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Item 71 of University of Kentucky Graduate School Bulletin, 1966-1967

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

I Illlthm. 1,. It I slIsIi EIII'I I ARTS AND SCIENCES / 69 III I I . , x In, I I - iIIlII I.l3. I . . I. 1,9; we. (3) 1,8 .- 630,632 Synthests of Organic Compounds. (2 ca.) I, II I IIIng IIIIIIII Lecture, on A thorough Study of the types of reactions used in organic synthesis with emphasis on the I. IIIIIII conditions and reagents that can be used. Lectures, two hours. Prercq: CHE 432. Smith, 'I : IIIIIIIIIII w. T.. In . I lit-I III 135.5 5 i . . IIEIIIIE'" I and re (III I 633,635 Advanced Organic Chemistry. (3 ea.) I, II I III III m L Fundamental organic chemistry as interpreted by modern thcory. Prereq: CHE 538 or I 'IIIF'I consent of instrucmr. I In} III, I II: (3)1: - - , VII III I 642 Advanced Physrcal Chemistry. (,I 11 I I I III I I rereq: CHE ' An advanced course dealing with kinetic-molecular theory, thermodynamics, quantum IIIIIIIIII'II I theory, molewlar structure, surface chemistry, chemical equilibria and kinetics of reaction. I55; .I IL 2; I (3) l Lectures, three hours. PrereQ: CHE 548 or equiv. Eckstrom. I . ' I III VI: I . w. I w I . "3l ?v,' I II lrS. 12mm, 643 Chemical Crystallography. (2) I I AI I An introduction to crystallography for chemists. Topics include the physical and chemical jyfl; III' I o erties of crystals, crystal geometry, symmetry, x-ray diffraction, and crystal structure I Wt III .I P" P I I I~ I. , I (ZI , analysis. Prereq: CHE 442. Sands. . I I I I I I I"Iii: II " ect I . I I . '; _ , 1 arcs and I 644 PhdSe R1116. (2) 5:?" III." I ' Lectures and assigned readings on the theory and applications of the phase rule. Lectures, I 5 (3I l two hours. Prercq: CHE 542. ? I III I I chemIIIII-I 646 Chemical Kinetics. (2) I : ' III I I Studies of chemical reactions from the standpoint of velocity and mechanism. Lectures, two I :-.I I I3 III I I hours. Prereq: CHE 542. Plucknett. I III III I C: I ea.) l,ll . I II "x I. I hours; lab, I 710 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry. (2) I I} I ' I Discussion of topics of recent interest in inorganic chemistry, including physical methods, II :- , I (1.11 I syntheses, and structural theories. Lectures, two hours. Prereq: CHE 610 or equivalent. II; I' I. I ) Williams. I I. . I I I 714 Non-Aqueous Solutions. (2) 11 III I (II A study of the properties of non-aqueous solutions and reactions in nonaqueous media. I I ' I I Lectures, two hours. Prereq: CHE 442 and 443. Dawson. . . I _ 720 Advanced Instrumental Analysis. (3) I II I I III The theory and applications of the following methods to chemical analysis: chromatography, . ' ajor in the solvent extraction, ion-exchange, infra-red spectroscopy, coulometry and non-aqueous I I I titrimetry. Lectures and laboratory, seven hours. Prereq: CHE 522. . - I I t I I - l l - . . . , , . I: , . I (3) II I /26 Topics in Analytical Chemistry. (3) I I III 1, I ' anides and . Selected topics which may include nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, xray IIIIII U" I nechanisms diffraction and spectroscopy, microscopy, and recent advances in analytical chemistry. II III I II ims. Lectures, three hours. Prereq: CHE 522. I I I . I ' I (2)11 I 730 Theoretical Organic Chemistry. (3) I '3 II . I s. Pm; l The application of the principles of kinetics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics to the I I I 1 II I I I problems of organic chemistry. Prereq: CHE 635 and MA 431. I II II: II I I " . . . I I ' I III /33 Stereochemzstry of Organza Compounds. (3) I I II I, 1 . _ The steric aspects of fundamental organic processes; the application of optical rotatory I I III :5. H .ompormds. . I .I I . I dlsperswn to the problems of stereochemistry. Prereq: CHE 635. I . . I II I ' . l I . . . . I. .I . (3I ll I 736,738 Topics in Organic Chemistry. (2 ea.) I, II I i I I I . .' 'n . Selected topics which may include heterocyclic organic compounds, natural and synthetic . I ennssur l dyes, carbohydrates, nitrogen compounds, and recent advances in the eld of organic I . I I laboramry. I chemistry. Lectures, two hours. Prereq: CHE 432. , j I . I I l I 740 Electrochemistry. (2) I I (DI Modern theories of solutions. Applications of electrochemical methods in determining the I :tures and I properties of solutions. Polarization. Electrolysis. Equilibrium in solutions of electrolytes. I I LecueS, two hours. Prereq: CHE 542. I I I I I r I 1 I III, II II

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