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Image 10 of Bourbon News, December 3, 1909

Part of Bourbon News

p i9ii SdIM THE BOURBON NEW 1111rui ru- ap 4 PARIS KENTUCKY DECEMBER 3 1900 j Jir iii I ii ilrru I I LT1j INS ri ijj riiiiiir i y r 3- r ir R p y- S a y- F AiIAiN 1At COATS H a This Sale will aid the economical Purse SUIT MATS S and Kersey and Broadcloth Coats in fitted and semifitted style 8 10 and 1250 Skit Pre = holiday Bargain Sale 500 4 jY 1 495 v 18 Suits Pre = Holiday Bargain 2250 Suits PreHoliday Bargain Sale f 17 45Suits PreHoiday Bargain Sale 35 and Sale 125O Wings Feathers and t Ornaments during this sale at onehalf price ltW PreHoliday Bargain Sale Ladies long Coats fitted and semifitted style plain and plaited skirts button and braid trimmed 15 and 18 grade I t Ladies Dresses Ladies 1 0 onepiece Dresses Pre = floliday Bargain Sa q 1 Ladies 1250 Military Gapes Ladies 1 v I PreHoliday Bargain Sale 75o 5 onepiece Dresses Ladies 0 Capes 1500 w W JefHaliday Bar if Sale 750 Ladies 1500 Raincoats PreHoliday Bargain Sale u7 j A u CHILDREN r 12 5 i DRESSES AND PreJioliday SKIRTS Skirts all styles Serges Panamas and Voiles worth 750 10 and 1250 to be closed out at the PreHoliday Bargain Sale at GOATS 5 Ghildrens heavy Winter Coats for ages 6 to 14 years Cheviots and Melton Cloth Coats in all colons full cut and well made f Bargain Sale 750 quality Children Goats 1 50 Ladies RAIN GOATS 1 p- 20 onepiece Dresses Pre = Htiliday Bargain Sale j 298 PreHoliday Bargain Sale 1 1 Our 5 and 6 Hats best style newest shapes and materials PreHoliday Bargain Sale l a ° 59R98 Ladies i 0 Hats our best styles newest mate rials and shapes Will be placed on sale during the PreHoliday Sale at Have long fitted Goats alined throughout with good quality Satin plaited flounce from the knee down All colors to choose from black navy gray green and maroon splendidly tailored A MATS MUST GO Womens Suits Reduced to Prices H That Talk A special lot of Ladies long S PreHoliday try 4pjjr Bargain Sale 5 y T F V r+ S 3 Childrens wool Winter Dresses Sailor and Grechen styles in plain colons jibvelties and plaids BreHolday Saie J1 3 x- i i This Sale Begins at Once and Oontinues Until December 15th it < j SIMONS DEPARTMENT STORE Sole Jlaent in V arts I < i p 3 or J2IiiLcS1zoes 7

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