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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), March 10, 1817

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

No. 10. Series JVfeio Vol. 111. ' KODTM0BIH9,3T OP0BH8BP.DKVIHT F. BRABFOltD, JR. f Twa JJoliars per annum, paid in advance, c'r Three Hollars at the end oj the Year. Commission Warehouse & SON JEREMIAH NEAVE Ohio, Of Cincinnati, Have erected large and commodious Brick Warehouses Cellars &? Fdr the reception of all kinds of Merchandise, Manufactures and Produce, for Storage, and Sale on Commission, tor forwarding by the river or to Bills ana ileuts couccteu anu country merchant!, Purchases made and gene-rnll- y "punctually remitted. all BKOKERA GE and CO MM1SSION BUSINESS, transacted. Cincinnati, February 19 Slf Aniw.ii from the subscriber on the 4th instant, MARY, about 37 years pf age, had.on when she tvent away, a check cotton frock, a wool hat, and a very Urge cottbn sha bf different colors. Any person bringing her home, or securing her, so that I get her again, shall be W. W. GRAVES. handsomely rewarded. I January tf 3 88. Tobacco. 1000 hhds. J"an.jl7. & of . Flour, Wheat & Corn subscribers, continue to purchase the articUs J. & T. G. PRENTISS. tf February 3d, 1817. THE 5-- MERCHANDIZE, Which they offer for sale cither by Wholesale or Retail, at a small advance for Cash. Co. Sj P. S. Among other articles they hare CARPETING for Rooms, Passages, &c. Also, a consignment of GOLD and SILVER PATENT LEVER WATCHES, for sale at y t. T. January 1st, 1817. Pi- & CO. 128-t- f '" - To my friends and the Public in general MARSH has again commenced the BUSINESS. He lias in his employment workmen of the best kind. Cotton Yarn for sale of the best quality, and as cheap a9 any in the western country I also wish to inform the public that I have ready for of 108 spinale,oneSpiNNINGTHROSTLE dles, with all the necessary preparation machinery j and w'dl have finished by the first of January, 1807, two more machines of the same amount. those persons wishing to purchase Machinery, can also be accommodated with a first rate wurkman to superintend their busiOctrW U. 42- ness. JOHN k AbhUVlVX oot:. lidKti-U- subscribers have erected a large BAKE- , ue.v-- : liUUbrJ, at tneir mms, on vici--bi.h;cinnttnG;tp tti- - Wu rf hnnsii. tvhere b'akinc is . o AJIUlwii, uii".i.v ...- extensively earned on.' They have now on hand a quantity of buiscuit, of the following kinds tiz : Pilot Dread, Navy Bread, Ship Bread, Water and Butter Biscuit; and er.gageu.ents will be entered into to furnish silly barrels, of the alove kinds ot Biscuit per week. Tht-- hav also commenced the baking of Loar Bread ; such of the citizens who please to savor them with their enstom, may be served at their own doors, before early breakfast, every morning, with any quantity they may order, fresh nd warm. Bread of ever)' description will be conbestantly kept at Isaac Bowies', on Cross-stree- t, & at the house of tween Main & Main Cross-street- s, Short-stree- t, Upperfc Mulberbetween B. Blount, on fplIE BRADFORD ry-streets. January 23 & FOll SALE, I Domestic iYia'nufactures. AT W. MBN I'ULLTC'S Address of the Jljkerican Society for the encour agement of domcitionanufucturee, to the people of the United States. At a meeting of the American society for the encouragement of domestic manufactures, held in the city of on the 31st aay ot December, 1816 present, Daniel J) 'Tompkins, governorof the state of COMMISSION STORE. fAlhin Street, next door to Mr. Leav$. X VAniETT or rntsii iMronTED GARDEN SEEUS. New-Ywr- Wlllctt ARE, The Portugal ONION SEED, growing to the same vear. AMOXO n ncw-iui- rrctuitnt Stephen Van lienstellaer, first vice president. tniliam Few, second John Furguson, third fr coljjump lion. Is we adopt them they will profit willingly, but. in return, smile Pi?' In a Word, atl the arguments used by the partizans of foreign manufacturers, are resoL ved into one point Shall we manufacture for ourselves, or shall Britain manufacture for u I This is the question ; and now, having Itated it fatrli, we shall rneet it holdlv. kml'rrr v- , " A.j..n. i.i.tiuiy. On the part of the adversary, the following objections are relied apan as in,urritmfiEle i L That this ought to be a commercial and agricultural, and not a man'utacturin'g coun , number of choice FLOWER SEEDS. HEDGE AVHITE THOUN do. Having as usual, imported theee seeds from the 2. That manufacturers ire unfriendly to best Gardener in Philadelphia, thev are warranto Peter 11. Hchenck. k Secretaries. ed good. Thomas Mumus, chairman of the committee commerce and agriculture. A large assortment of dressed and unnressed of correspondent, reported the follow iig al. 3. That they canho be carried on to advan uZe because-labois higher than in Europe. DOLLS, dress, prepared by the said committee, in 4. That thev demoralize inrl Wmvu' (I. . A complete assortment of TOYS for children. of a resolution of this society, passed at emyloy.ed in them. ' in Boxes of Tin and Lead household furni their last meeting 5. mat they should be lest to themselves, ture, or single. ADDRESS. asd not forced into premature eiiaterfcrfiP-nState of Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court, Ladies and Gentlemen's pocket DRESSING & The committee, charged to report in vernment patronage. FANCY BOXF.S, January Term, 1817. to the public, from the society for the en 5. That such patronage would diminish READY-MADCLOTHES, superfine and in- - courapement of domestic manufactures, have revenue and sources of government. , ,, thev Gersham Lowry, Complt. "5 ier:or quality, such as COA I S, PANTAcueertuliy complied ; for is there be any inter. CHANCERY.; against J. IN LOONS, SURTOUT COATS, &c. iiucio ner interest, when Ureat Tlr t.iirt Daniel Lacy, Deft WHISKEY and GIN. bv whoesale & retail. THIS day came the Complainant aforesaid by STONE, and comn.on WARE, also by whole his couusel, and the defendant having sailed to sale auo. retail, NT...: ...wi m........ .i. aiinn " w" otner aggressions, led to resistance. " It ' enter his appearance herein agreeably to law d n,t.i? the true source ot imperishable Shortly expected. was the continuance of thi. policy, and the ini and the rales of this court, and it appearing tb Elegant painted and gilt C VN- support ot Huence of her manufactures, that f lately went the satisfaceion of the court that the said de ,Tte DLESTICKS, LAMPS, CARD RACKS, l,,eIn"u1 "y In eftects 'e" to prostrate our government, sever our fendant is not an inhabitant of this common- Du Belloy's COFFEE PO IS, to make Coffee SrilvTJ '.! happihew. its un.on, and wealth, therefore, on the motion of the comaster the French method. and in " it is identified with the ., this policy, overturnas our independence. And as long fed with any hope it plainant by his counsel it is ordered, that unless nd a number of other articles too tedious to vancementof the sciences and the progress of of our ruin, will leave no is means untried to he said Defendant shall appear here on or behuman mind mention. jure us. Sueh is the policy that carries des- fore the 1st day of our next August term, and February 13, 1817. In speaking of what so vitally concerns the potism 3t round the globe ; that whispers in our nstv'erthe Complainant's bill, the same will destiny of this nation, we have raised ourminds ears, and would instil into odr hearts, perni, oe taken for confessed against, him. And it is to sources ot high and holy inspiration. We ciolis counsels, further ordered that a copy oflhis order be inhave read in the great volume ot nature the And now to ot'tr argument t serted in some authorised newspaper of this sublimity of our subject ; we have looked to 1st. That this ought to be a commercial Bntt, successively, as the law dithe vastness ot our territory for the measure 'airricultiiral rnnritrv '7 rects. 4 of our views ; to the varieties of its climates Is this position were hot the entering wedgb A Copy, Att. THOS BODLEY, c'r. cc. for Hie sum of our enjoyments to its majestic! for other sophistries, we should have nothing conformation for the type of its grandeur jtoT to do but to agree: but vtfTen th.-'uate of Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court to the its young annaU for records of virtue and ex length of saying, " give up manufacturing that January Term, 1817. ample; to its freedom for the guarantee of jou may bi commercial and agricultural,' we Nancy Cook, Complt.') every hope, and to the Almighty for the say no I but We will manufacture, that we nfay C IN CHANCERY. against "VonH Give up the its happiness! and witli contem- be agricultural and commercial. And we tell James Cook, Deft. J) plation suited to such subjects, we have enter- them, read your history, atid see how England's THIS day came the Complainant aforesaid H - rB- i'""scr'bt'r respectfully informs his ed on our task. commerce has depended on, and grown outoF 'nemisaiid the public in general that he by her counsel and tiie Defendant having sailed still keeps Twenty years of desolation amongst the na- her manufactures. a house of ENTERTAINMENT, at to enter her appearance herein agreeably to law his old had given us a factitious pros stand on Short street, between Lime- tions of Europe Is England's commerce lias depended upon and the vales of this Court, and it a pearing to stone st. Wars for liberty, conspiracies against her manufactures, and withi lit nnv afrrirnltii. and the the satisfaction ot the Court that the said De- by his attention, CourtHotise, where he hopes perity. a'c'ontinuation of the it, abuses of freedom, reactions of despotism, ral, resources she lias risen to wealth, tve may fendant is not an inhabitant of this Common-wealt- support that has to merit liberally had given to our neutral slag, amidst a warrnur well say, having a resource the more in the been so given iher&fore, on the motion of the Com- oousc, advantages, nearly" paid for by the sac- - bundance of our soil, "do you give up all comi particularly by travellers and others. plainant, by her rounsel, it is ordered tnat unrifice of independence, against which the petition, le' us manufacture f,.r vou " Greatl JABEZ VIC US. less the said Defendant does appear heieon or world's treasures should not ti. nirr a feather. Britain would surely think .this an arrogant Lexington, Feb. 14, 1817$ tf before the 24th day of our next March term, 1 he pioudest work of the Creator was almost pretension, and she would think rightly Whf and answer the Complainant's bill, which prays maried, till an auspicious providence spoke to then presume that we 6huld be her dune? a decree for a divorce, the same will be takm ana taught their mlers the peoples hearts, Does any one setkto be convinced, by a sin for confessed against hirn, And it is further wisdom. It was then that a new and higher gle lact, that the settlement of ihe lands, and ordered that a copy of this order be inserted in MR. GUI BERT. arose ; that genius, and talent, and vir- the prosperity of the country, depend essen .pint of this slate eight sonic authorized neusp.-ip- r arrived from France, has the hon- tue, and unmatched heroism, and generous de tially upon manufacturing establishments, let weeks successively as the law directs. 7 votion, and all that Was American, started uiio him go to the western part of this state, ihe or to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen ot A Copy Att. TIIOS BODLEY, c. t. r Lexington and its vicinity, that he intends to action ; and the nation, like the elder Brutus, rapid growth ot which is without a paralie' in, imbecility. The revolu- the his ory of nations, aid he will finds that State oj Kentucky Fuycllc Circuit Curt, open a Dancing Academy, in a central situation, put on the slough ot from his grave, and 'he mills and manufactures fotmed the first rudiwnere here he will teacfi the polite art of Dan tionary hero leaped January Term, 1817. Uedeemer entered tht te nple & ov ttir ed the ments ot those alttusi cnuniless tilLf? and cing in all its various branches. the moneychangers The ci urge of towns, which spangle that fe'itile and biu.w William Carroll, Complt, J Mc. G takes the liberty of assuring those la- tables of like the thunder's guit, restund the ful country, emphatically styled, the Eri. o j against dies and gentlemen, "who may savor him with war,, IN CHANCERY. their confidence, that his method is entirely springs of health and animation. The rains the state. David Barbour, Lewis descended; and the flobds came, ai.d the winds 2 That but manufactures are noxious to Dent, &. John M'Clellan. new, plain and easy, and is calculated to ensure blew beat upon the house, and it sell not, our commerce :.nd agriculture. Defts.' him the patronage of the lovers of that elegant tor and fotin'deJ -- j ";JI5:- v it was This is little else than so manv empty words; THIS day came the Complainant aforesaid by accomplishment. n that which widfcns the field or cent, Hut let ii no' he lulled into a dangeroua W iio his counsel, and the Defendants having' sailed to Those Ladies and Gentlemen who may wish curiiy: the War is not yet over; the uork is merce be'said. tu injuieiit- wrll these enter their appearance herein agaccably to law to receive private lessons, or to .be made a done. We are now assailed from a assert thaflStitieh mamifacfures-niWlrnot j'et and the rules of this Court4 and it appearing to quainted with his terms and days of tuition, more dangerous quarter, and reeling under the juied Uritish commerce I No; but theyspeafc the satisfaction ot the Court, that the said l)er will please to leave their names with Mr. shower upon Us from an ambushed with two tongues; one for themselves, and 0116 blows that fendant's are riot inhabitant's of this Commonin Short Street, and they shall be waited enemy. Couiage could defend us in war for us. We have thiee resources; they have wealth ; on the motion of the Complainant by UJHJII. alone can save Us now. But we do not but two i ahahdun one, they say, that we may his counsel it is ordered, that unless the said tf. Lexington, Feb. 15th, 1817-.- , the sympathy that lias beeh kindled at be equal When did they set us, the eXampla despair ; Defendants do appear here on or before the21tl ihe first'antinciation of this institution, the of such complaisance ' And as to any preten-- , clay ot our next .March term; and answer tne XL) VICE- expression, from Varn Us quar- ded injury to agriculture, by the absorption ot Complainant's bill, the same will be taken for A LL persons hating any demands against the es- ters, ot the public feelings, tells us tVe are the labor, he find that out of 200,000 persons f confessed against them. And it is further ordr'd tate of James M'Clary, dee'd. are requested to organs of a tree people's will, aiid nclmg by employed in our factories, in'two branthat a copy of this older be published in soma nnnglorward their accounts, properly authentica- its mandate. Intuition warns Us of our duty, ches alone, mure than 120.000 vfrete Women Sc . r.1 r. A.l nnnn nftl..- - .staic, a. roll ,11,L- - t' ted according to law, for adjustment and all per..ill...?. ih;wji,ijji ui mis wjiii. " auiiiuiiscu Was agriculture benefited when, ori and assures us, that when when i e treat of the children 7 sons indebted to said Estate, are requested to come vital interest of Ameiica, and speak the words the stopping of the cotton and wollen successively, as the law directs. manuc. C forward and discharge the accounts against them A Copy, Vt THOS BODLEY, c.T of truth, we should utter them with decision factures, these women relU. ned to idleness, the GEORGE BERRY, Adm'r. This country s ands distinguished oh the children to the podr house, and the men, not 3t State oj KcMuck'y Fayctle Circuit Court, February jlOth, 1817. ,' earth. In vain should we look to other histo- to the farms, but to the clues from whence) January Term, 1817. ries for maxims ol light j there are none tllat tliey Came ? 3d I hat manufactures cannot be carried or bear comparison j and analogies are bafien of Robert Tucker, Cofnpt; 1 instructions, when there is no parity itl the here tb advantage whilst labor is so much highIn Pharic'ry. against FOR approved negotiable paper, on a credit of objects to be compared. The hxtiohs arid ta- er than in England Robert'Adanis & others, defts.J s land G months, the lollowing articles, which were bles of tlntiquity are realised in the This rnay be plausible to those who are ae THIS day came the complainant aforesaid, lid in at reduced prices, at and will of our country. Like the young Hecules, gnorant of that country as its partisans are. or to close the con by his counsel, and the defendant Joseph Atl be sold equally low, in order it strangled in the cradle the destroying ser- affect to be, of this Our labor is. indeed nui ams, havmsr sailed to enter his appearance here r.ern": and would prove eqdal to every labour merically higher but taxes and impositions 50 Crates Queens "Wares, repacked, breakage pents, agreeably to law and the rules of this court, in Uut toieien manufactuies, like the garment are so much lower, that we can afford to and it appearing lo the satisfaction of the taken out and assorted because i.ur goods aie charged with lit poisoned by the Hydra's blood, threatens our fd.Barrels 4th proof Brandv court that the said, Joseph is not an inhabitant pile U light; tle elite. It is true that in England the laborer ohr funeral 8 Quarter Casks, London Pal ticular TenncrifTe dissolutl n J n of this commonwealth : Therefore, on the ed i but a mighty hand will interp 'Se, receives less; because uhat he earns bv Ins in. Wine of the complainant, by his counsel, it is1 4 Barrels Port Wine and rescue us from death to immortality. And dustry is paid away, before he reaches hisv ordered, that unless the said defendant, Joseph 12 Boxes. Claret; choice quality is It be asked who has that power .'we say it is hands in tithes, pensions, taxes, Adams, shall appear here, on or before the 24tli 6 do Yin de grate the people.' .Yes! In vain should i.ur legisla- and a thousand exactions to pamper the pride (J day of our next March Term, and answer tlisf Cltampsgne do ture ordain quarantine to those who come froth and luxury i those who live but to cmsumo lO.OOOlbs Green Coffee, in Bags and Barrel complainants bill, the same will be taken for foreign regions, before they print their steps thfe frUlts ol the earth who neither work nor 10 Barrels Iiroun Sugar confessed against him. And it is further or unon our shores ; in vain forbid the entry of add to the stock of the national Wealth. C000 lbs. Best Green Coperai dered, that a copy of this order lie inserted But it proves nothing tor the lowness of wa infected goods within pur wholesome preencts, 25 lioe3 Hamns r of this in some authorised unless tney guaru. agauisi muse iiuporiauons ges, that this poor man's substance is eaten ur 25 do French Prunes state, eight weeks successively, as the law dj which poison by contagion ; whose baleful in- ny so many iiiai uau 110 snare earning it;. 2 HotesParmezan Cheese Attest, rects. A Copy. And there is another answer wonh attentions 10 Barrels Mackaret fection is, not for a season, but perennial. THOS. IIODLEY, c. r. c. c. a time;, a power to Kegs Scotch tleriii)gs Some minds, deserviug of a better direction, Is our fabrics are upheld for 20 do Pickled Salmon have, from long habit ot a particular mode of will develope its'eltjwhich will sink this tormii State Of Ke tucky Fayette Circuit CourJ, Swedish Iron. 40 Ton dealing, associated the idea ot commerce with dable objection into nothing ; that of labor.$a 5t'0 lbs. German Steel that of a ship from abroad, loadeded with stutls ving machinery ; a power of which no man cant' January Term, 1817'i l.Box Ounce Pins of foreign manufacture-- . And they cannot see at present foresee the limit or extent ; a power Phlin Pemberton &other, comp'ts-T- i An Invoice of Hardware 21 how another branch of industry can bear any indigenous in tins country wnere men, by this A quantity of Logwood' and 40 Barrels ltozin against yJn Ch'ry. .Yet a little attention to the pro- free exercise of their will and faculties, have S 40 Boxes Bakeoods GI.tsare at cost competition Also Alexander Nesmith. & others, defts. gress of man's civilisation will show, that acquired a characteristic aptitude for median 1. P. SCHATZELL, Sc Co. and carriage. ..THIS day came the complainants by their Many instances protre this po without reference tJ national advantage, to be ical inventions. 8 Feb 21. counsel, and the defendant Elizabeth Pembei a manufacturer is a law of man's nature Wit- sition so honorable to our country. tott, having sailed to enter Iter appearance here And what field of competition is so desiraness his attitude, his structure; those limbs in irgTceaoie to law, ana ttie rules oj tins court, iVlcrccr County, set. . &liich are not destined to support his body, ble as that which calls into activity the fitiest and it appearing to the satisfaction of this TAKEN UP by JamesRobertson, living on hut simple, flexible with motion and articula powers and greatest energies of useful fn'tel Court, that the said Elizabeth is not an inhabiFranklin line, 'an tion, suited to every operation that the will of lect ; the powers that will make us strong Mr tant of this commonwealth : Therefore, on the Lillard's Spring Branch, near theyears 19 .UAiiii, uiree the most improved intelligence can exact. Anu war, secure in peace', respected abroad, liarjp motion of the complainants by their counsel, IRON UllAY brand perceivable, but oiu, dbeked. hands high, no is he cannot assure his own preservation, nor at home. But there is another motive, 'j'ttlj it it is ordered that unless the said Elizabeth Appraised to &w, ueiore me. procure food, raiment or habitation, without nearer at hand : these manufactures giVe hjrtllA tlaj-o- f do appear hereon or before the 24th our SAMTJELMACCOUN, JpMc manufacturing implements for defence, or for to many whom years, infirmities, or se'x -3 next March lerm.anu answer tne complainthe chase; nor sell a tree in the sorest, or turn qualify from labors of a ruder cast, an d make be taken for confessed ants bill, the same will Strayed or Stolen, a furrow in the field, till he has manufactured them rather a source of wealth to the commuis further ordered, tljkt a against her. And it the plow and the axe. then We may say with nity than an incumbrance. And s'6 'uttle ddea A limit tWn weeks 9EO. a BAY PONY, white copy of this order be inserted in some authorthe depression of our manufactures, depend whose wisdom spoke in similies tin. r of this state, eight weeks suc- face and legs, with a roachrd mane, branded, on the Franklin, whose sallies there is concentrated on scarcity of hands, that many re ised carriedon shoulder, as well as I recollect; iM . He is easily any one of the law directs. cessively as has been rode off. I will libe- more profound thought than 'in v.lumes ot by apprentices without wages. And since the 'caught, and perhaps Attest, ACopy. peace, many persons have been obliged to rally reward any person who will return him to common place "that man isatdol making THOS BODLEY, c. r. c, c. 7' trom them to die po )c houses, and be or in words less lively or emphatic, that meior triv'e roe information, so shat I get Imn consigned tb pauperism. PETER FERGUSON he is by nature a manufacturer' 24 What have we'said ol biachinerr'will be of Lexingtoni February Rut we cannot help reKr'ettiriV, that not on , ly the objects of our commercebut our moral more weight, when it is considered what s of Merino and Comflbn Wool Carding in a are to be had in thio Bakers iVanled;., and mill tical opinions, have been too lonC of Superier Style and 'on the usual terms at San- rjtWO or three B KERS wan'teil, to whom go foreign manufacture. And we think they treat country, of which the fee.simfile. anrl li ,.h- Miles from Lexington, by' wouUtnot cost the annual expence 08 ders, 2 wages will be given us.unhirly ; for the opinions they, torce upon charges, BIJADFORD & BOWLES. LEWIS SANDERS: . our cre&ulity are such as tbey never use them- - a steam engine,; and tholigti. in England wcree Lexington Alluvion Mdty Dec 16. ' 51 j'jelvei, Tthey are manufactured for exportation, J are "'Su wan on us continent ol Europe, ye? tx'wjm,Mai29, 181$. A t. .; . J ' XuTTrf ",,. :..!.... I Mme' le ENTERTAINMENT. Shin." NKW GOODS. 1MIE Subscribers have just ruceived, and are now opening, a large and extensive Assortment 61 prices. January Term, 1817. John Vyatt, Complt. "j against IN CHANCERY. John. G. Cownng', DeftJ THIS day came the Complainant aforesaid by his counsel atid the Defendant having sailed to enter his appearance herein agreeable to law and the rules of this Court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said Defendant is not an inhabitant of this Common wealth, therefore, on the motion of the Com plainant by his counsel, it is ordered that unless the said Defendant does appear here on or before the 24th day ol'our next March court and answer the Complainant's bill the same will be talcen tor confessed against him. Anil it is tur ther ordered that a coov of this order be insert. ed in some Authorised newspaper of this state eight weeks successively as the law directs 7 A Copy Att. TI10S. BODLEY, c. r.c.c in-t- T. G. PRENTISS. 3 -- is Tilibrdy Trotter . 7-- WANTED.-Enqu- ire J. Vol. 31., E Stop llie Runaway. Jl "a negro woman named -- Slate vf'Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court, THE KENTUCKY GA.KTTJ1. i LkXljNGTOJS, K. MONDAY, MAltCH 10, 1817. BOWLES. . State of Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court, January Term, 1817. - e ' Vi 7-- Dancinp; Academy., J 1 j;i-ci- i. Dcs-forg- wis-do- 7-- ... 7-- SELLING OFF, shorr-an-nal- s, pay-mor- mo-tio- RObertTU,StCml,U'' llNCHANCERY, Robert Adams it others defts. J THIS dav came the Complainant aforesaid by his counsel, 8c the Defendant Robert Adams having sailed to enfer his appearance herein to law and the rules of this court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of theisCourt, that inthe said Deiendant Robert Adams, not an habitant of this Commonwealth ; therefore on the motion of the Complainant by his counsel it is ordered, that unless the said Defendant Robert Adams shall appear here on or before the 24th day of our next March term and answer the Complainants Bill the same will be taken for confessed against him. And it is further ordered that a copy of this order be inserted in .r- ,- ontlmrUpil iipwsnaner of this state eight 7 weeks successively as the law directs ' THOS. BODLEY, c.f.c.b. A copy Att. $atc of Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court, Januery Term, 1816. togfWpH' ZlS CHANCERY. Co. des jO John P Sd.atzel his THIS daycumethecomplainantby the Defendants Andrew Alexanuer, not Cranston, and John Woodward, having entered their appearance herein toVv and the rules of this court, WT.t the t paring to the satisfaction ot the court Com. Lid Defendants are not inhabitants of tin. therefore on the motion of the un, by his counsel. It is ordered that less thesa.dlkcndants, Alexander, Cranston, before the and Woodward do appear here, on or answer 24th, day of Our. next March term and taken be the Complainant's bill, the same will is further for confess. l against them. And itinserted in ordered tltat acopy of this order be some authorised newspaper of this ;state eight 7 -c- eks successively as the law direcy. TUOS. EODLEY.e.r.t.?- ACopy Att. 1 , poor-rates- ,, news-pape- 111 , - '' , v - d;. 8- 111 news-pape- re-u- rn Wool Qarclinp;. 8- mill-site- 2

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