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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 29, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

f J i r t jiK I t > VOLUME 5 4 t > s 1 alf COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 9 tni 4GnfltDr c AUGUST 29 1906 WEDNESDAY DEATHS REWARD 422t pat NUMBER 4i i= J 1p1 19 An infant child of Mr and Mrs 1 S one J nst at the Fair on TAwrsday c Flanagan this place last Fridaynigh black shepherd dog with some white n city cemetery breast neck and feet Responds to Interment in the name Dick Any one deliverin An infant child of Mr and Mrs him at my home 12 miles west of Coi Mrs < Hobson was in lumbia and 2 miles south of Gresham Claud Hobson her child when on Russell creek Green county I will Campbellsville with Friday night To both death came last R T Dow y pay 5 five dollars sorrowing families we extend our sym tI C BAKER President Board Trustees JUDGES 10 RUSSELL O 4 I Secretary r MF Columbia y Mr S C Pemberton of Horse Cave Ben Milam of color a wellknow and Mr Scotf bell of Bowling Green languishthe employed Judges at the Fair are character about town is now ing in the county jail A few days ago dru store Their decisions throughout the entire he entered Dr J N Pages Mi exhibition were entirely satisfactory to and called for a box of blacking was clerking for Di In fact a Fair cannot Tobe Hughes who all exhibitors conducted without em- Page stepped to the rearer of the be successfully While ployed Judges men who have no inter- building to accommndate him heard some est in the stock men who can not be getting the blacking Tobe Ben at influenced by friendsmen whose pur- money rattling but did not see In a short time after pose is to do the proper thing and whoi the cash drawer Pemberton and Isbell leaving Ben returned and handed Tobe do it Messrs are men of that character and the as- a check that had been received at the use it sociation made no mistake in selecting store stating that he could not Di them Mr Pemberton visits our F lir The circumstance were related to Ben arrested and locked annually and is somewhat acquainted Page who had amount of with our people but upon this visit he in jail It is not known the 265 in added many new friends to his list money he secured but hj had Mr Isbell never before attended a his J Fair here but his gentlemanly deportFARM FOR ment and correct decisions won for him a name and friends and it is hopea We are authorized to sell one of the that he will again visit Columbia finest farms in Adair county 260 acres There was a frightful accident in the is in the limestone belt good strong show ring last Thursday afternoon land produces fine hay corn wheat Mrs Fayette Wilkinson of Stanford I pats and one of the best burley tobacwas in a buggy with Mr W L Grady Is also a fine co farms in the county the rig being for thefinest turnout evstock farm with eight or ten fine neve erything considered The horse beGood 8 room house und Mr Grady failing springs came unmanageable fine cistern and well at door and Mrs with was thrown from the vehicle cave spring with rock spring house Wilkinson remaining until it was upset close by Four good barns and three falling underneath The horse then good cribs This farm is located in one jumped and kicked tearing the bugg j neighborhoods of the counto pieces Mrs Wilkinson was only of the best to school church and post slightly hurt but it was a miracle he ty close office and 5 miles West of Columbia not killed The premium was Call on or address awarded Mr Tim Carvens who was T A and M M MURRELL Admrs accompanied by Miss Myrtle Myers Columbia Ky 41tf t ugh School 51ST YEAR I standing PREPARES FOR BUSINESS TEACHING AND COLLEGE ENTw I I I 11 THE ART DEPARTMENT In charge a f C Fredric Ohlenmacher who as a Will be in Charge of Miss Sallie Baker recently a Teacher of Music has no superiors and few equals in this section of the State JI Student in the Art Academy of Cincinnati z S V Competent Teachers in Every Department V rclS r or School f v pockett SALEt Y > x yrRATES Two Good Boarding Hom s on the College Campus in Charge of Mrs R W Shirley s S + VERY REASONABLE tfa rFor Further r trt rr a k x 1 Information Address 1 c T fiJ i DrlE L WhitfieldiPrin hKENTUCKyI 61 it i f COLUMBIA t = = = = = F j 1 = It 9ii5f fmj I I NEXT TERM BEGINS FIRST MONDAY IN SEPTEMBER 11 iV2Itt 4 1r rwas zwesuamuraa II I ii lt fi lrJ 2t J ofii In Prizes To Be 4Et l t tfP f Iro 111 t AbsOlutely Fiee Given Away t L i GREEN RIVER FARM FOR SALE Tuesday the 21st inst was the 82n Jimmie Gride birthday of Uncle My farm 1 mile south of Little Cak highly respecte one of Adair Countys on Green river containing 304 acres 1 citizens His many friends concluded mile from church and school Good to surprise him with a dinner whit buildings of all kinds 2 good orchard was one of the best ever spread in his and is a desirable home Has ample neighborhood and which was very timber for keeping up the farm and much enjoyed by the fiftynine grow 400 of merchantable timber standing persons and a number of children who There are 48 acres of bottom land participated worth more than I ask for the en S H Mitchell sold his farm in this tire farm This is your c h a n c e ounty last week to Allen Keltner for if you want a good home and profitable 2503 Possession will be given the farm W L RIGNEY Purdy Ky 264m irst of December Mr Mitchell is un- Firstclass I and Fair Burkesville ABOLUT 1 I GROUP CTp each of the persons sending to us the words next nearest to a certificate entitling the holder of 50 on any new piano in seventyfive1It I Iissu3 CONDITIONS I islopen Judgs i toI of Contest wellknownlgentlemen The words must ba nixie of letters contained in the name MDntenegroRiehm Music Co and no words IThe 4 3 af Louisville will decide the contest a will be considered uiless found in Webster International Dictionary letter 2No Co shall be used more times in any one word than it occurs in the name MontenegroRiehm Music REV H G OGDEN pastor of Trinity M E Church J S ESCOTT President i Southern ¬ us National Bank 5 Certificates will be applied on purchase of any new piano piration fl 1J R W BROWN Managing Editor The be applied as part payment and the balence paid on easy enstallments if desired 6The certificate applied on one sale and be surrendered at time of purchase 7Only onecertificate Louisville you own a piano and do not need the certificate yourself you are at liberty to transfer your certificate to t t another by having the transfer made ih our office and properly endorsed by us t your list contains sign your full Here is 9 Arrange your list of words alphabetically state the number of Chance Dept L The name and address plainly written and then mail or send to us marked Word Contest within five days after the contest closes Place a piano in your home decision as to the winner will be announced and notified 10Contest closes and all answers must be delivered at our store by September 8 1909 6 p m 1 I lettersI YFREE HAINES BROS GROUP BTo each of the fifty persons sending us the number of words next we will inearest to Group A the holderissue a to a certificate entitling credit of 75 on any new piano in our stock GROUP ATo each of the twentyfive persons sending to us the number of words next nearest to the prize winner we will issue a certificate entitling the holder to a credit of 100 on any new piano in our stock Slida repair work by expe Church 4OO 00 II rienced mechanics done on Engines Jo Coffey Jr made four shows with Shop is Boilers and all machinery Mr William Dodds handsome team oi being run by practical machinistwork geldings winning four blues He also A C SURREY done promptly won first and third in the roadster ring 421m with Dodds geldings It was one of Rev R B Grider pastor of the the hottest contested rings during theMethodist the first person sending us the greatest n umber of English words made from the contained in the name Montenegro = Riehm Music Coin accordance with ed below we will give a beautiful To decided as to where he will locate but le is certain that he will not remove to SHOP CAMPBElLSVILLE MACHINE iS I- r I3N r 8If S S Timesi = r7 Parthena Walls Harvey of Mar- ¬ Mr Ohlenmacher who returned to rowbone were married Wednesday J of to Columbia last week has refurnished your last week The groom is a native of his studio making the apartment very Russell county a fine gentleman and a inviting Quite a number have visited Cost son of Mr W C Grider who lives at r the studio pronouncing every thing Esto The bride is one of the best most tastefully arranged young women of Cumberland county t LOSTA small perse in the shape Soon after the ceremony the happy Music Co permanently before the people of Rentucky Indirna and Tennessee so that every For the purpose of putting the name Montenegro Riehm Impressed so strongly on the minds of all that when the word and that may couple left for the home of the grooms of a shoe It was first missed Eat the home and every chIld in the household may be famIlIar with our name Music Co Itas the be house where the best pianos at the most reasonable prices can will at once bring to mind Mon enegroRiehIl PIANO is mentioned it parents where a reception was held Fair grounds It contained a small courtesy We believe this manner of ad¬ but also shown not beobtained and where all are assured of being treated making our nameand honorablyfamiliar to the public thoroughly finder will please of sum of change The many friends being present vertising will be the most lasting and the best way return the purse to this office and All pupils who desire to matriculate keep the money s in the Musical department of the M 120 E Main In addition to the one hundred dollars F College will meet Mr Ohlenmacher Lexington 143149 W Main in his studio the opening of school ward offered by JB F Tupmanj forj mp Wt K tpt uii C1 f M >C rt lh Monday morning September 3rd at 9 e arrest and conviction of the assailIifY i4a1IlU Gov oclock Classes in Piano Voice Har ¬ ant of Miss Lizzie Hancock The fourth quarterly conference of Taking into consideration the num JVIr Jo Ellison who was so terribly mony Theory and History of Music eckham offers a reward of two hun Joseph Yates of this county was Glenville circuit will convene at Union ber of people in attendance there was will be organized dred dollars arrested and brought before F R afflicted with a cancer died last Wedforty years old but little drinking But few men were Chapel Russell county Sept 1st and IV Winfrey charged with selling liquor nesday He was about The many friends of Col E Butler The Columbia Hotel estimates that it noticed under the influence ofVintox = 2nd 1906 I I He was held overliis bond being 200 and a good citizen fed between eight hundred and one will be sorry to learn that he met with icants which he gave Shearer Bros lost valuable mhcJJI Bishop Carter will dedicate Normal I li thousand people during the four days a stroke of paralysis last Saturdayaf- v Valley cow struck by lightning Tuesday at 9 Teachers AssociationV x He made bYithe Columbia Chapel in Casey county Sunda tile r The music Wednesday night the hotel lodged over acting one whole side nel n xt o rtr l iy t Oth of September everybody lng r Band received praises from very criticalcondition two hundred persons iIo t Miss I j WHY WE DO IT = CO MONTENECRONN RIEHM MUSIC LotiI3vI1IIAIAi o l i WOo ¬ I 1 jsiha af i f 7 v < < 1r f- li ti j fflt i 144M p i 4 a Y x j fIh < L I N r S P J i h tt l i Y 1K tI 1 o t Re t Mkl < r V tji l yW 1 A r it 1 t 4 t l y 1 f kr Y- tt < s r y pr 7 r f- S q k L r d r I > r lr lf i jy SrA vS r r w a t i rsr v I V JAAtFf I j Y ifevNj ts 1 I Y- lYi 1

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