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Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995, 1991

Part of Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995

kyar1217Inventory of the Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995Tim TingleKentucky Department for Libraries and ArchivesPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky 40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netKentucky Department of Libraries and Archives1991-06-28Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, May 2000.ENGInventory of the Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995Contact InformationPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netURL: by: Tim TingleDate Completed: 1991-06-28Encoded by: Thomas Enneking Copyright 2000 Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. All Rights Reserved.Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995Ky-Ar1217Jones, Brereton C.No online items. Must visit contributing institution.Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Frankfort, KY 40601-0537 USACollection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.Governor Brereton C. Jones Records, 1991-1995, Ky-Ar1217, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort.Governor Brereton C. Jones served in office from 1991-1995 as a Democratic Party affiliate. Originally from the state of Ohio, Jones resided in Woodford County. His occupations included Thoroughbred Horseman and Businessman. Governor Brereton Jones successfully advocated health care reform legislation, as well as ethics and election law reform. Jones' administration downsized state government, and left office with budget surplus.Container ListNon-State Publications1Official correspondence - Non-state publications1993-1995NOTE: These are letters and mail log sheets only, and document the types of publications received by the Governor's Office. All state agency publications have been pulled and are retained by the Public Records Division State Publications program. The remaining publications were sent to the Governor by various businesses or organizations for informational purposes; since they were not public records, they have been destroyed.Requisitions1Requisition Orders (A-B)1991-19952Requisition Orders (C-E)1991-19953Requisition Orders (F-Har)1991-19954Requisition Orders (Has - K)1991-19955Requisition Orders (L-Mil)1991-19956Requisition Orders (Mit-R)1991-19957Requisition Orders (S-T)1991-19958Requisition Orders (U-Z)1991-1995Extraditions1Extradition Orders (A-L)1991-19952Extradition Orders (M-Z)1991-1995Referrals1Governor's Official Correspondence12/91 - 12/951Governors Office Referrals12/91 - 12/95Correspondence of the Secretary of the Cabinet1Correspondence of the Secretary of the Cabinet12/91 - 12/951Correspondence (Received), Correspondence (Sent).12/91 - 12/95Records of Cabinet Meetings11Records of Cabinet Meetings12/91 - 12/95Pardons1992 - 19951Pardons (Adams - Cutlip)1992 - 19952Pardons (Daniel - Gwinn)1992 - 19953Pardons (Hafley - Royal)1992 - 19954Pardons (Samson - Zimmerman)1992 - 1995Commutations1992 - 19951Commutations of Sentences (Applicants).1992 - 19952Commutations of Sentences (Granted) (English - Stillwell)1995Correspondence of the Press Office12/91 - 12/951Requests for Veterans' Certificate5/95 - 12/952Requests for Veterans' Certificate5/95 - 12/95NOTE: Box 1 also contains Accession A1995-271: Governor's Biographical Background File (one folder)Governor's Biographical Background File1Governor's Biographical Background File12-95News Release File1Governor's Office News Release File12/91 - 08/932Governor's Office News Release File09/93 - 12/95Governor's ItineraryGovernors Tentative Itenerary (Regrets)1992 - 19951Regrets1/92 - 5/922Regrets5/92 - 6/923Regrets7/92 - 9/924Regrets9/92 - 10/925Regrets11/92 - 12/926Regrets1/93 - 4/937Regrets4/93 - 5/938Regrets6/93 - 8/939Regrets8/93 - 10/9310Regrets10/93 - 12/9311Regrets1/94 - 3/9412Regrets4/94 - 5/9413Regrets6/94 - 7/9414Regrets8/94 - 10/9415Regrets11/94 - 12/9416Regrets1/95 - 4/9517Regrets5/95 - 6/9518Regrets9/95 - 11/9519Regrets9/95 - 11/9520Regrets12/95 - 12/95Tentative Detailed Schedule (Confirmations)1992 - 1995Note: These are to as confirmations.1Confirmation1/92 - 6/922Confirmation7/92 - 12/923Confirmation1/93 - 3/934Confirmation4/93 - 6/93Restricted5Confirmation7/93 - 10/936Confirmation11/93 - 12/937Confirmation1/94 - 4/948Confirmation5/94 - 7/949Confirmation8/94 - 11/9410Confirmation11/94 - 12/9411Confirmation1/95 - 3/9512Confirmation4/95 - 6/9513Confirmation7/95 - 9/9514Confirmation10/95 - 12/95Minutes(These are minutes of Boards and Co Commissions, all meetings may not be represented)1Minutes 11991 - 1995(These are minutes of Art Therapists, Athletic Comm.,Bond Pool, Crime Victims Compensation, Dare to Care, Developmental Disabilities, Development Committee, Dieticians and Nutritionists, Economic Advisors, Elementary and Secondary Education, Education Standards, Adult and Technical Education, Student Loan, Proprietary Education, Embalmers and Funeral Directors, Emergency Response, Environmental Quality, Ethics, Geological Survey, Geologists, Governmental Service Center,Health Care Data, Health Care Access, Hearing Aid Dealers, Hemophilia Advisory, Historic Preservation, Oral History, Hopkinsville Community College, Horse Park Advisory, Housing, Human Rights, Libraries, Literacy Commission, Long Term Policy, Louisville/Jefferson Co. Air Bd., Marriage & Family Therapists, Medical Licensure, Military Affairs, Motor Vehicles)2Minutes 21991 - 1995(These are minutes of Nature Preserves, N.KY ADD, NKU, Nursing, Nursing Home Administrators, Occupational Therapy, Opthalmic Dispensers, Pest Control, Pharmacy, Plumbing Code, Phychologists, Racing Commission, Real Estate, Recreational Vehicles, Respiratory Care, Social Work, Speech/Language, Tax Appeals, Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, Tobacco Task Force, Tourism, Transportation Center, Turnpike Authority, Veterans Affairs, Voc. Education, Water Well Certification, Waterfront Development.)Executive Orders1Executive Orders 91-1 thru 91-93, 92-1 thru 92-62012/91 -6/922Executive Orders 92-621 thru 93-31406/92 - 12/923Executive Orders 93-1 thru 93-6201/93 - 6/934Executive Orders 93-621 thru 93-12286/93 - 12/935Executive Orders 94-1 thru 94-6601/94 - 7/946Executive Orders 94-681 thru 94-13317/94 - 12/947Executive Orders 95-1 thru 95-6401/95 - 6/958Executive Orders 95-641 thru 95-10206/95 - 9/959Executive Orders 95-1021 thru9/95 - 12/95PetitionsNote: These are petitions concerning the song titled "Cop Killer"1Governors Official Correspondence7/922Governors Official Correspondence7/92Governor's Official CorrespondenceAgency FilesAgency Files, 1991-199312/91 - 12/931AOC; Attorney General (3/92-7/93)2Attorney General (7/93-12/93); Corrections (12/91-7/93)3Corrections (7/93-12/93); Economic Development (12/91-4/92)4Economic Development (4/92-3/93)5Economic Development (3/93-12/93); Education (12/91-2/92)6Education (2/92-10/92)7Education (10/92-3/93)8Education (3/93-10/93)9Education (11/93-12/93); KERA; KET; Finance (12/91-2/93)10Finance (2/93-12/93); Financial Report (1/92-6/93); Fish & Wildlife; Gov's Office Coal and Energy; GOPM; Highways11Historic Properties (8/92-8/93); Historical Society; Housing Building & Construction; Housing Corp.12Human Resources (11/91-4/92)13Human Resources (4/92-10/92)14Human Resources (10/92-4/93)15Human Resources (4/93-11/93)16Human Resources (11/93-12/93); Human Resources - Employment Services; Human Resources - Health Services17Human Resources - Medicaid Services; Human Resources - Mental Health/Mental Retardation18Human Resources - Social Insurance (12/91-5/93)19Human Resources - Social Insurance (5/93-12/93); Human Resources - Social Services (12/91-6/93)20Human Resources - Social Services (6/93-12/93); Insurance (12/91-5/93)21Insurance (6/93-12/93); Justice; Labor (12/91-2/93)22Labor (2/93-12/93); LRC; Libraries & Archives; Lieutenant Governor; Local Govt.23Military Affairs; Mines & Minerals; National Guard24Natural Resources (12/91-5/92)25Natural Resources (5/92-12/92)26Natural Resources (12/92-8/93)27Natural Resources (8/93-12/93); Parks (12/91-2/93)28Parks (2/93-12/93); Personnel; Public Protections29Retirement Systems; Revenue (12/91-7/93)30Revenue (7/93-12/93); Secretary of State; Social Security; State Police (12/91-7/93)31State Police (7/93-12/93); State Police - Strike REports (1993); Tourism32Transportation (12/91-5/92)33Transportation (6/92-10/92)34Transportation (10/92-3/93)35Transportation (3/93-10/93)36Transportation (11/93-12/93); Transportation - Campbell County (1992); Treasury; Vital Statistics; Workforce DevelopmentAgency Files, 1994-19951/1994 - 12/19951AOC, Aging Service, Agriculture, Atorneyy General, Auditor, Bar Association01/94 - 12/952Department for the Blind,Corrections(1/94-11/94)01/94 - 12/953Corrections(11/94-12/95)3Economic Development(1/94-4/94)01/94 - 12/954Economic Development(04/94-12/95)04/94 - 12/955Education(01/94-03/94)01/94 - 03/946Education(03/94-09/94)03/94 - 09/947Education(10/94-07/95)10/94 - 07/958Education(07/95-12/95),KERA,KET01/94 - 12/959Finance, Fish & Wildlife01/94 - 12/9510Historic Properties, Historical, Society, Housing, Building & Construction, Housing Corporation, Human Resources (1/94 - 4/94)1/94 - 12/9511Human Resources (4/94 - 1/95)4/94 - 1/9512Human Resources (1/95 - 8/95)1/95 - 8/9513Human Resources (8/95 - 12/95), Employment Services (1/94 - 9/94)1994 - 1995 1994 - 199514Employment Services (9/94 - 12/95), Health Services (1/94 - 12/95)1/94 - 12/9515Medicaid Services (1/94 - 12/94)1/94 - 12/9416Medicaid Services (12/94 - 12/95) Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Social Insurance (1/94 - 3/94)1/94 - 12/9517Social Insurance (3/94 - 12/95)3/94 - 12/9518Social Services (1/94 - 3/95)1/94 - 3/9519Social Services (3/95 - 12/95), Vital Statistics, Insurance (1/94-12/95)1/94 - 12/9520Justice, Labor (1/94 - 7/95)1/94 - 12/9521Labor (8/95 - 12/95), LRC (1/94 - 12/95), Library & Archives, Lieutenant Governor, Local Government (1/94 - 7/95)1/94 - 12/9522Local Government (7/95 - 12/95), Military Affairs, Mines & Minerals1/94 - 12/9523National Guard, Natural Resources (1/94 - 2/95),1/94 - 12/9524Natural Resources (2/95 - 12/95), Parks (1/94 - 3/95)1994 - 199525Parks (3/95 - 12/95), Personnel (1/94 - 12/95), Public Protection, Retirement Systems1/94 - 12/9526Revenue (01/1994 - 04/1995)01/1994-04/199527Revenue (04/95 - 12/95, Secretary of State, Social Security, State Police01/94 - 12/9528Tourism, Transportation (1/94-2/94)1/94 - 12/9529Transportation (2/94 - 7/94)2/94 - 7/9430Transportation (7/94 - 12/94)7/94 - 12/9431Transportation (12/94 - 7/95)12/94 - 7/9532Transportation (7/95 - 12/95), Highways (1/94 - 12/95), Workforce Development (1/94 - 3/95)1/94 - 12/9533Workforce Development (4/95 - 12/95)4/95 - 12/95Boards and CommissionsBoards and Commissions 11Accountancy, ADA Task Force, African-American Heritage, Aging, Agriculture, Airport (Kenton Co), Airport Zoning, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Animal Diagnostic Lab, Appalachian Regional, Apprenticeship and Training, Architects, Archives and Records, Arts, Center for Arts, Ashland Community College, Athletic, Auctioneers, Backside Improvement, Barbering, Bicentennial, Bicycle & Bikeway, Blind & Visually Impaired, Bluegrass State Skills Corporation, Boiler & Pressure Vessell, Bond Pool, Breast Cancer, Bridge (Covered Wooden), Capital Plaza, Charitable Gaming, Chemical Demilitarization, Child Abuse Syndrome, Child Care Policy, Child Labor, Child Sexual Abuse and Exploration Prevention2Child Support Enforcement, Childhood (KY Early), Children (Handicapped), Children (Institute for), Children Exceptional), Chiropractic Examiners, Claims, Coal Authority, Coal Marketing & Export, Coal (Small Operators), Commonwealth (School Improvement), Commonwealth (Venture Fund), Communications, Community Services, Consumers, Correction (Community Service), Correctional Facilities, Corrections Commission, Court Facilities Standards, Crime, Crime Victims Compensation, Cycling, Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Dentistry, Development Finance Authority, Developmental Disabilities Planning, Dietitians & Nutritionists, Drugs (Champions Against), Eastern Kentucky University (Regents), Economic Roundtable, East KY Economic Development Job Creation Corp, Economic Development Partnership, Education (Higher Assistance Authority), Education (South Regional Board)3Education (Commission of the States), Education, Governor's Higher (Nominating Committee), Education (Professional Standards), Education (Various Boards), Egg (Marketing), Election Finance (Registry of) Elections, Electrical, Elizabethtown Community College, Embalmers & Funeral Diretors Emergency Response, Employees Retirement System, Engineers & Land Surveyors (Registration of Professional), Enterprize Zone Authority, Environmental4Equine Drug Research, Executive Branch Ethics, Export Council, Fair Board, Families and Children, Family Health Care Providers, Federal Energy Regulatory, Films, Financial, Fire, Fish & Wildlife, Flood Control, Forrest Products, Frankfort-Franklin Co Planning, Franklin Co Covered Wooden Bridge, Fund Utilitzation, Gas System, Geographer (State), Geological Survey, Geologists, GSC, Grape Industry, Hairdressers & Cosmetologists, Harness Racing, Hazard Community College, Hazardous Waste Reduction, Health Care Access & Affordability, Health Care Access Foundation, Health Care Cost Containment, Health Economic Control5Health Policy Board6Health Purchasing Alliance, Health Services Hearing Aird Dealers (Licensing), Heating and Air Conditioning, Henderson Community College, Heritage, Historic Preservation, Historic Properties, Oral History, Homeless, Hopkinsville Comm. College, Horse Park, Housing Building & Construction, Human Rights, Humanities, Infant/Toddlers, Information Systems, Insurance, Interagency Farm, Interagency Task Force, Interstate Oil Compact, Interstate Parks, Interstate Water, Investment, Jefferson Co Comm College, Job Training, Judicial Form Retirement, Judicial Nominating, Judicial Retirement, Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Sexual Offender, KY River Authority, KSU, Labor Relations, Labor Management, Land & Water Conservation, Land Bank, Law Enforcement, Legislative Compensation, Librarians, Libraries, Literacy, Supported Living, Lottery7Lottery (cont), Louisville Air Board, Louisville Tourist, Madisonville Comm College, Mapping, Marina Development, Maxey Flats, Maysville Comm College, Medical Assistance, Medical Licensure, Military Affairs, Military Museum, Miner Education, Mines & Minerals, Lower Mississippi Develpoment, Mobile Home Certification, Morehead State Univ. Motor Carrier, Motor Vehicle, Murray State Univ, My Old KY Home, Nature Preserves, N. American Livestock, NKU, Nursing, Nursing Home Administrators, Occupational, Ohio River Basin, Ohio River Valley Water, Oil & Gas Conservation, Opthalmic Dispensers, Owensbofo Comm College8Parole, Personnel Board, Pest Control, Petroleum Soorage, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Plumbing, Podiatry, Port & Rivert Dev, Prestonsburg Comm College, Prevailing Wage Review, Properties & Buildings, Prosecutor's Advisory, Psychology, Public Advocacy, Public Employees Deferred Comp, Roblic Officials Comp, Public Service Commission, Quality & Efficiency9Racing Commission, Racing Health & Welfare, Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Comm, Recreational Vehicles, Recycling, Rehabilitation Facilities, Respiratory Care, Retirements, Robotics, Rural Econ Dev, School Facilities, Senior Citizens, Social Services, Social Work, Soil & Water Conservation, Solid Waste, Growth Policies, Southern States energy, Speech Pathology, Sports Medicine, Tax Appeals, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Tobacco Research, Tourism, Transportation Center, Turnpike Authority10Unemployment Insurance, Univ of KY, Univ Of Louisville, Veterans Affairs, Veterinary Examiners, Vocational Rehabilitation, Volunteer Fire Prevention, Volunteer Services, Washington Co Covered Bridge Authority, Radioactive Waste Compace, Water Wells Certificiation, Waterfront Dev, Waterway Marina Dev, West KY Corp, Western KY Univ, Commission on Women, Workers' CompensationBoards and Commissions 21Governors Official Correspondence12/91 - 11/95Health Care Reform1Health Care Reform4/92 - 10/922Health Care Reform10/92 - 3/933Health Care Reform3/93 - 5/934Health Care Reform5/93 - 8/935Health Care Reform9/93 - 2/946Health Care Reform2/94 - 10/95NOTE: Boxes 7 - 15 are petitions related to Health Care Reform7Health Care Reform8/928Health Care Reform8/929Health Care Reform8/9210Health Care Reform8/9211Health Care Reform8/9212Health Care Reform8/9213Health Care Reform8/9214Health Care Reform8/9215Health Care Reform8/92Legislative Correspondence1Legislative correspondence5/93 - 9/93See Subject Files, boxes 23-24, for legislative correspondence dated both before and after this accession.Litigation Files1Governor's Official Correspondence1993-1994Nolin State Park Correspondence1Governor's Official Correspondence10/922Governor's Official Correspondence10/92Open Door After Four1Open Door After Four 112/93 - 7/942Open Door After Four 28/94 - 10/95Subject FilesSubject Files, 1991-199312/91 - 12/931Abortion; Acknowledgments (12/91-1/93)2Acknowledgments (2/93-12/93); Anniversaries; Autographs; Bicentennial; Biography; Birthday (1/92-8/93)3Birthday (8/93-12/93); Bonds; Budget; Business Card requests; Civil Rights; Code of Ethics; Kentucky Colonels; Condolences; Congratulations (12/91-12/92)4Congratulations (12/92-12/93); Corps of Engineers; Democratic National Convention; Dental School; Derby; Donations5Drugs; Earth Summitt; Energy; Federal (12/91-8/92)6Federal (8/92-5/93)7Federal (5/93-12/93); Flag8Floods, Foreign Affairs; FYI; Council on State Government; Democratic Governors Association; National Governors Association; Southern Governors Association; Governor's Mansion; Governor's Office; Governors Scholars Program; Graduations9Greetings; Holidays; Humane Society; Invitations; Judges10Jobs11Kentucky Information (12/91-5/92)12Kentucky Information (5/92-12/92)13Kentucky Information (12/92-5/93)14Kentucky Information (5/93-12/93); Legal (12/91-4/92)15Legal (4/92-11/92)16Legal (11/92-7/93)17Legal (7/93-12/93); Legislative (12/91-1/92)18Legislative (1/92-3/92)19Legislative (3/92)20Legislative (3/92-6/92)21Legislative (6/92-8/92)22Legislative (8/92-10/92)23Legislative (11/92-5/93)24Legislative (11/93-12/93); Miscellaneous (12/91-6/92)25Miscellaneous (6/92-1/93)26Miscellaneous (1/93-11/93)27Miscellaneous (12/93); Motor Oil - Used; Museums; Newspapers & Clippings; Nominations; Oakwood - CHR (1993)28Olympics; Pardons; Parades; Paroles (12/91-2/93)29Paroles (1/93-12/93); Personal; Photo Requests (12/91-4/93)30Photo Requests (4/93-12/93); Policy Statement; Politics (12/91-2/93)31Politics (2/93-12/93); Prayer Breakfast; Prisons (12/91-9/92)32Prisons (9/92-12/93); Proclamations (12/91-7/92)33Proclamations (7/92-7/93)34Proclamations (7/93-12/93); Recommendations35Regrets; Regional Roundtable on Economic Strategies; Resignations; Retirements; Salaries; Scheduling; Scouts (12/91-9/92)36Scouts (9/92-12/93); Sheriffs Association; Smoking; Special Sessions; Speeches37State Fair; Technology/Communications; TVA; Thank You (12/91-6/92)38Thank You (6/92-2/93)39Thank You (2/93-8/93)40Thank You (8/93-12/93); Universities (12/91-12/92)41Universities (1/93-12/93); University of Kentucky; University of Louisville; Veterans42Veterans - Petitions for Veterans Home in Owensboro; Wilkinson Administration; Writ of Elections; Writ of Habeas CorpusSubject Files, 1994-1995F1/94 - 12/951Abortion, Acknowledgements, Assoc. of Older Kentuckians, Anniversaries, Autographs1/94 - 12/952Bicentennial, Biography, Birthdays, Bonds, Budget Address, Business Cards, Christmes Cards, Civil Rights, Colonels (KY), Condolences, Congratulations (1/94 - 7/95)1/94 - 12/953Congratulations (7/95 - 12/95), Corps of Engineers, Derby, Donation, Drugs, Earth Summitt, Energy1/94 - 12/954Federal (1/94 - 6/95)1/94 - 6/955Federal (6/95 - 12/95), Fire Report, Flags, Floods, Foreign Affairs, FYI (1/94 - 4/94)1/94 - 12/956FYI (4/94 - 12/95), Governments (Council on State Government) Governor's (Democratic Association) Governor's (National Association) Governor's (Southern Association) Governor's Mansion, Governor's Office, Governors Scholars Program, Graduation, Greetings (1/94 - 4/95)1/94 - 12/957Greetings (4/95 - 12/95), Holidays, Humane Society, Invitations, Jobs, Judges, Ky Information (1/94 - 1/94)1/94 - 12/958KY Information (1/94 - 9/94).1/94 - 9/949KY Information (9/94 - 3/95)9/94 - 3/9510KY Information (3/95 - 12/95), Legal (1/94 - 4/94)1994 - 199511Legal (4/94 - 7/95)4/94 - 7/9512Legal (8/95 - 12/958/95 - 12/9513Legislative (1/94 - 5/94)1/94 - 5/9414Legislative (5/94 - 1/95)5/94 - 1/9515Legislative (1/95 - 8/95)1/95 - 8/9516Legislative (9/95 - 12/95), Beechwood, Berea, Budget, Cockfighting, Gambling1992 - 1995Boxes 16-28 consist of legislative records broken down into specific topics. Due to arrangement, some dates may preceed 1994. See individual boxes for dates.17Guns, Homosexuals, Horses, Marijuana1993 - 199518Natural Resources (RFG/RVP) (Reformulated Gasoline-Reid Vapor Pressure)10/93 - 11/9319Natural Resources (RFG/RVO)11/93 - 2/9520Natural Resources (RFG/RVP)2/95 - 3/9521Natural Resources (RFG/RVP)3/95 - 9/9522Pension, Pike County1992 - 199523Police, Seat Belts, Service Tax, Sin Tax, Sodomy, Stuffing Bill, Suicide (Assisted), Taxes, Tobacco/Cigarettes1993 - 199524Tobacco/Cigarettes1993 - 199425Tobacco/Cigarettes1993 - 199426Tobacco/Cigarettes (1994), Vocational Education (1992)1992 - 199427Natural Resources (RFG/RVP)199328Natural Resources (RFG/RVP)1993Note: See Box 47 for petitions against promoting Homosexual Behavior in . SchoolsNote: See Box 27 & 28 for early 1993.29Miscellaneous (1/94 - 1/95)1/94 - 1/9530Miscellaneous (1/95 - 8/95)1/95 - 8/9531Miscellaneous (8/95 - 12/95), Newspaper Clippings, Nominations, Pardons (1/94 - 5/95)1/94 - 12/9532Pardons (5/95 - 12/95),5/95 - 12/9533Parole, Personal1/94 - 12/9534Photos, Politics, Prison, Proclamations (1/94 - 3/94)1/94 - 12/9535Proclamtions (3/94 - 12/94)3/94 - 12/9436Proclamations (12/94 - 9/95)12/94 - 9/9537Proclamations (9/95 - 12/95), Provider Tax (1993),1993 - 199538Provider Tax (1993)199339Recommendations, Regrets, Resignation, Retirement, Scheduling, Scouts (1/94 - 12/94)1/94 - 12/9540Scouts (12/94 - 12/95), Sherrifs Association, Smoking, Snow1/94 - 12/9541Speech, Tennessee Valey Authority, Thank You (1/94 - 5/94)1/94 - 12/9542Thank You (5/94 - 12/94)5/94 - 12/9443Thank You (12/94 - 5/95)12/94 - 5/9544Thank You (5/95 - 8/95)5/95 - 8/9545Thank You (8/95 - 12/95)8/95 - 12/9546Universities, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Veterans1/94 - 12/9547Petitions against promoting Homosexuality in Public Schools-KY12/91-- 12/95Subject Files and Reports11993-19951Subject Files - ReportsGovernor's Speech FileGovernor's Speech File1Governor's Speech File 112/91 - 04/932Governor's Speech File 205/93 04/943Governor's Speech File 305/94 - 03/954Governor's Speech File 404/95 - 12/95Governor's Speech File (Audiotapes)1Governor's Speech File12/91 - 8/932Governor's Speech File9/93 - 1/953Governor's Speech File2/95 - 12/95*There is no index to these tapes, but they are arranged chronologically.VideotapesThe Administration of Brereton C. Jones, 1991-19951Videotapes1995Videotapes Box List1Tape 112/08/91Inaugural preparations1Tape 112/09/91Private swearing-in1Tape 112/10/91Inaugural prayer services1Tape 112/10/91Inaugural parade1Tape 112/10/91Inaugural ceremony1Tape 112/10/91Inaugural balls1Tape 112/18/91Opening of 1991 Special Session (Senate)1Tape 212/19/91Announcement of Natural Resources Secretary1Tape 201/08/92Frankfort welcomes Legislature1Tape 201/09/92News conf-Lake Cumberland/Union Underwear1Tape 201/13/92State of the Commonwealth1Tape 301/13/92State of the Commonwealth, #21Tape 301/16/92Governor addresses Leadership Lexington1Tape 301/17/92Martin Luther King Day, Capitol, #11Tape 301/17/92Martin Luther King Day, #21Tape 301/23/92Rotary Club, Louisville, #11Tape 301/23/92Rotary Club, Louisville, #21Tape 301/23/92Lieutenant Governor, Economic Development - KET1Tape 301/24/92Kentucky Press Association #11Tape 301/24/92Kentucky Press Association #21Tape 402/04/92Governor Jones endorsement of Clinton1Tape 402/06/92Governor's budget press conference #11Tape 502/06/92Governor's budget press conference #21Tape 502/06/92Governor's budget press conference #31Tape 602/06/92Governor Jones budget speech #11Tape 602/06/92Governor Jones budget speech #21Tape 702/18/92Governor Jones groundbreaking (AG extension)1Tape 702/19/92Governor press conference - election reform #11Tape 702/19/92Governor press conference - election reform #21Tape 702/20/92Governor Jones 1st bill signing, press conf.1Tape 702/28/92Governor Jones, KY School Board Association1Tape 703/02/92Governor Jones, Easter Seal Child1Tape 703/04/92Libby Jones, Walk America1Tape 703/06/92Governor Jones Bicentennial announcement #11Tape 703/06/92Governor Jones Bicentennial announcement #21Tape 803/11/92Governor Jones health care press conference1Tape 803/12/92Lieutenant Governor Patton, Comm. Logsdon - AG1Tape 803/12/92Libby Jones - weather PSA for DES1Tape 803/13/92Governor Jones, vocational education #11Tape 803/13/92Governor Jones, KY Chamber, White Paper1Tape 803/23/92Governor Jones, War Memorial1Tape 903/26/92Governor Jones, health care luncheon1Tape 903/27/92Governor Jones, legislative related press conf1Tape 903/27/92Governor Jones, general subjects press conf1Tape 903/30/92Governor Jones, Coal Severance Bill signing #11Tape 903/30/92Governor Jones, Coal Severance Bill signing #21Tape 904/03/92Governor Jones, Arbor Day1Tape 904/08/92Governor Jones, Disability legislation bill1Tape 1004/09/92Signing of Reform Legislation1Tape 1004/??/92PSA "Friends of the Family", WEHT1Tape 1004/13/92Signing of HB 281Tape 1004/15/92Paris Pike1Tape 1004/16/92oil recycle program1Tape 1004/16/92Libby Jones, Blue Ribbon Ceremony1Tape 1004/20/92Better Business Bureau, Lexington1Tape 1104/25/92Eastern Kentucky Leadership Conference #11Tape 1104/25/92Eastern Kentucky Leadership Conference #21Tape 1104/92Derby spot for TNN1Tape 1104/92Pegasus Parade1Tape 1205/02/92Derby Breakfast1Tape 1205/03/92Derby Brunch1Tape 1205/08/92Ky Chamber, Drawbridge Inn #11Tape 1205/08/92Ky Chamber, Drawbridge Inn #21Tape 1205/14/92Tri-State "spot"1Tape 1205/14/92campaign bribe press conference1Tape 1305/19/92Mt. Sterling plant announcement1Tape 13??Governor Jones1Tape 1305/21/92International Paper press conference1Tape 1305/22/92NATL Democratic Women, Oldenberg Brewery1Tape 1305/30/92Governor arrives home from Japan1Tape 1305/30/92Governor - Danville1Tape 14??"Big Yank" plant opening1Tape 1406/04/92Kentucky Boys State, MSU1Tape 14??KY Special Olympics, UK1Tape 14??Kentucky Bicentennial, Lexington1Tape 14??Nature Preserve, Harrison Co.1Tape 14??Local issues, Louisville1Tape 1406/11/92Free prescription, Johnson & Johnson1Tape 1406/11/92Mrs. Jones, honorary chair, Alzheimers1Tape 1406/11/92Governor & Mrs. Jones, QVC spot, crafts1Tape 1406/29/92Governor at State Police announcement1Tape 1507/06/921 millionth Corvette, Bowling Green1Tape 1507/06/92Tourism spot1Tape 1507/09/92Governor on government1Tape 1507/10/92Health care1Tape 1507/11/92Mrs. Jones1Tape 1507/18/92Governor at Williamsburg1Tape 1507/24/92Toyota message1Tape 1507/24/92Toyota ("made in Kentucky")1Tape 1507/24/92Kentucky Housing1Tape 1607/24/92Kentucky Housing/Bluegrass Games1Tape 1607/27/92Ford Truck Plant expansion1Tape 1608/06/92Universal Fasteners1Tape 1608/06/92Trooper recognition1Tape 1608/09/92Governor leaves hospital1Tape 1608/26/92Block Grants1Tape 1709/03/92Tourism signing #11Tape 1709/03/92Tourism signing #21Tape 1708/26/92Lieutenant Governor Patton (corporate citizens)1Tape 1709/08/92constitutional reform1Tape 1709/09/92Health care1Tape 1809/09/92Health care hearing1Tape 1809/10/92Health care meeting1Tape 1809/10/92Health care meeting1Tape 1809/18/92Health care meeting1Tape 1809/18/92Health care meeting1Tape 1809/28/92New Frankfort County park1Tape 1909/28/92Governors's first news conference after copter crash1Tape 1909/30/92AG summit #11Tape 1909/30/92AG summit #21Tape 1910/02/92News conference1Tape 1910/13/92Health care access1Tape 2010/13/92Economic Development Board #11Tape 2010/13/92Economic Development Board #21Tape 2010/13/92Economic Development Board #31Tape 2010/14/92Naval Academy Glee Club1Tape 2010/14/92Joe Wright tribute1Tape 2010/14/92Higher Education rally1Tape 2110/14/92A-OK / Conference on Older People1Tape 2110/15/92Education Writers conference1Tape 2110/16/92Mt. Sterling plant1Tape 2110/16/92economic conference1Tape 2110/16/92KY Primary Care Association1Tape 2110/16/92Governor announcement - Malloy & Hall1Tape 2210/21/92ADA luncheon1Tape 2210/22/92Small Business Development Council #11Tape 2210/22/92Small Business Development Council #21Tape 2210/23/92Grants1Tape 2210/23/92Grants1Tape 2210/26/92AG injuries1Tape 2310/27/92Gov's proclamation/radio roundtable1Tape 2310/27/92Coal Marketing Association1Tape 2310/27/92First flight after helicopter crash1Tape 2310/27/92Red Ribbon Rally1Tape 2310/28/92Clinton/Gore rally #11Tape 2310/28/92Clinton/Gore rally #21Tape 2310/30/92Hable, Grants1Tape 2411/02/92Pat Malloy, new Finance Secretary1Tape 2411/06/92Pentacostal Children's Home1Tape 2411/09/92AG press conference1Tape 2411/??/92$1,000,000 Shootout (Kidney Foundation)1Tape 2411/11/92October General Fund receipts1Tape 2411/??/92Natural Resources1Tape 2411/12/92VoTech School1Tape 2411/20/92Fealth care access1Tape 2511/??/92School Superintendent meeting1Tape 2511/30/92Education press conference1Tape 2512/01/92Education press conference1Tape 2512/07/92Health care reform1Tape 2512/07/92Christmas tree lighting1Tape 2512/22/92King of Bluegrass PSA1Tape 2601/06/93Earth Summit announcement1Tape 2601/08/93KERA1Tape 2601/06/93KY Disability Awards Dinner1Tape 2612/08/92General Cable1Tape 2612/08/92International Paper1Tape 2612/08/92Frankfort Plant announcement1Tape 2712/11/92Farm Bureau1Tape 2712/14/92Awards1Tape 2712/14/92Awards / Supreme Court1Tape 2712/14/92Financial Institutions1Tape 2712/14/92Financial Institutions1Tape 2812/15/92press reception1Tape 2812/16/92Child First program1Tape 2812/17/92Kentucky Cancer Registry1Tape 2812/14/92Leadership Lexington1Tape 2801/14/93Martin Luther King observance, House Chamber1Tape 2901/22/93Governor at Craft Marketing/KPA #11Tape 2901/22/93KPA #21Tape 2901/15/93News conference #11Tape 2901/15/93News conference #21Tape 2901/15/93WKU, new plant1Tape 3001/27/93Outstanding Kentuckian Award1Tape 3001/28/93Pat Mulloy at Louisville Rotary1Tape 3001/29/93Boy Scouts1Tape 3002/02/93health care1Tape 3002/17/93Teachers Appreciation - KEA1Tape 3002/17/93CHR Health Services Bldg1Tape 3102/19/93Local government message1Tape 3102/19/93Arts Awards, Owensboro Arts Center1Tape 3102/19/93More Arts Awards1Tape 3102/24/93BSA fund raiser1Tape 3103/01/93Health care hearing1Tape 3103/02/93Health "Care-A-Van" #11Tape 3203/02/93Health "Care-A-Van" #21Tape 3203/02/93"Tweety Bird" Day Care1Tape 3203/03/93"Tweety Bird" Day Care1Tape 3203/03/93"Tweety Bird" Day Care1Tape 3303/03/93AG message1Tape 3303/04/93Health "Care-A-Van" - Henderson1Tape 3303/04/93Health "Care-A-Van" - Madisonville etc1Tape 3303/05/93Health "Care-A-Van" - Hopkinsville1Tape 3303/05/93Health "Care-A-Van" - Bowling Green1Tape 3403/05/93Health "Care-A-Van" - Bowling Green1Tape 3403/10/93Louisville Chamber of Commerce #11Tape 3403/10/93Louisville Chamber of Commerce #21Tape 3403/10/93Severe Storm Awareness spot1Tape 3403/12/93Budget cuts1Tape 3503/15/93Stride Rite1Tape 3503/16/93Kiwanis/Lions/Rotary1Tape 3503/12/93Budget cuts/economic development1Tape 3503/16/93Paducah Rotary1Tape 3503/16/93Paducah riverfront1Tape 3603/19/93Quality & Efficiency #11Tape 3603/19/93Quality & Efficiency #21Tape 3603/19/93Quality & Efficiency #31Tape 3603/??/93Quality & Efficiency1Tape 3603/25/93Libby Jones - Child Abuse PSA1Tape 3703/30/93Business Womens' luncheon #11Tape 3703/30/93Business Womens' luncheon #21Tape 3704/08/93Black Lung Association1Tape 3704/12/93Market executives1Tape 3704/12/93Market executives1Tape 3804/??/93Libby Jones - Child Abuse event1Tape 3804/14/93"ESTEEM"1Tape 3804/14/93KAHA endorsement1Tape 3804/15/93Safety & Health conference1Tape 3804/16/93Council on State Governments1Tape 3904/20/93Organ donor luncheon1Tape 3904/23/93Health care legislation announcement1Tape 3904/29/93Steel mill opening1Tape 3905/03/93Bullitt County Welcome Center1Tape 3905/06/93Governor phone call to President Clinton #11Tape 3905/06/93Governor phone call to President Clinton #21Tape 4005/??/93Health care1Tape 4005/06/93KY Chamber of Commerce #11Tape 4005/06/93KY Chamber of Commerce #21Tape 4005/10/93Joint Session/Special Session #11Tape 4005/10/93Joint Session/Special Session #21Tape 4105/11/93Cable Association #11Tape 4105/11/93Cable Association #21Tape 4105/12/93Frankfort Rotary Club1Tape 4105/13/93Bankers speech1Tape 4105/17/93Health care/Lexington Chamber of Commerce1Tape 4105/17/93Health care/Lexington Chamber of Commerce1Tape 4205/20/93Robert Wood Johnson grant1Tape 4205/25/93Rio to Capitols/Gore speech1Tape 4205/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4205/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4305/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4305/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4305/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4305/25/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4405/26/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4405/26/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4405/26/93Rio to Capitols1Tape 4405/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4505/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4505/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4505/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4505/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4605/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4605/27/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4605/28/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4605/28/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4705/28/93Rio to Capitols2Tape 4706/08/93Special Session HB12Tape 4706/10/93Health care #12Tape 4706/10/93Health care #22Tape 4806/10/93health care #2Tape 4806/10/93Small Business conference2Tape 4806/17/93State vehicles2Tape 4806/17/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 4806/17/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 4906/17/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 4906/17/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 4906/17/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 4906/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5006/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5006/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5006/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5006/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5106/24/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5107/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5107/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5107/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5207/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5207/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5207/01/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5207/08/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5307/08/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5307/08/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5307/08/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5307/08/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5307/09/93AG message2Tape 5407/12/93Pritchard Committee2Tape 5407/14/93Seven Counties meeting #12Tape 5407/14/93Seven Counties meeting #22Tape 5407/16/93Combs appt. Supreme Court2Tape 5407/16/93Fulton Co. flood relief2Tape 5407/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5507/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5507/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5507/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5507/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5607/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5607/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5607/22/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5607/23/93Simpson Economic Development announcement2Tape 5607/26/93Local Government Block Grants2Tape 5707/27/93Lottery Advisory Committee2Tape 5707/29/93Miller/Jelsma news conference2Tape 5707/29/93Health Care Access2Tape 5707/29/93Health Care Access2Tape 5807/29/93Health Care Access2Tape 5807/31/93Quality & Efficiency meeting2Tape 5807/31/93Quality & Efficiency meeting2Tape 5808/05/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5908/05/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5908/05/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5908/05/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 5908/05/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6008/10/93New pool announcement, Boonesborough2Tape 6008/11/93Budget briefing2Tape 6008/11/93Budget briefing2Tape 6008/12/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6108/12/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6108/12/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6108/12/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6108/12/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6108/19/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6208/19/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6208/19/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6208/19/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6208/19/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6208/20/93Grants - Covington City Hall/Thomas More2Tape 6308/20/93Boy Scout announcement/Gateway Park2Tape 6308/23/93Stearns grant announcement2Tape 6308/25/93Kirch/Cooper Industries2Tape 6308/25/93Wagner Brake2Tape 6408/25/93Grant announcement2Tape 6408/26/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6408/26/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6408/26/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6408/26/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6508/31/93Dr. Clark/Quality & Efficiency2Tape 6508/31/93Dr. Clark/Quality & Efficiency2Tape 6509/01/93Grants2Tape 6509/08/93Quality & Efficiency press conference2Tape 6509/09/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6609/09/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6609/09/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6609/09/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6609/13/93Transportation news conference2Tape 6609/15/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6709/15/93Health Care Task Force2Tape 6709/21/93Education news conference2Tape 6709/??/93"More for the Money"2Tape 6709/23/93Folk Art Center dedication2Tape 6709/27/93Family Health Center2Tape 6709/27/93New business in N. KY2Tape 6809/01/93Horse Track groundbreaking2Tape 6809/16/93Libby Jones - breast cancer spot2Tape 6810/01/93Transportation news conference2Tape 6811/01/93Quality & Efficiency news conference2Tape 6811/01/93Quality & Efficiency news conference2Tape 6812/06/93Parks announcement - General Butler SP2Tape 6912/06/93Christmas tree lighting2Tape 6912/09/93Medicaid pilot proposal2Tape 6912/10/93Leadership Women Conference2Tape 6912/13/93William Natcher Bridge #12Tape 6912/13/93Natcher Bridge #2/block Grants2Tape 7012/14/93new plastics plant - Lawrenceburg2Tape 7012/15/93Eastern State Hospital2Tape 7012/15/93Groundbreaking/block grant - Mt. Sterling2Tape 7012/16/93Suggestion awards2Tape 7012/17/93DOT federal money2Tape 7001/07/94"Phillip Sharp Day" #12Tape 7101/07/94"Phillip Sharp Day" #22Tape 7101/12/94Gun control bill2Tape 7101/13/94Prayer breakfast2Tape 7101/13/94Kentucky Coal Coalition2Tape 7101/13/94Leadership Bluegrass2Tape 7101/13/94Martin Luther King ceremony2Tape 7201/24/94Governor's budget #12Tape 7201/24/94Governor's budget #22Tape 7202/02/94League of Women Voters #12Tape 7202/02/94League of Women Voters #22Tape 7302/03/94Heritage Council news conference2Tape 7302/04/94Bluegress Boy Scouts2Tape 7302/08/94Governor w/ Marshall Long2Tape 7302/09/94Phillip Morris Leadership Conference2Tape 7302/10/94African/American Heritage2Tape 7302/11/94Budget news conference2Tape 7402/11/94Governor - "Open Door After Four"2Tape 7402/22/94"Clothes..." (illegible) project/reception2Tape 7403/01/94Health Care Access2Tape 7403/03/94Columbia HCA #12Tape 7403/03/94Columbia HCA #22Tape 7503/03/94Nat'l Conference of Christians & Jews2Tape 7503/07/94HB 359 - Crime Bill signing2Tape 7503/07/94Salato Wildlife Education Center2Tape 7503/07/94Salato Wildlife Education Center2Tape 7503/08/94Grant - Mount Vernon2Tape 7503/08/94Grant - London2Tape 7503/09/94Nat'l Womens History / Seat Belt Bill2Tape 7503/08/94Grants - Williamsburg2Tape 7503/14/94Judge Payne sworn in2Tape 7603/24/94Grants - Shepherdsville, Cave City2Tape 7603/24/94Grants - Bowling Green2Tape 7603/15/94Labor rally2Tape 7603/30/94HB 3682Tape 7604/01/94Arbor Day2Tape 7704/01/94KET news conference2Tape 7704/11/94Bill signing2Tape 7704/14/94Lottery Bill signing2Tape 7704/15/94Health Care Reform Bill signing2Tape 7704/28/94Labor Memorial Day2Tape 7705/03/94KY Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders2Tape 7805/03/94KY Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders2Tape 7805/05/94Factory grant announcement2Tape 7805/05/94Factory grant announcement2Tape 7805/07/94Derby Breakfast2Tape 7805/12/94Ashland Teachers Awards2Tape 7905/16/94Save the Parks tour (Louisville)2Tape 7905/16/94Save the Parks tour (Audobon/Henderson)2Tape 7905/16/94Save the Parks tour (KY Dam SP)2Tape 7905/17/94Save the Parks tour (Lake Barkley SP)2Tape 7905/17/94Save the Parks tour (Barren River)2Tape 8005/17/94Save the Parks tour (My Old KY Home)2Tape 8005/23/94UK Library rally2Tape 8005/23/94History Center rally (Frankfort)2Tape 8005/23/94Bluegrass State Games2Tape 8105/19/94Save the Parks tour (Natural Bridge)2Tape 8105/19/94Save the Parks tour (Jenny Wiley)2Tape 8105/19/94Save the Parks tour (Buckhorn Lake)2Tape 8105/20/94Save the Parks tour (Pine Mountain SP)2Tape 8105/20/94Save the Parks tour (Lake Cumberland)2Tape 8205/18/94Covington / Save the Parks tour2Tape 8205/21/94Save the Parks tour (Greenbo Lake)2Tape 8205/21/94Save the Parks tour (Yatesville Lake)2Tape 8206/06/94Workers Compensation Commissioner2Tape 8306/08/94Boy's State2Tape 8306/15/94Ham Breakfast PSA2Tape 8306/15/94Economic Development meeting2Tape 8306/15/94Economic Development meeting2Tape 8306/16/94Sustainable Development2Tape 8306/22/94Budget announcement2Tape 8406/28/94Billy Graham visit2Tape 8406/29/94Oak/Acorn Center2Tape 8406/29/94Oak/Acorn Center2Tape 8407/05/94New Veterans Memorial - Manchester2Tape 8407/05/94Block grant - Middlesboro2Tape 8407/06/94seat belt rally2Tape 8407/08/94Block grant - Richmond2Tape 8507/08/94Block grant - Danville2Tape 8507/08/94Block grant - Shelbyville2Tape 8507/08/94Block grant - LaGrange2Tape 8507/11/94Block grant - eastern KY2Tape 8507/11/94Block grant - eastern KY2Tape 8507/12/94Block grant - eastern KY2Tape 8507/12/94Block grant - eastern KY2Tape 8607/12/94Block grant - eastern KY2Tape 8607/14/94Bverpass ribbon cutting - Covington2Tape 8607/14/94Block Grants - Glenco/Independence2Tape 8607/14/94Block Grants - Grant County2Tape 8607/15/94News conference2Tape 8707/15/94Leadership Kentucky luncheon2Tape 8707/21/94Automotive plant announcement2Tape 8707/22/94Women's Leadership luncheon2Tape 8707/24/94Block Grants - Paducah/Wickliffe2Tape 8807/24/94Ribbon cutting/block grant - Columbus2Tape 8807/24/94Block grant - Hardin2Tape 8807/26/94Americans With Disabilities2Tape 8807/26/94Southern Christian Youth Convention2Tape 8807/28/94Block Grants - Providence/Fordsville2Tape 8808/03/94Budget analysis3Tape 8908/15/94Americorps Grant #13Tape 8908/15/94Americorps Grant #23Tape 9008/16/94Americorps Grant3Tape 9008/17/94East KY corps #13Tape 9008/17/94East KY corps #23Tape 9008/18/94Opening day at State Fair3Tape 9008/19/94Block grant - Paris3Tape 9008/19/94Block grant - Carlisle3Tape 9108/19/94Block grant - Brookville3Tape 9108/24/94KY Telemarketing Network grant3Tape 9108/25/94Ham breakfast3Tape 9109/02/94CSX announcement3Tape 9209/06/94Financial Institutions3Tape 9209/07/94Military installations3Tape 9209/08/94White House Conference on Small Business/Common Health Care news conference3Tape 9209/20/94School to Work conference3Tape 9209/21/94Louisville Tourism awards3Tape 9209/22/94A-OK luncheon3Tape 9309/23/94Council on State Governments bldg dedication3Tape 9309/28/94Workforce Development meeting3Tape 9309/30/94Environmental conference3Tape 9309/30/94Bill Young tribute3Tape 9403/09/94Boy Scouts #13Tape 9403/09/94Boy Scouts #23Tape 9410/10/94Ashland Rotary Club3Tape 9410/10/94Ashland Rotary Club3Tape 9410/12/94Fifth Legend ceremony3Tape 9410/13/94Minority drawing3Tape 9410/17/94Riverfront groundbreaking3Tape 9410/17/94First National Guard female General3Tape 9510/18/94KY Education Technology sites3Tape 9510/20/94Centerfield classroom3Tape 9510/24/94Ascent Technologies3Tape 9510/24/94Block Grants - Madison/Jessamine Co.3Tape 9510/25/94EEO conference #13Tape 9610/25/94EEO conference #23Tape 9610/25/94KY Broadcasters3Tape 9610/26/94Liberty National/UPS announcement3Tape 9610/26/94Scenic Highways/Byways - Woodford Co.3Tape 9710/28/94CDBG #1 eastern KY3Tape 9710/28/94CDBG #2 eastern KY3Tape 9711/01/94Industrial appreciation luncheon #13Tape 9711/01/94Industrial appreciation luncheon #23Tape 9711/01/94CDBG - Dry Ridge3Tape 9811/03/94Gun Safety Awareness3Tape 9811/09/94Keeneland/Post Election3Tape 9811/21/94MADD rally3Tape 9811/23/94Hemp NC3Tape 9811/28/94Special Session called3Tape 9911/28/94Workforce Development3Tape 9911/29/94Quality & Efficiency3Tape 9912/01/94New air terminal - N. KY3Tape 10012/04/94Christmas tree decorating & lighting3Tape 10012/06/94Economic Development Bd mtg/School meeting - Sandy Hook3Tape 10012/07/94Franklin Co. Bicentennial check3Tape 10012/12/94Q & E meeting/Personnel suggestions3Tape 10012/16/94CDBG - Murray/Cadiz3Tape 10112/16/94CDBG - Cadiz/Central City/Prison dedication3Tape 10112/16/94Prison tour - Central City3Tape 10112/18/94"Image Entry" - computer firm dedication3Tape 10112/18/94"Image Entry" continued, water plant grant - Jackson Co.3Tape 10112/20/94CDBG - Springfield, Harrodsburg3Tape 10212/20/94U of L football stadium announcement3Tape 10212/21/94Clinton phone call3Tape 10212/22/94Information Highway3Tape 10201/04/95Prevailing wage3Tape 10201/11/95Columbia HCA reaction3Tape 10301/12/95Martin Luther King3Tape 10301/13/95Pre-legislative news conference3Tape 10301/17/95Appalachian Task Force3Tape 10301/17/95Employment Empowerment3Tape 10301/17/95Tax news conference3Tape 10401/17/95State of Commonwealth3Tape 10401/17/95Legislative news conference3Tape 10401/20/95Kendall Hayes honored3Tape 10401/27/95Bill signings3Tape 10401/27/95Bill signings3Tape 10402/02/95Governor - Rotary3Tape 10502/03/95Boy Scouts3Tape 10502/06/95ISTEA Grants - Elizabethtown, New Haven3Tape 10502/06/95ISTEA Grants - Hart Co.3Tape 10502/06/95ISTEA Grants - Barren Co., Glasgow3Tape 10502/06/95ISTEA Grants - Bowling Green3Tape 10502/07/95News conference3Tape 10602/08/95ISTEA Grants - Big Bone Lick3Tape 10602/08/95ISTEA Grants - Covington/Newport3Tape 10602/08/95ISTEA Grants - Campbell Co./Falmouth3Tape 10602/09/95ISTEA Grants - Lexington, Paris3Tape 10602/10/95ISTEA Grants - Shelbyville3Tape 10702/10/95ISTEA Grants - Shepherdsville, Louisville3Tape 10702/09/95ISTEA Grants - Irvine, Clay City3Tape 10702/09/95ISTEA Grants - Madison Co.3Tape 10702/14/95Dept. Insurance - NAIC accreditation3Tape 10702/14/95Military Affairs Commissioner lunch3Tape 10702/15/95Louisville Central Area (?)3Tape 10803/01/95KY Commission on Tax Policy3Tape 10803/01/95NKY Convention Center celebration3Tape 10803/02/95Southgate Elementary visit3Tape 10803/03/95Toyota3Tape 10803/03/95Music and dance, Governor's Mansion3Tape 10903/08/95Ben Snyder Block #13Tape 10903/08/95Ben Snyder Block #23Tape 10903/08/95Hudson Plant groundbreaking3Tape 10903/09/95ISTEA - Lewisport, Hartford3Tape 10903/10/95Press conference3Tape 11003/14/95Grants - Campton/West Liberty, Wolfe Co.3Tape 11003/14/95Grants - Morehead3Tape 11003/14/95Grants - Augusta, Vanceburg3Tape 11003/15/95Grants - Ashland3Tape 11103/15/95Grants - Russell, Louisa3Tape 11103/15/95Grants - Louisa, Paintsville3Tape 11103/15/95Grants - Paintsville, Salyersville3Tape 11103/16/95Grants - Prestonsburg, Pikeville3Tape 11203/16/95Grants - Whitesburg, Hindman3Tape 11203/16/95Grants - Hazard, Jackson3Tape 11203/16/95Grants - Benham3Tape 11203/17/95Grants - Mount Vernon3Tape 11303/17/95Grants - Nancy3Tape 11303/21/95Businesswomen's Luncheon3Tape 11303/22/95Grants - Beattyville, McKee3Tape 11303/22/95ARC Grants - London3Tape 11303/29/95ISTEA Grants - Cadiz, Hawesville(?)3Tape 11403/29/95ISTEA - Hazel, Paducah3Tape 11403/30/95ISTEA - Lake City3Tape 11403/31/95Nature license plate3Tape 11404/04/95Boys' basketball champions3Tape 11404/05/95Covington business meeting3Tape 11404/06/95Naval Ordnance3Tape 11504/06/95Convention Center thanks3Tape 11504/07/95Arbor Day3Tape 11504/10/95ARC Grants - Monroe Co.3Tape 11504/10/95ARC Grants - Monroe Co.3Tape 11504/11/95Child Abuse Week3Tape 11604/12/95Woodford Education Center3Tape 11604/11/95Transportation award3Tape 11604/11/95Dedication of Watterson Expressway3Tape 11604/13/95Governor receives UK award #13Tape 11604/13/95Governor receives UK award #23Tape 11604/14/95Organ Donor Week proclamation3Tape 11704/17/95Hitachi 10-year celebration3Tape 11704/17/95Special Session news conference3Tape 11704/18/95Historic farms book3Tape 11704/18/95Berea School 6-12 graders news conference3Tape 11704/18/95Derby Festival Luncheon3Tape 11804/19/95Health care fraud3Tape 11804/19/95Mary Bingham3Tape 11804/20/95Environmental luncheon (?)3Tape 11804/20/95Exceptional Children Advisory Panel #13Tape 11804/20/95Exceptional Children Advisory Panel #23Tape 11804/20/95Safety & Health Conference3Tape 11904/21/95"They're Off" luncheon #13Tape 11904/21/95"They're Off" luncheon #23Tape 11904/24/95Family Literacy luncheon3Tape 11904/25/95James Still named Poet Laureate3Tape 11904/26/95"People to People" rally3Tape 11904/27/95Scott Co. girls basketball3Tape 11905/03/95Rural Empowerment Zone3Tape 12005/08/95Ashland Teachers Awards3Tape 12005/08/95VE Day commemoration3Tape 12005/09/95Bluegrass State Games announcement3Tape 12005/09/95Workers compensation fraud3Tape 12005/12/95Parkland Drum Corps/Step Club3Tape 12005/12/95Mighty Gospel Harmonizers3Tape 12005/12/95KY (title illegible)3Tape 12105/15/95State Police Awards3Tape 12105/16/95Mercer Health Dept.3Tape 12105/16/95KY Tech Awards3Tape 12105/17/95Kentuckians on Aging briefing #13Tape 12105/17/95Kentuckians on Aging briefing #23Tape 12105/17/95Fish & Wildlife officers sworn in3Tape 12206/07/95Boys State3Tape 12206/08/95Tourism #13Tape 12206/08/95Tourism #23Tape 12206/08/95Fidelity Investments3Tape 12206/14/95Girls State3Tape 12206/14/95Dale Hollow groundbreaking3Tape 12306/15/95CDGB (Dawson Springs)3Tape 12306/15/95CDBG (Elkton)3Tape 12306/19/95Sons of American Revolution3Tape 12306/19/95Education Technology Remarks3Tape 12306/19/95KERA3Tape 12306/19/95Disaster declaration3Tape 12306/22/95DES Emergency Management Workshop3Tape 12406/23/95Disabled American Vets3Tape 12406/26/95Education & Arts Grants3Tape 12406/27/95Helen Keller Day3Tape 12406/30/95Americorp/Welfare reform3Tape 12406/30/95Woodford Hospital grant3Tape 12406/28/95Lotto check3Tape 12506/30/95Evening with Arts3Tape 12506/30/95Evening with Arts3Tape 12506/30/95Evening with Arts3Tape 12507/10/95Budget surplus3Tape 12607/06/95West KY tour (Hopkinsville)3Tape 12607/06/95West KY tour (Logan Co.)3Tape 12607/06/95West KY tour (Russellville/Muhlenburg Co.)3Tape 12607/07/95West KY tour (Henderson)3Tape 12707/07/95West KY tour3Tape 12707/07/95West KY tour3Tape 12707/07/95West KY tour (Lake Barkley)3Tape 12707/07/95Equitana (?) (Derby Museum)3Tape 12807/13/95Economic Development Partnership Board3Tape 12807/13/95Economic Development Partnership Board #23Tape 12807/14/95Leadership KY3Tape 12807/14/95Leadership KY #23Tape 12807/17/95Health Alliance announcement3Tape 12907/20/95Health care funding3Tape 12907/21/95Coal Co. Coalition3Tape 12907/24/95Special Session call3Tape 12907/24/95Medical School check3Tape 12907/25/95Special Session news conference3Tape 12907/26/95Tax Reform Task Force3Tape 13007/28/95Pacesetters/BGSG3Tape 13007/28/95Farm aid announcement3Tape 13007/27/95Economic development announcement3Tape 13008/01/95State Police promotions3Tape 13008/09/95Americorp stops3Tape 13008/09/95Americorp3Tape 13008/16/95Minority Training announcement3Tape 13108/17/95State Fair opening3Tape 13108/18/954-H Breakfast3Tape 13108/18/95Arts: Humanities Legislation Day3Tape 13108/21/95Americorp/Girls Inc3Tape 13108/22/95Economic Development announcement3Tape 13208/24/95Ham Breakfast3Tape 13208/24/95Road/Historic site3Tape 13208/24/95Owsley Historic site3Tape 13208/24/95Rehabilitation conference dinner3Tape 13208/26/95Women's Suffrage Anniversary4Tape 13308/25/95Vic Hellard as Governor Morrow4Tape 13308/25/95N KY Brotherhood Gospel Singers4Tape 13308/25/95N KY Brotherhood Gospel Singers4Tape 13408/--/95Library dedication - KDLA4Tape 13408/30/95Document signing4Tape 13408/31/95Salyersville Cut Thru4Tape 13409/01/95Hyden Manchester Parade4Tape 13509/01/95Pine Knot - Stearns4Tape 13509/07/95Environmental Ed (Mrs Jones)4Tape 13509/12/95Habitat for Humanity (Mrs Jones)4Tape 13509/13/95Crime Victims Notification4Tape 13509/20/95Portrait unveiling4Tape 13509/22/95State Employee benefits4Tape 13509/25/95History Center4Tape 13509/26/95EEO Conference4Tape 13609/26/95Lex Mark4Tape 13609/22/95Evening W/ Arts4Tape 13609/22/95Evening W/Arts4Tape 13609/22/95Evening W Arts4Tape 13609/28/95New U of L President inaugurated4Tape 13709/29/95Breast Cancer Awareness4Tape 13709/29/95Americorp swearing-in4Tape 13710/02/95Flemingsburg Plant announcement4Tape 13710/02/95Road opening - Bullitt Co.4Tape 13710/03/95Alzheimers report presentation4Tape 13710/04/95Redistricting news conference4Tape 13710/05/95Building dedication - Ashland4Tape 13810/05/95Building dedication - Ashland4Tape 13810/05/95Building dedication - Ashland4Tape 13810/06/95Taylorsville CDBG4Tape 13810/06/95KY Housing Conference4Tape 13810/07/95Groundbreaking - Campbellsville4Tape 13810/07/95College class - Campbellsville4Tape 13910/--/95Reception - Edmonton4Tape 13910/--/95Henry F. Moss School4Tape 13910/--/95Chamber of Commerce4Tape 13910/10/95Larue Co. schools4Tape 13910/10/95Larue Co. schools #24Tape 14010/10/95Little Dave's - Brandenburg4Tape 14010/11/95Medicade4Tape 14010/12/95Tourism - Travel Awards4Tape 14010/13/95AOK Awards4Tape 14010/13/95Arts Evening #1 - Met. Blues Trio4Tape 14010/13/95Arts Evening #2 - Belle Breezing4Tape 14010/13/95Arts Evening #3 - John Edmonds4Tape 14110/16/95Grants - Hawesville, Centertown4Tape 14110/16/95Grants - Lafayette4Tape 14110/17/95Grants - Benton4Tape 14110/17/95Grants - Cayce, Columbus4Tape 14110/17/95Grants - Bardwell4Tape 14210/18/95Grants - Millersburg, Mt. Sterling4Tape 14210/19/95Personal visit - Carlisle Co., Bardwell4Tape 14210/18/95Grants - Clay City, Campton4Tape 14210/18/95Grants - Morehead4Tape 14210/19/95CHR news conference4Tape 14210/19/95Open Door4Tape 14310/20/95Health Care grant4Tape 14310/23/95Gov w/ Kiwanis4Tape 14310/25/95Information Superhighway4Tape 14310/25/95JYB Sr testimonial4Tape 14311/02/95Gifts from Kentucky4Tape 14310/26/95Anderson Tech Center4Tape 14410/26/95KY Health Access4Tape 14410/26/95KY Health Access #24Tape 14410/27/95Environmental Conference4Tape 14410/27/95Environmental Conference #24Tape 14410/30/95Grants - Paudcah4Tape 14410/30/95Grants - Paducah #24Tape 14510/30/95Grants - Paducah4Tape 14510/30/95Grants - Paducah4Tape 14510/30/95Reidland Health - school visits4Tape 14511/01/95Hundertown Elementary4Tape 14511/02/95ARC meeting4Tape 14511/04/9550th UN4Tape 14611/04/9550th UN #24Tape 14611/04/95Evening w/Arts4Tape 14611/04/95Evening w/Arts4Tape 14611/03/95Ribbon cutting/CDBG - Warsaw/Sparta4Tape 14611/03/95CDBG - Lagrange/Shepherdsville4Tape 14611/03/95CDBG - Shepherdsville4Tape 14711/03/95KY World Trade Conference4Tape 14711/06/95CDBG - JYB Highway Dedication - Greenup4Tape 14711/06/95CDBG - Falmouth/Maysville4Tape 14711/07/95Walmart Distribution Center opening - London4Tape 14711/07/95Walmart #24Tape 14811/04/95Evening w/Arts4Tape 14811/08/95Cooper4Tape 14811/13/95NADA Tax Cut4Tape 14811/13/95Janet Reno visit4Tape 14811/13/95Libby Jones/MADD4Tape 14811/15/95Commonwealth Convention Center expansion4Tape 14911/21/95CDBG - ISTEA Glasgow4Tape 14911/21/95Thanksgiving4Tape 14911/21/95Thanksgiving #24Tape 14911/22/95Chandler4Tape 14911/27/95Highway announcement - Jenkins4Tape 15011/27/95Grant - Big Creek Elementary/Pineville4Tape 15011/27/95Grant/Comm. College dedication - Middlesboro4Tape 15011/29/95ISTEA - Elizabethtown4Tape 15011/28/95CDBG - Somerset, Monticello4Tape 15011/28/95CDBG/ISTEA - Livermore, henderson4Tape 15111/29/95ISTEA - New Haven4Tape 15111/29/95Governor Awards4Tape 15111/29/95Governor Awards #24Tape 15111/30/95Newport Bridge/Civic Center4Tape 15112/01/95Christmas Tree lighting4Tape 15212/04/95Medical Center announcement4Tape 15212/05/95Ribbon cutting - Mt. Vernon4Tape 15212/06/95J-Town Police Officer honored4Tape 15212/07/95Health Care press conference4Tape 153NDJack Hall/Health care4Tape 153NDKim Burse4Tape 153NDCrit Luallen / check printing4Tape 153NDHighway construction/Don Keller/Jerry Anglin4Tape 154NDRocky Adkins4Tape 154NDFranklin Jelsma4Tape 154NDMark Guilfoyle4Tape 154NDNed Breathitt/Paris Pike4Tape 155NDAl Smith4Tape 155NDGovernor Jones4Tape 155NDGovernor Jones #24Tape 155NDLibby Jones4Tape 156NDMasten Childers/Capitol4Tape 156NDRev. Childs4Tape 157NDArts Awards

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