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Page 514 of Jesus of Nazareth : a life / by S.C. Bradley.

JESUS OF NAZARETH long smouldering spark of rebellion against Jacobus into a flame. The faction of Helon and Ehud had already gained largely among the people, and even among the sworn Zealots. Jacobus' friendship for Jesus and his atti- tude of still waiting for him to proclaim himself openly was now derided by Helon, and regarded generally with disapproval. It was now more fiercely than ever demanded by Helon and his abettors that Jesus should no longer be considered, and that they should proceed at once with some plan for the expulsion of the house of Annas and the Romans. When Mary arrived at the quarry the debate was at its height and had grown into an angry quarrel, in which Jacobus' lofty and magnanimous forbearance alone pre- vented bloodshed. Mary was shocked and pained; in the simplicity of her desire to save Jesus' life, she had grasped like one drowning at any straw, but her eyes were now opened as never before. She was more than ever confirmed in her former intuition that there was no real help for Jesus in these warring factions. She saw how supremely wise Jesus had been in rej ecting their assistance. She could not go away, however, without informing Jacobus of the danger which threatened Jesus; but her heart mis- gave her, and she went away discouraged and sick at heart. Then the thought of Rachel came as a ray of hope. She had not told Rachel of the new danger. She would go there. Rachel proved sympathetic and promised to do what she could, but she could offer little encouragement. She told Mary that her father and Joseph and others had defended Jesus to the limit of safety, till they themselves were in danger and had been threatened. They dared not do more. Rachel, in telling it, wept, and in parting from Mary in the darkness, she fell upon her neck and held her long in passionate embrace. And was there, then, no help from God or man Was the Heaven brass and the earth given up to Satan In 514

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