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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Jun-5, 1906 Page 72 (cont ad) Said resolution was seconded by Mr. Clay, and upon roll call the vote stood as follows:- Ayes:- Messrs. Frazee, Patterson, Metcalfe, Nicholas, Carpenter, Brooks, Hopkins, Kinkead, Clay, Smith. 10 Noes:- Mr. McChord. The resolution was carried. It being next in order of business, the Secretary read the minutes of the Executive Committee, since last meeting of the Board, which, without objection, stood approved as read. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried all absentees were excused. Upon motion of Judge Kinkead, seconded by Mr. Smith, and carried, the Onairman was directed to appoint a committee to nominate an Executive Committee for the ensuing six months. The Chairman appointed as such Committee Messrs. Smith, Kinkeadl and Caroenter. Said Committee retired to consider its report, and returned into the Board and made the following reporti Your Committee recommend to the Board the following named gentlemen to consti- tute the Executive Committee for the ensuing six months:- Messrs. Frazee, Lafferty, Stout, Nicholas, and Clay. Upon motion of Mr. Brooks duly seconded and carried said P. 73 report was received and adopted, and Messrs. Frazee, Lafferty, Stout, Nicholls, and Clay, declared to be the Executive Committee. At this point President Patterson read his report to the Board, which is as follows:-

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