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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 28, 1861

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

7 THE DEMOCRAT. rmtiD BSD rSILIIBIS EASJTZT, ETJGHZS & CO. (Jffill-Ei- M 1MB Delegate to the Border Convention, Recommended by the Union Democracy to ba Elected Kay 4th, 1881. iuikicT Becaad Thk-- Poartb Dlainai Flftk Dwtrtc' Pgktl Dlatrlot Ktntk Dta TcoU IXjtrlrt. trIlrt..i4oa4af t a caa Mata for ba atte af Pa'V ".a.-n- i t flS tha tha tnLiMLli af Mr. Joka H. Patn. apa ata a am'Mata fur tta pttca af Tax CxWetor In tb Wcatara rutrict, U tn tba H. af Mr vmm n7 aeoacaaal hr Ua OraK aotl Jtl KLECIION. Uuti uiilfeaai lairk a tnH ala lurC'ark aTtaaOid-aa- Q. TAYLOR cvr acv. a ika awfi 4 wi SPECIAL NOTICES. aJwiaa will aa tt. mwrai ana Pan Kis wa Coz.fidcnt'aL kava tlmtwlraa br totfala aa tn B aa M 4 Jgt4 and 'aaral 4 vai kind, hara prodaoad JTa. ho. by awetlur la Vwttct of tkHr Tear, b for. Impaninc atr acc-ta an' aaM Stat avad Dr. GatHt t ht avrtila OM t HiU. ami aa. fitim P. BKI.U CHAEL A A. VICKLIFFB. BEAD. JANi 8 P. RlBiAaON. B. BVfTON. R'tPF.RT KICHAEDOX. rtctJOHX r'L MMel Trtotif aa eraal AXaaaat a a ptibnV4. rrriaad. aalarfrd. and fl'nrtrat-a- d y a aua awd atwravlnaa. Taoaa who feara read are partlca'artr reoaeav He gama to ga on fiercely atid heroically. atkrr arrka ab thear tor til a boot-- Priet, Pea Cfeab. ar taraatr is d ta mfor aeadiag troops by the million all A'!dma: auii far tl W. along tha lino away down to tha Cotton n. 0. CO, LoalTflie, If. aaJI itf Siates, and for performing Test achieveno use Talking-.ment of valor en a Urge scale. Tocva ktaa WJI aa antd aad racaOaaat bat It br Tha editor of the Tribune has been al! ana tear baopra ta their root la they ahoald aa aaaa Dr.Oaua. - aa mnB astrkata taaai ftvta tbt along belligerent. Ha is far ahowiog the niaian la a rr akart CaM. Kaad adnUaaunat U South and the rest of mankind that we have aottxr eutnaia kaided "LocutiLLI Parran Miatoai a Government. Greeley is not for gciog mar-Dyhip-oje- i MMt-bi- ti round B altimore; he is for plunging right tk ough. Ha exhorts other people to wade through; ha doesn't go himself. Greeley is OHieiKAL a!td TkWr ur woeu a philosopher. Taa aalr ILajamlaaa aad HattaMa BalrB Roche, of France, pardoned Laawal had behaved badly, and iueatn aia Kara watte nana, aad akaaM baavaM a eoldierto who remonstranoe of replied tha d If 1ak ta aacava f.dlcala. the com 1LAT. LED. ar BCSTT HA!I ca laaUatly to a manding officer: '8ir, ho ia a good ao'dier. kaaaUful and aaural siovb ar black, trliaaat tba Itaat aad soldiers are sot philosophers, 'else tbey Itfarrtaaatr arakta. wouldn t fight." So it la with Falloeopher PIPTKB etPXALI aad EIPUOMAJ tea baar aaraad ta Wot. A. Ba.Mar atee ISM, and avar 10. Greeley; ba doesn't fight himself; but be aaoeeatlaaa bara k Ca uada ta tta kak af taa exhorts other people, not philosophers, only atniai at tbw anecj iiya. WU. a. ATCHKLoS1 HAIH-DT-J aradeeai aaalai food for powder, to rush right through Bal B( ta ba dlal'.orniaoad frara aatara. aad a n n ml it timore. Let's hear the philosopher of the aat ta bvar la ta bMat. kawaeer tint It aaar ba af bad Drat raaaadiad tka Tribune, tha poet of the Tost, and the gen aaad. and taa m a8W-aatr InrKaratad lor Bfe by ttkj splandid Or oral of tha Courier aid Inquirer say, let at arpnad (ta ntna pnrata taoaMat thr go through Baltimore we, as & eo. the WVt Pasverr. M Boad ctraet. K Tor. philosopher, the poet and the general V Ut at aB dtiaa aad tows af ta Unttad Btata I PraMti aad Paaer Oaada Daalar. go through Baltimore, plunge down Sjufi aa a mm oUi aarrartac. aa knar atdaa t taabacal aad take Jeff. Davis. Wa should, moreover, like to aee tha Ir WTt. a. MTCSEiyL U Bond atreaC Maw York, aad awtolrd laaMTlIja repressible editors of Kentucky take a Mjr plunge down South or Eat toward the aeat Cb Oreat JCnfLish aXsmedf of war. They aay tha time for argument has past, and tha time for action has come Lot them go, then, to tha aeat cf war, and not bring it her to Louisville or Cincinnati, SIR JAMES CLAE.KK-aepoeiaily not to Louisville. It is not KenPHU. Olebrmtetl tucky's war; ahe didn't make it, nor adrite laTAiaaaw aMdcma la anialHat ta taa aara of I Tn patafal aad aaaaaraaa dta la jdaal nor desire it, and, therefore, aha is not B aaaa ta ta it, fiaiila naaaiaUoa. entitled to have it heie. and rataaMa tkauaetteaa It aaailiraira afl m-aTha Backing of cities, deolruelion of frata waatarar eaaaa, aad a apa ear mar b rattad property and life, and tha eoreams of help Ta Harried LjUlaa women and children, are no tcuslo to It at aaoa&artr aaUad. It aic, ta a akart tnaa. bTtsc lea our cara. It ia time enough to meet all this aa ta avwthir parkod with rccs.arlL7 . tactlaa, when wa have a fight of our own. Teace is tM an the vital interest of Kentucky, Jmt FO aanald ttoi tt uLta ft and there it rfaant. aanar AW FIE ST THBkM MOy'THS. mt no reaaon ah should sacrifice it for the (bar an an at ata aa atiwarri m; af at aawv artar iif?i( mfc. atatf. aad ta aaary vjiv aue. Out are benefit of others, who are striving irtLji la all eaaaa of Htrrae aad Bfilnal AaVcatana. Pala ta eaten a ingenuity to precipitate herinti a raar- tat Back and Uicba. Hurrta-a- a, Patlxaa aa war they began in spite of her. They would ttaa. Palprudoa of taa Dsu. Lawnaa af Bptrtta,1 Whltra, aaJ art tb pala'al Dl tartaa, Kck Beadacba, be delighted If Kentucky would take the aaaaa aaraanaad br a dlaordared ayatera, theaa PUb fight they began off their hands. If they WW affect a ear wttaa B ether etatan bar failed. Pan diracttaoa to tha bamphfe areaad each pacta, I fueeeed they will be smart, and Kentucky ... ., Wak abaald be arcraJlr praaerred. v. I . LnknUriu fl Pin. .nA avMa arltb tka I ;ii rO. ik. Otiaaaiiil r aaii af Wiaat ba Mat boat I or intriguing, ambitious demagogues fjaa far at aad alt Batten atamii. I job hmF.a. arm. WaaaraiAAMt. atSv w a cannot withhold an observation ,. aaeaaauT, new len. i Baal at LffetarlEa by Bayaaaod A Tykar, Barlnc? I ur w v va wa icucr m uo.truur oisguuB A Brother, and an tha who)and retail Druutsu. I (I has been in friendly e3rreepondence with the neighboring Governors, in order We are I preserve peaceable relations. I COAX I glad to bear it; and we apprehend it would promote that object greatly if ha would as -- -. fc ' aa aaad tad beat aantia at tha krweat aurkat price. sure those neighboring Governors that OCkoaa ! atreet. waat aid, aad corner ) Kentucky would maintain her present etatua ST rraaw aa a aaaiuc ia the Union, aa far as his influence could ol Oratitnd). An induce her to do so. If aha does that she Twovv Taoosan Oorrm cr xttMcat Booa roa Oaa- a tuftnr. waa baa baaa aflao will have peaeet if not, these Governors can ncaaaa CBKCLanaa-taaUy aara af aarroaa aebiillr. loaa af aarmory, aad give bo assurance on tha subject. When dlaiaiai af alt hi nrltlrf frrai larly irnrn tr tilWnr aha adopts aa act of Secession, she deolarea ta tba baaar lctloaa clrea la medical work, aad wh taa liii tt hi aty. la ralllad ta tha aathor. and lor war against the Government to whioh ihote taa kaneBl af 0atiiaHI'e aud Itmu aafferara, ta Statea bel ng. aaatuh taa ateaaa card. Ua anil lharafora and fraa. The people of Kentucky are g'ad to hear ay ad Iran, aa racrtpt af tmaaipa,a ty at tb Addraai Tart. aaataliilBa rery lufcrauUaa reqah-ed- . of theaa efforts, and would bo glad to be Bot m mwf. A'h."r. a, V aiawiT informed as to th progress made; what Tb lafloatas bi aauaot frvat letiar. wnoaa assurances ar given, and on what con by th Bar. 1 a Uohae. paanr af th Plenepo'Dt-Strae- t Baaaut Charcb Brookira, T, tatha "Joaraaiaad ditlons. ' Cladnaatl.Oaad tp Tocnmea la airat It ia strange that the Governor should WlHLoWt awlileanaaaad mMirt complain that a dispatch to him from the Bwhiim Biacr eo CaiLaaaa Turaisr an roar rolntma f Mm Secretary of War of th Confederate States boiof in our uf', bat we I waa prblished. Why did he not publish it oat- - ut ! himself, aad hi reply! When the Federal dittos, H- "Ttere ii rsi thi ra M el coat. O. MlUor ' Oo., Jt Act f t LA P. Irrepreaelbles. We notioe the aama epirit still mare rife and irreprearibl in the dawn Eist The New Tork Erenio Poet id indiga&ct a' the moderate tone of Seward' reply to Qot Hick. Tha editor is di'gusted with the "high consideration" at tha close of the letter. If Seward had been a little more vulgar and eoaree it would have iaiiei the appetite better. Tha' assaranoe that the troops passing through Maryland ar only intended for tha defense of tha capital, is The Courier and Inquirer, very disgusting. of th same city, is conducted by General Webb. Ha, belonging to tha military in the Lime of peaoe, and to the peace eitib lishment in time of war, wants tha blood; f WM J"a:CA KTha uut m n. BkIJTOW. Irreprecaiblai cbo't endure peace The mob ort.nt of Cineinktl don't tk epirit of th tneetiDf, wbea oar del gAtei Tislted tkat citj; they don't lik Den aiaon'f leuor area. They want to got the Irrcproaaibloa togetier aad raie a rebellion against their AnUble prooeediegt. Tha editor of th IrrrpreeaibW orgaa hero ie eridently pleaded with hit brother Irreprcs-ible- s of Cincinnati. They mn'oblly fur Uheack othar with, food I hey love to feed on. If Kentucky And Ohio ahonld invade each otner'a bordera wiia hoatilo arinirt, bora cltiaa, and elaaghur tkoaeandt of each o'.her'i people, it wonllbe glorioas eport. Ii would bo a day of happlaeea aad joy to the atlla Far A.1XON. W. DC Htnk B'trtctC'tOKO (wrea k TJaukx CUAKLKS a 11 t(H AUfSUST r.lrtctRrniK DiartclmAClS ctana of tt aar. bi laat II la an ' rto th lat af rnar ra.dara waa bar baalea cant am bur aa Uli taaa uartni aii." JUt.e K99a9 JHath-JC- - I I I JiOTJISVIliIill $lL.L)HsA.Li la r 111.31 All 1 tnarsocrBD ob tub -- las op thi HOBFTIAL tr I VBKERIBXS. PABU. jf tvevea atnr wiibaal k ar rx cure, UuiKtrrnaa. tlrt rtctir, nan all! and rerataneat car ar awa tneo:un-tmauTJtT.otir a na fl.clt . Ilii, iTiflrmary. FAWtKTLAR POTICB. Or. toL'.'U Mn.NrTfcl ol th M aav.iirt tiBdi af hn tlm. I.i tha n- - i aanta br a aaarvt bavt, aMcb rulae both bwrt; aad aitiid. atitltiiua tna. fjnfcMtnuate Irvflrl'ibal nir - ar wc! w ibraa aarlr Tb-itt althar b''TicbaMta. nr Hi racial o rtret rwar. and lMtal taa fMitnn.u. Ueatroy tr phraw-'- lmliit ir na. epriallT tin to all r an i each aoolaoiDlaltiM Hi .mare, triu-- tj loaa uo time U Biafclnf a Dr. II., br bt. arw ircaioiabt. tmtavdi.te ana p rmtnani cara at ftiiwii ia lunar a ba. HALL'e AaKicAh lur tha eiclnatra i Fa arttcle of tuk.lnr v. ,ri' h anrmal aadlarcloa at SamAe baa Mr. ana Amavan rrwvf'i' iiiia Taar can ba ratiaeaa Ar. Mauairoal oa"nrt''n. la all aa frlca par anil SI and ear W. aoaiajre aramp b Pauoou u viae at dlataae eaa a b traliiai a daaenpttea al uudr nutin aad hMtaato a lamp. HI mlt U arr at1rae. Nil. Ii airaet. balwMW Pint and irraoa aa iroai 7 a. a. ta a r. u anut i. w f, at. i. mi ril lmntntia, raai. J.iMt UM TTTHOLE'AI ll ajf Cnltivators. APP&OTED PAT- a.K iif ZZZBSZTX aitt Ira B llllr.1. MI1V. WTAPD U BOW. , A - OT. X0 BFAIL no. zj Markat auaat. beiaeaa (iROCA-RT- a PLOCB a. avwu KUEEELL ft BOWLES, Cominissi on Iklerchants, Sia. li Caaap (itaaat. w IT Of ALL K1D a cuoua at. i uu aau.. Aiaal aaptaa. ar ear aavetp. Sh Sty and arar la aaa aanaaa NUMBER 213. Letter ftom Annapolis. tht tui Affairs Tin Noni.iKRy HEAP DT ORDKK at Perryville. laouet-- v pfstiml I f AH U FIlTU. enoT IKIOATE CO U AfiT.ITAL OFJ:0RKTU'JO"S-TTUB PAT tPaCO-ANTT.1ION PA1I8 TO OF IlKAlQCtKTliltS MAIi.LANu TOUlo II1K UK RAlLR'IAli Tu K M1UX vhV IUE ELK-0U- OF UK TUB TKOOI'S XAICa ErOAFB tlllL'cHJ.-- IS TIaE jPP.tOK OF TH MAILS Ct A IV IK'S OCT SO U CM Y IHU Of I'UVIsiOXb AND BW'l PBiurs TU C1T A NEiKO ViXUaTKF K3 PAntOLLbD XIUUtLV fXIS IS tU NOKIHtH ASHT. WHlCnCAt-SlArI-ArFatitANOf IUK lilX'P.". AP il tX.tra.iioi.denr f the Ikil'lisor ton AxxArous. April ai, of a detaebment im. one Lais jesierdar hunired uu o, le! en? nj to tie F.r llegiiuent of Volunteer.-- , iiom Noriistown, l'a , nut cooimaoded by UoioutJ U.ctQaa' , l.-tSupe arrived Lits ia tue s oaw-t- ug tior, do ui liATra cc Grace, havibg on btard a lull cargo of ploviaiocs. After diactargtL'g tbeir orgo, tbe mg ard s:eamr AlaryUni returned to Havre de Groa for me purpose of conveying tbe rem.iuder cf the rrgimint to this port. As tbe ibg nj proauhed the harbur, ehe was sigahl t.-- by tha fiigite CoLstitution, aud not fcufiwiug bow to answer, lha Captain ot the Constitution ordered the quur ere beat, aid a broadside cf thirty-tou- r paunders was run out of the port, hblje, wh.n it was disoovrred by ahouis of pointi g t th flig, &o , that the ti tug was a 1 right, and thereby saved her ruoi btkg fl.'cd into. At da break ibis morning a large steamer, .Va y'Ld, was eupi weed to la th ljiug cf? the harbor, wl h troops oa boarJ, &;.d ia a!i prob.thility she will steam into port iha day. Four oiuir steamers' are anchored a few miles below, all crowded with troops, and will iaad here At preseut tbere are 2. CoO troops at the Naval Academy, and from waat I can gather from the gorttDineiit. agents aud soldiem, before Satui day hi, lit there will b from Ibuu-auem hi to It is cedihly reported the Cniiei States frigte Caonii uiiou will sail lo iny forth uiuuth of the Pa apsoo bhd blockade the harbor ot Baltimore. Toe republican'? in the Naval Academy sa; (hat Aunapolia in to be tbe priucipal deot for tb lauding of troops, and that in less than one monih there will be from fif y to eeveaty-fi- ve thiusaud troops lauded here, unless tbey 6ud Baltimore more convenient, and then they will pass through th oity and overrun the State. As announced by te'egraph, yesterday at noon, a deiatchuieat of Mascaobusens volunteers took of the railroad leading from Ik. a city to Washington and No lesistai-cBaltimore. was offered them, but as soon as ibe demand was mtde the gates were throws open to them, aod after placing fitly uii-- ou guard, the remainder oommeuced operations by repairing tbe engine and cat e which had been disarranged by ihe Company iu order to prevent the troops from UMug thorn. At a'luut four o'clock this object was eo coupliahed, aud a traiu run out by aa engi ater ia one of tbe volunteer campaa es, when it was found thai tbe cars and road were S) arranged that at about every revolution of tne waeels the cars wen off the track; having no jack screws at the depot the soldiers resorted to prises and main strength to replace ttiein auother revolu (ion and tbe oars wera off again. Finally, however, they suocetded in obviating (hi d.ffijulty, aud ran the train about of a mid, when it ran into one of the switches ami waa again (brown from ihe Finding the ruad disarranged, fi ty track. men were detached to proceed in aud examine lis condltiou, which reculted in finding that at various places ihe track oad been taken up, and up to a lat hour yesttrday evening tha damages had uot been entirely repaired, but ia all probability by noou to day it will be in working order, and the forwarding of troops aod A large number of provisions commenced. troops from Wathiugton arrived at the Junotion, and are now holding the road in conjunction with the troops hare. A Mr D. Clarke, a resident of the State of New folk, being in Washington yesterday, desirous tf reaching th a city this morning, took tha overland route last night, tud wa.ted. He reports being fired at in Prince Gecrs's county, and iu his esospa was compelled to swiui the Patuxeut river All our mule have been stopped, the wire cut, and the captains ot to egraph Merboat airaid to sail. Tne chant, liow.rer, did veniur to proceed to Btiiiiuore and it' ahe tnou'.d be taken, the ci ism weu.l be almost desti etc There is a great toe of jroii-r.e10 ac iruiiy of tl u. and bolder aik from l eiO 60 ter bbL Sjuis merohauta aked tu jli io.dy. en r isutt I unler patrol at ntgbts, and from tbi-t- y t t lcrty men are rrgu arly tb'.a oiiittr in :re H no um tilled out. iaciion cf J errOiiage. List clgbt while walking cut I tnetiao of the "grren bag gentry" promenading the streets aith Mime uuskits on tbelr perfect harvest The troops hire crier for th bovs and nrgroes, by purchasing a slave be fruit, eto , iroiu iheui. To-d-iy one of the longing to a Mr. Miller, mtni'ers of the Seventh liegiment, from cou d not ta te him along; Net lo t, if he the ajldier immediately reported him. and master had him arrested and lodged iu jail. it may not be out of place to sta'e that thr; tfevenih Hegtmeut, from New lork, is looked upon as it. must geutlemauly and ell behited aoldiers here. It is rcporiea that thev openly assert ihry never intend to cros the Potomuc, and in esse they should be brought face to !ce with the iialtimore City Guard, or Ktehmoud tiuaids, tbey will cot tre upon tbeui, but give cneers lor ibe manner ia i.'itci taoy were entertained when they last met them in Washington and Bal'imore. Tne First Reeiment from Pennsylvania, under command of Col. tlactuaulet, presents B good apperance, but of a'l the haggard, crooked, gawkey and disarranged oldiery it wis ever our tot to gat; upon is Tuey range the Massachusotta regiment. of all trom about eiicbteen to forty-nv- e, and forms, while the majority of their les uniforms oonbists of worea and working pants and coats, some with biaoit and drab iouch bats, othets with old clotli and oil oaps, aud a lew with military hat, resem bling the old bat wora by the uaumore polioe, oer and there a plume. Ia faot, he only thing about them to aesigcate teem from citizens is a dtit steel mixed overcoat and knapsack, and some have not een that. I cannot say whether another letter will be forwarded ycu f oa here, the only by some per means of conveyance sons who may happen to leave tor Ualtimore For the delivery cf this one on horrebask you are indebted to two gentlemen from Ualiimore, who came here last night and lef. this morning. li placing the Slat in a position to maintain ehe may finally assume whatever will yet be attiined. la furtherance of my deairo to cuHv! friendly relations with th Border Free States, I opened a pactno and fruud y eorrespondenc with tb Governors of Indiana and Ohio. My overtures were received In tbe most frank and friendly fltiiit. The Executives of these 8'atea professed, and I believe with strongest wish to oon entire sincerity, tha tinue friendly relations with Kentucky, and to nidluttila peace on tne border, and meas ures were agreed r.poa looking to these rcpuits. But, pending these negotiations, what was my asiouiohtuent to dad copied at Jengta spa verbatim in the Journal, a tele gtaphic d p .tea fr, m the Secretary of War ot the Cintedorate States, direoted lo me, a. Ling for troop, i h comments making string lat'mations that I. in oollusiun with others, wr.sengsgei ia secret efforts to send troops sad arms to ihoie States. The iniliunioa was uttariy gratuitous and false, aid the truth m ght easily have ben aeoertained by applying to me at the out ileus, if the editor of the Journal h d trankly asked me for ihe fao s, instead of pub. isliiog a private dirpatch, surrep obttined, with Comments wholly flibie, I would have informed them thai ihe request cf Secretary Walker was at one declined. Th effect of this publication in tee Journal muit have caused the Governors of Ohio aod Indiana to distrust the honesty of my overtures to them, and might bar resulted in breaking off negotiation. Fortunately suoh was not the result, Tne negotiations were not broken off, but were continued and carried to a further point. I asked of the Exeoutives of those States whether they would joia me in an effott at madia'ion, suggetiog that tbe border free and sUvs States should endeavon last effort, to save the country. or, by To these oven ures I received responses friendly and favorable, and whioh encour. aged me to persist iu my effort; but lh?y wre eoiroitly received befo e I found my self again' assailed in the Journal by inii. maiious whign, if true, would at onoe put an end to the friendly correspondence, la the issue of yesterday it is charge! that a body of men, intendel for service in the Comedtr te S a es, tjokwithtbem "twenty eases of muskets and several six pounders," wblca tt is broadly intimated were furnished either by myse f or other Stat officers This statement, utterly false as it is, both in the direot charge aud in its intimation, did its wurx. tor tne second time my Horts to preserve prate were thus insidi ously atlauked It was moat natural that th peopla of Indiana and Oiio and their Executive officers should lose all confidence ia mo, and that they should at once break off all furthi-- r peaceful correspondence. 1 trust, however, the statement I now make, that the men alluded to did not take a case of muskets nor a either otnnon, or any other State arms, but ihat these were famished to M j jr Ttlgbman, of Southwestern Kentucky, as a pait of tbe proportion of tbe arms to which that sec lion is entitled, will sitisfy the people of tne uoruer t ree states ot tbe sincerity of my effort aud the utter falsity of all inti mations to the contrary. in conclusion, I beg th people of those States, and of my own glorious Stat, re gardless of all partisan assaults on me, lo rely that my most earnest, faithful, and assiduous tffirts bar been and shall be direo ed to thee two objects: "Armina ATe'ifucA-o Mai the may maintain any potition iie may finaHy atiimt, and cultivating ritndly 7ifi fA Bordrr Fru Statu, and rflanom maintaining th ptaet bttwetn thtm and our t'lvet," ia the hope (hat by the favor of God, w miy yet save ihe country from utter, irretrievable, and hopeless ru n. Fsipat, April 29. 6 r. m. Tbe panio in the border slave Siates eleck was more ay decided than ever. Everybody who had any of them hastet ed to sell them, ai d the sacrifice waa unex tripled. Notwith standing ihe pre digitus decline cf the past few days, wa find, ou comparing this after noon a pricea with thoee of last evening. iy that Kentucky sixes declined 20 per rent., v irgtmas IU, rtiorth Carolinaa 13, nd Missouri 7 per cent Tbe decline in KeniuckU-s- , wt.icb is quit without prece dent in cur Stock Exchange, is due to tbe prevailing imprest-iothat Senator John C Breckinridga and his friends will succeed in dragooning (hat Stat cut of the Cotnn As the debt of Kentucky ia about $3,000 000, Sir. Breckiuridge's li'tle speech has already coat hi ma-- about $1 2UU,0'X Vrziniaa. l.s lait renin? in th street at about 47; late in tbe evening, at soms uptown hotel, they are ctvd to have tcld down to 87; (hey opened this morning at 4), fold up to 4 J. then down to 87. l finally closing ih-.MJ. Tbe prevailing ia tbe street is that they ar absolutely worthless, and that (hey will sell nt ten cents on the dollar before long. Virginia, it is believed, he bern irretrievably ruined by the demagogues Mason, Floyd, Hur.t-r- , War is pte'-sure to liberate eto ail tb slaves in the border Siates, and in this event it wou'd be preposterous to expeot any cf the S atea to pay their debts. If the people of Missouri want to nnder-itanou which side the;r interest lief, let them volunteer under President Lincoln's proclamation; the announcement that they had done so, would put Missouri up lea per cent., aud would render Missouri (he leadA"-York Erald. ing border Stale. ic.pres-lo- More Interviews of Mary landers with the President. Telegraphic News. p1,1liaa,'tlJ Baltimore Eon, April 23 J Later from Fort Pickens! IFrom th We learn that a delegation from five of th Toung Men'a Christian Associations of Baltimore, consisting cf six members of each, yesterdsy proceeded to Washington, for an interview with the President, the purpose being lo intercede with him in behalf of B peaceful policy, and lo entreat him not to pass troops through Baltimore or Maryland. Rev. Dr. Fuller, of ihe Bsp-tichurch, aocompanied the party, by Invitation, aa chairman, and the conversation wts conducted mainly between him an i Mr. Licooln, and was not heard entire by all Ihe members of the delegation. Our informant, however, vooohee for what we now write. He states that upon (he introduotion they wer received very cor. dially by Mr. Lincoln a sort of rule familiarity of manner and Iheconvereation opened by Dr. Fuller seeking to impress upon Mr. Lincnla the vast responsibility of the position he ooeupied, and that upon him depended the a of peace or war on one hand a terrible, fratricidal conflict, and on Ihe other paeos. " But," said Mr. Lincoln, "what am I to dot" "Why, sir, let the country know that you ar disposed to recoguise the independence of the Southern States. I say nothing of secession, recognize th fact that they hav I government of their own, that they will never be united again with (he North, and peace will instantly take th place of asximy and auspeuee, and war may be averted "And what is to become of the revsrus ? I shall no government noreaourees Dr. Fuller expressed the opinion thai the IN on hero mates would constitute an im posing government, and furnish revenue. but our informant eould not follow lha exact tone cf remark. The conversation turning upon tbe pas sag of troops through Maryland, Dr Fuller expressed very earnestly ih hop that bo more would be ordered over the soil of this State. He remarked that Maryl&ud had ehed tsr blood free'y in the War of independence; ahe was the first to move for th adoption of the constitution, and had only yielded her clinging attachment to the onion when the blood of her aniens bad been Bhed by etracgera on their way lo a conflict with her bisters of th South. Mr. Lincoln insisted Ihat be wanted the troops only for the defense of tho capital, not for the invasion of the Southern State. 'Aud, he said, must hav th troops. and mathematically, the necessity exists that they should com through Maryland. They oan't crawl under the earth, and tbey can't fly over it, and mathematically they must come aoross it. Why, sir, those Carolinians are now crossing Virginia to come here and hang me, and what caa 1 do?" Ia some allusion to th importance of a peace poicy, Mr. Lincoln remarked that if he adopted it under the circumstances ther "would be no Washington la that, no Jack son in that, no spunk in that." Dr. Fuller hoped that Mr. Ltnooln would not allow "spunk" to override patriotism. Mr. Lincoln- - doubted if he or Congress eould recognise th Southern Confederacy. nun regard to tbe government, ha said must run th machine as he found it." And in reference to passing troops through Baltimore or Maryland, he said: fir, if you won't hit mo, I won't hit you." As the delegation was leaving, Mr. Lin coln said to on or two of th young men: I'll tell you a story. Tou have ail heard of the Irishman who, when a fellow wae cutting his throat with a blunt rsior, com plained that he haggled it. Now, if I can have troops direct through Maryland, and must have them all the way round by water. or marched across out of tn way territory, 1 shall be haggled. The delegation, on leaving "the presence. conferred together aud agreed on the hope lessness ot their errand aud their sal pros pects. From th BJttmor Eiduna, April S It will be remembered that, oa Saturday last, Hon. Anthony Kenuedy and J. Morrison Harris had an interview with President Lincoln, when the following conversation took place between them : Mr. Harris having announced the objeot of their visit to be to prevent further bloodshed, and to obtain a recall of th orders issued tor the movement of the troops, Mr. Lincoln, referring to the visit cf Messrs. Dobbin, Kruna and Bond, and the answer which he added : bad made to their representatives, My God, Mr Harris, I don l know what to make of your people. You have eent me on committee already, aud they seemed to be perfeo ly aaiished with what 1 said to them .ur. Harri replied that he knew nothing about thai; b cam as a oitixen and a representative to state facte as tney actual y existed, and to tay that the attempt to send any more rocps throoga Maryland would only leJ o a battle, and a very sanguinary battle. Mr. Lin Jin answered, ".My tjud. sir. what am I to do! I had better go oof end hang myaelf on the first tree I Come to, than giv up the power of th federal government In this way. I don't waat to ga through your town, or near it. If I can help It; but wa must have troops here to relieve ourselves or we shall die like rat ia a trap." H further expressed some surprise at the ac tion of Mr. Harris, and wa disposed to tax m with the abandonment of his Onion iociples Mr Harris answered the Pre ident that he was still a Union man, but he bad come to state facts, aud to represent to the President the sentiments of ta people, and it was on of universal opposition to he passage of any Northern troops across Mr. Sewaid, inter he soil ot Maryland. posing, drew Mr. Harris aaidato a wiadow, od pointing to tb bluffs of Arllng'oa, asked Mr. 11 if he knew that cn the top might plant a of that hill the Virginians battery, and tha: tbey would not know at what moment a shell mieht burst in that very room. Uoneral soutt, who was pres eui,a so ezpressidthe opinion that it might be absolutely necessary for the trosps to cut their way throueh Maryland for th relief of th federal cspitaL '! Sensation Dispatches USCOiyS ! 13 TOU. WAXW H2AVT FAILURES IS THS SORTH! Motment of the Boathtrn Army wsr!s WashiB.ton! To- M'CPLIFU snanwartaa AT OH VCtnilH WTtl PT, T'l. PR KM U4l!l VMalaBBl X af I I ! L"UaBjrMBBBVaWaBaaaTib, jMIs;.;kli.a.kousw, New Importations - S. CASSEDAY & SONS tl Pont A i,..;;. nilV., JLtaiJ BN LABS PTWwcTJTLZaT PRE-ttTh feasibiU y of tapping th artificial CinVA. PUT 10 CA8TORB- lak for supplying Baltimore is openly l7tlA.V COAIS, ' OflLOTtn 8LA30, la'ked of. lCX:.iArKB VASSS. ctB BtiTTUa, Bistob, April 27 Oar harbor wi'l b New Tork Aptil 7 It fa that eloeed PLATF.D FOkls aad S POOS a against th shipment of any article Gen. Harney been irrts 1 at Harper' to thi rebe' rerry, anu c.rried to Klcumoud. PTATVlTTXiS CptataCushlog tendered his service for was in Monigomery on TuesBSniBlt Wag TBA WAJLa. any c apacity in defense of th Union. day evetiusr. SaASITB WARJL COKMO WABS. It I reported that iwt mor regiments f Gjn Butler r.f Massachusetts, rccalns at nxnr jars Aaoapolis troops ar to b called for. He has planted a battery on Mass,cbu-t(- s f kathju tctixn, Tsey an b put la working order ia three tea the heights opposite tha l .vo. which can voxajs rrnnaHS. dsys destroy the ci'y at aa hour's amice. Th town of A Vt'kkhit atoo disnatch r.f Wln..l. i. war purports. TanntoB voted $2,000 the Times enys a d.pu'ation of Virginiats and Marjlauders waned on the President "PlTTSBCBO. April 27. River T f. . f. i" and demanded a cesstir.n of hnstilitta nn Weaker oiear aid w ircn. til afer the session of Congress. The rapaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaM . President's answer was promp, decided and in i hi. opga PCIUFT TUB DLOOIa. One of th deputation eaid 75,OuO Marj landers would contest ihe MOFPATT'8 piBiaof trccpsover her soil, t which the President replt.d that be premmed there wh room enough in her soil to bury AJfB 75tOOmeu Tne l'.wnee was at Washington. A Wsshingtoa says Dr. rlB HIOH AXTrKIVlKD CBT.BBRtTT WBi. , Oarnett, son ia law. to Ex Gov. Wise, ol IIUUM. wllun In .iui.,ik.u-- haa hi. . .. Ih, . -- afinlml Virginia, has sent bis wi.e and family to Ih aa lotara, aaa tha Banal practica f onlr uw.wr, but anaoithr of tk . . e A , LOr.ii, f r safety. ' kauwa ty ttiPirl rulta lr ood warka laallfy for i-J the) thrive nut by tha huia of the craiuioaa. A larjr number of Virginians are in this i Ut ALL CASES etty who were driven away because ihey Ajttiraa. Acuta and Chronic -ASbeea V wouid pot taka th oath of allegiance to the Of tha Blander af aud kiioeya. o vraonriA! harxet arrested Oe reprrl Jtf DU itnr fEDli i jC'. ie Vegetable Lifa PiHa pikemxuitter: State. BILLt lUS VHVKRS AXP LTVIH CuMPLArvT" V. eat. where thna The coolest thing yet proposed lo the In tha auo-. foun.1 InvainaMe. Plaa the. at Government was that made by Governor atl.era.arhobe once asa tuaaa Jaedlalaaa. era, (anaer aiu navar rHicks and Governor L;tcher that they woud jointly guarantee ih safety of tb Cspitol lAtADOilr-llo.- 1 Uaad with (net saccaai ta tka Tb Government deciiued such proteo ioa, ir aa. probably very much to the disgistof th CORRUPT UCMOR., P HO PS I Fa. two rebels of Virginia aud Mtryland DY SPKPSA ?l panon with tht dtatreMln dta koold dxl.r aaloc th-MeUieliMa lauiMdiauiy. A who wis o m patted to lie BRCPTtONS OP THJt BE I a. from North Carolina say s that th seces ERYSIPF.LA3 AND FLATTJLI5CT. sionistsar carrying all bef rihem without -. PtrVBK AXD reference to law or order. Tuty have driven country thee aialiclnea will be found a aaia.Wia.epa tn-- i omain rrniwlr. th- -r aMdtetn off macy peopi leaa tha who do not symp w a return oftardai-aa cara trr thM a.- this with the movement, and had threatened da la pennaneut. Try than, b aatltaad and be cai i loudly lomob and bang FOt Xsd OP OOMPLBXIOW. Gilmer, PRBILrTT. who is persistently resisting th lid ot Ooat StrldlnM. Qrarel, TleadaerMaof rwy klad, passion. art F.r.r. Inrt.r0mat4.rr Mfi.iia.iMai I.mm1cu- -i iaoadlca Liaaef AptwUla. PalLAntlPBM, April C5 SenVor MaUYlCiaMPLAllIT", son, of Virginia, is ia this city. II says lbprobic, isoimwmm. PISXASX9-Wcti- t btAMtCL'tUAi. be ram to settle tb estate of bis relations a arark-altk!la anttratT all af rA secret V gilanee Commute ia watching enry lriOiili.trt aoooar ihaa tha atoattba powarfa prepar him closely. Th populace ia not aware of ,1.1 :i ai sanupaniia. his presence, or they would, undoubtedly, mob him. Beark, Pbinler't ChoUc A dispitch from Fai.lmnra haa been received, slating it I'j.ou the revived in that ei , ti day, . :i b relied on. The .s but ol ft- - i. : Baltimore, vix: ho lo h I" .. o. Ms Tb schooner J. r ",T U npjned to hi.vo by to -' ..VHV"ir. BALT- Secessionists, on Js, .1 nv , ic-- i rit into a war vessel. - ct a. Commander LI - : ''- ', r. 3 N Wrti t: T br tt-- shot himself yesn r i , bt 'h Mercaants 'cU. iiawr a': o Motel. . A schooner, lo ' r.t Savannah, ; ;i ;a, i i .' . Delaware river, tato x j Twihnu-an- d ..'..-a.e l- . i 'ti Philadelphia. " "" ' -Bcstow, April oial bulletin' li gives 16 failures and tuapensiona in New Bosiop, and 13 in other jUce", lork, Zlztra ZXeawy Onnnles. being a total of 47 during the wetk. al A ' di. , . SIX-'- river lav failen l teet in the la?t 'li hour. Wea hrr n.1 scmewtimt clouly ; thermometer 7C. Mar-k- a TO ABIaZ2 ! TO ARM 3! dsn-unchanged N id for lard, at 'AfTr.r-Fj- R 111 LOCISTILLB BOTFRY, JG3' kud mtNi( Vcx at $13,75 . IV tlitrarttaboolau man, a a Humaan-u- Fira Uoa- - anal tv , .a R.mftii. oiha CBeXBt'sBcao, Pa., April 27 a.rear, tKtwai--. Jcder. a aal tr a oua aaid appiy Wot aavea lacua. LUa. II nerstown report atuddenand auuai aa fiofi D. r. FTOia. most wonderful chsng in the sentiment of Captain Loni- - villa Pavery, K.nmciir wa.f tiuiMt aft ofMarjUod Tbe stars and stripe will b raised at Zor Bale. tlagersiown Ij dsy. and x ensivs preo-.r- Kf K: flfl "tanRl.ab i.liv CC ina l!ean-iw.- r: iona are brirg mad for further Vnioa h Hi b i j.i4nn emocsranous 10 0 pa n il. (("ii; The election next week for Eeprefeoia- - Jat recaivtiii ao r aa- l- i" R. 11. CiA'artK'L. til Tktr-- trat. r veswill result tr. mendP. for -r a to.-- n Ma n arSKd t rry, a Cato- -. nta. Allegheny Ooan y in COAT. strucied lis Represent. ire that if ihey ., A voted f ir ihey wiil bs hucg on iV SfT KR'FI. TS TBd REOULABT.T APPOrrm) A . bt "I Vt AC. wo Utie. at ua-r- a their return home. at rarnfw'e'-wi, betvera Fwurui auu arA.13ra Cbabbkf ssrao. Pa , Arril 27. The star and strip are waving, and ta miner hav Caasaiercial ftiii ef Hml rkr.l pAuiiAO. H.rcn e. la k. worn to renst secetatoa to the death at l V . """f : Bt' A"" ' ".'.: SV.VT FO-J- kVS: S V; Sl'ouillJ - Ac. Ac SULKIES, rt fob balb chiap at BrRR,lltIHTAWUEELERl a pm assort OPPOSITE TUS O ALT BOUSS, aaatr nrwvn.1 I W. WW- omCS. JV'T tV a It' VTS . - . DItUGS CHEMICALS, AND STICP DZH-ZIXJTT- hl'l INI I, tori VI iiG a T ' -i - Mn ii u :r, Tobact - MH-- ai i t' - n. s:.-- . - tl - tb h tutntr SCHOOL. itn CisctnatTi. Aptil 27. j COAO.UKS! trtl vx i.:t i.-- ' F.UVvItl 4 VS. 1 111 1 f Ff SPTJtRV era. MONDAY. Th ..i 'tJJ is time. Next werk no Tmpvh xrs with Southern traitors wiil dare avow their sen ments at Hagerstown, Fredtritk or Cum rland. A h ither dispatch reports the eastern x;ep Wincbestrr, all Culoo te Tn Lniooist he cot wi 1 a Hilary corps in town at one. Ahe indications here Indicate a reaction tuhllo sentiment, Union men appear tc be mor hopeful Busn river bndga was fired last tveninr and totally destroyed. A pasiei ger says that Gen Htrney was aken prisoner at Harper' Ferry by a de. achmeot of irginit trnop this mnroirg n. iiarmy let. wbetliog fcr ihe putpo.a lepcrtiug him-e- 'f Be at VVashinron. fore tbe train reached Harper'.. Ferry it was oppea and a lumber of troops mourned e platform, and ihe GeoerU bring pointed out he wa immedianlr taken into custcdy lie was in cmien dress, and was treated very couriecusly. There is no doubt ihat aa soon as ih Eiecutiv of Virginia is vie acquainted wiia the ftct. General arney will be a waa tb case iih aa officer of the Uatted Sates army. ho was seised a few days sine ia Rich mond. Ia th western section of Baltimore a number of American flogs were raised this morning. The sterner Lou stana armed this morn ing fiom Norfolk with th Cai State mail. Ther was no news if any exciting character. The lortlfication cn tbeeoastof Virginia. and th approaches toN-.if.iand Ports cuth were advaLcing Particu was this the esse f Nurloik, Craney arly laud, and at the rsaval bofpnal. The obs'ruetions near ihe entranc of the port of Norfolk remaiuen, though vtsse's drawing from o to 10 feel of wa er passed freely ia tn 1 out. tff.ns wer making to raisa Ih steam Merrimse, tbe sloep-it-w- ar frigat Plj- mou'h and another wir vets. I. which, it waa thought, would trove suco. esfuL itit tit Sal !I""T!CB.- -T UB ANNCtL ELbCIIOf FOR wUt h. ll r.ct..r- - . f tn'-- i ttt.tutl..!. and Wrt.1.1 tank, thi- ttfl - if .l.a n ao.ii)A t, the ctn s ir r n t I.' . L. ' )4 i h.t a p. dows T ICHVtD villi DAT. A PKW KArlXRMd UP e iU, n pr a cuiuia Ir l ma plUa ewrtu. slaa K. 0 U:vr-- . aa. AD mla al veiy kia a as it a ijiiw" an n at. S. MARK- AUX JTT TTAVB I 1 TROiSJOuLEC: s. an o. it. 8. aitb d" v. x. HIS AO EN w.-ia- ai ad an4 AKJdAliVar tn af which ar af ta vary y at Is- -t taaa upaaa zas baa ta In a aiare on TP V ,u,ti .'.-- '. firrra Street, 5 i. tX, i..l iu warrant As ao s. T P io'd riA.MOB BMAVDY. ail u. ). 1, tssef avrr a'tfe'e ' -- rr L.K km .1. 1U rranri ei.lj .tr Fr. cufTibiivt-:- ai r rii SPRING mLLLEHy.; M.S. M. A. ViitoV!, Jim. 413 JeeTaraa r-rl. Faarlb, aaa b A FTT Tfr-- THR LIT at wf rptr4 ma Janet .v., ..-- OFTVUS ti ' Mais rrn - O-- Pal Kti . .. Ua. Ft. a b-- a tsyax aid, ba'aar . aCtVB. " 1 t reaxr, Ja. pllt art ar cat a era-n--. At rerrynlle, Cecil county, on the east !al.b! r?T I. dr-- a - it sT v jttentt-Johnso oa Lova Ou of Rochefouside of the Susquehanna, opposite Havre do TeCriVET FBI FTKAMk - FXNOV." las cauld's maxims it: "Young women who .1 V IN. ut ka store e.iJU aaaa. hkciad- Grace, the Northern troops are cone, ntra : lu lha It.. a ai tiao.: do not wish 1 1 appitr co imt es, and men of Dg in large force, awaiting conveyance to t ufBmo-- .ft troa l lo advanced years who do not wish (o appear tuc N ..Is S taa i lou; he federal capital. A regular camp has T.ibaiiu i;Uttii ridiculous, should never spe tk of love aa Wo, 119 'JEFFI-RSO- n STUEET,; been established, and guards plaated F..r1. Bt . la. . ) nt Mil Li-of a tbing iu which they could take part." i.f . w iae blaak Ua Monday night, while one or the V. ropnl Nt.,1 Uurr&MM Mail; Mrs. Thrale relate an amusing instance of L0UI3VILLS. KT. officers wrj going the rounds of the camp, tui aud fAr.u-.b-1U Mjlti. at vry tow Johnson's adroitness in escaping from the by Nana ai it saortrt i he was accosted by a aeuuoel, who deman wa ip i dilemma; "Js we l.a i been atying one day in ded the password, which the officer gave. failed of receiving dignity that no Thirty Good Hales for Sale. secttnel, who either misunderstood him the frcm the manner in which Dr. Johnson had forgotten the password, presented IlATft TUIRTV GOOD Ml IRS FOR fAXK l .Hi to . I IV'. Thej taj re) ar I treated It, a lady at my house said she aa al bis bayonet at th officer. The tffi.-e- r avrnk t to ix vTt pal. HtHt m would make htm talk about love, and took ordered his guard to fire, which they did. aww a r measures accordingly, deriding the ooi af tbeui a. re. rv.Mi.a killing the aentinel on thorpH, nine baits es wouii do aefl t co an.1 Ma I ham. Praatt vels of tbe day bee iu.1.1 the treated about a luiubtta ia LuutaTtl)- -. Str per be entering his body. The sentinel was a man I. ( ..inme-nlove 'It is not,' replied our philosopher. w jz-i.-r-rz.I ..Jill of family, and a resident of Philadelphia. t5yTh comet discovered a few days because they treat, as you call it, about by Mr. Thatcher, or .tw lork. Another version of the ehootioe of the since Ths Gfm of tha Season, love, but because ihey treat of nothing, SLWAT3 0N at V.r"' has now become visible to th naked eye, set tin el n, that sore of the volunteers had BV that they are despic ible; we must not rid- and may possibly attain a considerable AS J SCfii an-- JI AuaMIC.TaR1A.-- lr. utiuied, and threatened violence to their .luea iae rrcal bra r. Ja, icule a passion which be who never felt mtgnttude It id near i.n with M 041Us, commander if he did not return with them th star Asia -t lUX ARr to SMtaJfewfi ever was happy, and he who laughs at 1dtaf l'hilaiivlphia, aud that the guard fired on between that star and Zeta, of the ta.'' ao ii tiaih! arn a ui Tn Ut. never deserves loiec! a passion which has same constellation. urr.nait vtnK the mutineers, killing one and wounding Nolbiag definite is yet Sweet Potato Seed. Pr. a on'V Si c nf aoeliHiaur rur.i Lie l.t-caused ihe c'uauge of empires and th loss knowa of M tf y nail, II AVB i'R i three. iMRMT Tti A' FTVABtB ' toa Aim l ai its future course or biilliaacy, cr tiur f Avar of Tkca, ana tame of worlds a passion which has inspired u.ia l.a nae.t a d rr.i .a-tr t turn n At the time when the above information its possible identity with th long espeoted ta. .".m th aanmcky t Poiai , ua.i heroism aud subdued av irine. lie thought oomet cf Caarles V. No tail id yet visible, -a a ached na CTueadaT Tmi. and lha tronna ttoaiimra mi. af viaala Iluar.aatlt- wraoldrr. Call a.ary FCjIK ir- Bt at M J'"itw he had already said too much. 'A pission, but from the large apparent diameter of tb tun .1 U.0 tAatral SoRtaiKt MlSIIAMfjCS-A- ri umbered 1.100. under the csmmand of rM. MoCtKI-RLLL' ,71 ia short' added be. with an altered tone. head, p Imi Wtrl lay wi " Co' Chas. P. Dare. it would appear to ba near th earth. v c .11 jnd xaaulaa r4 al Sri it to that consumes me away for my pretty HL&TJ AV7A7, Th roads from Philadelphia to Havre on. Pot ..i t be or r an a A a, hrataex Fanny here, and ehe is very cruel,' speak- - d. ituita tr. Mtii t. n lie:, tui r. TUuiMay aad. ' TBB try lSaTAIT PROM TUB SCB- - JL de Grace, and from Philadelphia to New W. Fosdick. of Cincinnati, aUaLaiaai wa,!Ja uoia. I ri vi tia Port ami oraveuav, j. ig of another lady (ilui Barney) in the writes to the editor of th Press cf that were rtportvd to be Bt'HAW. xork aud other cities, I fir ja t U3ni a ti j it room. aa, .! an-- Arrtn t..rml aim Jtr. ned witl troops arriving by every train a Utnt au -i cut n e:ua a' kr tr..i.t trtk.As ity, denying th statement that Signer M.iyi - f.a uvr aumaa. Had an5daf :i a la I. ahaof.ft WiUlaia ranptrts were being eent arcund to fame, ia Oviedo, of "Diamond Wedding dertd -1 draas. hue I tha How tbkt Get off JuJgj Harris, of half black, as stated. Mr. roadick is per Havre de Grace for the conveyance of the sriiZtZ. TTrxLHiaHizi tUr.'UrayatI-wrurar1 the Ocmulge Cirouit, has adopted a new sonally acquainted rataraeJ t ate ar p'wa BOLT ANO BUBOBi Tne Susquehanna, faom llavre de trocps. with tb gent'emar. 1 a. r. J. M. BLAK R. lal ao ina--PtKtai Ail r.ainara. naat atata plan of ridding his docket, cf assault and was on A r;l 17. ISSI aplS f L .ul nay to Annapolis, Grace down th will wedding guests, and there of IMPRi. kO PoKTABLa MILLS ta'ttaaaOA Iraaca battery cases wbtch is not a bad idea. At for speaks ih oard. Bnrra, i. 'mi y l iMti atui. doubtless he the great military line if the by LATER AUK IT AL OP THE FLEET. e.WLT WAi.Ml.Nna Srvaral (rtaaraaa iTnoa. nes superior court, held last week, aa we orth. WALKER'S EXCHANGE, Utl Irooa. acraaa, arruraa. SV.Uua. Pluirbar ParVa. . I have just time to announce th arrival learn from the Macon Telegraph, t wo per it was immediately published, and the reply aud artleka rnaral.v. A larva ack aa btal. at l The reported bnrnina; of the residence of of the fleet off the harbor. MUTbe Chi. f of Polioe of St. LouU has It consist of sons indicted for fighting offenses were avr aua sa arr ail 1 wt-- t toil. Had not th people of this Stat the Gen. George Cadwallader, Magnt.Ua, ibe steamers Btltio, Coatxcoalcos, Colum atr notihed all free negroes and mulattoea who a THIRD ST., BET. MAIM AND MARKET. hum a,.. a dKcbarged rn condition tnat tbey should Hint aa Mala and taa tlar, tijlltmort Sun. aame right to puMioity in one caf as the Bush river, is inorrect iw-rn- bia, B. K. C'ujler, J. 8 Sbriver, Ariel, enlist in the Georgia army, the Judge have no licence, or ar not permitted by bjirttr r. BaLTiaoaa, via Havbb sb G bagb, Apr 1 Htrriet Lane, Boston. Maryland, and the taking occasion to say to them they migbt law to reside with n tbe State, to leave it 'het Must we have aeereey on on aide, forthwith, or else they ar subject to ar 28. U .Vjrnr 11 cks and mrtil f the 31. de Grace. Tney bring Th following, from the Lexington iuir from llavre ata bfi and nnrilirilw on lha nlrier noulge their belligerent propensities by rest and dealt with according to law. meoibe a r Ihe east in lnnof the State. 8 000 troop? from New York and PennsylaRLiCAaaa op tbb dailx Statea fired at Fort Observer and Reporter, lays bare the un- - vania. Tuey are now landing at the Naval fighting Linouln'a men without fear of fine Thee Confederal stanidf.r Freo crick this morning. Th CRUTCHEH Si HcCRSALT, or imprisonment. itlgated selfishness of the Cotton Confdi meets ai noon. The G ivernoi'a Hs-y- Tbe spring tide tor Pike's Peak ht The Massachusetts SuaspUr oateneibly, but the shots were and New Academy. At Ma. ATT Wala a taraa rtoora balaa LualaniAa not already set in. A company has just left mes-sgwill te sent in to morrow, and an wa of Vora Regiments, woih lauded on Minday, A balloonist A Philosophical Fact aimed at Virginia, Kentucky and oihtr eraey, and show for what purpose RVCFIVIlvi LA HUB AQDIT10NB Prrsh. Fat aa Lna km, amy aa ira frvat their bed. Whiteside eounly that rezion, and a advance copy wiil be forwarded, if possi ARB WOW a. Ct.i. aa--l trtuafaana. On fiaa TO Uict aA states that he has made th following dis company with eight rir Border States. It waa to bring them to. the border States ar wanted. We are to marched fjr Wasbingtou this morning teams aod forty head of ble. . mvuul a larte and aat.aauui aaauruaaaa ad to be cavery : passed horses, hailing from Wiacon:in, that tha attack on Sumpter was made, be the euffdrers, whose families ar Eichmosp. Va , April 27 It is ret? or' 1 the Editori tf tht dtouuvillt Journal t Snip, Elaa-wf Da;, pi arar, through Musoatine, Iowa, on Friday, on I take a bar of brais, which, when welch uhjectei to all the horrors of war while To Sumpter waa of little ooosequenco to the ere ihat a di'pi-cha been received by OXaSJSXT Laotl,i i)iiaa aad taaa l rated Brrtann' For some icn dsys past I hav bien in their way to the land 1 f gold. d ou the earth's surlaoe, am unity weigaa aU a . -unverncr be Cottonocrats, in languid etee and safely lrom Mr. Lameron, : lm tAf.rboilar4 Toilet auraaI Confederate Statea not worth the powder aa feuaal Crab, Canllflower. Cncambarv, aad Tomataea, oity, ecgngid iu fin etrnest and faithful WBKk When I a'cend up three fifteen pounds. retary cf War, whe'her if he cam protected, are to look at our airugg'es. Can this to t WW ttia mr-- t iffoi-two things; fir-- t, to ni.l-- s la the atmosptitrs bu t weighed the spent on it; but tha iiorder States were accouip ry-DaniFirh, a gun manufacturer. Richmond he wotil l b protect d, hia rur- - apu F untile supplied. CAWBtt a ro. Kentuckiane do this T arm tha S.ate, b tnat Le nuy b able to brass bar, it actually weighs, by a spring doiug business at 66 Fulton street. New po.e being to ask for worth shooting at. an armistic for sixty One cf our most defend her people if assailed, and to mainbalance, seven and one half pounds, A Cakdlo Avowai rive York, was arreted Wednesday on the charge usj s. Virginia has fallen, and it was assumed position ehe may finally miles np it only weighs three and one- - of treason, by th V. B. i'eputy Marshals, intelligent and reliable farmers returned a tain whatever i hat Kentucky had; and an experiment Nxw Tork, Ayll 27 Cotton sales POO WH'SXY, B3AN0Y, WINES, rrcat is me cause or tuts? and Dr.Sabot was arrested for misprision of ay cr two sine lrom yaw Orleans, ana assume in the ccn'eet now threatening to fourth p waa made by a requisition for troops, ISGI. They were taken before U. 8 bales, at trom 13JQHo for middling up 1361. informs ns that dtirine-- a portion of his trip involve and det rev tbe wholx country; ihe want of atmot-- hereto preisur on it, treason. .Vlarke ltu. bete aVraah. aarvb aid. and th sun's atttao Ion, whiah beocmes Commissioner Morton, and committed for land. LoHee attue; kales cf K o drairreo: -' n. Howell Cobb, o and, se coolly, to cultivate friendly relatione L.CIVILI.. HT. which wa t be kept aeeieu the South, the II about half the lot w n' I; the ha'ar.os waa ruf.te9, and preserve 100 with tb itoiUtr mor apparent th nearer we approach its trial Georria. wa a paseencer on the car a roURTH STREET 100 VAtiu ucaii FKa..i"su.v dispo.fii of a' t Sugar J decline. points on th rout Mr. tbe peace between Kentuoky aud those orb.L. Captaii Joaaa Not Hcao. W gay an him. At different . gdijuA Lowell paper relates that a woman and melas&e uu 1. Cobb addretaei the people, and he invaria Stat e9. . aua aai.l faalar. ta item th other day, as did journals in bly aatd to them and gty'Th followiug dirpatch from O.-Wh in that city has gone crazy from her belief These object I deemed onmmen-Iab'Tb Herald has a dispatch from a special that tbey might now general, that Captain Jones, who was dismies all apprebenHlons of any hostilities patriotic, aud believed tbe people of Ihe Leslie Combs, cf Kentucky, was reoeived in that ens was haunted by the spirit of tbe correrpoodva. sent lo Pensacola. who war black burglar who was shot in Nawburyport not allowed to reach ther. 11 dailved whole Sta'e wou a. regardless oi an party rlew York city on Tuesday t MX'B X'KTfl OF HAitalT. PLITB AI- sPEtTrrLLT I P 1W4TBB PUwl IOTBaT barged with getting supplies late Fort iu their midei and return to their planting 1 VaLe u Bow ia reenVt. aarfupaia aaNrtaaautai SJrae months ago. 8 he never saw him ia authentio lulormvion of lb condition of ISBItVlltt, tldTSCIV. fujxrvsi, sr. April n, ism. had been nunkideraiioop, teoind my efforts to acooui P.ckeas, had ben hang by a Mississippi duties; that tothth theater of war and tbere pi si then la tins conbdetit expectation To A. L. f irrmCTS PM.ti her lifetime, but fancies herself well ac affair there. To tk 3oth then bad beea border State, transferred BBTBRAV(,UiF btauy pajtuf fa cite-mob, while ob hia way from Florida to it would be kept. This is just what these 1 have been, to scmo extent, uisat poiutei no action, andQ.n Brtt ha iaumated ht Can we get quainted now. Mr. Critteaden is absent. mass of tbe cunens of arms aud money for inabl.lty to reduce Fori Pickens. vbi e the pieit in the New Tork World cf Sou'hern State desire; and it is simply an Th Waahlngton. tatrartn aan antflea to-aopartAataa bs tb trad. gskThe five great evils of Ufa ar said H have nob'y stool br me, many onion? When and hos; loa His army i said to I demora'lid. , l fl ttir II bliRnA UCKh, saala bt erder. Thursday blows np th story a good deal open avowal of what has all along been Ice Louisville rusted, by a lloosier editor to be standing coiuru. LES. LIK COilES. ti white some have assailed have dis aT LAblba' They precipihas alio intimated thai he al l aoc purely purpose of the Disunlonists. Tailor, stove-pi- pe boots, ro.s women hats, tight higher than th top of tb imaginary gal tate tb revolution, bring on war, aod now ma. Prominent, most prominent, among Mrs. J. A. BXtTIIB, Eight Vnitel St net The following is the reply : oa the defensive . thimd a.vo rotmTH. jirrtMSO.r ar, bt PvCRTtl SntTTT. of tbe Journal, lows tree in saying that "Captain Jones airtr dAwtf vessels were off Fort Pickens on th 21st OP cuth i ?w. waob v wish and expect to change the eoene or thse. have been the euitc-rr Vol. April St. 1WL and bad whisky. IBAVk A LAautST c ay Until my T On. I.nui Coxnt, Frankfort, Kr- a. .vpraiy S taa c.l aa oaual-- y . for immediate whom I now address. nstant, their guns who twice failed in attempting to get pro. desolation and strife from their soil to ours . aaaa l Arxuo im Noam Caboliba Th Rieh urate, auleb I uiiai la wi-.willing dupe of intention was to treat these assaults Kentucky will not be tb Oan. Wool sent your disra-clo the Presi ao'ion. ii oei evtd i?ey wouta itax tie M a call, at hi ftu if Pickens, haa been in Wash : vision into Fort mend Dispatoh of th 20th says imn Considerations affecting dent by express. r Hotirra indignant aavy yard and forts aduoeat. No telegraphic eommunl the- - aroh agitators and dis urbtrs of the St) bi.lal,ovper-tt"sttUifr. Trap Umiu i bwe all! cat lainlv aia uia a vaU. .ad . ia at ill aliv and Carolina, BgtoB within a week, aid 'General Ransom, of North ' l t ie publio interest and the publio peace now oat ion. tbrnuga ! ky u bUa Our II I 1 publio peace. lhid arrived her last evening, and reports that M lU'girnery en ihe d A. L 8ACNDER3. in luce ne to make this statement, to try to feed hia friends at. la atora and a aaleMAJUBALL B IT BRRT OQ. alone Davis was making well, aad able the New Tork Ex and to ask you to puolioU it. Old Kimtccbt." Mr. Siuudera also eent the following averv Federal post la that Stat has been activs pieparations ie attack nasbisgtoo TiJ vfTt 10 COms." I fight hi fOS for B good tlm TeailBj, Cloths CasAlaercB aad Arsenal 70.000 He saw troops m t.ktn. At Fayettevill press, of th 21st inst., has this paragraph tor hichmotd. My desire at the outset was to assemble eommutiiiution to the 1 rest Jest : And aw raar aaarp r ip ta r. akltk I alU a stand of arms wer captured, including They received arms and tqutpments at ran a wruKwi Kit Tota l'Utreciotnio lai'st-- a.aa au a mv cwifni a d III MlSom of th ardent admirers of In reference to th position of Kentucky , the Legislature tor tte second time la ex To TSU Z k alienor, A t7itt iui Ltncu n, Ad1 St. Miltb 23,000 of th most improved pattern aaa a f alh -tu Imi y p. Vp Pa P.blte dot Atigutita r n VOVTOOM,,T l'iitta-biatae, T..iii- gom liy, V C port erect. traord na-- 8?9ion, plaoe tho exignncy of "Amid th din of battle, with Shakepear assert that he anticipated mas i S l.tar t, Dapuf A Co. Brardri Ken1 a. of Taaesreee, was at C:entril the tit ate tLfeuses agatu before it, and let the malt) ot Kentucky asrurues the poB bt. Xt Vurk dat .B. op a Bauboao Bbtbob Old Kentucky still keeps pace to the raut-iIbi Fall or a Sraa of th discoveries of suooeeding times, and al Jaeraoa aTrer.baiarra When, sition of a strict "armed plu rality," re ctnoladiag arrn; for b at sra aau lur aua brVARA that bodr assume all ' of the Union, lue dirpatcbes from Louis BALL BA1.BRRT A CO testing the new bridge for the Troy at atst AKrItla sending two thousand Ult.r.a..a.t.a auadii d.suatadoas, i ther ar a good many thing to be said in ville how flat her people are making a however, I l (fleeted that this imperative maining in the Union, no: permitting troop Ia CWAK.-JCJ- T t' Railroad, over Green river, i h rr. poaAOt-- e duty had twice been Ignored by the came frcm the Confederal Slates to pass over Grnfleld Mass., on Monday, aepaaof 120 cu drif, to Ila't'iiior and W.ahisg A I" a a aad MrBSSToRATtXI.VAVIOBS BaJAJ 9, support of this view. For instance it not beroio stand there on a new issue the Issue uv by rl.'Ria body 1 was about lo couvene; that ibe meet tno, to aeeri y cpsiat la aa attach atax her soil, will it be necessary for th Federal Deerfleld. d tMOflAtL KAinRtT A CO. avl rudntii Cantrc't-n- e? th circulation of th blood indicated in Of IaDXPEHDSBCE AfD ABktaO NlPTBAl IT; Ion wonld cost th treasury from 520,000 to Government to march its trsops through feet broke down, and en man waa kUle Wa-apt bc ca. and if tbey can only maintain that poaition, Th person who pAUtOKMA rVVATORit . and two other injured. thee words, "As dear to me as ar th Ihe fiuanoea of that 8ute when required to send tbem South an expenditure Th contejera'e states ar Ta a stat or who knows but that the U ire Branca may 9 O.OvC suffered jumped upon the cara, against th vn banbcfe I- '- alu-- a. Ma lrv.rt-1- . I bS raanaldt - a,-laaa anaroy. xtusiaesa ikiaktB ruddy drop that vinit this aad heart' AIW in (b dark and bloody th Mat wa lttiie able to btarj that timt to suppress the revolution in th cotton warning of those In authority Far Pit. l.jsi J'O. a j t lak ft kav. 1 - f people are confidant. In eoua'.ry U ia da IUhliUlallnl means unlikely tb ears ana years oenoe, it may was of the utmost consequence, and that States ! W ground l oBsider it by so (jNtLOk.fl 8! It CP; I BAL1IW MKOrS-- S A. L. laC.tDtR?, af ra4aah. If, fdaa tMilanaa aua pranipAy ILad. f vrv t VAT must elapse before any drfialt lai of mub law, and peopl ar .me weeks aiek and weary of f" af J M b' a e a aa.laat i.aaivaa oakuak J a era t&" Armed vessels bow guard Ih harbor ,., Id t s h.., th idea of th lectrio telegraph flashed in be that our countrymen, Of aAnraa no response toth above ean be Di'Paiebes f'um L uncord N. rl , say that apii mutual alaushter, luav com together and of New York, between sundown ana sua ex-- 1 resident rirree, ia obedleae to a tale par Tt !- .- a iiavb ji tor th groat poet' mind when he spoke of vv j rccriv.-!) a T) e V'yan Narrews, an i a Tm, .tj ty a fraa, vivl ia embrace eaoh other oao more, under th ci. ugrapbto dipaia fraa in 11 ia Mr lager Tr.-iat.ra-- a mmnal M quick lie." tp i revent lha d Th English language could raced abades of At-- land, and over tha ii in ilii oil, f V , has g n io Philadelphia aad j,nv a j. I CO.Va. grav Of Henry Clay " frgo tt Sum; cisrta not furnish a more xat description. ll rtuid rmnm lm aT. m Ac. Tuir. aad landed in Ual lm re oa ih ;tun if mediation between A SAa.y PLiOl'H M BrILj MA I BXIkA RUbttB rcgu'arly forCubj, pel government. thereliel aud ila n'MHu. auuriiiu i or N. br BKLA. MKT A MAMkLk.l Pt .! la.i gnutberu ports I m at n.iftl fttriww. Ttlrg-aih-- e Tbb CaKTBircoAi Oca Th centrifugal coiucnnnlca-iua u.a with Ball tii.K-.-- l im.rM taa aw IrB- - Dr- - E-- L. Dudley haa been eleoted the C. 9 A ? To? papers, Ii ,.wt Aatua-- bat turn lanuj a baaa aad steam gun of Mr. Dtckerman, on exhibition 1 he eflic li u d alRNsWAKB A.V at Bali mt.r I - r- aUJres--- r ay Mr JIU7: a'l eomnmaadaat of th Home Guard at Lexing. the bluer or' aw crate, aaairvau a raA a , ,rw i rw. aa i thi ai'y for aoma lime past, baa been Cor Asthma. oor is u dir 8a rurvrillaaee, aed ao .'? Bledit. 11 'ifltMK . Valaab!" ' bi'.'a-l- S if ing iheui 'j brilil-- b f toa, consisting of (pur companies. It U t 'I - J .iuri ' V purchased by the eity. and will be used ia aal Iiiim m'nad uia aarai i A OP IlT Wasuirg'oa ar paim t ed I PLT OF PR. KIT-,- a m Bg a ha vb pit TOHV TCKl. tra't-ttr1 .be itl rif Cte.lit, Ac, to buk IU K aw AlKblCiNaS t v i a ai. wrvrt, r;eilBseleotion, and he will make a very its tjeleose. Th gua Is something lik a ,.f fr. . ihoc of a puva. or aitiCaD pass, sterded o mklaM-- ) ;. But theaa IK, K. rt':A trii .. .'. ' rr e 8omtirn withdraw McUKiuaa Ui l e.. wiil throw three Fleam fir engine, and tile eharactir, la (aprioT officer. " S fttes. nai teo atAl-- j H.Ct.iaa A CfB l.UUO paj ii" t hundred ba'.ts per miaat. It is th inlea- & Caj-- i All ih station of ih Atoerlcaa Te' '1 aasrrcs the South t Sr V t je T ataam ariau aav. baUau wa Mal la atar aad aw ruu b rre Fv. plant th gun at for Snu- h -f W nnderstacd that hloees B. Mor tion of th authorities to whioh tb invading t rsch Cimaary are gia J' o p. ' be well nro battVi-v- lit . V7 A B. BrRRBtRTlT. TWrva at. the bead of th atreet af I n. wf Xex'iagton, la bona appointed rn business Part of ihe aervio WiH b v , ir laforme l 1.1 Wa-Stroop attempt to maron, and by signals to LiJtBaATEO PAIEXt I performed ay tuamboats belwa lfsxry1 ff TtV'aiLL.s t betwaeaLaxiagtea and Leoi, atfivr that r:ry ia-- r , .j, wi olear th s ret of eltiins and sweep the rr, wiafiBj co. ' vuie, aua aaanpoii. Va, ti V float 't i " xl!a! Sail! rti mnnr t Marble MonumeRts, aMarKctaWctV nr r u.c uiitu relea', aw. WUKKS, MAKBLi 'it' Ot rt. uttiwtt ill BOir.vE, IiaitlM tK sos, st In t.i a. tt""r ar all SIIELL OYSTERS! ilXi IMCaiATUNS. Slirvcl, rrftj. K. A. SHKAPK& LOUISVILLE XT. Mrs. J. aTbEATTIE CO &C! SprlngSijJes! Fe (ma 't. riji. H. Ferguson & Son,; Paris Millinery! J. H. MONTGOMERY, lMrchant idy ta'tMWKaiil rf ri aa .t rot ..aa VI Chia dai taaia. um, mm i wsm REPLY TO UXJO.Y DEI EQATIOXS! 2TZ3 VOXC3 aa ataSa An additional boat will b running ia a rew dty. Commuaica'ion with Washington by beat aad tars is now frequent. Rate sam a heretofore. RrcawoBB. April 23 W. B. Dobbin, of the Odd regiment, arrived her last Bight ddlxct raon II represeai that ther ar only 4,000 troops in asbington. Mix thousand troops from South Carolina arrived at Richmond thia e'airg Utaaisacao. Pa , April 27. Tha forces at Harper' Ferry believ that General i Beauregard in Richmna4 with 7,000 It oops. Th Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Is carrying previsions lo Bali i more. Muoh quiet debate ha been heard among leading parsons her, relaiiv lo taking Lolumtji dam on th Sutq lehana river, thus catting off ihe waier frcm tb tide AlTD OP IS Bl water canal lo step th surp'y of and HtVB JrrF BrWTYVT a. ran! provisions from reaching Ctluuor by Ihat jav D't apiS APRIL 28, 1861. ta. at. k? paM ta arraaaa. Cult aaaaasrr at, ar ailr taataia aneta. , BI Sbaaaa Waaaat laa uraaa I aay. Sat vaa SUA TU&TLI, aen, Tiinio. Cane. aad fwttliBCtuil,. rMa af th b.i, etc br tbl, tt h tb t ta Irriy aiyirr eomfi a'm laa aonu-i- al -t liir c.M vr iwi t wr a'l, flat J frMia buaanen fmrrwn ta l...ptVan-aaay tlirlr and rlriua tbn uo aa r 'tim tblr c. or.A mdKj MORNING, DEMO C RAT. Potomno ! rl,: rtrpMt-hUV ram some cf the dirordtrly population of Ohio assembled on Friday at Ciaeinna'i to ex pre their dissent to th letter cf Governor Dannijou and tba City CouaoiL Their lesolutlons were of ju't aueh a character as we mght expect from a disorderly mob, unrestrained by any tense of repon'bllity, and eiger for any change in events that might, or rather muit, bene W ar perfectly aware fit their fortunes. that the immense numbers which have ben thrown out of employment in that populous and hitherto prosperous city f jtbxi a mate. When ready for almit aoy movement. man, the animal, ii deprive 1 of hla dnily t liiaiiS all the nobler leelicg sink, or beThere come subservient to baser passions. Is bo arguing with him, and in whttever direction ta turns his eyes, if he sees fcd, ha will wish to obtain It We are disposed to look at these acts as the fruits of tbese turbulent times, and are little disposed to py the slightest attention to the id e vaporing of those who compose the mob We are ouieelves nU exempt from the curse of such anarchical movements, but thanks to the much-abus- ed institution of the South, it li sot so bad here. W have every confidence that a firm executive at Columbus and Cincinnati will, for the rautaal benefit of the two States, exercise wholesome Cbntrsl tli&t will rrerent disasters. We would have about the same right to qutim-with them upon euoh a mitt :r as they would with us because a troop of filibuster, unauthorised and discountenanced by the civil and military authorities cf Kentucky, went to join the armies of the South. In fao'.. we would prefer that tbese men of Cincinnati, who are pro 33 pt in got ting up meetings and proposing a p ilicy condemned by Ohio and the ci'y of Cincinnati, wjuld si retch their valor a little farther, anl after the example of Colonel Duncan, take their rowdies to Join Lincoln's army at Washing Ion. If there can be any df greet in a movement, we must respectfully give our suffrages to Colonel Duncm. He at lean took hia men from the city, and did not leave them here to disturb th peace and harmony existing between the Sta'es. We honor the regard fjr the American flag that these Cincianatians profess, and would be p'eased to hear that every man who look part in that incendiary meeting, had screwed his couraga to th sticking pWee, and gene ' ff to defend it. Unfortunately, however, these are not the men who go into fuoh uowholesome latitudes. It accords better ith their patiiotism to remain at home, and by incendiary speeches, to precipitate two great Statee caueeleesly into a quarrel We put it to them with the very inicnsest respect whether there was any psrilo'ilur amount of valor displayed by their move meat, and whether tbey do not think thut it will reai rather discreditably abroad; after the movement of the other day. The persona interested ia this are the merchant, the mechanic and the farmer. It is not worth while to enter into any dis cussion upon th coLStitutloaallty of the position Kentucky has assumed. The New England 8.1 es refuted their quota in the war of 1S12, just a Kentucky does now. It is within the discretion of (he Governor t a State to comply with th requisition of the President for troops or not, and his refusal to do so no more makes the Stat hostile to the Sag than did Governor Denntson'a refusal to give up the fugitive Lg3. It Is not a constitutional obligation on the Governor to do either. Tha moral obligation, however, Is very strong. Agalne. thia is to be placed the higher duty of protecting our citixeas from the horrors ol oivil war. Kentucky must be neutral, and will maintain that position steadily. W are satif Bed that the better portion of th citiiens cf both States, without regard to mob convention, whith, In the one State, commerce, bbri. k out egaiost inter-Sta- te and in tha other for immediate Secession, 11 oppose these wild m ivements. Such a meeting as wis held in Cincinnati tha other day needs hut to cross the river to beocme rank D eunion. The authoritative eipreuicn of the will of the people of both Statta, however, is against these mobicraoie?, and wa feel disposed to regard he latter very lightly, knowing that in both State tb great popular heart is for preserving the present amicable relations. gijr I' eceme that rll DdLMiATra kTri-- K. WILLIAMS. Pint Dbdrfct l ii t e BTATi AT LARGS, PO r kW Tan r Oal. L.P aRRrT Elave-Stat- JOHN J. KITTENDEN, JAMES fTCrliaiE. Fna K ..APRIL It, IML, SC.VDAI kIOKliiO. 'tlo. u .pr,e. - jtaotrat HBatlir ''. ltar of k KENTUCKY: SUNDAY B.UP. THE DEM I ELECTION. of tha Third end Poarlh CbaPaooa apt) dt !. I Mar V arts at tr. a AtaT JAkihS HALL la a aaacidM Pr Caaanabia, In Thk--a Dxtot. Firm and Eixth Wards, at Ua mu m aptf at Stay etaartna M. X t CNC IX m a eB!ldae (br Oooatabet at tha IU rvx, auBipew of taa IWd aa4 Fourth stay aplddte Ward, at ! rraa-aW. J. WORM AS a Vi art aaibura4 candidal Vr Om aba la tha Penoai DttarVL. caat- paatd f ta Tairu aeJ Card, at the .ieut aplSdta Lav 'tact an. i JOHS 11 FA.F,R to a ranHdile Iter f taa Pi. Ooatatie la the .if let, aad Sixth wfts. at the engine Mar e rcihta. a) U ita ta annaa-c- r 0 T HARRIS aa a and del for On- -i 4a tn th F.'at Wet riot, eompnaed f taa Fiw. DwU and Tenth aria, a. Ua nuU aplt dta Kay alret CD. aa V an aatkorsrd ta annnar DTCK can. LUtr f.t Tarata1 la In t- - Pint Dtt rlct, eoaspaatd taa eaailnf aeouBA end T.ath Ward. at M dta iUm rhvrto. We r BK)"ed ta anaiooca J. BT IARECKSON aa at tn la- - Fim Dairies, eompeeed earytwiale W C a a Ok ptrtw Second end TauiA and, at tba aawhif apll dtee Kay rtfrt aa. WJL a. 0UCK1 at a to asco-We 11 i ac.tabi la tar Thi Dtatrlot.eortrafla' aacdt 'a-- a taa r.flk ao4 B rJi WanU. at Ua tcaalsc Wty acUdta avw. ftHXY 1TTIS04 tl aaVMnU tor Oonatabia la tba taaPUtaa4 8oo4 vrania at taa atxninx Kay atactica. B IfcrH EPfoad Tax Cc aaua LOUISVILLE, VOLUME XVII. I ar MiliiU B a. MtT e caadMat tar rrirti a t h ef Br fnrUM la tk P with IVairla, rant note I of the rVPiarth and ilehth Ward, at tM cunint May t)tKlla. P D. W. irEYDSSSOX ht an.1t r Cotatat- - ef r ptIISVIIiLB r" II aid Third Btraat, Urmtn MftrkM and J.Iramu. ES i afcjuawg MAY r .i.irv Cl ''c.iii 'r J l'.'l I." S.mall. bum

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