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Image 30 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

§`· sTATE COLLEGEi0F KENTUCKY. 29 F E E S. Tuition for the year ...... . ...... , . . . $15 00 g · Matriculation ........ . . . . . . . ..... 5 00 g Total fees ................... $20 oo g Those who occupy rooms in the dormitory pay $5 each, yearly, for the use ofan unfurnished room. A stand- g ing deposit of$5 is required from each student, which de- posit is refunded wlien his connection with the College is terminated, less the amount which may be assessed against him for damages done to the buildings, furniture ‘, or premises. L O C A T I O N . The Agricultural and l\lechanical College oi Ken- tucky is established on the City Park grounds of the city of Lexington, given to the Commonwealth for this purpose. The site is eleqvated, and commands a good view of the city and surrounding country. A new col- lege building will be erected during the summer of the present year, containing commodious chapel, society rooms, lecture and recitation rooms sullicient for the f accommodation of Soo students. A large and well gi ventilated dormitory will also be built, with rooms for 72 students, for the use of the appointees sent by the Legislative Representative Districts ofthe State to the I scicntyic or classical departments of the College, and containing suitable dining-room, kitchen, matron’s and it servants’ rooms. The natural conformation of the I if ground and an abundant supply of water from the old Maxwell spring, render the construction of an artificial 5 lake, with boating course a quarter of a mile in length, comparatively easy, thus providing for a beautiful sheet of water to add to the attractions ot the landscape. YT Lexington is now the most important railroad cen- `Q ter in Kentucky, being in immediate communication `E with Louisville, Cincinnati, Maysville, Chattanooga, and with more than 70 counties in the Commonwealth.

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