for an order .esOf a superior quality to any made oh this sidi to the said county court land, ot the ihe mountains, andequal to DOREY's cele tablishing a toVu on the agreeable to an act of Assembly brated Iron, forged to suit customers Having case made and provided ; said butlall) pound this choice IKON OKJK, in mch be located and laid off, adjacrnt will, on application of any of my customers, town to guarantee the CAST INGS to be of a superior and around a large sp'rwgj kntrwn by the Aiiierca. qualit) and the 1JAK litUN much supe- - name ot Boyd's spring, near the dividing Containing an interesting biography of pijji iivr io iron generally mane in me ruisourgii ridge between PncKlvash and Flat creek nd a Bean William Bond. frs vievvaccount of newspapers, progfesscon- country, not mnor toDOREY IRON' CoSt-n- ' so ing desirous of cise rf the discovery and inci easing the lion and William Power,, , busjnesi in the county of Bath, I propose the art in other pai Is of the world. Thorn s Sinclair, selling all m propertin the state of KentucTitt 6111 vol or ' Benjamin StitUing". ky except my establishment and suture resi-d- t Augtist'ic, ISii. $"" The'Arnerican Register, 3ts nre in Bain countv Lewis Ssndeis, Esq. Or general Repositbry of History, Il6lit5cs and is sully sell my farm adjoining authonsedta Science. Hobeit llarr J, fcsqSon the Limes tone road Debates of the Virgiin Conventian. corftaining tvilh su- -' IJui low's Columbiatf 4to edition, WAS FOUND on she Gecrgttovvn road"a Acres, 510 peibtngraviogs sew miles beicftv Lexington, on jesterday & Siephens? cditioi of Shakespeare. Willi all the tock, farming utensils, &c. there-u-ftJohnson Tne owner can get it on applicamorning r 17 vols- - calf cilt. belonging Also tion at this office- -, I'he Life of NapoleoruBorttparte, fr, 3obi by 1000 or 1200 Acres r August 13,18ii. In the fpfksof Elkhpn, nqar Pemberlon's History of England, 12vols. mill, known as Jordan'rpie-emption- WE the, undersigned as Tiustees cf Alfied Gibbon's Rome, 8 vols. $VV Gra)SoiiJ4ind "Vily wilt sell at Public , j. to Washington's Letters to the American Con-ha had.gress, vvruten during the War. . of Land in Srott county, adjqimng the Hon i Auction tor ihe best YJn&e that 'can .. : . Bnllmanon Bankr. Rich it Johnson, including a valuable roil'i Payl,le, th'ee eqiul annual enatalments, tevviiu iroou enuursere. Tucker's Blackstonc 6est on Elkhnrn. Also, all the tp'vn pfopeity, cuieuuy necoiinoienoit-ail the estate conveyed to us by the said .. W " , Call's Reports consisting oi vanou? i j Grauon -- ndT Wise on the 21th December Dallas's ditto Houses Loh 1810, as per their Deed recoi ded mthe County Washington's do. InZ.exjngton and adjoining As well as all Court of Fa)ette County On the 30th day of LjvveJ' Pleading the Lands of my deceased father, in the state August 181 1, at" the Juuse occupied b) Frioi-c- i ChaptaU'o Chemistry become of Kentuck),. vhum bjr purchaje- II Gainej at the Sandy Salt Works in Gieen- Ciillen's Practice exclusively the "property of'the si'bcribcr. up Lounly, ue will sell all the intere.1 con- Medical Lexicon 3reat bargains mav be had for CASli in veved to us .bv the said Deed in the .Sandy r Duncan's Dispinsatory, led. HAND. Salt Work-- t and (lie tract of 70,0UO Acres Together svith cft'3 THOS. DSYE OWINGS. ltliui uhich it is included. And on the 30th " Is dav of At)gustiirthe)ear i8tl, at Mrs, Mary New Novels, ancUother late pub- - MiyMii&lV. H Breckcnridge's in Fa)ette county, we will lications. sell thciriersonal property,' negroes and other TAYLOR, StlMUH.LOWE.VS IsniTs COTh eyed to us by said deed. LRSINOION, KKNTUQEV, Robert Brecleurjtdge, J PURSUANT tt)a decree of the, Gtneral ' Jo' C nrecienrMge, Couit. in the suit in chancery, InW South- - T EGS jeiivc more to return liVs thankS ii a' crick IV tf. Grayson hall's HeirShire compla'nants, and the heirs and JL to top generous ciuzeus oi i.eiiniou ami 5t the public generall) , for the liberal patronage August 2d, i811 representative' of Richard Hogg, dec We the suhst nbers bafig appointed he has received, snice he commenced business A SWEEPSTAKE RACE. commissioners by tl e said decree will "on in this place. He wishes to inform them that Thursday the 25th, of August next, attend'at hehs just returned fiom Philadelphia, where I S contemplated to be run foi' over the Let-and the, house of John Cambpell m Henry countu heprocmedthe fashions of the.season ington course on the 4th October next to public sale atsi will from tune to time be able to give those two mites the heats free for any horje, on the premises esros defeiulanl's interest in 7,50V who may savour him with their work, the months crJHit-.thor gilding that is entered before the first day fashion of the dav as he has made atresofland. located, snrveed, and patented Philadelphia,. will en ,tf Sepfcmber. Entrance 200 each, half forin the name of Richard Hogg : .said land wild such arrangements at feit. No race unless sour horses are entered. be I. id ff in lots to accoimncurate purclnsers. able him at all times to procure mem as tlie The stakes are to be made the day before the in that city. Bond with approved secunt) will be required changes take plsce race, and put into the hands of Wm.T. Ban-toAnthony Bartlett. IlEHAsJUSr RECEIVED T KOH nU LA- -' w'o holds the subscription papei DCLVHH, AN El Eolur ASSOHT-MEI rRussell, Weights aieiixed on, time of starting, &e. in John r OF HANDSOME v Amirosetiatles, the ai tides or subscnpt.on paper. SWORDS Preslon W Brown, Ihe eiuranc , halt cash, which will be the which will be sold up forfeit, the othei in horses. Of every a d TStfiat, j on the mast reasonibli- tei nis Edward Cevrgc. A'lgiut 3,1311. -xington. June 11,1811. e asw-r.Di- STATE OF KENTUCKY. SekIj'. THOSE, whom it may concern arc hereby holder, for Morimd, that-a- t the County Court of Octobjr the .count) cf Buth, in the' moutJjL court lor 'AFlhe office of the Kentucky Gazette county .. .!.-- u -- .nV tr Bjut J Jropi Philadeljihia, tlie linds oi J. an order establishing a T.rac on n ""-bH.iPart 2, vol, 13, and part 1. roL. i4 or thvkubscrihrrs, agreeable to n aci Rees's New Cyclopardia. such cssrs mode and provided; said Town to be locled pnd laid off, adjHCcht .iid- f, Subscribers to this work will please appl) hed on by the comniiswithout delay, k r.. ,fl il,c and rectft-ALSO- j the seat of JuUue sir iaid county, n vndv an act r.fthr Ur e", ml A feto setts of the works dftbe late Richard Mcnefee, Rev. DOC Pa ML'CALA, Thomas Deye im- OF SOUTH CAROLINA. iSii.' July ioth, moral, Consisting of .Jefmons inJ and political together with an account of three milwEastbf Brjant'g thefhfe ai d character of the author in 2, vols sale 50 bushels ot blli grass Thomas's Historyof Sta.iiOi-f.i- r teed, of On- - present ,) ears ' giotb. at MILLINERY; FASHIONABLE THE ,..: New-Yor- consisting of the follow ing articles, vi hich she olferri for sale on low tdrms, on Mill street, two doors above Mam street, in Lexington pmK, orange, FasliionHble straw nets and hats blue and black carn- Fancy chip do bricks Ribbonds plain and fi Seeded Ao. C,ambrick muslins gured Artificial flowers do. JBook J1ulmul do. Ostnch feathers Spanish mantles Fancy tlo. Caps and turbans Picket leno Lice sleeves, silk stock Spider net doJFancy dr. ings Ladnes' kid g ovee .m lace trimming Gol(l fringe Fashiot able shavv Is Cottori bills, tapes Black mode de. Silk handkerchief! j Button ve'vei cap3 Sarcenets different Leather, jackc s do. lours oil cloth hat cov-- j Crapes, British lace ers. ihree pug Wanted. immed?atelv huii 'ess wumen to vork at the mill'nery None need apply without good recommendations, and who have some knowledge of lha business. tf. Lexington, July 10 Anti-BiHiou- T- TAKE NOTICE. ,f with gratitude the many savours he has received since ho commenced buwnes in Lexington, nd rf begs leave to inform his old cu6tomerv & the public generally, that he banleaied of Mr. Clay for a term of years the above extensive a id thankcommodious building, where he will ful to receive a continuance of thir savours. Nothing on his part shall be wanting to tjive satisfaction. He will bd constantly supplied ivith the most chpice liquors, and his table snail be furnished with the best viauus which the Lexington market affords- - Particular attention shall be paid to h:s bjd3, and his stables shall be abundantly supplied wjtji provender) and attended by the most careful ostlers Lexington, (Ky ) June 8, 181i Saline creek. LEITY; Jessamine, 5n tl.e circuit courts of Fa) ette, tenders his Madison and Montgomery-- he fo. 25, Acknowledges of the TEN T. DAVENPORT. Jr. C AMUELto Lcxingtou, and willpracticeLAW moved nu WILLIAM SATTZRWRITE, 2780 Acres, On the Ohio river, opposite the mouth JJa lan-y- yy. Vjiyuiyji' Kentucky Hotel. v LEE's pei'-ons- WOOL CARDING. July i5ih, 'HE Tru3teei,cf Bethel Acadarnv being authorised by the legislature of llentuc-tto dispose of their donation LANDS, do 'fter the following tracts for sale1; viz. A. TWO ENQUIRE OP TUB PRINTER. t No. 1C49 1811. '' SOLD IN KENTUCI?y'',9t his shop to the coiner ot Short and Wal'lemard Mentelle''s''Storc Mill streets, opposite to Mrs. Russell's and Dr. Fishback's, where he carries on jus LEXINGTON, AND . more extensive scale and elegant Dudley W 7 rigg's Store style, being provided with workmen of the VIZ. FllANKFORT first abilities. He will kejp constantly on hsnd a general assortment of Cold ar.a Silyr Wark, Hamilton's Elixir, which will be sold on the most moderate terms' Hamilton's Grand Restorative, .Saddlers can be always furnished with sdVer and plated heads and c?ntels, &.c. Corn Plaister, He slat! ers "himself that the prices and qualiItch Ointment, et. John Mills. ty of his work, added to his unremitted endea ' Essence of Mustard,. vours to please, will procure' him at least an ol the custom its DOLLARS REWARD equal shareOrders from of Lexington atS Hahn's Pills, vicinity a distance will be TO whoever will give evidence, and wi'l tended Hamilton's Worm 'Destroying to with the greatest punctuality and piosetute to conviction the trespasser who en Lozeirees. tered the orchard of the ,ubstnber on Sunda, dispatch & tortoise mounted SPECTACLES, , A liberal discount allowed to druggists the 14;h instant, andisvaulted, abused and Silver Large, smalt 8. long tortoise H A1H COMBS and wholesale purchasers. wounded Thomas Sprxke, who has the plant Zj" The highest price for old GOLD and Recommendations and cures of the above, to tion onient Let tins ue an apology to par. be seen at the store of W. Mentelle ents, guardian and masters, should their chil SILVER 1, 1810. tf March 4th, i8n. dien or servants be dealt with asthe law au- Lexington, Dec i) thorises, when sound trespassing within the FULLING NULL. enclosures ot the subscriber's plantation, adjoin subscriber', grateful to bis friends and ing and west ot Lexington as all for former savours, wishes to heieb) prohibited from travelling through, inform litem that he has rented Saml- - .Scott's hunting on, or removing any timber from the Fulling Mill, on the tow n fork of Elkhorn, v. here premises, oi doing any daraagt whatever. the advantage of a constant current of water R. Pattenon ZJ A untenable mm to carry ontne fulling business Jiily 1G, 1811 more to the satisfaction of his customers, than he has heretofore done. For the convenience DOLLARS REWARD. Fresh of distant customers, he vvill attend at the usual Irom the subscriber, living on of leceiving deposit, for KAN awayCreek, Jessamine county, near JUST arrived and to beoldby the subscri-of ,ilates ofviz. At Johnthe purposejfexingtonj at loths Keisei's, ber, at his Apothecary Shop, at the curlier CaTc's mill, a negio man named r. Patton's, post master at Pans; at Mr Short and Market streets, Lexington. Mahony'i, in Geotgetovvn, on the first da) of JACK, AMONG WHICH la He theeverul courts in the towns aforesaid And a negro woman named The Iceland Moss, will also Httend once a week to receive sloth Celebrated for tht cure of Confuthpttgns that may be lest with Mrs. Raymond at her mill, which shall be returned dressed in a month Together with three children, and all 'boy's, and Phthfic. or five weeks at fuithest, unless some accident the oldclst not exceeding 6 years of age, and Also for Sale, prevent it The subscriber pledges himself to the youngest not 18 months. IarL-'uijiw customos tQescit the utmost of his abili. White U Rep Clovbb Lettv are , near-.-about 25 Years oi rfr-;, age Hie mau is a cuunivy, wen ouuiienow I Timothy & Ifj.u(jH aSs Do."' Jiesui finishm'g such cloth as m3 be commit""Essence oFSpsuck in Pots. ' speed. ted to his care with neatness-anand the woman tan anu wen proponionea JOSEPH HUGHES JOHN KENNEDY. Andrea M'Calla ccounty, Augusst 5 iSll November 26th,'1810. Acres ''''' ar.iJ-- .nn" to a decree of.tbe Clarke cuit cou't, pronounced at then June torn l"i FOR YOUNG LADIES. In a suit m chancery, Iftfnr." Ci:o:;e' w.s"com- Mrs. LOCkWOOD respcctfuilv informs plainant arid Robert Pcebli t, Heirs arid Ad b.jr friends and the public, that her school for j ministratoi J, defendants' we the under name 3 the tuition of nunjr ladies, will airain com. subscribers commissioners appointed by tht , on the 25th inst the same house on CntfDITIQHS. Tyro Dollars per an- menceetreet, and hqpes inthat tier attention to said court-- will sell to the highest bidder for High ready monev, on the V''i day of September m advance or Tiikex Dollar', the improvement and morals of her pupils will next,' the PLANTATION where the said il a, "nsuie her a continuance of public patron- Hemy Crose ndvv lives, containing i24 acre's, i -- a,d at the expiratiin of the jear. (T) The pqstage on letters addressed to age." Her terms for boardimr. and all the po which laml w.ts sold bv the said Henrv Cros will notbe lite extra branches, are as usual Mrs I. to (be aforesaid llobf f Peeb'ei dee'd and ti.e Edit6r must be paid, or they will continue to take a limited number of day tit's on Strpde's Creek, about flirerfmiles from attended to- scholars. March nth, ijBlt- WinchJter, the sale will be niaUe ,on the premises, und commence at 12 o'clock. dj Tlie Printing Office is kept at the old THOMAS 5COTT, TO stand, opposite the Branch Bank. 50 DOLLARS REWARD, " twin.mni '7,wf AT:ga'ffgrJfi"iall aamaiazBorBre3craaiaMm dr To the Public. flia sunscKiiirus have MlitCED cor' THK 'Manufacturing of TobScco, Inlhetawn of Lexington, K. on'tn estcn-siv- e plan. We wish to infbj-Merchi ntt & Chtnters that 'hey msybe supplied vvuh th'.s jrticleon the mostrescnable teVms, nthei by n'Jiolesule or retail. In preparing ourlobaccJ for msrket, wo pursue the most approved method jet discoveied, & we Jlalter oinsilvei from tht assiduous attention wh'iili rn intend', to devote personally to ever) branch of ihe business, and fiom thorough knowledge of the that We will be able-t- give satisfaction to those who nuy savour us with their tbj Orders from merthents in any pait-ikI Western couitr) promptly attended to is our tobacco docs not meet the expectation "f our customers wc will receive it ack again it our own expense. DAVID COBBS. is Co. N. B. Wanted to purchase immediately Also or .1 hundred hogihend3 of tobacto to hue i5 0r20Negrobo)Stowor at the above business D. COBBS &Co Lexington, June nth. 1811. Oi Jlanisoit county, set. Taken up by Kobcit Craig, Living in Harrison at Samuel 1 am me's Mill, a black stud col, wilh a blaze face and white hind feet, m,)poed to b two years old this spring appraised to SA bticre Li' ! Oeton Robinson, Esq the 19, is Aph', TV .'.'OU ""a .Bl coi-nt- 1

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