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Page 530 of Memoirs of Alexander Campbell : embracing a view of the origin, progress and principles of the religious reformation which he advocated (vol. 2) / by Robert Richardson.

CHAPTER XVII. View of slavery-Bethany College-Tour to the South-Tour to the Far West-" Evangelical alliance "-Tour in England, France and Scotland- Persecutions. THE power of great men to control public sentiment and to direct human progress is immense, and imposes on them peculiar responsibilities. Such of them as are good as well as great will hence be careful that their influence is not employed for purposes of sel- fish aggrandizement, and that they seek neither to float idly upon the favoring current of popular opinion nor to direct it into improper channels. Amidst the con- flicting movements of human affairs it is also most im- portant that they should make their real position clearly understood, so that in matters affecting human welfare their authority may not be unjustly claimed for false principles or injurious measures. From the beginning, Mr. Campbell had fully shown his sense of duty in these respects, and was far from disregarding it now when his reputation and influence were so widely ex- tended. No personal aims or sectional prejudices could narrow the largeness of his mind, or induce him to swerve in any degree from the interests of truth and right for which he was ever ready to sacrifice human applause and suffer unjust reproach. Of this he gave fresh evidence about this period in relation to several important questions, and particularly 530

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