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Item 10 of University of Kentucky Graduate School Bulletin, 1966-1967

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

$3 8 / GRADUATE SCHOOL The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is offered with major work in ihl ductiVi following elds: Agricultural Economics, Anatomy, Animal Scienc3l thuin , E Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Diplomacy andl l 37; International Commerce, Economics, Education, Engineering Mechanictl T} l 7- Engli'Sh, French, Germanic Languages (to start fall 1967), Histoml charge l E33 Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Micri' Fact]? l 33;: biology, Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology and Biophysics, Political Sail prcs3 . 1 33:: once, Psychology, and in the combined elds of Sociology and Rural 0f tn. a; Sociology. Minor work may be carried in any department offering ml to do 521 uate courses. to t1 :3; 3 degree ' 3 i work, 1 32:; , l l lie: Organization of the Graduate School ' :25; . l 33 l l lg: THE GRADUATE FACULTY consists of the Dean of the Graduate School exarnu . l and all persons appointed thereto by the President of the University in 3qu i 3 lll'". the manner set forth below. As the chief University agency for the. the gr 3 'R promotion of the ideals of graduate study, it determines the policies oi, lnghes l. the Graduate School and makes recommendations to the Universityl 3313 , 3* Faculty on such matters as require the approval of that body, and it may who h 3 l make recommendations on other matters to the President, or to other; annual l E"; administrative ofcials. All rules affecting graduate work and the inaugul SChOOl l 3 12,, ration of new graduate majors must be approved by the Graduate Facultjl Th l A New Graduate Faculty members may be proposed to the Dean of CXOfC l the Graduate School at any time by the college deans and departmenii> TH ' a}; heads concerned, or in the case of persons not attached to a college Deant l 2: faculty, by the Executive VicePresident of the University. Eligibility represe l qualications are as follows: 3 uate 5 l {,3 1. The doctors degree or its equivalent in scholarly reputation. l Ag? 3 N: 3 _ . Screncr 3 an 2. The rank of assrstant professor (or equivalent), or hlgher. ; Educal l , 3. Scholarly maturity and professional productivity as demonstrated3 Collegi 3 l by publications, editorial services, research surveys, creative worll college 3i l l ,, or patents; and research in progress at the time of proposal. The te l l l -'l. Denite interest in graduate work and the willingness to par-3 and no l l ticipate in the graduate program. 3 the cor :l or . - ~ l Th l lr Appomtmcnt to the Graduate Faculty rs made by the Presrdentoli courses 3,3 l the University on nomination by the Dean of the Graduate School afteil Dean 3 33 l he and the Graduate Council have studied the credentials submittedlnl Cradu; lij I:% support of the proposed members. l 3, 13,3 Administrative ofcers assigning teaching and other duties to mom 1. l l bers of the Graduate Faculty who are taking an active part in the graduate .2 program(i.e., are heavily engaged in directing theses, carrying on pro 2- -. l . lie:

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