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Image 2 of Kentucky mountaineer, April 19, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

ENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. Standing in the Race Entered as Second Class Matter Jan. 12, 1912, at the postoffice at Salyersville, Ky., under the net of March 3, 1879. PHONE NO. 21. TERMS. a year in advance. six months. three months. ono month. Advertising Rates. 10 cents per inch. First Dane ads twelve and one- half cents per inch. Locals 10 cents per line for first insertion. 5 cents per line for each subsequent insertion. ' ilesolutions and funeral notices 5 cents per line. $1.00 !' .60 .30 .10 for National Delegates. at the Roosevelt Washington, D. C, April delegates said today: "Five hundred and ninety-tw- o headquarters up to to the Republican National Convention have been selected Of these 216 are for Col. Roosevelt, 56 for Tart, 4 ror senadate. tor Cummins, 36 for Senator LaFollette, 94 uninstructed, including 84 from New York State, and contests are pending in cases of the remaining 189. Dixon la 8 , a re ! i:' ; I J : 20 ' 2 . '12 ' .2, S. ELAM, Editor. 3 ' Mississippi Missouri New Mexico of Salyersville, as a candidate for tho nomination for clerk of Magoffin county, subject to the action of the Republican party. New York North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Pennsylvania Philippines South Carolina Tennessee Vermont Virginia We are authorized to announce L. C. BAILEY, f Falcon, as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Magoffin county, subject to the action of the Republican party. ' 2 2 20 10 6 ' Michigan We are authorized to announce FRANK BLAIR, 8 8 6 all kinds of silks, laces, embroderies, ribbons, white goods 12 and linens of all kinds and every other article carried in a 4 14- - FIRST CLASS GENERAL STORE. 17 20 Maine ANNOUNCEMENTS. 58 8 - Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisana 24 .' , .' All the very LATEST styles and LOWEST POSSIBLE price. 22 2 4 Come in and inspect our line and get our u 2 2 8 16 prices before purchasing elsewhere. 84 ' 67 2 2 2 4 - 'io , 14'" 2 w.. 22 2 NOW THE inniGATIOM cetved direct Information from tho oV "White Slave" pnrtmont of the Inferior plainly statWoman Arrested. ing that this and ether Irrigation projects arc being held up until the Upon her arriyal on the L. & different states affected report properly to Washington on the subject ot E. train from Jackson Friday delf"nr to the Republican national Irnorninp;, accompanied by two CLUB Work on Reclamation Projects Held Up Until States Send Taft 26 De'".".tes, 216 Totals 56 4 36 94 189 letters received nt the" Taft headIn Washington from some of the arid land states of the RoW Mountain region show that the una of tho Federal patronage club a a mean or rorclng tho election of Taft delefte3 to thq Republican national convention Is only one of the schemes bv which tho Taft managers are seeking to bring about tho rcnomlnatlon of their candidate, regardless of the desire of the rank and file of tho Republican party These letters rpinrt, a new method of applying Federal pressure. It Is an nstonlshlng method, and It evidences a desperation on the part of the Taft managers which rould hardly be balleved If tbe evidence vara not so clear. This new method has to do with the nnt'onal Irrlntlon policy rno of the greatest achievements of Theodore Roosevelt's administration was the adoption of this national Irrigation rollcy and the creation of 'he reclamation service for tho establishment of IrrlrMlon works In the dry-len- d statc3 of the west, and the opening up of the hnd' hus reclaimed tn farn sett'emont. Tho work bas been enormously successful. Thousands rt substantial farmers have found homes upon land made astonishingly fertile by Irrigation, which beforo tho adoption of this policy lay Idle nnd uncrc-ductlv- e. Millions of acres of sagebrush have been made productive cf enormous crops. Tho work has been of Incalculable value to the nation as a whole. Now, for purely political reasons and In the effort to fo're the selection of delegates to tho Republican national convention who will vote for tho renomlnatlon of Mr. Taft, this great Irrigation work ho rocelv-e- d a tremendous check. A single Illustration suffices to show: In the n Ptite of Co'orado thce are two projects Vnder vny, one Is Khnt Is known as the Grand VMley "roject. the other what Is known as riunnlson Trnnol rroject The "'end Vellev prr-Wwm s'""e-- l hr rpolematlo" In 100 when 'erne, p OarV one of Colonel n"e-rt'- r snrrortc-s-, i Reoretarv of the li'erlor Te rrrtrncts wee apnroved nnd the "Tk commenced Thlrtv davs aftr 'ho Inauguration of Mr Tuft end tho installation of Richard A. Ralllnger as of the Interior this work irm stopped Since that t'mo m rorventlon quarters of Salyersville as a candidate for them. If you are for a good man the nomination for sheriff of and for this principle of selecting Magoffin county subject to the good men do not bo afraid to action of the Republican party. talk it at home, in the store and throughout the county. Wp are authorized to announce If we suffer unfair republicans J. J. PACE, to get nominations dibhoncstly . r of Conley, as a candidate for the men we snail nave a numuer oi bffice of Sheriff of Magoffin coun Democrats winning out over our ty, subject to the action of the nominees. Republican party ...I i Postal Saving Bank for SalWe are authorized to announce yersville. PROCTOR PACE, Pcstmast.r Adams is receiving of Salyersville, as a candidate for the outfit for a Postal Savings Ihe office of Jailor of Magoffin an This should be a great county, subject to the action of been to those who want to save the Republican party, small amounts and get interest on them. We are authorized to announce Anv person over ten years of age may deposit any amount W. J. PATRICK, of Salyersville, as a candidate from $1 to $100 per month. Unfor the office of County Judge of cle Sam stands for this money Magoffin county, subject to the and pays you two per cent interest provided it is not withdrawn action of the Republican partv. in one year. The money may be withdrawn at any time. For President. Mr. Adams showed us the couTHEODORE ROOSEVELT, pons which are artistically printof New York. ed by the government. They are the same size as our currency EDITORIAL. and similarly printed. The one dollar denominations pur Candidates. are yellowish back, tho two dol"When a man announces him- lar a blue back, the five dollar a self as a candidate he straight- pink back, tho ten dollar a green way goes to drinking and con- back and tho fifty dollar a purple tinues it until the primary. Oth- back. By a method of stamping one erwise he would lose the drunkcan deposit ten cents at a time ard votes." These are the words of a until one dollar is deposited when staunch Republican who is in fa- interest begins. The postoffice will not bo openvor of sober, officers ed to receive money until May 1. who will work for the interest We have hundreds of men, of the taxpayers of Magoffin women and children throughout eounty. Already the candidates arc be- Magoffin who should take advanginning to ask you to support tage of this new institution. By 'them. What are you saying Mr. laying up a few dollars per Taxpayer? Are you going to month you will soon have an amvote for tho man who puts tho ount that will como in handy rre&teat amniinr. nfi mnwu nml when sickness or death comes. whkky into the campaign or arelMost PeP,e 8Pend to much and you going to do otherwise? It's do not PreDare for the 'rainy time you were thinking some. days" of their hyes- - We a11 the taxpayers do a great deal of may exPect the3 rainy emimhlinc If vnn wnnt tr .In.lOCOme, For many years our Governeffective grumbling do it at the ment has been behind other civprimary November 12. If you are against the man ilized nations in having no Poswho purchases the office 'with tal Saving Banks and m Parcel's MRcy and whisky, thereby ruin-i- g Post. Wo now have the Saving the Republican party, as well Bank. Let us profit by them. to keep worthy, honest men out Will Taft Withdraw. f effce, then you should help talk it up. Gloom, inches thick, pervaded that the voters may the atmosphere today wherever kav good officers if they want the LouUyille supporters of ( law-abidi- President Taft gathered, and, with few exceptions, the Taft. leaders were talking about the wisdom of Mr. Taft withdrawing so that Justice Chas. E. 'Hughes, of the Supreme Court, can be brought out as a third candidate. That the overwhelming rout of the Taft forces in Pennsylvania will have an effect in every part of tho country was cleatjyj demonstrated by the attitude of the Taft men in Kentucky. Despite the overthrow in Illinois the Taft men here had confidently predicted victory in Pennsylvania, basing their confidence on the fighting power of the reg ular Republican machine. The result has left them in a half- dazad state, which, with the majority, includes an admission that "Taft cannot be elected." Evening Post. One cross (x) after your name indicates that your subscription will expire with the next issue, two crosses (x x) indicate that it expires with the present copy and that you must renew at once if you want to get the next i?sue. If money is scarce with you just bring us some dried apples, beans, corn, fodder, or, anything that has any value and we will pay the highest market price for same on your subscription. t)utter and eggs ore high again, but something always la. The right place to censor pontcards Is In the manufactories. Winter Is acting as It It bad tound the right place to settle down. prct7t rr nnrner rn vork his It Is suspected that somebody at Medicine Hat has left the door open. Military experts bare deviled a gun (or killing aviators, nut what's tbe use? This Is the time Tor the cold weather prophets to shout that tbey told us so. ! da PATRICK. J. W. 10 2 2 2 ,. 16 Wisconsin We are authorized to announce 'LOUIS MARSHALL, ywu-utighb- Has just received the largest line OF SPRING GOODS ever brought to Magoffin county. There is no end to the many bargains in 2 .'. 8 Florida of- : '- Georgia....! Announcements for County g & ; - Colorado fices, $5.00 cash in advance. o to g : State Alabama Alaska District of Columbia ao 3 2 hoF C P) W. J. PATRICK'S BIG STORE California's first woman Jury quitted an editor. He must be a feller. ac- Another aeronaut threatens to fly across tbe Atlantic. He la said to be a good swimmer. Sometimes a man goes through lite as a dictator and sometimes be marries bis stenographer. A York, Pa., man ate a lire raonse, there being no accounting for tastes, as we have said before. It must be a great experience to be engaged to a girl who can say "1 . lore ypu" In M languages. ro tvn dene. There tins Hen it long hard round of Investigations, by special aeents and army boards, until the whole project Is wound up In red tape and delay. Thousands of acres of land that might by this time have been brought under water to furnish homes for many families, and productive forms of great value to the nation's commerce, are still Idle be. cause of the Inactivity of tbe Interior department. At tho samo time, work on the Gunnison tunnel Is at a standstill, and the reclamation of the great Umcompabgre valley Is not completed. Two years ago Congress provided a special emergency fund of twenty-fiv- e million dollars (K&.OOft. 000) la order that certain of these projects which had been started might be. hurried through to completion. Of this fund one. million five hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) was allotted to tho Grand Vallev project, but still the word was not given to commence work under this allotment and nothing Is done. Word now comes to the Roosevelt headquarters In Washington that the reclamation service agents upon somi of these suspended projects havo re- - If Is not n nuestlon with the Taft m'narrr cf the development of the arid lands of the west. It Is not a question of tho reclamation of thousands of acres of sagebrush and the opening up of hundreds of productive farms. It Is not n question n' 'he Increase of the commerce cf the country. It Is only a question o' driving throng1) tho rejection of a few more Taft delegates to the Chicago young nirls, Evelyn Martin, a woman connected with a licentious resort at Lexington, was arrested at the union station in that city by dettcthes Veal and Thompson on suspicion of whito-slavinThe wom&n was taken to police headquarters and locked up, while the. Rirls, aged 19 and 20, lespectively, who sa d thev h:....j ' I)r. Wiley says that American cooking Is tho worst In tho world Bating must be an awful chore to Dr. Wiley. ti ,i to the Detention h mo. The girU ndmitt"d, to the detectives that the Martin woman A St, Louis golf player shot his purchased and gave them articaddy. And wo had been led to becles of clothing in rrepara'ion for lieve that golf Is a gentleman's game. the trip to Lexington. Tne MarThe now Wright aeroplane Is said tin woman is well known to the to be able to stand still In the air, Lexington local police, who exbut what's tbe uso of standing stlllT pect to bring out at her examinA Chicago man who has, been hairing trial some damaging less for 60 years now has a full beard, identifying her with the easy as n pork millionaire acquiring immoral t'aftic which, it is allegculturo. ed, has been going on for somo Bea captain In love with a Maryeloped by mistake with her time between Lexington and cerland maid twin sister. However, It's all In tbe tain sections of the Mountains. family. Exchange. testi-mor.c- y, A college professor advises all men Evidently he has to wear whlskofsi been cut up by a barber and wants to get even. We seo by tho papers that an Indiana girl was hurt playing football. Evidently she was training to. be a suffragette. A Poor douse Farm Wanted. The Fiscal Court desires to purchase a poor house farm. Callonoraddrtsj Judge Salyeror any of the Justices of the peace. Editor and Koun Philadelphia clergyman says that Will Walk to Con- vention. no business man can bo honest. All Accompanied Isn't gospel that Is dealt out from some pulpits. pup, a hound, by his favorite Editor Cap Mitchell, of the Shattuck (Okla.) MonA Now Hampshire manufacturer of seventy-sevehas married a girl book- itor, will walk to the Democratic keeper, so his estate will be straight- National Convention at Baltimore ened up properly. in June. He has not announced Tho man who rocks tho boat, bar-ltf- his route nor has tho date of debad x chance to rest up a bit. Is parture been made public. He is tbe gun now engaged In dragging a stlpporter of one of the candithrough the bushes. dates for the Democratic Presicomplains dential nomination, presumably An Andovor professor because Harvard men sit up when taking his hound. tbey pray, but bow bo would complain Clark, from He says he expects to make a If they sat up to play cards! number of political addresses alA college professor announces that ong the way. He is a native of the earth will cease revolving in 6321. Now then some game sport ought to Missouri. bet him a million that It won'tl Chicago proposes to give all its streets names easy to pronounce. Hut that won't make any difference wltn tbe conductors who call tbem off. The Chinese emperor Is only a lit- tle feller, but. Judging from the way he writes, be will some day make a fortune out of the six best seller business. Connecticut grave digger, eighty-fiv- e years old, celebrated bis birthday by digging his own grave. Some people have queer Ideas of amusement. The Chinese emperor keeps bis thoughts to himself, but we have a hunch that he Is sighing for an aeroplane, or some other means ot rapid locomotion. Notice to File Claims. Magoffin Circuit Court Plaintiff. Notice to file claim. vs B. A. Akams, &c, Defendants. All persons holding claims against Samuel Whitt, deceased, are hereby rotified to file same with me at Treasurer's office in the city of Salyersville, Magoffin county, Ky., on or before the 1st day of May, 1912, proven as required by law. for allowance. Witness 'my hand this 9th day of April. 1912. VinaWhitt . t W. P. Carpenter, Master Com'r,

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