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Image 1 of Climax (Richmond, Ky.), November 23, 1887

Part of Climax (Richmond, Ky.)

tt t m Wi 0 I VOLUME RICHMOND MADISON COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 23 188T THE CLIMAX OPINIONS THE- lai - Pointing Co riUCB PER YEAR 150 FarvcH Tipton J Editors HITfc mO OaxcLs- Wilkes Smith D D S ItveM- rr - - J - American journalism lias had a re freshing self purification anil by tha universul neispaper or the Minneapolis condemnation Tribune for printing that Mrs Cleveland married fur the While House pi bition Let a pegbe driven to keep lliis hoist from blinping back But is the fact that the morals atid maimers of American newspapers forbid as the editor of the Tribune sBys in his apol ogy remark on any woman that is rofessional teniFl iri ED1T0KS KEWSPAlBIt lUKIFICATION Cemmercinl UnzeUe FLS ISHED EVERV WEDNBSDAY -- BV OOTUEB not complimentary KO DA Din ISM WANTHD Symnue Courier C MORGAN It is to the credit of the people of tin- - State that Fred Grants cundklacy Mum street over Mndl- fell Hit failed utterly to awaken Nai mal Bank Rtebmond Ky liie enthusiasm whioh the Republican tf malinger anticipated The people in the InugUHge of the Chicago hotel clerk DR J- - M POYNTZ SURGEON to Charles Francis Dont go very AXD hnMHAN heavy on Daildjism The idea of OFFH E SeccMil Mrert vT MhiIi- running a man cm the strength of his lather name regardless of any meiils nil hi UiHK Mwe of his own is nou American It is MD fG W EVANS r Hilsivf J the geniutis of our SURGEON AND HiiiHgiinl liu lo the spirit of l lie Declurution of Iiideeudeiice It K r teoiMl stiett over u J ntfhU junr22tf lr Mr met nith an eniphittic rebuke at the iriin J hands of the people DDS rc-riF- Jr lWIN DR T J TAYLOR i ir r id MIWne nl Surgery a Til KSTA ItS VICTORY AILany Press and Knickerbocker Dvke- OKU K SwihmI reetver S fur as the new iiajiers are coiicern jS el the eli clion of Colonel Fellows and defeat of Mr Niu ill waj most crushing R JOHN M to the World The Star very justly MAIN STREET is jubilant It did great work for its Up Stairs Luxmis Seximrty during the campaign It never JJf faltered but returned blow for blow and defended its cuudidute Colonel DR Fellows when defense seemed utterly ssioiiHl services to tlie OftVrs in- - proft hopeless We venture lo say no can u TionntiV lvv office furf didate for public of lice was ever assail Inwair -- vrr HePKWs drug store ed more ineicileMsJy than was Colonel F iwl Amind streets Felfow- - and yet the Star Willi the jjb37 i iti im d Ky aid of the Sun and Herald aguinst all the other leading new papers of the DR U C AMBROSE metropolis curried him through the pitiless storm of aspersion to victory FORD KY o lwW in the n J DK MCCOSIIS KKSIONATI0X Hoards at Mr J 0 Lickeya ernooii KICH MONO KY FOSTER PHIL ROBERTS sr -- f- juieu New York Herald t The resignation D av SRYKMITiL SUKGEON binVulAN AND M WHITE HALL KY 3v us professional to the services h- - -- - DR T J FAIN UNION CllYKY OPtm liis lM ofefcsiiMial services to iui1ip Ullice at Stht Joe Gentry Aug- - - J- Mardin W Bright A IB H D MUSICIAN ami SURGEON RICHMOND KY fiFFWE Second street over Madi son I imity Drugstore t it lUHnwlv understood that I r n i in Kinliiiioml tlmt un- lnvaiit lie thorough as ajueti Microscope and Chemistry to examinations of tissues and lliilii of the human body 1 only mention iUii lor hotiert proUClkm My tignawill be attached to each exaniina - Smelily Sure PARRISH TURNER Attorneys At Law RICHMOND -- jici il i tj itiie attention sivrii t abstracting lunls in jutsterii iveniuchj E up juiieiii E T BURNAM tars Attorney at IaT s RICHMOND KENTUCKY ur- AR OFHCE with C F Inam on First Street June 22 It J A SULLIVAN Attorney at IaWj RICHMOND KENTUCKY OFFTPE mi First street same as formerly occupied by County Judge ono ly llller T J SCOTT Attorney at Iaw RICHMOND KY Office on Seconil Street June 22 If CS Attorney atKYLaw RICHMOND jane 22 tf REED AJ I Street Attorney at Lara Muilfnn nnl EWiTl TtniftlrM in ftflinillilli v u j 0 I counties ana In the Court of Appeals I Office In Master Commissioners office over Circuit june Si ti Clerka office SEEDS GRASS AND FIELD Largest and most complete stock in Our motlo Best xkIs aud Lowest consistent Prices teiitr1 Kentucky r P CAItROtiLi and 79 W Main St Lexington dec 221yr RE AI Ky ESTATE AND INSURANCE J SPEED SMITH when he says lie isnt mad George Francis some limes sits down with a friend and talks about himself and his carrying on as raticually as an actor talks about his own performance ou the stage and with a good deal of the same study of method mid of the eflect upon the audience At such times Truin forgets all about Pyseho and hi vow never to talk to a man and gives cwie the impiessiou that he is a very actor taking a brief rest from the role he has chosen to play as a life job When at such times lie drops Psycho and in so fur as po sible himself Train is as shrewd and entertaining conver- sationalist as one would care to spend an idle hour with a man of brains keen perceptions marvelous assimi- lation of tarts phenomenal memory and epigramatic expressions just such a man as Phil Armour delights in A NATIONAL EVENT New York Star POWELL Oftice on Second WHEN TKAIX TAKES A KRST ClitcHgo Herakl George Francis Train is about the queeiest mortal- tlat ever lived It is more than likely tlmt lie is right - KY in ul eMain Climax building S and Second Streets riitr of Dr McCosh was no surprise lo ids friends or to the trus tees of Piiucetou University It has been known for some time that he lias been desirous of retiring from active w ork ow itig to his age although to an ousider he does not seem to have lost any of the force and energy that have made him famous Dr McCosh may well be contented with the result of his twenty years work at Princeton He has been to that institution what WooUey was to Yule and Eliot is to Harvaid When lie took charge of the college it had Ul students and profes oois and tutors Now there are 008 joung men pursuing their studies within lis walls under forty Instruc- tors The building the grounds the scientific apparatus needediaiid every- thing appertaining to an institution of learning have increased in the sauie proportion Asent RICHMOND KY Fells rents or exchanges all kinds of Estate on reasonable terms and represents flit class Fire and Life In surance tympanies uince in J u Lytere Clothing store june22 tf Real The Democratic metropolis of the United States congratulates the people of the country on the magnificent vic- tory that has been won here through the aid of sympathizing and apprecia- tive friends iu evry part of the country Our signal success insures a Demo- cratic State victory next year aud a Democratic federal government for four years from March- - 1S80 The magnifictnt result is largely due to the aid of federal and State leaders to Cleveland and to Hill no less than to Hewitt aud the hundreds of Democrats of national renowuwho have magnani mously without solicitation taken a neighbors part in our defense against the combination of open foes with secret traitors The solidarity of the Democratic party that won in 18S1 Is firmly fixed The question of the candidacy for President in 18SS is no longer nu open one Cleveland stood by New York The people of New York have already was Cleveland There answered nothing half hearted or halting about his indorsement of the choice of the Democrats of New York When his ringing letter to Mayor Cooper was given to the public the President was fully aware iu every de tail of alt that the malicious enemies of the Democracy had been able to devise against its favorite candidate Colonel Fellows He knew his long time friend He also understood their com- mon enemies and be rated their cam- paign lies at their true worth DEATH BLOW TO BLAINE Bpringfleld Republican When the New York Times says that Da you want pure drugs and the best James G Blaine surrounded by all brands of tobaccos and cigars You can And them at J J Brooks the elegancies of Parisian civilization J wilt hpar of the result In that State June3i tf with unspeakable digust it touches Ask your physician to leave your the marrow of the situation The In- prescription at Whitens Drugstore Jl creased Democratic plurality In the win lie accurately compounded and pivotal Stanzas comparea Willi uov sent lo your bouse u9tf Hme yote in 1885 sets the seal of im- - J practicability on the proposition lo FULL OF FUN make Mr Blaine the Republican can II iw d iIi IUj littlo bisy boom im didate for President iu 188S Tills is prove each shining minute and sock emphatically true because to prove to every ono that there is was fought ou lilies set by Tom something iu it Baltimore American Plnttand the friends of Mr Blaine Why is the bridegroom more ex and the protection idea whfcli Is ex- pensive than the bride Thn bride is alted as the platform on which the always given away whilo tho bride- defeated presidential candidate wishes groom is often sold to be placed was put forward as the Tho man who doesnt know shibboleth of the contest The result whats in a name had bettor go and is sufficiently decisive Not all the forge ono then hell find out mighty side issues of a strangely mixed can- quick Charlcstoion Enterprise vass some of them planned lo help the Why dont 8mi of tho yqung Republican ticket sufficed to abate folks get married We could writo up the directness of the answer which has the affair in fine style and then we been made to the request for an en could tell you how wo enjoyed the dorsement of the Blaine idea The nice piece of cake you sent us tree verdict of the Empire Slate i against stone Tex Jfetat Mother- Why nro yon crying Plutli m apd the country will not Tommy boohoo Fanny fail tir apprehend that Mr Blaine has Fanny hit me as hard as lie could with that steadily Inst ground since 1881 in the big stick Tommy hit me again so Stale which is to be the hinge of next ma can see how you did it hoohoot j ear To nominate him again In the Terns Sifting face of these facts would be so plainly Is Spriggs --How much older to courtdefeat that we look to see the your sister thairyoii Johnny Johnny Republicans turn lo Lincoln Allison I dunno Maud lister bo twenty Sherman orsome oilier man less five years then she was twenty and definitely marked with the certain now she aint only eighteen I guess ty of lailure The result in New York well soon bo twins Farmers looks like a political death blow lo Mr Home Tho hungry man in a restaurant Blaine will avoid the pretty waiter girl if he is wise Tho homely girl wont ex- NEWS PARAGRAPHS pect so much admiration and she will News from Portsmouth Ohio tells bring his dinner quicker by thirty Journal of Education of the death there of Mrs Sarali W eight degrees American Guest My gracious Gowdy aged eighty years who was present at the birth of Gen Grant and Whats that under tha sofa Sec there German it goes under tin piano was his nurse in infancy Host Ach moin Gotlt dot vos only A rather sensational runaway mar dcr cheese I bougit to day Hos a rlige took place at the Gilcher Hotel Town Topics lcotlo playful this city Tuesday the contracting A consoling thought When cigarettes their vapors blow parties being Mr Cliff Green son of In peoples throats and choke them Sheriff Green of Washington county It is some comort slight to know and Miss Minnie Terhune of this They kill the dudss that smoka them Washington Critic county Miss Terhune was engaged When a certain Springfield man to be mairied to another gentleman was taken sick tho oilier day a young Dr E M Green offici next Tuesday physician was promptly called and ated Danville Advocate when a few days later tho family dog Edward Hoag of Denver Col who fell ill an old doctor a man of large was visiting his affianced at Owensboro experience was hastily summoned to Springfield Home- lias been mysteriously missing since attend the sufferer last Saturday and his friends fear that stead Affectionate Wife to her fault he has been murdered No trace of John dear would him can be found in the city aud it is finding husband certain that he left on one of the trains yon like to bo cremated when you Husband Who talks about He was well supplied with money die having with him iu addition to bis dying But Ill bo calm Euphcmia and say No cremation for me Put ready cash a draft for 150 mo on ice Tvo had and always shall At Kansas City the theatre was at- have a hot enough lime of it whilo tempted to be completed in days for alive N Y Ledger Booth and Barretts performance but A clergyman who was very zeal- was not Colonel Warder hired a lot ous in his ministerial work in walking of threshing machines and attached along a lonely road overtook a the boiler pipes to steam healing pipes pedestrian and after a few moments Are and pumped steam into the roofless asked him in a solemn tone Tho man tragedians had to play you prepare 1 to die sir theatre The ho had boon overtaken in the house because of a guaranty of supposing that by a highwayman who was about to 18000 for the week Enough seats kill him shouted murder and fled at were sold lo cover it the top of his speed N Y Ledger In contributing a poem a corre- The asses ed yaluatiou of property Messrs Editors I in Denver for 18S7 according to ti e spondent writes abstract of the assessment published enclose with hesiation a vacation Is 35414545 recently Denver is recreation in expectation of examina- years old aud started with tion for acceptation or condemnation only 30 or delo nothing except what the pioneers according in your approbation educa- testation your vocation to the brought with them in their wagons tion and consolation of tho congrega- Tlie increase iu value has been over a tion of your pubication With obli- million dollars per year The popula- gation and not irration ally etc tion iu Denver is about 80000 Tak- N Y Observer ing this as a basis we dud tiiat if the Indian Chief Big Injun heap wealth of tlie city were divided equal peaceful now no buffalo meat Iy among all the inhabitants each Omnht man You mean that tlie man woman and child woujd have buffalo are all gone and if you leave your reservations you will bo without 442 03 Wlilto man spek truth food One of the most pathetic incidents of Why dont you take possession of a the Exeter theatre fire was the rescue Western town and break into the of a woman who wascairicd out of the hotels and restaurants Big Injun Omnhi furnace of llame upon the back of a heap careful of his stomach brave man He was with his wife at World the play when the fire broke out and Snakes in a Stage Coach succeeded in dragging her part way to Among the freight by tho Golden the door where she fell There was an dale stage a fjw days sinco were two instant of despair and bewilderment During the and then he snatched a cowering form rattlesnakes boxed up from th floor inj the dense crowd aud journey ono of them got loose and struggled through the smoke and dark quietly took a position between tho legs of a passenger How long ho had ness to reach the street witii a shriek- occupied this placo could not be ascer- ing woman on his back At last he tained but on realizing his predica- was out of danger and breathlessly ment the man called hurriedly to the lowered his burden Alas it was not driver to stop and literally fell out of his wife In the confusion and dark- the stage His fellow passenger askod ness he bad rescued a stranger and left what was the matter and the only was Snakes received bis wife to be trampled to death in the answer Thinking it was a h I caso of jim lobbies of the theatre jams he paid no further attention to Dick Denham and Sam Anderson the matter until he cast his eyes and being thirsty without funds in Louis saw his snakeship between his feet ville cast their wits about them for Giving a yell ho made one bound and means o get a drink Espying a new struck the ground about twonty feet Tho snake was se- basket hanging as a sign iu front of a from tho sage grocery and bar room lliey captured cured and placed in tho box but the it and going iuside ordered the two passengers have not got over the drinks They then wanted to pawn effects of the nervous skock yet Oregonian the basket for pay This the grocery picked She Was Excusable man would not have so they up the basket and left having secured Have you any any strawberries both drinks and basket The charge of she asked as sho suddenly entered a petty larceny against Denham would hardware storc not hold but he had been implicated Not to day madam sorry to say iu such disreputable exploits before courteously roplicd the proprietor- Great Scots but is tho woman aud a fine of 20 against each of them crazy exclaimed a customer as she for disorderly conduct it was thought would not come much amiss and was went slowly out said tho No sr not a bit of it assessed accordingly Sho was down town proprietor The directors of the Woodland Park without her husband knowing it She Company are negotiating a sale of tl e saw him op the street and dodged in Park to the Kentucky Chautauqua at here to escape meeting him She was 25000 Under the proposed arrange- quite confusod and she asked for ments all of the stockholders will par- strawberries Happens three or four ticipate in the proceeds of the sale times a week sir and the poor things Detroit Free which it is estimated will be about aro quite excusable eighty per cent on tiie par value of the Press Rapid Transit stock or 40 per share The action of m the Boardin this matter Is highly com- A man came to tho house of a prom- mended and will give entire satisfacinent Now York gentleman who was On yes renowned for not paying Ills debts tion to all pai ties interested terday a committee of the Chautauqua and knocking at the door asked tho were soliciting releases boy who appeared if his father was in Association from the small stockholders and alNo sir he has left town to be ready quite a number of persons have gone a month He is lu Chicago right now signed a paper exchanging their Wood I am sorry for I wanted to pay a land Park stock for stock iu the Chau- We hope that all will do so littlo bill I was owing him tauqua O you want to pay him money do as the Chautauqua enterprise is one of you the most commendable that has ever Yes certainly Here it is asked assistance from our people It Well then Ill run in and ask him is one of tlie best educational systems if he hasnt got back that has ever been organized Lexing- Tho man had got back from Chica ton Press go but tho visitor who was a deputy sheriff served a citation on him for Poor Fred Grant excuses himself bouse rortt Texas Sittings from making epeecbes by faying an Interesting Young Man Father couldnt talk and 1 cant Louisville Democrat either Aro yon well acquaint with Mr Rigsby can water stock as well as the Qnite well Ho is employed In the rest of em Bays the honest farmer same office with me I think ho is snch an mlcn stlng as he carries the pall around among young man Hs is always so mclan cattle Charleston Enterprise iholy Ho surely must have suflared Now that Mr Gould is going to 6oaio great disappointment Yes ho has Europe there lean be no impropriety O hofr romantic How was itin urging the effete nations of the Old Why ho expected a itiiso of salary World to roost hlgruMtj Louis Repub- on the 1st and didnt get it Ketiras lican I - ka BlaleJournal JAVANESE PQISONS Ufe Destroylng Substances Obtained front Trees and Shrubs j Java and the archipelago generally is the center of poisons animal and vegetable and no races aro so prono to make use of them as the varied tribes grouped under the general namo of Malay The krisV or serpentine daggor which has becomo almost a symbol of treachery and revenge has a terrible ropnatio i but from my own observation I almost doubt if it is ever poisoned at all in the real sense of the word The Malay never grinds the kris but is always rubbing the blade with a green lemon or the juice of a pineapple mixed with orpiment Tho effect at first is toremovo tho rust but a thicker coat succeeds and in timo rough damascene is formed with a notchy edge alul he effect of a wound from a weapon of this sort needs no explanation to any one who has suffered from a rusty nail or needle The poison of the sumpitan or blow tube dart is how ever very real Tho Bataks that singular race inhabiting Central Suma- tra and the only known people who combine cannibalism with civilization enough for a written alphabetical language aro very skillful in its use They obtain it from two sources one the upas tree and tlie other an allied species callod tho ringus Thejuice of this latter is most virulent and burns the skin liko boiling oiL I have many a time seen coolies brought in howling dismally with heads and faces swollen to pantomimic size from hav ing incautiously struck an axe into the The only way to attack It Tingus is for the woodmen to give themselves a thorough coating of grease and even then the risk to tlie eyes is so great that it is generally allowed to stand This trco probably gavo rise to the fables about the upas upas is Java- nese for poison of any kiid The upas poison however requires to be used quite fresh as a few hours exposure to tho air converts it lo a crumbly black rosin quito harmless Another poison is obtained from a species of vine bearing clusters of bright fruit the size of a cricket ball containing a number of seeds in an intensely bitter pulp The effects of this are very rapid I have scon tho Balak crcop up sumpitan in hand to where a troop of gibbons were yelling their noisy chorus from a lofty tree top and seal co ly half a minuto elapsed between the dispatch of tfio missive and tho crashing fall of the struck ape Even the gigantic and formidable species of the ourang outang which haunts the forests of the east coast falls para lyzed by two or three of these tiny -- CHICKEN Cholera Cure DOME Qomm Thousands of dollars worth of chickens die every year from Cholera It is more fatal to chickens than all other diseases combined But the discovery o a remedy that positively cures it has been made and to be convinced of Its efficacy only requires a trial A 50 cents bottle is enough for one- - hundred chickens It is guar- anteed If 4fter using two thirds of a bottle the buyer is not thoroughly satisfied with it as a cure for Chicken Cholera return it to the undersigned and your money will be refunded STOCKTON WILLIS Jun22tf -- DUE THE HERAL Up STAPLE LOUISVILLE KY Per Day According to rooms Turkish and Russian Bathd in Hotel oct26 ASK FOR THE p CBfemedy UL M GLP QUEEN MD AD QUICKEST MOST DIRECI FAVOltlE LINE f VO M O uiiu we mi ui two otjv oiiwa UIC OUIO A rv rrrv-i-i X1VJV THE Climax Printing J itncl HOUTB AND eonneet wtth Uh QOBBN AND CKKsHJKvr Hi We hoMlHg ticket vli pasveiHWH Orand Central Union repot In Cincinnati wtftl therefore sa veil transfer across the City ami aru assured a Joan comfort and cenveuience I Travel via- - Queen and Crescent mSi5 LIm Co Gentry Go S They have added new and fresh goods and now have of SMITH HAEDWAEE av r i STOVES and TINWAEE Tiie Best Store1 iii fill carry CALL They t onWest Wain Street a general line of AtSID EXAMINE OUR STOCK BEFORE BUYING janSit t 1 Hardware V 1 - Tinware - Stovesrand Groceries They have the newest and bestoods the lowest and will sell for CASH prices Mr Smith in a practical tinner of several years experience and he wlf do nil kinds of tin work rooflni and repairing iu the best style at lowest rates iune22 tf Mm Go Bonfls A F BKEGK W WIGGINS E WIGGINS BRECK Attention Contractors WE KEEP THE LARGEST- AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OP - The Bonds issued in payment of1 sub- scription of Madison county to LouUrille I and Nashville Railroad due in February April July and October 18S7 and 1888 will be paid on maturity at the Madison National Bank Richmond Ky ftp CDCHENAULTCom TAILvQRircCr 2 Builders9 Hardware and Building Material Kept in the county and will furnish from the smallest Cottage to the finest Mansion at crrr pricks We are also prepared to do ROOFING and will guarantee to give you the best and most satisfactory We carry a large stock of best brands of E00F1NG TIN PLATE and will Job you can get anywhere not aeiay your worK ue aiso carry a nice line en XiEXUffGTOIff BELIZE COOK STOVES and RA3TES Now is the time for fall and winter suits Give me a call feuarantee satis Which we warrant for one vear besides a fair line of Tinware Shelf Hardware Garden Imnlementa MywbrSJltM gooJas7 tiUt 6f pFarm Wagons Seed Skippers Mowers Twine Binders Cultivators Grain Drills faction c Piles eta Manufactured only anr other tailor1- tion 7 V fI by the California Fig Syjnp Company Shop over1 TJillinf fmnidry gbbdVstore 8an Francisco Cal feojd by Stockton FlREBRldKAKDFIRE CLAY tlRON MANTECS AND GBATE8 CJune2Stf- H UJyanJy - octio6t yilllanf G SCHAFHAUSENfJrH ift s tmriJ J -- If 111 Qd i jierBijiASTiN 3roviJEit Anx ea an Jie ut- re net Ish Jp- - complete stock of TTA-U-ItA-NTE- OPENED A NEW 73 er- - BlacSsmitlis and Wagon Makers Supplies Rocfingr Guttering and all kinds of Tin and Sheet Iron Work Done in the most Workmanlike Manner NONE BUT THE BEST OS1 WORKMEN EMPLOYED AL3L WORK WE SELIj A FOLIj LINE OF Farming Implements Known To The Trade At AIcKebs Old Stand T General OfnceJ St Paul Building West Foortli St Cincinnati Ohio HCOLIBKAN General Pasweitfter Aeot General Slanager R X RYAN R CARROLL Antistant Ueueml Passenger Agettt fjne22lfj Superintendent General OOBITIMI7H All Kinds I h t the Have bought the stock of goods and rented the store house of W C Peyton opposite their old stand oa Main street and WILL 1H i M JOHNCUAULT Shackelford WHITE Hardware f UtcnpjHg Nearly All the Leadins Bnilroads rvf - XJ YVJU w want any more time In 1836 tho total consumption ot sugar of all kinds in tho United We do not intend to be UNDERSOLD States was 1383125 tons of which and to our customers we say we will value for every dollar in- only ole tcnth was prodnccd In this give you full n vested with and we urge you to is Avell known that fhc give us an early call country It cultivation of best sugar has been HAVE i TO 1 and tttlDL iat rffllltlSWJS American Beet Sugar B- - a CRESCENT ROUTE your name New Orleans Florida Birmingham Chattanooga Texas Meridian Vicksburg and all the that is the date to which you are paid WILLIS If you owe any thing Principal Points South East aiifl Soi on the Herald please call and pay it or THE SOUTHERN ROUTE TO TIIE PACIFIC COAST the FIRM send it to us asmust Mornin- - and Night Trains Herald business the Important titles of theSomli witlioot change be settled You have JACKSONVIIXK FLORIDA IN RUNNING TIIKOUOir CARS aiv had four months in Uniy Jjinc TWENTY EIGHT HOURSa twtfe of two kimH ot f Or nnninl 0I1CC Travelers QUEEN which to pay a dol- - dot r Buffet Car Pullmans Finest Palacehave CKBsCKNTState BeemMbN OjaU a PaMera Ballet Steeper W e a rl after BEST GOODS - CIG jaUS aLOOOSS Cincinnati Southern and Associats Roads date on the margin of your Climax just TRUNKS VALISES Is Natures Own true laxative It is the moat easily taken and the most effective remedy known to Cleanse the to Kystem when Bilious or Costive dispel Headaches Colds and Fevers to cure Habitual Constipation Indiges- OFFICE at the June 22 9m GROCERIES And other articles kept in a complete grocery house at their New Store on Main Street nearly opposite Piggs livery stable Ellis Uiggins is not a new firm but has been in existence for nearly twenty years They invite all their old friends ami a m share of other people to call and see them New Goods fresh from the cities New House and New Prkes They have returned to Richmond to sell goods ami mean to sH them Thev know how to buy and how to sell ami what the people anglO 1 vr want CALL AND SEE THEM AT THE ly MTCY T033 in the city 4 HIGGINS Qneenswarc Glassware Wootlcnwre Which ceased to exist last June should at once he paid The Largest and Finest Hotel HATSr - ELLIS Announce to the public and especially to that large class who buy groceries that they have opened a fresh lot of - HOUSE Rates 250 to Cash Store NEW GROCERY aug 24 ly GALT Busy Bee Proprietors All Subscriptions The horrid brute ejaculated Mrs Sliffncck as sho threw the paper to the floor Whats the matter my dear asked tho wondering husband The matter Why I se6 by that J paper thitan Oliio man sold Jus wifo for six hundred dollars t Well I Tswan ripW the hus- band with great surprise they mu3t Itc in which you can find the be having a pretty wild boom In Ohi r But before he coul I finish his sen- tence tho battle had commenced and he was right in tho thick of tho fight JLATE8T STYLES Bismarck Tribune THE LOWEST RICES Syrnp oCFfgs HU Boom Chronicle V2 We carry every thing and our prices are the very lowest for cash down CLOTHXNX3- Animals ancreartnquTjtes - ys- in this week and see the limitless assortment of Ladies and Misses Wraps that are being sold at ROCK BOTTOM CASH TRICES in this week and get our prices on Mens and Bovs uits and Overcoats before yon buy elsewhere We are the LOWEST PRICED HOUSE IN TOWN in tins week and feast your eyes on the bewitching array of Toboggans Searfr Shawls Hosiery and various other things that are being sold daily to our customers in this week and participate in the novelty of buying a pair of Shoes that foe cheapness iu price can not be excelled and every pair gives comfort from the start in this week and see for yourself how effectually SQUARE DEALING on the square CROWDS OUR STORE in and we will show you the largest and best assorted stock of goods in Richmond They are all NEW and FRESH OOMI GOMI Qomm WE ProL Milneonorof fhjSebcjt enteric oisiunenis csiauusncu in iipin wuero thoy devote themselves to tho study of earthquakes gives somo interesting particulars in the report of the Seis rnological Society of Japan regarding the effects of earthquakes on lower an imals He quotes tho caso of ponies rising in terror and prancing about the stall thirty seconds before the shock was felt He refers also to birds hid ing their heads beneath their wings to pheasants screaming and to frogs ceas- ing to croak before tha trembling is felt Geese dogs nnd other animals have been known to behave in strange manner several hours or even days Tn n Jinim9fa idtf hi eavk vl Ni I OMB NEW very profitable In Gormany Franco and Austria aud in other European countries where high bounties have been paid by tho Government We have always had grcat4rfaith in thoj growing of bpct rupt Sugar in this inw extracting than coimti y the saccharine matter from sorghum we Now aro cornstalks or pleased to hear that Mr Clau3 Sprock- ets tho great sugar refiner in Cali fornia is contemplating the experi ment of growing beet root sugar in this country in cie of the central AVestern States The outcomo of these experiments will bo closely watched becanso it is becoming ap parent that our farmers should devote their attention to somo other business than cutting each others throats by selling wheat at low prjcis If beet- root sugar can be made to pay tho fiold Is a largo ono for American en terprise and industrx-- Boston Budget r - BriM One of tho most famous poisons of Java is obtained from the bamboo Tho young shoots of th e cane when they first appear are covered with fine CUTHERSON LEY brownish hair this under a powerful microscope appears as bayonet like LEXINGTON KY spikes of silcx infinitely sharp and I think hollow though I could not be STOCKTON quito sure This hair administered Agents For Madison County daily in small quantities of the food brings on ulceration of tho bowels sep281v simulating malignant dysentery Tho action must be of a mechanical ratiior than chemical nature just as with the terrible effect on the eyes of the spores of the common puff ball It is greatly dreaded by the Dutch and all Eu- o ropeans living in Java A Dutch off- icial told me that scores of deaths WISH TO ANNOUNCE TO among European planters ettf put trade that we have a large down to dysentery nnd diarrhoea were and well selected line of really due to the bamboo hair and the jealousy of tlie native women En- glish Mechanic Remarkable 23 AFTEE darts A NUMBER jdis AJvrriE aH mo- -

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