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Image 1 of The Lebanon post, December 8, 1852

Part of The Lebanon post

THE POST IMji WI.M BR PUBLISHED EVERT WEDNESDAY. At Lebanon, Ky., By 111. ID. lark. TERMS: The Post will be furnished subscribers at the following rates: Oao year, in advance, If. paid within six months, 250 3 00 At the end of the year, t Texns'of A d verti sing. THE VOL. - SHIELD OF THE UNION PRESS-T- IIK -- T:E DEFENDER OF EQUAL P.lUK'l! AOV. LEBANON, WKDiVirtSDA Y, i, T5 For lSllne? orloss.Ist insrrtie, Si For each (luliproHfrt insertion, - - $14 For half column 6 moatbs, ---18 12 months, " For whole column 6 months, - - - - 2J " 12 months, " ' A III"rl fWnction mnde for yrly aoer lispinpntB. Whrn the number of titre for continuing an advertisement i not apecified, It will he continued .intll ordered ont and charged at 8, 1852. NO. 32. 'Mr. Simpson,' said Timothy, in a some-iNe- bestow upon Arabella a munificent gift, jrained that year and a halt's experience, beaming smiles of the sweet goddess An-- , view, he took one of her hands unresisting- what tremidous manner, after the civilities meat of course, as a delicate token from and perhaps then you wouldn't lielrora. Such was Lizzy Florence, a young Ty within his own. Florence, ne stud, Ins heart hut- - ot the evening had passed, '1 Jiave called the younger to the elder brother. Timo'so anxious to throw y our.-cl- f awav ui.oiv a 'orphan girl, who had been for a month in of Capt Simpson, and. n termg the. wnue, as tiiough it would it upon you on rather a peculiar, and, I may thy received its benefit he knew from the family a penniless girl. .o whence it came, and he lived to be a wiser r. v. . jmiuuu My,uurwic uumiicjs. 'I don't think I should, even then, be wottld seem vainer to nmxe some com ucu-- , ot me if I put to you a question upon the! 'Ah,' uttered the old man, raising his and better man t han tor the sake salion for her board willing to sell myself to an heiress. s' Bah! Trash!' exclaimed Tim, finding of the pay she might receive, was doing answer to widen may depend much ot the spectacles and his eyebrows at the same Power of a Kfotlaei TJaina. time, but uttering no further remark. that there was a weight at hoili ends of the sewing for the family. At the pres-- I happiness of my earthly future.' Lizzv made no reply; she t her hand! 'Yes sir.' resumed Timothy. 'The fact she was engaged in the beam. 'Just look at the girl I shall enttime, however, A writer in the Boston Times describes remain a prisoner, and she trembled vio- - is, our marriage relations has been so magazine, .have the beautiful Arabella with a cool To. king over the pages Edward gained courage, and, short that I feel a little delicacy in broach-wh- a visit to the Penitentiary at 'Philadelphia, lently. Around oh the Other side of the grale half million. Egad! I know she loves me. Katy Darling. his heart tilled to a slate 0 anxious ing the matter to my wife at present, but and gives the following sketch of an inter-..What a magnificent creature! Did you ' from where, sat Lizzy, reposed, within the L . . .. t.. c.... thou art dead Katy Darling nuThortellme utnLKi'uu, mu i,.. suspense, he conltnued. at the present time lamsadlv in want review i.tiween dent lis of a capacious si tilled chair, the notice her small white hand- - N. d?' And thy smiles I may never more behold; man warden ot me prison, anu a young, 'Something tells me that the dearest small sum of money to help me over a plain Anon Simpson, a toll thee 1 was false, Katy Darling, hi"- in..s she oiled form he old ca Did they 'Inniii'Ml the man who was about to enter upon his Or my love for thee had grown cold? on to them,' qui mcally returned Ned 'merry old fellow who had spent, the ni' wish ol my nean wi.i not he crushed, business pinch. loving, Oh, I now know not When first I saw ou, 1 looked upon vou 'D'ye want to borrow some of me?' impi isonment. Few will read it without 'What a ove ot a neck: suggested ridian ot his da m the tins and downs Or the love of Erin's sons, deep emotion: now :i't'leil as one wo: my ot .even Heaven s love; bluntly asked Simpson. ni of ocean life and who Tim When the love like to thine, Katy Darling, again, where We passed the anto-rooi- a nas Itceii lo me a bright ;,' .society i 'V '0, no. I I a :em merely wished Is the goal to the race he runs. ht ol down wii h a ((inii et'T.t ortune to tile .'Must be sl;v.i.g who had we encountered a iioui ot mil lini ami joy, and 1 would you to break the h'e for me.' Oh. hear me, sweet Katy, le love S 1'. he could. llVM'li that chain,' said N just reached the prison as we entered. For the wild flowers are blooming Katy Dar Lh in iaal Iioui asK Iireak the ice'?' might be extended for li e joys it gave him. and lie w 'Such hair,' coi.t im - I!.,.,. IT. 1. ..1 I t v" 1 Iuyc Mill. ;ii m hle's pilgi imaye. nu T menu that you should broach the1 iL "au l cl". M " nV ,UI n 'Such oil and p. !,,,, 'ill And the love birds are nettling on each tree. win, a in n. and ardent love, a love malter to mv wife,' said Timothy breath-- . l,,?l"r ."TV in pi.: 1,11.: hnppiie Wilt thou ne'er more behold me, Katy Dar- - .ed was He was attired in tno latest btyle ot -- .n.s bom an honest he.,,. ling. Can i,,rr mo. f.eelv ,,nw t.loit .hJ VMt d Ti said he oh; 'A waist like Venus!' enunn fashin, and possessed all the nonchalance for thee. Or kuow, love, Im waiting vou eu.ui my love? Will vou be mine? out. 'More like a wasp,' ventured Ned regarding tlv fair girl careless appearance ol a genteel row- U I,.- reallv. mv dear, returned .'ei. ii,.n, Edward,' mm mured the fair ,'Five hundred thousand dollar!' shout- tiles, 'what are vou doing ith "HI I. llliruill' . i I am kneeling by the grave, Katy Darling; One as poor as myself, would, 1, l! i!He nothing in the world to neiwiueu ms wicu cnaiu, iooiu yd-.h This world is all a blank world to me; 'Hook?' repeated L:;ed Tim, as he swung his atd stick particularly knowing at a couple of young io , pi ove a sad weight upon your rising with vonr v he's property.' (J. i m Oh. could'st thou hear me wailing, Katy Dar- furiously. from a page ot advertise dents ,. i .i: l. i.. ling, There are others more wealthy; loi ud.e. SO'.! migtp binthe subject to . , litUieS WIHJ;eu LO Li pICSCilc, rtllti 'And you are knocked down to Arahel jut looking it over.' Or, think, love, that I'm sighing for thee. seemed utterly indifferent about himself hap?, ;ha:i I; who might.' J A few thousands WI"U m der cao'ain. la Forbush at that prica 'body and soul,' : Methiuka tho stars are weeping, 'O n-- is if?' rettr n d tie oh! n: !'. pelLizzy hesitated as the or the Dtedicameut he was placed in. 'VI the and Ed- answer me say six thousand. !, By their soft and lambent light, his coat. ;s e e said Ned, as he buttoned up n wi' it ; llli-- V So;-- (', ;i !wi warden read his commitment, and ad- ward tell a warm tear drop upon his would be melting, Katy Darling, And thy heart 'Six thousand what?' 'You're a fool, Ned, a cons ..inmate fool; You've !: i! iffkirtir at anie p e Coald'st thou see thy lone Dermoiu this night. and The silent messenger senl a thi ill 'Win, sir, six thousand dollars, to igj dressed him with word ipo-iI'm a I. lid A oil show 'it in ecr for he hist, te-- iiniui es. Oh, listen, sweet Katy, "Charles, I am sorry to so .thee-, oi aluiosi. intoxicating hojie throu h lis sure,' answered Timothy. e; r old, a L z'.i tiia; else on Mimelliiii the wild flowers are sleeping, K ty Dar- ih ieyoua e lwciil four here?" wins, anci eagerly he uttered: 'What, from your wife?' ling, ci i'k, with only a sal.iy of a thousand oiir mind hesiin's books!' ; ). "It can't be helped, old fellow." ' '." Why not?' ty not upon my heart, such a sin! And the love birds are nestling on each tree. dollars, and talk of man :ng a poor sea nivr g ive oar Lnidii' ss in "What isthv age, Charles?" Wilt thou never more behold mc, Katy son; kn e- .d. ii) not how u bar- 'Why not. Why simply Ifrcausc I liow si less, mi ever get into business l.vane." icspoieie-.irl. wit!; "Twenty-thre.- " the fan i'o i.e! i intve not ru !,ed headlong don't believe she. owns six thoghtd d with such a weight on your hands?' Orkaocr, love, I'm kneeling to i That re; ht. sniih upon her face "A Pin adelpnian." ohiiuly mio tins iund hope, for not lars.' Tf I wished to hurry" imo bi.sincss, 1 upon mv mind.' "Well, kinder, and kinder not." &U my weeping, Katy Darling; lo possess you would 1 run the risk 'Tie useless, evui 'Capt. Simpson, I beg you will not trifle could do as you have done 'd in on cred "Thee has disgraced thvself, sadly.' But I pray that thy spirit be my guiJp. Mv jiJdltnlic ' uttered the old mat; of dragging you into want. I have stud-- with me, sir,' uttered Timothy, trembling Ned. And that when my life is spent, Katy Darling it,' replied "Well, I ain't troubled," old stick. T believe vou were thinking of that led my prospects, and 1 know I can sup-lan- d turning pale at the fearful suspicion 'But I shall have a wealthy wife to They will lay mo down to rest by thy side. "The looks not like a rogue.'" a nappy nome. i cannot make it that flashed upon him port Oh, huge, grief I'm bearing; help me'on, while you 'will In r01,.vcl.;younu "Matter of opinion." I scarce can heave a sigh; Capt. Simpson said no more, for at that magnificent, but it shall be above want, 'By no means, sir,' returned the old drudghig,' uttered Tim, with a spice ol'i "Thee was well situated?" But I'll ever be dreaming, Katy Darling, tartness in lus tone, then changing his moment Lizzy sprang from her chair and and with your happy and joyful presence man in a tone that carried conviction with Of thy love every day, till I die. "Yes, well enough." : his mouth, utter-- ' to mate glad my heart and lead me to it. 'I mean what I say when I tell you manner to of one earnest meaning, he clapped her hand Farewell, then, sweet Katy, "In good employ?" the altar of Christain perseverance, my that your wife is not worth, of her own For the wild flowers will blossom, Katy DarT am in earnest in this matter, Ned. ling, as she did so: "Well, ling, estate, over four thousand dollars.' I do not wish to see you degrade yourself 'Stop, sir, I shan't allow you to take hearthstone snail glow with a bhsslul "'And the has parents?" And the lov birds will great me on each tree; ture that tne proud Arabella with all her and fury!' exclaimed the as 'Death is with mv private affairs, even But in heaven I will meet thee Katy Darling, by such a marriage. Miss Klornece "Yes." loanino- from his , j pretty enough to look at. but she is not though I be for the present dependent up wealth could never bestow. Mav I hone? founded j n For tho love, art waiting for me. .j "Perhaps thee has a mother Charles?"" Even in the deep shadows ol the Indian 'chair and clinching his hands. 'Then I tit for your wife. I bid you redeem your- on your bounty.' The convict had been standing during tape-tr- y Liizz, rloi ences e es might have have been most basely deceived!' self while yet you have opportunity.' A moment after the laughter-lovinunconcerned 'Deceived, Mr. Barbour? How, what, this brief dialogue perfectly 'Look ye, my brother,' replied Edward, girl had taken her hand from the old been seen to spaikie in their happy and reckless, until the last interrogetory light, ami, in tones ad liank and who has deceived you?' while a flush of indignation mantled his man s mouth, he gazed attee lonalely m- a thundera i less, she latii niureti: 'You, sir Everybody, sir!' uttered the was put by the warden. Had have fallew handsome features, 'if it is degrading to to her face, and then, in a low, mu;mur-bolt struck him, he could not 1 am. you ioved As me! As I the exci'ed m m T was led to believe Qt, Hatrimonial Speculations. be honest, upright, intelligent, kind, vir- in.-- tone, half to himself, he miered. than he did when the name . a. id 1 am happy!' I that my wife was worth half a million more suddenly tuous, and lovely, then L'zzy Florence is you won't wan; am, am yoin.-'Ah, the man who gets of "mother" fell on ids ear' Ho sank indollars'!' UV STLVANL'B COBB, JR. so; but in my heart, I have a monitor that money to make him happy!' gushed from Really, sir, I don't s. e how you could to a chair a torrent of tears Ned,' said Timothy, as, or, the next guides my actions, and I assure you that Lizzy might have made a reply to this morning, ihe younger Umber entered his have entertained such an idea,' said Capt. his eyes the very fountains of his heart Ned, you're a fool!' no words of yours can turn me from its seemed to have burst on the instant?" honest piece of flattery had not, a servant "Perhaps I am, Tim.' notions. I love Lizzy Florence for the at. the moment announced Messrs. Timo- - store, 1 am the happiest man .dive. The Simpson; without betraying any anger at He recovered partially, and said implor'But I know you arc.' truth and loveliness of her woman's soul; thv and Edward Barbour, but as the ratine heiress is '.nine! 1 have pressed my suit, his visitor's manner. ingly to the warden and the he.tu; i. id Arabella has promised '1 Kill tell you how, sir. The world 'Woll, then, i hope you'll draw benefit and if she will but say yes to mv suit, "Don'i you, sir, for God's Hake, don't of the latter struck upon her ear. 'he no ;o be m;e!' was given to understand that vour niece from your knowledge.' then she becomes my wife. As long as I cull her name in such a dreadful place. small hand which h i man thought the Then I v.i.- li you jo ot your conquest,' was wealthy, and vou have suffered them 'Pshaw! dont be a fool, Ned!' nave two Hands, w itn w inch to earn an bei n don't'en ed from his lips iohishopi Euttiird, 'end if you look to think so. You knew that, was the im- Do what you may with nie but 'How can I help if, Tim, if I am one al- honest livelihood, I will not sell myself (!er qui .1'. me! name to trembled rather linn e than was 'its lor you; of,);, joy in gold, you will sillily pression, and ready?' it you did not contiadict tion that were tears in other eyes besides for an independence.' There wont, and another twinkle more rogui.-it.' have ji'entv ol ii.' But there is a chr.nce yet for redemp'Then go your own way,' said Timothy, r's and un aching silence, perthan the fits', sparkh-- in Ids eyes, !' To be sure I will,' exclaimed Timothy. came from tin old man's the prisom tion.' with a show of offended pride, 'but mark vaded the gioup which surrounded the 'Then Tm afraid I am in the same fix me, iNed, it you marry that gub you may; The voung gentlemen entered the room is he rubbed his hands in the exhuberance lips in a prolonged whistle 'Now I begin convict. 'And now, Ned. I to see through it. Oho, that's it! Ha! n those unfortunates spoken of in the never expect to visit me in her company.1 and were received by the old man with of his satisfaction. Why Timothy, you'ae caught the catechism.' will not subject Arabella to the mor- - that kindness which marked the reception advise you to drop that foolish whim ha! ha! Slight Elstaka. fori ladies about your love for Capt. .Simpson's sew! It's mv other niec.; that's Explain, Ned.' tification of descending to the association of ail his friends, while the young in their visit. intr trirl. andpick up a wile that s worth salted down with half a million dollars!' 'Past redemption.' of one who has been a servant in her un-- ; expressed an equal pleasure Enter Reverend Gentleman, pointing though they showed it somewhat different - something. There is Fidelia Mortimer, 'Your other niece?' gasped Timothy, out ;l trunk to the Porter: 'Now you are a fool!' cle's family. mag nifi- - worth thirty thousand, at least then catching at the chair for support, and This conversation was between two "Here, Porter, take this trunk ashore. 'Just as vc please, calmly answered thei Iv. , Arabella paraded hcrselt ...11-7..cent v. smiled pewucningiy, anu uiu um there is either of Mrs. Fitzcross' daughters gradually sinking into it. Kvcil li 'n.' 1. not "ii Vi it? Frenchman, rising from his chair clore Timothy and Edward o pleasure in words, whil both rich, and they are all after you. "'With such a" wife as 'Yes, mv other niece. That little witch by: was carried on in the store of "and turned to )'. 'itn a feeling too deep lor out won't make a hit like mine. Only think! of a Lizzv Florence is the golden niece!' the former early one morninp before cus- I desire. I shall not he under the necessi "Dat'ish my trunk, what for you wants i r .,.!.: faintly articulated carry mv trunk ashore for? Dis ish not 'Your sewing-girl..,..! ..i t ward show, only blushed as she .1.receiver: Haifa million. tomers began to flock in. Timothy was ... Ol aeetvlie' r en o .1 11U.U1. IV mi i i.(l .1 i Fitzcross! Fitz wheedled!' Timothy. 'Mortime a dry goods merchant, just commencing naut a t my ow n c. i. .. .. r ... ii, war; s oou eieuuie. mm men in mv place. wne lor iiresiue, uoi 101 sumed her seat at the work table. responded the uttered Edward, in a lone of contempt, SewingMn 'Rei. Gent. "You are laboring under business on a doubtful capital; while Ed- vours ' Lizzy old man, with an energetic expression. ward,, the younger brother, was still a The evening had passed half away 'I'm as fortunate as yourself. As F.divnrH snnl.-- , 0rr)P mistake, sir; that is my trunk. ho lefi his brother's had Florenc? has promised to become my 'Nie tried to sew hersell out ot the com O, siruc; clerk, with a fair salary, in a heavy "You tin unk, hay! French. store to seek his own nlace of labor: and Mr. Timothy Barbour air panv of those who would want nothing dat ish my thrunk." house 'up town.' The circumstance Timothv. with :l h:,lf uttered oath on his! been saving all sorts of fine things about wife!' 'Edward Ba our ;ire ou in earnest?' but her money, and I think she has Rev. Gent. 'T repeat, you must be thathad given rise to their colloquy, was lips, went at work arran-'in- " his unpaid for music, poetry, prose, theatricals, etc., ke Timothy, had yon asked me, or laboring under " 'Timo hy Barbour, I am!' had spent most of his time. while Edward imply this: Mr. Aaron Simpson a retired stock of (S "oods. Go and marry her! had you even asked Arabella concerning sea captain, had received a visit from his French. "By dam! you ?tink dat ish 'linn go to It was a cold evening, and a searching in a convei sal ton with (apt. btmpson, ink to hang upon me. her fortune, you would have learned the you thrunk, bay? May be you got one-keniece, a young, fair and very wealthy wind, that bore upon it bosom clouds ol The old man talked of ships, stonns, rocks Hut don't heiress, whose father had died a year pre- failing snow flakes, w'ei s .veepiin' through and foreign ports, and anon ne would You niiuht have married a moderate for-- , truth; bu: it seems vou have been steering to dat thrunk? I got one key! May ... You are some- be "mv key unlock dat thrunk too." (Takes orviously, and left her the whole of his im- the streets; but within the paeious par - it-listen ui some o,r i, ; vouni' 'rieiid's re- - Ula but as vou have chosen to throw on the wrong course. ,...... ,: you self awav, you may now take care of thing like a mariner who. in setting out out and applies his key to the lock), "Ah, mense fortune. business n. There was also stopping lorsot Capt. Simpson, this outward show ImaiK- a.:l with captain Simpson, a voutig girl w ho of stern old winter served only, to add aj stocks, si.iiies and ma; Ke:s. I. upon his voyage imagines to himself a lu- ha!" (lifting the lid),' "my key fit vou v it: self as best vou Can. 'Timothy,' said the younger brother in minous beacon somewhere ahead, and, thrunk. You say dis ish you thrunk? was engaged in sewing for the family, charm to the and make this time remained an aoiiosl Mien' timgrates, but who, though her occupation seemed so the inmates more happy and contented in ber of the social company. a 'on.e of heartfelt pain, 'this is unkind. without chart or compass, steers reckless- May be dish ish 'you figh'm iron, too?" ' humble, was possessed of all those graces their comfortable quarters. Upon the Now Capt, Simpson's parlors were very When you first entered busbies I took up ly for it. He findsouttoo late that his (holding up and exhibiting a revolver. uuuauora me true woman. iow tne la- stool at the piano sat a young lady, who long. Timothy and Arabella were by four thousand dollars my little all from his supposed beacon is nothing but a 'You thrunk, hay? you pistol? By dam! wisp'; but having got fairly my thrunk, too! Dis ish my revolv. h ; ther of the yonng gentlemen, when living, might have seen twenty summers, or, per- the street windows and at the. other end he bank and lent it to vou. I have asked 'will , . .... V I. tt.lll""' had been an intimate friend of Capt. Simp- haps twenty-five- . Her skin was fair to of the apartments there were also win- you neither bonus nor interest, and now, upon the sea, he must weather it out the car. oouee nere; oibu uu mm son, and, consequently, both Timothy and look upon, perhaps nature made it so, and dows which overlooked the gaiden; said though 1 w ill never ask of you pecuniary best way been. You have got the wife (shuffling dexterously a pack of cards.) Edward were frequent and welcome visi- perhaps, art had a hand in its snowy windows being situated in deep tapes- aid. yet I would ask your kiucness, and you wanted, and one whom you swore!.. Ah ha! you him buk! Dis is my deck ot good will.' tors nt thfi mansion of the old sea captain. whiteness. The jewely that sparkled and tried alcoves. At length Lizzy Flon-neYou one black leg, hay? I gam that you loved for herself alone, and I CStr,U You need not twit me because you have "no doubt that, with proper training. (,les. I beat yoa one, two, threo ruo- Timothv had seen the niiifj nificcnt Araltel-l- a flash"d upon her wrists, fingers, neck, bo avose from her seat, by the table and want Arabella and Forbush,- Capt. Simpson's niece, and som, ears, and hair, bore to the world an to one of these hack w indows, where she lent me money, returned Timothy, in an she will be all you deserve. Why angrv tone. As soon as I am ma ried, Lizzy are both my nieces, wd though I he believed himself deeply in love with index of wealth, and it i; not impossible seated herself upon an ottoman. The Rev. gent could stand no more, but amid her; while Ed ward, the younger and less that ihey all became her. She was rather she should have done this it is almost im- vou shah be paid, with interest in full, must admit, that, for her own benefit. bolts through the companion-wa' Wo will presuming brother did not hesitate to tall, but yet she bore herself with a grace- possible to tell, for the ottoman in that re- but never will Miss Florence has practised a little decep- the roars of the passengers. avow that he loved the fair Lizzy Flor- ful ease, and her form was really symme- cess was not, half so comfortable a seat as Ed w ard Bai hour did not stop to hear tion, yet your wife has not. If you have save his credit, however, by saying that ir, boile-decence, who only made shirts and pillow-ca- trical and fair. Such w as Arabella For- had been the easy chair by the fire which the remainder of his brother's remarks, been deceived, it was by your own cupid- his retreat, he pointed out on the very similar to the Frenchhave gone but with a sorrowful countenance he turn- ity But don't be down hearted; for if you a trunk bush, a niece of Capt. Aaron Simpson, she had left. She could not 'You may think me a fool,' said Ed- and she was in fact a belle, a beauty, one there to enjoy the garden scenery, for eve- ed awav and left the store. prove a faithful husband, you shall not man's, having the same initials on the en'. ward in reply to his brother's last remark, of those who command a sort of wonder- rything was covered with snow, nor could suffer materially for your error, though which the porter seized and followed him Blade. 'but will you tell me wherein?' One month had passed away, Arabella the wealth at which you grasped has ashore with. she have gone there to look the moon and ing admiration, made to shine in a ballstars, for the thickly falling snow flakes Forbush had become the wife of Timothy slipped through her fiugers!' 'P'vVTtm'w' uttered Timothy, brandish- - room and adorn a parlor. "My dear" inquired a gay young wife ing a yardstick by way of emphasis. 'Why With a trending step and a bowed Nearer to the fire place and by the side entirely hid them from view. The next Barbour, merchant. It was evening, and to her calculating husband, as she reachdid you not tell me that you thought of of a work table, sat another female, whose movement was made by old Simpson, who, within thesumptous parlor of Capt. Simp- head, Timothy Barbour left the house. her rosv little mouth to be kissed, proposing t0 that servant of Capt. Sirap-sonR- age was more palpable than that of the without a word of farewell, put up his son the well filled grate sent forth its wel- 'O, Lizzy!' uttered Edward, as soon as ed up on his return "from business, "have you come warmth. The old captain was there his brother had gone, 'It was not right to former, and who, if not so dazzling in her helm and sailed out of the room. seen that magnificent set of parlor furnit 'I told you, Tim, that I would make appearance, was by far more lovely. She Edward gazed about him for a moment, in his big easy chair, conning the columns deceive me thus!' which the Jenkinses have jus: Lizzy Florencemy wife, if I thought she could not have seen more than eighteen after he was thus left alone. A projection of an evening paper. He was alone and 'And will you love me less now that ture rouTht?" "Hum' no, my love, but I. would accept me.' summers, and the years that had rolled of the Moorish arch that divided the two yet he was not alone; for within the you find yourself deprived of the pleasure upholster's bill for it." She archly askli'Ysf 80 I understand you; Lizzy Flor- - over her head seemed to have left till the parlors, hid Arabella and his brother, from hangings of one of the alcove windows of .incessant toil in my behalf?'look of mel- have seen the at him, but wouldn't be made a mouth e.nco- - servant, sewing girl, drudgin for a sunshine of their seasons upon her brow, view, but an accidental glance upon the were ensconseed Edward Barbour and ed the fair girl, as she cast a . Jiving- a pretty wife, truely!' mirror revealed lo Lizzy Florence, hidden from view and ting tenderness up into the face of her kissed. with none of their chilly frost. She waa surface of a tell-tal'Serves tlipse who pay her, I suppose, as unlike the other as the dove is unlike him the solemn fact that Mr. Timothy was happy as angels. The old man was just companion. A man says that the first thing that fame asJyou4and I do,' cooly remarked the eagle. Though one might stand en- most ardently pressing to his lips the fair turning over the paper, when one of the Edward caught the lovely being in his turned his attention to matrimony, wr.-- : Ned. tranced by her loveliness, yet it was all so hand of the glittering belle. Ferhaps this servants announced Mr. Timothy Barbour, ai ms, but bis answer was drowned in the the neat and skillful manner in which a ; 'Serves a fiddlestick!' petulantly retort trentle, so mikl and so sweet, that it com circumstance afforded to Edward an ex- - and in a moment more that young gentle- loud din of a loud and hearty laugh which handled a broom. He may see ed Tim. 'If you think fofamarrying at manded onlv the soul's true worship of; ample; for, with a sudded impulse he man entered the loom. Edward and at that moment burst forth from the lips piettv girl the time when the manner in which th..: Lizzy would have left their place of unin- of the old captain. yourjage trustful, confiding love. Her face, with. started from his chair and went to the broom is handled will not .'itTpi'd. Tremb- - tentional concealment, but an instinctive 'Onlv a year and a half younger than l-soul of kindness shadowed forth in its cess, where sat Lizzv Florence. One of the first acts of the gentle Lizzy, much sa.tisf.'.ctio:i. yourself,' interrupted Ned, with a smile.' every feature, was fair not as the blaze Uingly, he seated himself by her side, and, dislike to be eet! bv the visitor !fiVT hw msrriajf. with, Wwnn. w.t tv 'Then you'd better wait till you have 'of the nowndav sun but. nrr.i lik Riming b follow up fh plan V lisd in the oet'cf Corner. ms ucmi, L-- h s J I i i new-come- r, 1 .' wl i .tl. - in--r- i . 1 1 1 1 i ; l.a.-'.d- Ft tin-ie'- s Dar-lin- 11 U-- r dol-a-i.- 1 . over-said- so-sc.- " rap-libert- is bride-OTOo- Sflr tt Sales.'. g lus-tiou- .s TliBRoHlERS; i . ' - h it. d . Pk o-- ? . 1. . . j job-Lin- g ; - t , . . well-fille- d o'-ti- n y k, ?' j , e rebe-

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