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Image 61 of The Courier Journal, February 15, 2012

Part of Porter, Jean

hardware & AUTO BUYOUTS!! BUyo Ut coMplete DUal flUSh toilet SySteM •Converts existing toilet into dual What’s the story??? Folks – It ain’t pretty but all of us want toilets that work the first time – every time. Well, Fluidmaster is the leader in making high quality toilet replacement parts that work every time and can save you money on water usage. We were able to make a great deal on dozens of different Fluidmaster parts at prices that are way lower than any of the big box home centers. Here’s a few, but all stores will have a wider selection available if you shop right now. The perfect parts for when you want it done right now. flush system •Uses up to 45% less water •Includes fill valve, dual flush valve, flush lever, and all installation hardware 19 $ 99 pro 12" BallcocK •Fits toilets with OEM existing ballcocks toilet 5 $ 99 theirs $14.99 Water conSerVation Kit •Helps save up to 3,000 gallons per year ! GaraGe StoraGe 4 Shelf •56.5"H 36" W 18"D • Holds 700 lbs 175 lbs per shelf 29 99 Shelf$ $ 5 theirs $39.99 5 lbs per shelf •Holds 875 lbs - 17 x 18” D 74”H x 36” W • 99 34 theirs $39.99 theirs $44.99 1 $ 99 theirs $4.99 BUyoUt!! What’s the story??? Folks-GUNK and LIQUID WRENCH are some of the best known names in auto and workshop chemicals. Luckily for you (and Ollie’s) that they had over 50,000 bottles of lubes, degreaser, washes, deodorizer and solvents that they needed to sell off to clean up for the new year. We were able to make a deal on take every piece and now it’s your chance to stock up and save ‘cause if you don’t need it now for your workshop – you will soon. Shop now and get a great selection at prices that cannot be beat by any auto parts store. Varathane WooD Stain •9 oz. 3 10 oz Silicone Spray or 11 oz penetratinG SolVent yo Ur choice Waterpro of & MilDeW proof yo Ur cho ice 99 99 theirs $6.99 •60 watt equivalent •10,000 hr life •Compact design 4on SeaS $ t arpS all ¢ 3 $ 4 pacK cf l BUlBS theirs $10.99 •Yes, we have tarps large Prices start at 99¢ for the 4ft x 6ft enough to cover your RVs •Selection includes reversible Folks, we carry dozens of tarp, brown on one side, different size tarps from the silver on the other theirs 4'x6' size, up to the gigan $2.59 some- •Great selection of tarps tic. So, if you have e, thing to cover; a wood pil p sizes from 4' x 6’ to really big!! , or a roof, sto a car, an RV ed in now for the size you ne! PRICE at the Ollie’s LOW What about sizes? theirs up to $5.99 10 oz Dry lUBricant or 15 oz Gel DeGreaSer or 16 oz MUlti-pUrpoSe lUBricant $ 99 •No dripping, spilling, or stirring •Colors vary by store 2 $ 99 99 theirs $8.99 Wiper BlaDeS 2 $ 99ea. •Choose from sizes 16" to 22" theirs $5.99

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