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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 20, 1902

Part of The Adair County news.

L y > J THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS COLUMBIA VOLUME 5 MaKe UP ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20 1902 NUMBER 41 Your Mlna to fltt6ina OoIuffiDias Or6at pair 22 inclusive fliifliist 19th to the Every thing is in readiness and one of the best shows ever held here will be given Fine stock from Lincoln Boyle Mercer Barren and all adjoining counties will be on exhibition The premium list is liberal and while the show is in progress first class band will furnish music Remember the date August 19 four days POST OF1TCE DIRECTORY J RnssLLt Postmaster Office houre week days 700 L m to 830 listi pm DIRECTORY Three sessions a yearThIrd CIRCOIT COURT Monday In January third Monday in May and third Monday in September Circuit Judge W W Jones Commonwealth s AttorneyN H W Aaron SheriffP W Miller O ircuit Clerk JB JudgeT A Murrell AttorneyJas GarnettJr ClerkT R Stalls County J K P Conover Jailer AssessorE W Burton SurveyorR T McCaflree School Snpt WD Jones Coroner JudgeH Regularcourt second Monday in Baker Attorney Gordon Montgomry MarshallJ W Coy C CHURCH DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN Rer M B W Granger second and fourth Sundays n each month Sundayschool at 9 a m every sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday night BORCSVILLB STXBXT pastor There were quite a number of young the basket meeting at Pleasant View church last Sunday Corn crops are looking fine through this country Mr J F Neat who represents Otter C Co called on our merchants last Saturday Mr J N Bryant of near Cray Craft was here one day last week The moonlight party at Mr Ander ¬ son Richards last Saturday night was largely attended Ralph Bryant who has been visiting relatives near Esto for the post week returned home a few days ago P A Murrell of this place visited his Father and Mother last week T E Jeffries of Montpelier was here the first of the week- the farm tives in this vicinity William Pedago and family of Hart ersMrs Nannie Hall is having her county are spending this week with dwelling house raised one story higher J J Lowe The new Gasoline Boat Sam L Anderson is now making trlweekly trips to Burnside on a Miss Ethyl Cheatham Amandaville Miss Fannie C Moss Is teaching the Cloverllck school with 35 pupils in at- was visiting relatives in this vicinity tendance last week Mr Joseph Hudson of Greensburg Miss Thurza Oliver Burksville is is very low with typhoid spending a few days with her many Three heavy rains fell here lastjfriends here TuesdayThe Jas P Clayton and family were visin this section looks veryIiting friends in Irish Bottom last week well to have had so little rain We this morning learner of the average crop will be about 70 per cent death of Mr John Helm Somerset The stock trade is very quiet here and Mr Lewis Irvine Lebanon Kanat present sas formerly citizens of this place Miss Lee Beard was one of the wed Rev Tobias Huffaker of Adair attended the Sunday school covention ding party from Albany at Ebeneezer Aug 1 and delivered a Morgan and Bonnie MlssesLela temperance lecture at that place on Grider Irish Bottom attended church the following Saturday night Ball and Lude Lowe twin brothers and baptizing Saturday were given a surprise birthday dinner Miss Sallie Jones Montpelier is vis at their bachelor quarters near iting her sister Mrs J P Clayton Gresham Aug 4th by their many Rev A Beck preached two able dIS friends and relatives The boys were highly pleased with the honor shown them but had rather their age had been kept a secret Have courage boys 41 is considered a marrIagable- Services METHODIST Rev W P Gordon BcBrsviLLB STBBBT star Services first Sunday in each month ndayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer cling Thursday night BAPTIST B CAVW Bev Services third Sunday ineach month ayschol every Sabbath at 9 m Prayer ting Tuesday night IBBBMSBOBO STBBBT a TIIEPROSPEGTINSOVTIIAFKICA There are many persons some of whom 11 vein the United States who are looking to South Africa as a land of promise They are liable to over¬ rate the consequences of British su premecy In that part of the world A Pretoria correspondent of the London Express which vigorously supported the war writes candidly of the situation there He says that one war is mercifully over but another has succeededthe war of compe- ¬ tition the fight for gold the trIte for fortune the battle for bed and board for work and wages the struggle for existence There is keen competi ¬ tion for work while the cost of living is increasing On the Rand two thousand laborers are clamoring for work and the mineowners as an act of grace for services on the battlefield agreed to give them temporary em ¬ ployment at thirty shillings a week but this Is not to be permanent This means in American currency 760 a week But what about the cost of commuInlty people attended feverI C SI Russell ctrl OOUBT each month IOZARK fromI CofleyI First Monday in each month OOUMTT COUBT has The matrimonial epidemic Mrs Sam Hudson and Miss Sallie Paxton are on the sick struck this locality Mrs Vira McMahan and Miss Dix The recent gentle rains are causing on of Larue county arc visiting rela ¬ I some feeling of hope among ¬ M COURT CREELSBORO ROLLINGBURG ¬ ¬ PELLYTON i aftelInoon age The Quarterly Meeting was held at this place last Saturday and Sunday Rev Jesse L Murrell presiding A very large crowd in attendance Mr Thomas Wilkerson and wife of Taylor county were visiting relatives in this community this week Born to the wife of David Ells a livingIn ¬ I j ¬ ¬ ¬ IC I S GRADYi rJno l 1500 00 gloomyI ¬ Sons Gatchel Lebanond agoo FOSTER ¬ 1fN ¬ N NN Negrot Kentucky ng B Hrinstrono Dentist v fallen Spring boss 8 B TO to 5 p flD hg The farm on which the late F W Rice lived and owned on the Camp bellsvllle and Columbia Pike at Cane Valley Adair county Kentucky containIng 130 acres well timbered the balance in a high state of cultivation good meadows good corn wheat and tobacco land good dwelling house with 7 rooms good stock barn and all other necessary out buildings good well For further information call on or write to ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ and Cape Colony a new ¬ comer may share with others a crowd- ¬ HERDERS ATTACK A TOWN ed bedroom at twentyfive shillings a week but the majority of laborers precrowd of Battle Wyo Aug fer to pay thirty shillings for better Mexican sheep herders attempted to accommodations and these are very take the town of Battle with the re ¬ indifferent When the laborer goes sult that two of the members were inland the case is worse In the killed Several made their escape in Transvaal he will pay 40 to 850 a to the woods one man being shot In month for food and shelter The BritI- the leg One citizen was severely cut sh workingman however wants his in the face by a window pane broken beer having been accustomed to re by a stray shot gard it as a necessary of life It costs Every man In town is armed reartwelve and a half cents a glass at the Ing the Mexicans will swoop down on the town as there are scores of them coast and twentylive cents inland this vicinity But even with these high costs of liv ing the chancesof employment vary linThe attack was in retaliation for the of 5000 sheep bv the towns very greatly as do the wages The lower prices are paid at the coast the people who bad ordered the sheep higher inland where the expenses of men to keep away as this territory Is reserved for tbe cattlemen living are proportionately heavier For farm hands for I example there A NOVEL POINT is no demand Kaffir labor supplies At Bowling Green the will of Cipt that need There is also no demand for commercial travelers butchers Vance disposing of 15000 worth of cooks grocers solicitors stone ma property was filed for probate Ithad sons or waiters Blacksmiths are in no witnesses but was written by him demand at 850 to 83 00 a day servants self on a typewriter but signed with ¬ at 815 to 820 a month jewelers at 870 8125 a month junior clerks a 830 to to 860 a month and so on Some of these tator does not require a signature rates of wages seem high but when but the question arises whether this rates of board are considered it will being typewritten comes within the be seen that they barely cover the cost meaning of the statue requiring such of living in some cases and in others wills to be wholly written Attorneys fall below it No rate of wages can be have been employed on both sides regarded high or low unless the cost and a big legal fight Is in prospect of living be considered in connection camp at Mammoth with it In Johannesburg said to be The soldiers in world Cave seem to be doing their best to the most expensive city in the white men are clamorous for Kaffirs make themselves solid J with the com According to the worK at Kaffirs pay and yet the city manderinchief is full of idle men Legitimate miners COurier Journal much attention is who before the war got twentyfive being paid to crap shooting a form of shillings day are enraged t hat men gambling that has been duite popular A are offering to work at five shillings under the present administration ButIt seems to be a question of that serious row was narrowly averted Sat ¬ urday because some disciples of Alvey starvationSo from Louisville made the mistake of the laborer As to the shooting with loaded dice They capitalist it is said that all of the were roughly handled and hustled out land occessible to markets is privately of camp It is hardly likely that any owned and worked by Kaffir labor visitor will have the temerity to again Aman with moderate capital would use loaded dice In the State encamphave to contend with extravagant ment The gambling must be strictrates of transportation and many oth ¬ ly fair and according to Hoyle i or ter plagues Agriculture in South Af ¬ will not be tolerated The Battery rica is for the exclusive consideration A and Battery B boys were the ones who of the capitalist and he usually pre ¬ who battered the strangers fers to speculate in goldmining prop ¬ would not play a fair game The CourierJournal follows Its history of ertiesThese facts of the general accuracy the fight with this paragraph Gov Beckham has requested the of which there can be little doubt tend to show that South Affrica is not two batteries to remain in camp until an inviting field for the British labor Friday or Saturday instead of going er and that It is chiefly attractive to home Wednesday as originally intenthe owne of Of large capital if to ddThe Qovenor thinks that the any The enormous expense and sac¬ presence of the veterans and the well rifices of the Boer war are not to be drilied jfcltery A Is a good thing white people With respect to politi The Houston Post sajs the ical inequalities the hope was express TexasIlOne hour each day of the Fair cotton crop will be fully cqual apart for the public sale o f cdthat the race would prove itself of last year worthy of the full rlghtsof citizenship ¬ f r ti 1 t f BKACK MASSIE Cane Valley Ky W JAgainst J W J Notice Caskeys heirs cDefts J will from now until Saturday Sep I tember 13 1902 at my office in Colum bla Ky receive and hear proof on claims against the estate of W J Cas key DeceasedL HurT Master Com 3t Attys GAnNETT C GAUNETT Forty persons were poisoned at May nardsville Tenn from drinking lem ¬ onade which was heavily charged with tartaric acid The lemonade was dis¬ pensed at a picnic Editor W P Waltonof the Lexing ¬ ton Democrat will soon begin an active campaign for Railroad Commis ¬ sioner and has secured the services of W S Williams Lexington to edit and manage the Democrat during his ab llA senceThe ¬ Mary Etta Rubarts of Casey county is visiting in this neighbor ¬ Coffey McKinney Ky KNIFLEY spent last week with his mother Mrs hoodMrs Eld Z T Williams commenced a J W Coffey J C Feese and children of protracted meeting at this place Aug r meeting Wednesday nighThe sick of this community are all i Columbia attended the Quarterly ust 13 improving Mrs Jessie Aadley and Meeting here last Saturday and Sun ¬ tLODGES Mrs S K Humphress who has been little son are better Uncle Owen day sick for some time is about well Keton was able to be in town Satur- ¬ Mrs J H Polly who has been sick MASONIC COLUMBIA LODOB No 98 P and AMRegnRev W P Gordon filled his appoint day Dr T C Grideris up and L H so long is very much Improved ar meeting in their hallover bank on Fri ment Nrs W H Lemon who has the ty at Parnell last Sunday Buster is decidedly better and is gain day night on or before the full moon in each phoid fever Js thought to be improv ¬ month Ju Garnett Jr W M Chas Bault sold to J H Tucker 4 ing flesh G A Kane Seey ing 818 GRIDER MANN COLUMBIA No 7 meets head of sheep for CBAPTBB R A M Friday night afterfull moon high noon Wednesday August Dr O S Dunbar and wife of ColAt CRAY CRAFT JAS GAENETT JR HP umbia visited the family of R M the sixth Miss Adella Mann the oldes The showers which have been fall ¬ W W BBAOsnAW Secretary daughter of Mr and Mrs J L Mann lIng for the past few days has helped Tucker last week Mr H E Chandler has his sawmill was married to Mr Willie Grider the the crops a great deal near this place about ready for oper¬ oldest son of Mr and Mrs L A Grider Wheat threshing is about over in Rev F M Flatt officiating The ation this community and the wheat was were Misses Ethyl Cheatham Mr A O Weeeler has a tobacco leaf ushers much better than was expected clipped from his patch that measures Amandaville Sallle Jomes MontR Jas N Murrell attended the Quar ¬ Vlgle and Ada Thurs pelier Nannie SPECIAL 1741 inches Who can beat this terly meeting at Pellyton last Sunday ton of this place Gold Filling Crown and Bridge S Mr J M Hendrickson of this place Bell and Sylvester Bennett work An elegant dinner was served at te made a business trip toGradyville last JO OFFICE over Russell which the wedding party went to the passed through hero Saturday cnroule iUlurrells Store Columbia Ky p weekMr of the grooms parents where PellytonGeo Toney Nance while at hisJ home and daughter Dora supper was spread lingering until half was shot at by un- ¬ spring for water pest ten the crowd dlsbandad after visited the family of Howard P Mur known parties from ambush the ball ref last Sunday having spent a very enjoyable day A striking a small sapling by his side Miss Lula Absher of Absher is vis¬ DENNY BERTRAM The county Sheriff F W Miller HOTOGRAPH OUTFIT At Albany Ky August 10 at 1 0 ¬ fling relatives here this week was with us one day last week sisting of 0 n e 5x8 ChampioAlexander and Mollie Murrell visitclock Mr Silas Denney and Miss Lena The drouth still continues in thisI na Lens and Tripod one com Bertram were united in the holy bonds ed relatives near Cartwright Clinton eveloplng Outfit one complete section and the prospects for corn is matrimony Magistrate Jo Talbart Co a few days ago and Finishing outfit all for performing the ceremony We keep everything In the line Wesley Allen and wife of Eunice The official organ of the press exhi- ¬ Immediately after the ceremony visited the family of W G McKin holographic Supplies bition which was opened In Copen- they repaired to the home of the ley last week 1 for catalogue of our goods hagen on June 14 prints a letter from grooms mother Mrs Amanda Denny Quite a number attended the sing ¬ Thomas A Edison In reply to queries where an elegant supper was spread ing at Pleasant View last Sunday BIRTHDAY PARTY as to his opinions concerning motor 2 W Jefferson Street On the evening of August the secon traction and anal navigation Mr ago a KENTUCKY Edisons letter reads as followILLS from eight to half past eleven Mrs Porter Murrell of Okark visited sI believe that within thirty years Ada B Snow entertained in honor of all railways will discard steam loco- her brother Mr John Campbell wii The boys have gotten up a base ball motives and adopt electric motors and had attained the age of twentyone EOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Seventyfive light hearted young team and play every Saturday that the electric automobiles will dis Mr Blakeman of Greensburg was place the horses almost entirely In people were present from five differ Diseases a Specialty the present state of science there are ent counties This event was conduct here buying timber a few days ago nQ known facts by which one could ed on the style of lawn fete or moon ¬ ltation and Exami Miss Lava Taylor is progressing predict any commercial future for light party Every one enjoyed them nicely with her school at Clear Spring Office ion Free at selves highly and departed with fond aerial navigation Mrs George Blair is on the sick list i memories RCUM HOTEL Three trainmen were slightly injured Resolutions were adopttd yesterday Life at Camp Lawton Mammoth and several cars were wrecked at bla Bowling Green In a headon collision Cave was made lively Saturday nigh¬ between Louisville and Nashville by an onslaught of the soldiers on three tional Congress in Atlanta asking fair freight train No 13 and a wild engine crooked gamblers who had invaded play and patience at the hands of the ¬ FARM FOR SALE PRIVATELY Immediately rewarded by any great advantage to the people of Great Brit ain There arc the gold mines to be sure but they are not reviving as rap ¬ idly as had been expected However there Is no doubt entertained of their richness and they will be fully devel oped when existing difficulties arc ov ercome The rewards in this field however are confined to compara ¬ tively few and much unproductive property will be unloaded on the public when conditions are favorableIt may be of interest to note that this new possession of Great Britain is very much like our own so far as the masses of ohe population are concern ¬ ed Our laboring men cannot go to Hawaii to compete with Chinese and Japanese labor nor yet to Porto Rico or the Philippines In South Africa the cheap labor of the Kaffirs held in virtual slavery closes the door to the workingmen of England or the United States The acquisition of new ter¬ ritory peopled by inferior races pre- ¬ sents problems of much difficulty and is likely to remain for some time to come of questionable advantage ¬ girlMrs I immersionMr CHRISTIAN PBBIISVIUB Pirn Eld Z T Williams r Services First Sunday in each Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am II G S HARRIS SECRETARY H HUDSON PRESIDENT W Tennessee Democratic Committee has been called to meet at Nashville August 20 to outline the plans of the State campaign ¬ II ¬ ¬ TheJAS BOSS sSd Watch Case meets the desires of those who yearn for a Gold Case but are debarred by its price The BOSS Case is guaranteed to for its beauty appearancefor an allgold case and costs much less We can show you all sizes in all styles EL ¬ Sinclair ¬ ICenI ¬ r i 1 irolrller try7ltB r i ¬ 0 REMEMBER That you can find a nice Watch or a tasty piece of Jewelry or a nice Dia ¬ mond Ring or Broach or Silver Toilet Ware or Silver Table Ware at very low prices or even if you only need your watch repaired go to see LEONARD HTJBEE JEWELER I 712 W Market St Louisville Ky LIVE STOCK MARKET Reported by the Louisville Stock Exchange Bourbon Yards Live Stockj CATTLE I I Extra shipping Light shipping 86 Best butchers good butchers Common to medium btchr Fair to 256 50 5 76640 5 005 003 254 3 4 50 75 50 nOGs 75t Choice packing and butch ers 200 to 300 Ibs Fair to good packing 160 7 Good to extra light 120 to 160 Ibs SHEEP AND LAKBS Good to extra shipping Sheep Fair to 50 725 35315- good > common tomedium 2 2 75 2 25 66215 r s L N A

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