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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 12, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jefferson DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, October 12, 1911. Vol. 5. No. 17 with on addition of eleven. The SUNDAY-SCHOO- L baptizing took place Sunday afternoon at Mr. Sam Gar woods pond. Quite a large crowd was present. Convention of Kentucky Association Will Happenings Among People You Know Told Miss Newton Miller raturued home Held in Louisville Oct. in a Brief and Spicy Manner. Sunday.after several days' stay with Yann is completed and the family have moved in. The construction of Ed. Fegenbush's new home is under full headway. Mr. Herman Schneider has returned after several months' visit in Writes A. B. C. Are a Progres- THE SAINTS MIDDLETOWN. Be 19-2- relatives at Tarascon, accompanied Oct, 9 Middletown, Miss Mary by Miss Mary Miller, who will spend some time with her. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. EUiscta and Mr. Will Honl. who has been quite Mr. and Mrs. Ted Garwood. Mr. and ill of acute indigestion, is convalesMrs. Kred Dull and children speut cing. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brinley is quite sick. Car-woo- Little Miss Fae Gregg, of Louisville, spent last week visiting her Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt Suncor, entergrandpareuts, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. tained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Maddox. of Spriagdale, Miss Myrtle Duncan left last week Mr. and Mrs. V. II. Hei r and childfor St. Petersburg, Florida, where ren. Mr. and Mis. R. W. Maddox she will teach in the graded school and children, Mr. Arthur White and there. sons. Mr. James llerr and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. James Jessie spent Mrs. Harry Mitchell and BOO. Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Miss Nellie Claxon. of Grestwood, Sam Abbott, of Crest wood. spent several days with relatives Miss Sallie Woodsmall is visiting here last werk. M iss Kate L'rtou. S. S7 RALLY of Dan home after a ville, have returned week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. C'has. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Liuney, Weatherb'e. At Jeffersontown Christian Church Next Misses Etta and Lois Weatherbee spent last week in the city visiting Miss Marion Broughton, of Louisv ille. The Methodist congregat ion is very happy over the return of their pas- tor, Rev. L. M. Russell, who was sent back to them after the coufereuce at Greenville. Mrs. M. F. Crask, Mrs. Robt. Martin and Mrs. Allen Foulter spent Friday with Miss Mattie Turner. Little Miss Liuuie Waetherbee was the guest of Miss Mary Fage Gaines Sunday, it being her fifth birt lidav anniversary. Mrs. L. G. Durr entertained at a dinner party Monday Mrs. Clarence Shaw and Messrs. Roy and Sherman Swan. Mr. Chas. VVeatherbee entertained at dinner Sunday Miss .Minnie and Mr. Chas. Head. Mrs. L. C. Durr is entertaining this week Mrs Mattie Renisou. of and Miss Mary L. Hecker, Shep-herdsvill- e, of Bullitt county. Mrs. John Waters entertained at dinner after services Sunday. Ber tabie was beautifully decorated in fruits, coral honeysuckle and cosmus. Covers were laid for Rev. G. J. Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clore and Mrs. Mollie Cox. Mrs. Lee Brinlev, of Jacksonville. Floiida, was the guest of Mrs. J. W. Clore last week. Mrs. B. T. Coleman enteitained Tuesday for Mrs. O. Hausgen, of , Anchorage, and Mrs. Alexander of Valley Station. Mrs. Joe Mathis, of Fisherville, entertained Friday Mrs. Mattie Reni-son- , Mrs. A. C. Durr, Mrs. Lou Durr and Miss Mary Hecker. Mrs. J. E. Rankin, of Louisville, entertained at dinner Friday Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weatherbee, Mr. and Mrs. . E. B. Linney and M iss Nannie of Danville. Misses Lizzie and Annie Corban entertained the Misses Blackwell, of Eastwood, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Guthrie, who were married at Bardstow n iast week, speut the week-enwith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Guthrie. Mr. and,Mrs. T. D. Guthrie, of Macon, Ga., came Saturday evening on their way from New York, where they have been taking an extensive bridal trip. They left Monday for Macon, after spending the week-enwith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Law-son- Lin-ney- d day Sun- Mr. Joplic and Miss Reager 19-2- 2. nt 11 .'1 Thursday evening at 7:30 at Warren Memorial church, Fourth and Broadway, the welcome address A district Sunday-schorally, un- from the business men will be de der the auspices of the Jefferson livered by Mr. R. W. Brown: from County Sunday-Schoo- l Association, tin- churches, Rev. Aquilla Webb. will be at the Jefferson town Mr E. Y. Muilius will speak on the Christian church next Sunday. Octo- "Sunday-school- 's Contribution to the ber IS, beginning at 2:30 p. m. All State," and Mr. Huston (juin on and those "Because of Today What of Tomorof the local Sunaay-scfaooof this district are expected to be row?" represented. Cuite a lengthy and interesting Rev. Geo. A. Joplin, general sec- program is arranged for each day of retary of the Kentucky S. S. Associa- the convention with some of the leadtion, will be present and deliver an ing Sunday-schoo- l workers in the Mr. Joplin is a leader in country to take part. address. this work and will have something interesting to say. Miss Madeline BOECHEL. Reager, of Louisville, will also address the meeting. This means that a large crowd will be present, as both speakers are thoroughlv conversant Many- Improvements Being Made Socials. Visitors and Other News. work and are enwith Sunday-schoo- l tertaining speakers. Rev. 'J'. S. Tinsley. pastor of the Buechel, Oct. 9. Miss Florence Christian church, will preside and Roggenkanip entertained the followdeliver the welcome address, and ing on Sunday evening: Misses Alma Rev. Virgil Elgin, pastor of the Young, Anna Dierking, Ella May Methodist church, will oiler prayer. Lie ber, May me Kaiser, Ida Lang-hecSpecial sinking by all the Sunday-school- s Anna Belle Lieber, Ida Belle of the town will be a feature. Kaiser, Katherine Graff, Eleanora Kverybpdy is invited to be present. Young; Messrs. Fred Lieber, Fred Roggenkanip, Chester Kaiser, Wm. ol iir-l- ls - HELPFUL Talks Made at Farmers' Institute Held at What Can Be Done Middletown By Others. Middletown, Oct. 9. - The Farmers' Institute which met here Friday and Saturday was quite a success and well attended. It was helpful to those on the farm to be there and hear those men tell how they have made the farm a success. Mr. L. B. Clore. of Franklin, Bid., "The Corn King,'' raised all his prize corn on thirteen acres. He attends agricultural college short courses and wears evening clothes, but at the same time he can put on his cotton overalls and get down to the plow and all kinds of farm work. Not every boy can be a rich man but every boy can A boy with gentlebe industrious. manly manners, who is trusty and d interesting program. Oct. 9. Misses Louise, Margaret and Mamie Hahn, of Lyndon, spent Friday with relatives near here. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klein, of Louisville, were guests Sunday of Mrs. Fanny Klein and family. Mi. and Mrs. S. L. Maddox and Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Ellwanger were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Maddox. Mrs. Jane Peyton, who, has been sick, is somewhat improved. Misses Georgiaphine Young and Anne Miller spent Friday with friends at Lyndon. Mr. and Mrs. J. P.Goinsanddaugh-ter- . Estelle, were guests Sunday of Mr. Will Miller and family near forty-fourt- Europe. Miss Gertrude Hikes entertained on Wednesday evening the following: Misses COMMENDS The Jeffersonian Advocating Best Interests of County Does Buechel Subscriber. Alderson, LETTER From Between The Pikes and in Jefferson County. On d Miss Cordelia Fegenbnsh spent Sun- day in Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Westerman returned Tuesday evening after several weeks' visit'in Missouri. Hikes' Sunday-schoo- l will observe Rally Day Sunday, October 29th. Everyone is invited to attend. Miss Ethel Mills, of Seatonville, was the guest of Miss Mittie Van de Vert Saturday. Miss Edith Fegenbush was the guest of Miss Sadie Skiles Wednesday. Henry Frederick has purchased a handsome new machine. M. Kennedy, our R. F. D. man, is building a house on Greenwood ave. The Buechel ice and cold storage building is undergoing repairs for en- at and time won't pass quick enough to bring them te the setting out time. Thev are "looking for a sweetheart" and know she will do. Lost information Interesting Letter Upon Topics of $1.00 Per Year Young Man. Lost. Strayed or Stolen A valuable young man whom we have liked and thought was interested in us. Any sive People. Emma gratefully received. Reward, the Day From a Good Section of the County if returned uninjured and no questions asked. Double Wedding. News of Interest. vTwo couples at St. Matthews were inibued with the same mind upon St. Matthews, Oct. 9. Now, that the same day, consequently the priest all visitors have gone home (enter- at the Catholic church (shall say tainments in their honor kept every- killed two birds with one stone?) united in marriage Mr. Louis Bauer and body moving to complete the round of social duties), we have subsided Miss Freeman and Mr. Kaelin and under our own ine and lig tree to Miss Mamie Kamer. As both grooms are blacksmiths their minds seem to rest. How in the same channel. 1 v Save Your Money. Fry's Hill is very modest and never ends in any news, but I have found out that they are not behind, but Mr. Webb has purprogressive. chased an automobile for delivering goods in style, in keeping with his produce and his own clever way of doing everything. A large, stylish residence is being built at Fry's Hill by Mr. Gus Haberman on Want the Poorhousef?) the boulevard leading to Anchorage. Tfee question of where shall the county almshouse be located is being Who says we are not in the push? A. B. C. agitated in this community, alon with the election and wheat sowing. Notice. Of course, that energetic body, the Ladies' Aid, never ceases from labor. Plans are being laid even now for a wonderful bazaar, which will comprise every thing needful, beautiful for the feminine. the Pike and luxurious Don't buy anything between now and Christmas; save all your money to spend first week in December, Fry's Hill News is somewhat scarce in this section at present: many changes have taken place since wc last took up our pen to jot down items for the paper. The saddest occurrence was the death of Miss Mamie Olges, which was a great shock to her fam- These are the thoughts uppermost in Bills for papers delivered by me ily and hosts of friends. She had the masculine mind at present. are rendered the first of each month, been a great sufferer for several as we do not extend credit to any one Have an Automobile. years, but was thought to be improving, when she died very suddenly Folks, the Browusboro road has an for a longer period of time. Now all who have not hitherto done so, while sitting in her chair. She was automobile- - making a daily trip to will greatly oblige if they will pay a most lovable young lady; industri- Louisville taking passengers in great bills before the tenth of the ous to a fault. "What her hands style. So, you Middletown and Jeff- their I have to make prompt setmonth. found to do she did it with all her ersontown people can't turn your tlement each month with the pubmight," and there was not much nose up at us any longer thinking we lishers, and I expect customers to do She was a are back numbers. Mamie could not do. the same by me. skilled house keeper, florist and could Alcock, turn out some of the most delicate The Glenview Baptist meeting has When unable to be on closed a very interesting and profitneedlework. Your wants can be supplied if you her feet much, she was busy with her able service, with twelve additions to will try The Jetfersonian's classified needle, and some of the most beauti- the church. ad column. ful embroidery we ever saw was her very last work. The world is poorer Moving Forward. today without Mamie, but heaven is Dr. Arthur Laird, son of the Presricher. byterian minister at Springdale, has Protracted meeting began at Oak opened a dental parlor at the manse. Grove church last week. There have His excellent work and moderate been good congregations and two ad- charges have brought him much custom lately, tic is so pleasant and ditions to date. efficient that take this means of Bon Doon Wise had an exciting ex- asking all who are in convenient disperience recently, the second within tance to patronize him. You see, a few years. we are moving forward. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Farmer have moved to the city and taken rooms A little on Winter avenue. It is so very the young "nightingale" so charmed boys here by her solos at lonely without them near us, but we church that the days seem endless hope soon to take rooms on some avenue, when we can see them and the other "kiddies" oftener. Dr. B. H. Blair, of Lebanon, Ohio, recently vis'ted his sister, Mrs. L. V. Hansbrough, who has been ill for months, but is better. Miss Lee BaNow is the Time to Place Your Order for ker, Dr. Blair's great niece, has gone to Lebanon, O., with him to attend the Lebanon Normal school this session. She hopes to qualify to teach. Lebanon Normal is an excellent school. Some of our very best scholars attended that school, some of whom are Dr. Wm. Rush, Professor Wm. Maple, Dr. Jas. R. Bates and several others from this neighbor"EAGLE" AND "ELK" BRANDS hood, but who have located elsewhere. All of whom speak in the : ARE BEST highest terms of the Lebanon Normal We sincerely hope Miss school. baker will do equally as well. .. WHO 15 Mansfield. Russell Seay. Louis Hoock, Kred Graff and Irwin Young. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dierking. Rev. James ' McKitrick, of South Carolina, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Summers and family Wednesday. Misses Gertrude Hikes and Virginia Westerman are on the sick list. Mr. Harry Shively issuffering from an attack of rheumatism. J. W. Summers is building a ware house on his place. Rev. James McKitrick will conduct services at the Greenwood avenue Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon at '.i o'clock. Everyone is iuvit-eto attend. Mrs. Williams, her daughter and two sons have come to spend the winter with Miss Ella Crawford. Miss Annie Page and niece, Miss Elizabeth Struck, who have been spending the summer in Philadelphia, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Miss Pratt. Reynolds this week. Paye and her niece will leave shortly for Los AnsTeleSt where thev will ioin the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Nellis Struck. New Pastor Arrives. George Roederer, of Harrodsburg, Rev. Virgil Elgin and family was the guest of friends here Sunday. arrived Monday from Hartfort and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hikes entertain- are now occupying the Methodist ed at dinner Sunday Mrs. Bernard parsonage. Mr. Elgin preached at Cooper's Memorial last Sunday and and sou. Henry, of Prospect. We like to get letters like the following from people that appreciate the value of a county paper: Buechel. Ky., Oct. 9. 1911. Editor Jeffersonian: Find enclosed $1.00 for renewal of my subscription to The Jeffersonian which has become one of our indispensables. You are giving us an Al coqnty paper, and your persistent advocacy of good roads, better rural schools and rural conditions generally, are certainly commendable. Long live The Jeffer- largement. Yours truly sonian! Mr. Lancaster, of Hardin county, T. L. CONNELLA. visited his son. B. J . Lancaster, last Harrod's Creek. on sale week. The Sunday Courier-JournThe meeting at the Glenview BapThe handsome new home of Thomas church' closed Sunday morning at Fanelli Bros. tist al Corinne Whistler, Venita Johnson and Valley Smith; Messrs. James Smith, Edwin Johnson and Edward Whistler. Mr. and Mrs. John Blevens, of Highland Park, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Blevens last Sunday. Miss Mollie A. Fishback has returned to her home at Fern Creek. After spending a week with Mrs. Horace B. Kincaid, and Mrs. M. A. Fishback, of Louisville. Mr. Charles Fisher and daughter, Miss Virginia, and Mr. Harry Hall, of Oak Grove neighborhood, speut Sunday with Mr. W. B. Fishback and family. to Speak. honest and does his very best every day in the shop or on the farm, will gain the attention and confidence of men and will be given paying and responsible positions. Character, like a house, must have the right kind of Guthrie. a foundation. The foundation stones The missionary society of the Meth- of a good character are reverence odist church met with Mrs. T. C. for God, respect and obedience to Gaines last Tuesday. A good num- parents: kind to old people. ber attended and they had quite an WORTHINGTON. h annual convenThe tion of the Kentucky Sunday-schoo- l Association will be held at Warren church, Presbyterian Memorial Fourth and Broadway, Thursday to The music will Sunday, Oct be in charge of Mr. E. O. Excell, the noted composer anil singer. Mr. Alvin Roper will be pianist, and Mr. Thos. R. Gordon, leader. The girls' Chorus from the Clifton-Cresceill Methodist church and orchestra of the Walnut Street Baptist church will take part in the musical programs. Mi Thursday afternoon at o'clock Miss Nannie Lee Frayser will preside at the eleoentary conference at l lie Broadway Methodist church. The theme will be "Organization." Madeline At the game hour Miss Reager will preside at the advanced division conference at the Presbyterian church at Second and Broadway. ( Every Thursday will preach here next Sunday morn- ing at 11 o'clock. He is said to be a tine preacher; come out and hear him. Fine Book Showing. As advertised by J. Bacon & Sons in this issue of The Jeffersonian this well known firm has the largest and best selection of boys and girls books this side of New York. There is nothing that will help a boy or girl as much as reading of good books, and there are all kinds offered at reasonable prices by J. Bacon & Sons. Read over the large list of titles and authors in the ad. It is not too early to buy for Christmas. Services at Benlah. There will be preaching at Beulah at 11 A. M. on next Sunday. Rev. L. B. McCord will preach at both services. Communion will be held at the morning service. Geo. W. Cheek jPast or. I BOB'S FIANCEE? Wheat Fertilizer One of our salesmen will call on you. Don't order until you see him. Call at our store and look over the 1911 Pattern Thomas " Grain Drill 64' It's a beauty. We also carry a complete line of Disk Harrows, Lever Harrows, Land Rollers, Corn Cutters, Etc. THE SOUTHERN SEED GO. Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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