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Image 4 of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 64, No. 2, Autumn 1988

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

l 2 FRONTIER NURSING SERVICE 2 ~ I lz z .,5 Q`, Q; :*0 F 1 I yr V .< { $ g = we-Z=:$`a ilu J A ~ Z LJ A I I I I la Upper left to right: A young Betty Lester in uniform; at the British Embassy in Washington, 4 receiving her O.B.E. award. Lower left to right; Betty's 82nd birthday party; Betty at work I with the MBH Womens' Auxiliary. p World War II, retuming to Kentucky at the wars end. During her long career with the Frontier Nursing Service, Betty served in a variety of capacities. Among them practicing nurse- midwife, district clinic manager for the Betty Lester Clinic at Bob Fork, E social service director and hospital superintendent. { In a recent letter, Miss Molly Lee (retired FNS British nurse- midwife) wrote: "My first introduction to Betty Lester was as hospital supervisor in l955,when she first acquired the fitting title of The p General...It was an appellation of honor, for it also described her Churchillian bulldoggedness and the British pluck by which she stood by her beliefs and her friends, despite contrary opinions ..... as hospital ~I superintendent she not only kept the hospital going with staff and medical supplies, she kept the kitchen and meals going for patients and staff at Haggin Quarters Nurses Home - she saw to the cleaning and maintenance of all houses on Hospital Hill she dealt with emergencies i of all sorts from injured patients to the frequent failure of our water 3 supply as well as the care of the horses and cows etc. etc. etc ..... As _ director of social services (1959), she used her vast background and Q knowledge of the mountain people to full advantage. People trusted ,

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