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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., January 13, 1887

Part of The Big Sandy news.

NEWS. BIG Aut inreniam nam, VOL. 11. NO. 21. LOUISAfLA WHENCE "? CURRENT TOPICS. Tni Mississippi river la frozen over solid t Cairo. Throe Dod nnd Five Others In Theb li no eod ef tho year like the Dangerous Condition. dlvid curt. Tni next Connecticut Legislature will contain lta ltiriuora. A Btm t vk, Nob., man ato elghty-aioyetera at m aiding. A nor biuCboeu born !n Kansas with eyes in the back of his head. A aul'Hit In Barren County, Ky., holda twelve and n lei If gallons. M')hl(.s elda-nr-making many converts in Eastrsis Mississippi. Tub col l vsU her in Florida causes alarm about the crop. Tiiran uro U vlnm mon in Washing-tox n who aro wortl fJO.nmi each. li r predicts that tho world Will conic to an ens' In ten years. Lot'iru?! now nypircs to be the groat Htatovif the Union. Tut new year opeiSvl bright with prom-tao- a for llio plumbers and coal dealers. New YoiiK. Crrr drinks O.uuCJWO barrels of beer every year, at a coat of t;i8,4J,0iiu. Kaksas I'itt claims to bsv a, population rf 1K,(K(, and Including bert,uburba AIinprfi I . A canuuu shipped of hickory cuu baa been (ruin lillaalluld, jaVsi., to Califor-nla- .' Thb "red-noseman., during tho recent cold snap, was not rvgardod. Vilh auapl- clon. I tho Knut t)ir-((i, pnottrallv nothing left of the custo A oj fluking Now Years ... calls. Tu pKW'iJ momiBomiil OllvcrOold-smit- h lu Ui'lon aro in a condition of aad neglect. .. . as, widow of the General, and b daughter have gone to Italy for ''"V winter. fcNATo DTonlly (rave dinnet M which be skillfully curvod a wbol wted door. I4,HW uewapaera and period-traiTitrax aro of all aorta pubtiahod regularly lu tho tolled Btntca. A Nr Have (Conn.) roan hai brounlit ault for SA.uiO dumugea agulnal a widow who Jilted hiiu. Tntaa are garlands of funio waiting for the man w ho aball Inrout a millionaire's , Nw York, Jan. S. An uninviting-look-inframo house, on Butler street, Brooklyn, was rented two years ago by James Maui I, who keeps a drug store on lllcks street. Ho has a wife and aeven children, for whom he has alwaya done bia beat, but never prospered. lying on an improvised bed In tho front room at hia residence, he is In convulsions, and when at Intervals he has command of his voice, he speaks with pain and begs those near him to kill blm. Ho does not know it, but since ho was tak"n down yesterday, three of his children bve died. Tills wholesale alvkiHjd began last Thursday, when hi, eldest child, a boy of thirteen, to visit an aunt, and two hours after ward romplainod of cramps and begat vomiting and bleeding at tho nose. Too ill to Im removed, bo died yesterday at his aunt's resilience, and hia death waa a mystery v tho physicians who were called in. Mr. Mauri, who. alone, of theciitiro family has nut Wo affected, suys that on inurnlng last at four o'clock abe was awukencd by the erica of the fourchtl- who awimd to lie suffering cxTU- The children were MarMuting' pains. twenty Eugene, garet,' KmnnuRl, four years; Alice, mouths, Carrie, years, and John, eight six years; Arthur, ten years. 1'hyalelans were called, but they seemed unable either to diagnose the cases er successfully treat thorn. At ono o'clock this morning bnhy Eugene died Before ho expired in violent convulsions. ,iiit Buu-da- , ' , ' . i y heat for the building. Shortly before three o'clock John nempio raisea a wumow in when an explosion the basement, occurred, followed by a second and through blm blew that third, a closed door, splitting It In two and burling him against a stone wall. His clothes were blazing, which he extinguished by rolling In the snow. Tboraac Branigan, niumher who hmA been on dutv until mid night, and then went to aloep near the boiler, waa aunocatoa, ana nis oouy i:wr-.- n rniiinH hv the tierce flames. It is sup posed tho natural gas leaked from street mains Into the buiiaing, ana inai nempio opening the window the draught sent It to the boiler fire, resulting in the explosion. The entire block was de stroyed. The Bsptist cnurcn, livery aiauie of Jinn R. Drake, reaidcuco of Joseph Barclay, the Fowler cottage, wee all de stroyed, and tho Tod Mouse ana several other buildings badly damaged. The body of Branigan waa recovered In tho debris late thia afternoon. Bomple, who Is a member of the plumbing firm of W. H Kcholl Sl Comoany. Is In the hos pital, with face and hands badly . burned. Tho. losses are aa iouows: il A.tnra kO.QiO'. Mavor Bros., f 1S.UM; ,()0; J. H. Bhlelds, First Baptlat church, of ,n; JamoaB. Drake, o,0(K); Kn.ght ra. I'ythlaa, S3,n(; Fowler estate, i,uu; Sft.OOO. Tho Barclay, 11,000; other losaea, in.iiruneM la (Iftv nor cent, of tho loss, ex cept the Andrews' block, which had only SIO.OUO, and i. 11. Bniems, wno nau nu m surauue. blood, ami seemed to be with thirat. This afternoon MargaPRAOTIOAL, STJRB ENOUGH died, and tho belief is ret that there will not be one survivor A Joke Which Haaislla la a rawr oita save Mrs. Mauri. Now comes the strangest Oettlnf a Hleh lluaUaiul. port of tills very strange case. On MonTolxdo. O..Jan. 8. About a year ago a day the father, Joseph Mauri, went romantic atory waa publiahcd of an Irish homo at six o'clock, and very anon after emigrant girl, named Annie O'Connor, supper ho complained of feeling unwell. who was working at a hotel here, receiv-lii- K He went to bia store yesicrday, but this a letter from England, stating that she morning was uualile to leave bla bed. waa an heiress to vast estates. 1'he story Will that will. Before daylight ho began to vomit and to turned out afterward to have been a prac Kansas led all the Htatea In the Union cry out for cold drinka, especially milk. tical loke on the girl, but ahe was deluged last year in regard to the number nf miles At niM.n he waa soon by a reporter. Ho with letters of marriage from an over me of railroad builu was tossing from side to sldo, and talked countrr. Among tho letters was one re Tux report from ten Southern Htatea as one in a dollriuin. "I am burning in- ceived from James O'Keefe. a wealthy tes- ahdw an mrrcaso In tho Iron output, a luce side," ho aaid frcouently, and auemed Ident of Pittsburgh, which resulted lu a Irwl, of OVi.vuWiia. to be afraid that ho was about to be taken correspondence, and about ton duys ago In PBrjunEXT ('i.rvxi.ANO ahook hands with from bia home. Hia wife, a stout, florid-fncei- l y information is received meeting. woman, talked quite unconcern, three thouannd persons at tho New Year'a from Pittsburgh that the couple were nar edly alHHit the terrible blow which had fill- rlcd there yesterday. reception at the While Hoase. ' Tax. cost of postage atamp to the Gov- lei, upon the household, and said that she had uo idea what had led to the calamity. ernment, covering every thing, Including TOSSO HAS PASSED AWAY. Aiiaulotisv on tho dead will be held to delivery. Is fltn per thousand. Turjui at aigna that tho titho war In morrow, liofiiro which time there may bo The Celebrated Author of tha "Arkansaw Walee, o far from dying a natural death, new subjects for tho surgeon's knifo Traveler" and Violinist Travels Into tha Physicians will not cxpresa an opluion as l really gatheriug fresh vigor. Unknown Land. to the oaiisc, but any criminal reporter of Tax Italian people are about to erect a Cincimnati, Jan. 8. Prof. Joseph Tosso experience will say at onoe that tho out lument to Garibaldi on the Janlculum, wmit ayinptoina are those of arsenical for a balf century one of the familiar peria llome, to coat l.ono.onn frnnea. sonages of Cincinnati and vicinity, died at llima I'. lUvri-s- , the flint coloreil man polaouiiig. his home in Covington, at 1M o'clock thia elected to the United Htates Senate, ia now morning. The. docoosed ws known HAIGHT TELLS HI3 STORY. a wnll-to-dfarmer in MisslaaippL throughout the whole world as the com In no oua year aince the beginning of II loallfated tho Robbery Fotherlna-han- a poser of "The Arkansaa Traveler." rroi. oor Uovernmenl have ao many prominent AT years Innoeeal. Tosso was born In Italy eighty-fivGovernment oftlolnla died a In IKtfl, Ht. Uiris, Jan. 5. IV. W. Ilaight, ono of ago, came to Mexico with his parents when Uie wrath 'A Nrw York phyaieian brave In tho trnin rob- - a child, played the violin in uieir concerts, of aociety br declaring that aealalrin Wittnu k's accomplices and waa regarded as a prodigy. His skill berv, has furnished tho local pnper suacquca are very unhealthy gnrmenta. written statement of hi connection with as a violinist was remarkable and bo had ia announced From furaway Kgypt it the affair. He say therein that poverty a national reputation. He wasagonerous. 1hal Kaala baa been relieved. Tbla la ami his inability to obtain employment hannv hearted, whole soulod gentleman now, Wo truat Kasaala la cheering. forced him to devise soino means whereby and thousands will learn with sorrow of Atcomnna to tho diapatehes of the past he might provide hia wife and child with his doath. few day, tho lending question aoeina to tho necessities of life. To do this he Political. have booni "Uaa Bocrotary lamar loai ma plunucd the robbery and approached Witt- Hnltl- T. Pact, Minn., Jan. 8. The Republican rock with tho schema.' W It trock became "Jim CrmxiNoa" will be ablo toatudy enthusiastic over it, and thereafter took Joint caucus on United States Senator to the "Polite Ielter Writer" behind tho bars tho affair into his own hands, and ha night nominated on tho nrsl nauot nttbe Misaourl Penitentiary for tho next (Halirhl) heard nothing: more of blm until ernor Cushman K. Davis. This secures even yoara. ho read an account of tho robbery in tho the election of Davis on the 19th Inst. It la reported thnt enterprialng farmora puix'rs. Boon after that Wittrock sent LAXS130, Mien., Jan. 6. Tho Republican nominated In Kansas bavo aent to Alabama for cotton hiin 1, 000 by Oscar Cook, and summoned legislative caucus seed to experiment with tho groat ataplo There Wittrock Krancis B. Btockbridge, of Kalamazoo, for blm to in their cllmato. gave him i 10,00.) more'. Ire saya it was ho United States Senator on tho tenth ballot. 8t. Lol ls, Jan. 6. The Democratic mem Moxart'i tomb la aa unknown aa that of who forged Mr. lhimsel'a signature to tho Mose. But bla monument will be placed pa which wr. presented to Kothoring- - bore of tho Btato legislature in caucus to next to the tomba of Bchubort and Bee hnin, and had Vio Adams Express letter night at Jefferson Citv nominated r. M, to the United Btatos Cockrcll for thoven, at Vienna. heads and envelopes printed, rothoring .THK Bt. jox KrinMUnn eaya that It la hum, he asserts, ia absolutely innocent of Senate. not exactly the fair thing that Michigan ouch and ovcry charge brought against Counterfeiter White Sentenced. ' '.should bavo throe United States Benatora. Mm. Bt. Lonu, Mo., Jan. 6. Judge Treat t- Jones should resiirn. EnperlmsnL aay, In tho IT. 8. District Court, sontenced Girls' Tux lat book that Oenoral Logan read Joseph H. white, of Waco, Texas, wno nas CniCAdo, Jan. 6. Tho Girls' was the biography of Oonoral R. L. Lee. He finished the book the day before bis Clothing Manufactory, which was incorpo been in Jail here since August, 1SST, on a rated two weeks ago, began operations to charge preferred by the U. 8. Government, fatnl sickness began. day at No. 14.1 Ontario street. A lnrgo of counterfeiting Brazilian treasury notes, Lonu Txtson persists in his detcrml room has boen fitted up with about thirty to three years in the penitentiary. His ' nation to write a poem to tho Hiitlenborg huby. All England seems to be down on sewing machines, nnd sixty girls who lmvo brother, Lucien White, who turned State's heretofore worked for othors aro now evidence, and who has also been in jail the nnor little nriucclot. here, will bo released. I)nr,iwMAKiiHS of New York complain of hr.nded together to work for thomsolves, their long hours and low wages, and do- - They Will each draw moderate wages ' Castle Garden Statistics. weekly, nnd tho stnountof work done by nouncc tho "bargain counters" as among each will bo kept account of and a dividend York, Jan. 6. John E. Moore, the the onuses of these evils. declared accordingly at tho end of tho year, landing agent at Castle Garden, bus com ..'Commissiuneh t'omAM vigorously pro-toagulnst a violation by the Illinois This Is the first experiment of the kind pleted his report of the arrivals of pastried in this country, and tho women, who sengers on the various steamship line Live Block Commission of tho rules relotare all Knights of Labor, aro very hopeful last year. There was a total of 300,bl8 thtfto about their onterpriso. steerage and 68,743 cabin passengers, an A widow In Oakland, Cal., has sued a increase of 19,748 steerage and 12,583 cabin nowspaporfor llbol boi'ttuso in Its obituary LimirHoll. passengers over 1885, notlco of nor busimna it spoan oi urn M tens, Oa., Jan. 5. The Secretary of tho nn "oniie in a hnmilor homo." L. Q. C. iamnr, and Mra. Rtvolutionists Escape. Bb of good heart, ye who have turned Interior, Hon. Madrid, Jan. 8. Tho gatekeepers of the overo now leaf. It Is difficult to keep faith Henrietta Dean Halt, widow of tho late wore married at military prison, without being noticed, deGeneral William 8. Holt, tho first few daysof your good resolutions, ten o'clock this morning. The marriage camped with nine sergeants, who were but it will be easier after awhile. ' occurred t tho handsome residonco of the conoerned in the late movement. No trace HroKTsmr.N will be glad to know that tho brido, on Orange street. The ceremony of them has been found. The escape has Wlnconsiu LeglslBluro is likely this winter was performed by Rov. Dr. Wm. Park, of caused a sensation, giving evidenoe of In to enact a moro stringent law protecting tho Methodist Episcopal Church South. trigues by the revolutionary party. wild duck during tho spring season. m Tns latest fushiouablo fad Is for the Factories Closed Up. Bulletins Trouble la the Canadian Cabinet youifr womon to industriously oat pepper Pirmm Bon, Pa., Jan. S. The butter) ne Boston, Jan. B. An Ottawa special to 'ho mint candy at tho theaters. Thoy evidently factories of C. P. Robinson & Co., in this Adverttmr says that the fishery troubles and Intend to got even with Uioif city, and of the Pittsburgh Melting Com- the recent elections have tended to bring escorts. Allegheny, closed down on about a Cabinet break-u- p pany, of and that Hon, Da. W. H. Hali, an Edinburgh physician, account of tho Btute law prohibiting tha Costigan, Minister of Internal Rev who Is travoUng In this country, has a cana manufacture and sal of oleomargarine be- John enue, and Hon. Mr. Foster, Mir later of which he says cost $8,.V)0. The head con- ing declared constitutional. Fisheries, will probably resign. tains over th. O pounds of eighteen karat. dia-sixty-flv- e 1 he Candidates (cr Login's Plaoe. foil, and Is mountel with Frsnoh Csnsus. ' moods. SraiXGWin, III, Jan. 8. Tb Thirty-fift- h Brown, ol Paris, Jan. 8. The census of Franee for .' It is rumoreJ 'aat Senator Gcuoral Assembly convened 'to-daa5,21B,TO3, Seorrlft. wlil rosiga W soat in. tho C. 8. Iho prominent Candidates for United 1S8 shows a total population ofpopulation against 87,872,048 In 181. The Benato about tlso middla of January. H Bosctor, to succeed General Logon, of Kiites o and his Paris naa increased only 75,000, against suffor greatly with X. .Pjyson,. Cbas B.Ftrwcll ard ijSO.lXAt roooruei.l It) 151, warned hln agnlDsl.tb Wash, JiMcpuU. Cannon. Ingtoo winter ollinal. ho vomited .''' 1 JANUARY 13,1887. Bullets and Such Have no Effeot , Upon Him. time stories have been In circulation containing a supposed ghost which haunts a lumber camp on Cheat river, in Tucker County, Uiis Bute, but like all ghoat stories they caused only smiles. Recently, however, the entire force of choppers and laborers at tho camp left in a body and drew their pay, refusing to return to work. There were over eighty employes, and a colored cook was the first to leave. He swore that one morning before duyllght, when he was cooking breakfast, a headless horseman, with a gigantic axe on his shoulder, fled through the woods making no noiso. The men ridiculed him. In a few days a party of chopper reported seeing the same phe nomenon, and utter It appeared repeatedly, both at night and in the day. The men wero employed by Henry O. Davis ft Bro., of Keyser. Men sent out by tbe firm say they can not account for the thing. Shots fired at It have no effect. The superstitious fright of the men has spread far and wide, and this week's Piomtr. of BL George, whose editor visited the camp, gives the story in detail, and ssys any vis itor can satisfy himself by sight and bear ing, as the apparition makes a peculiar Whining noiso as it glide through the forest. Men have tried in vain to employ new workmen to take tho places of thoso who fled.:'. PRINTER'S PI. Fdltor's Printing Ofllea Completely Wrecked. ' Ala., Jan. 7. Major B. E. Rei OrruKA, ser, editor of the TinM of this city, on going into bis office yesterday morning, found the gear wheel of hia Campbell press smashed to pieces, snd t he type all in "pi." Ho found the following letter: "AT the Ci.cb, Jsn. S, I8S7. Your conduct HXK. K. Krikkk, Kepmbat toward tho honest and decent people of this town haa bocoinr unendurable, and, aa you era hedKCd about with a class of supporters that ia aa low and debated as you aro, there la no chance lo bring you lo justice. Therefore I am ordered bv the club to notify you to leave this town and county within ten days, or abide tbe C. Pbatt, Secretary." oonsrqurnret. This is an outbreak of the lawless spirit which nas prevailed since 172, when certain parties secured licenses to sell liquor. Major Kciser in his paper bus waged a re lentless war npnn the liquor dealers, ana it Is for this reason that he has been warned to loave the town. Tamperane Ths Cold Snip Snappeth. Bismarck, Dak., Juu. 7. Iho thermome de- ter last night registered thirty-sevegrees below zero. M arsh AI.1.T0WM, ia., Jan. 7. iv earner last night was clear, tbe thermometer degrees below zero. registering thirty-livToward morning it clouded up and became milder. It was twenty degrees below at 8 o'clock and eighteen below at 9 o'clock. LiAFAyettk, Isd Jan. 7. Thermometer at 8 a. m. 83 degrees below zero; at 8 o'clock 9) degrees below. Aitkin, Minn , Jan. 7. Tbe thomometer stood at sixty degrees below zero this morning. n e FERGUSON &CDEEY. , THE WRECKED SHIP. HORSEMAN. HEADLESS .f nr ant lurcrA destruction of nronortv. Eighty Workmen Driven Out by a Knight Father and Ills Sri.s Children Bliirkoa Plumbers were at work completing the ly Apparition la the Mountains. In a Mrsterlooa Manner A Caa That Andrews Block ana Keeping a nre unuer a fusles In Uootors. Kiiai. in t hj, hiumnnt to furnish steam WiiEr.Lina, W, Va., Jan, 7. For some ltter l Loss of Ufa and Great !.trnrtloa.of Prop. rtj by an Explosion at foungsiown, VnrvnaTnww. ().. Jan. 8 An explosion of natural gas this morning resulted In loss a faciam. CO.. KY., NATURAL OAS. SINGULAR POISONING. aut FORTY-NINT- In Number, All Her Crew, Twenty-Tw- o Known to Have TerUhed Dead Ilodlea Washed Ashore. Norfolk, Va., Jan. . Later from the wreck of the German ship Elisabeth, which went ashore yesterday morn ing on Virginia Beach, fourteen mues south of Cape Bonry, put the number instead of of tbe crew at twonty-tw- o fifteen, not a man of whom was saved. This fact is learned from the two g crew who surmen of the vive and who recovered consciousness today. The bodies of the five men of the and four of the ship's crew whicH were recovered yesterday were in and three more of the Seeond Seaalon. Jan i, 8enat. The Senate, without transacting any basinets whatsoever, y out of respect to the adjourned over memory of tbe late Senator Logan. Senator Cullom, lo making the motion, made an eloquent addresa. BorBE. A a mark of respect to the memory of the kite Senator Logan, the House, at IS M p. m., adjourned. WASHinoTOBT, Jan. 4.8EII ATS. Memorials were presented In favor of tbe passage of the Inter-Stat- e commerce bill. A bill granting a pension of fe.OUO a year to the widow of General Logan was reported, and oa objeotion of Senator Coke, of Texas, went over. Mr, MePhersoa offered a resolution calling on the Secretary of tbe Treasury jor a statement of tbe indebtedness of the Pacific railroads ,to the Government on January I, 18H7. Mr. Hoar proposed an amendment calling for a atatemcnl of all disputes in regard to tbe amount of such debt. com Tbe resolution went over. The inter-Statmerce conference report was taken up, and Mr. addressed tbe Senate until 4 p.m. After Piatt an executive aesslon of fifteen minutes the Sen ate adjourned. House. The bill to make the Oswego ani Erie Canal free by government aid wat called up. The reading of the report consumed the tune of the morning hour, and no action waa taken. The Indian appropriation bill was road by paragraphs and passed. The military academy bill waa passed. The resignation of Congressman Hold, of North Carolina, waa presented and laid on the table. The hill for the consolidation of cer tain bureaus In the Navy Department was taken up, and pending action the House adjourned at Poy-no- r, g g l Mash-Tu- WAanmoTOS, V n ...i y.':) f r- . inter-Stat- e FOND OF DISCUSSION. A Thou- Baltlmorean Leaves Thirty-Fiv- e aand Dollars for the Support of Debating '.: Societies. Md.. Jan. 9. Humphrey Moore, who diod hore the other day, left 35,000 to build and support an institution for the dohating societies of Baltimore. Mr. Moore was fond of publio discussion, He believed In settling disputes by discus- ilons, and ofton declared that he thought no vountf man caucateu won couiu not make a good extemporaneous speech. That clause in the will referring i the institute sars that he desires it established for open discussions in the in terests of morality, patriotism, Intelligence and political science. Mr. Moore, when he came to Baltimore in 114, opened an old curiosity shop, whore he kept all sorts of literature oddities that could not Be iouna elsewhere. Goo. W. Childs, the Philadel phia editor and philanthropist, was, when a lad, a clerk in his store. The money he made in books he invested in stocks, and after making over 1100,000 ho retired. Baltimore. Closed on Sunday. Wilkesdahre. Pa.. Jan. 9. The journey men barbers of this city recently formed an organization for the purpose of enforc ing tho closing of all barber shops hore on Sunday. They notified all tho propneiors any in the city that on and after persons who kept their places open wouiq bo prosecuted. Out of the thirty-eigh- t wero closed shons here thirtv-sibo The proprietors of the other twe-warrested y. x ill A Big Blast. Kastok. Pa.. Jan. 9. The largest blast touched off progress a sensation was created ever fired In this section was of the Glenbv Buperintendcnt Firmstone, Allen G. Thurrann sudwhen denly reeled and fell in a stupor from his don Iron Company, yesterday. It consist of chair at the table. Instantly all was excite ed of 44,500 poundseach powder, distributed fifty feet apart ano ment, for to all ho seemed lifeless. He in five chumbers, quarry. was carried to a carriage and taken to his fifty feet back from tho face of the hillside, 150 feet high, was residence, where he revived somewhat. It The whole hundred thou is not known what the result will be. Mr. blown out, and about two Thurmnn has been sufforing for a week or sand tons of stone loosened. Bolted in CONGRESS. H were ship's crew, without picked up lower down the coast this morning. A body which has been identified as that of the captain ia among those was person his On recovered. "Captain F. a photograph marked Halberatndt" and letters addressed to Henry Kaulkmann, and several bills from Joseph Lamke & Co., Brcmerhavon. .Thia evening the masts of tbe ship were still standing, though tbe sea was breaking over her violently. Superintendent Service, will board of the her in the morning if possible. As reported last night, not a word was spoken the among the ship's crew and they boarded men whon attempt desperate in their her at rescue, and the cause of the wreck can not be positively known, although it is supposed that in attempting to make the 40 p. m. Canes of Virginia under reefed sails, suffi Washington, Jan. Senate. A number of tho cient allowance was not made for memorials were p relented, among which were strong currents, which have caused sev- some in favor of tbe passage of the wrecks along the lower commerce bill, and others asking legislation to eral disastrous Virginia and North Carolina,ooast during prevent tbe running of railroad trains on Sun- days. A bill waa passed placing Alison S. Keith, the last few years. Thurmin Falls Senseless. Coixmbi's. O., Jan. 7. While tho festivi ties of the Jackson Club banquet were in more from pneumonia. MMen. Killed Hit Child by Carelessness. Nkw York, Jan. . While John Hall-struwas examining a agod thirty-two- , residenco, No. 59 Backott pistol at'-hl- s evening; tho weapon street, Brooklyn, this was accidentally discharged. The bullet passed through tho forefinger or nanstrum's right hand and entered the loft daughter, Mary Ann, eVe of his LoiTisviiXE. Kt., Jan, 7. John Taylor, an emoloveof Rolnh's vinegar works, this at that place.tbls citv. fell Into a mash-tumorning, and was so badly scalded that be died this afternoon at 5 o'clock. He was standing on a board extended across the top of tho tub, when his foot slipped. The temperature of tho mash was about 170 killing her instantly. Hallstrum was ar decrees, and before he could be extricated rested and locked up. the flesh on some portions of his body was Tripla Suicide. literally cooked, and fell off In great flakes. Rome, Jon. 9. Mathildo Marl, eighteen years of ago, and Miss Romaxo, aged six Woman Arrested for Illegal Voting. Ei.mira, N. Y., Jan. 7. Mrs. Lucy Bweet teen, Polish art students, were found sufParbor, of Alfred, Allegheny County, who focated on a bed in a hotel in this city togained so much notoriety by voting at the day. On the floor lay the dead body of a November cloctlon, has been arrested by man.-- Letters addressed to relatives w'cro the United States marshal, and hold for found which indicated that all three com examination on Monday next. Mrs. Bar- mitted suicide. ber voted the full ticket for Congressmen ' Death Foreshadowed In l Dream. and other candidates. Marsuall, Tx., Jan. 9. Conductor C. "The Horrible Hydrophobia. W. Cox was run over by a freight train Evansvili.e, 1np Jan. 7. On the 81st of while he was coupling the caboose. He daughter of diod from the injuries received, and leaves lavt month a Mr. John D. Dougherty, a farmer living abrtdoof three months. A singular fea near Dexter Mills, Butler County, Ky., ture of the case is that Cox had a dream was bitten on the wrist by a poodle dog, the night before the accident that ho On Tuesday hydrophobia commenced to would be run over by the train. develop, and y tho child is suffering Explosion from Spontaneous Combustion. intensely, with no hopes for recovery. Fortress Monroe, Va., Jan. 9. A large Awlul Holocaust. concert magazine In tbe redoubt containg Madras, Jan. 7. It Is officially stated ing powder and material for manufaoter-tppyrotechnics blew up at 1 p. m. from that 405 persons were burned to death in the incendiary flre which dostroyed the re spontaneous combustion. The glass in tho served Inclojure in tho Foople's Park but officers' quarters and hotel suffered. week. Collision. Burned to Daalh In Four Boys Gibbeted. Kbapixv, Pa-- . Jan. 9. A freight train on Sidsit, N. .8. W., Jan. 7. Four of the tbe Wilmington & Northern railroad ran youths condemned to death recently for into ithe" rear end of another train thia an outrageous assault upon a servant girt, tnornlng. The conductor and a man riding were hanged hire yesterday. Two othors in the caboose were killed and their bodies who were to have been executed yester- badly burned. Brakoman Harry Kaox and day wers reprieved. The age of those Fireman Phillips were Injured. nangea ranges hid sixteen w vweuv ' Killed by the ColdV Fears. Bt. Paci; Mrs., Jan. -A special to the fioiiiir T'ttat, from Billings, Mon,f Bays: Destruction by Earthquake. and Try , Jan.:?. The village of pjejjol Yestordo A.Cbruthen.DaviiU'orterfrom was savsraly sbaksu by an earthquake to- John Thurston started Uwalk here flthor mQs, north. C day. A number of houses fell. StrtO coal thine twelve the other two being mly arrived alive, persona were Killed and many hart, ? frozen to death,," three-year-ol- d - disabled by exposure at sea, on tha retired Ust aa aa Ensign. A bill waa reported to incorpor ate the Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua. A bill waa Introduced for tbe relief of Captal Crawford'a heirs, making a olalm against Mexi co for the killing of that officer in January, 18. The MoPhersoh resolution, calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury for a state-neof the indebtedness of the Pacific Railroad Companies, and tbe effect of the funding Dill thereon, was agreed to. A bill granting a pension of fcJ.fXW to the widow of General Lo-a- n was passed, also a bill Increasing the pension of tho widow of General F. P. Blolr. Con commerce bill was ilderation of the inter-Stat- e resumed, Messrs. Piatt and Morgan speaking. Mr. Cullom gave notice he would move for a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday next.. At 8:65 p. m. the Senate adjourned. House Consideration waa resumed of the bill for the permanent Improvement of the Erie ma Oswego oanal. Pending action tne morn ing bour expired. The pension appropriation bill for tnU4,S00 was passed without amendment or discussion. The naval reorganisation p. m., bill was taken up and debated until when tho House adjourned. Washirotoh, Jan. 7. Senate. After the indentation of petitions, tho following bills were passed: To settle and adjust tbe clalma jf any State tor expenses Incurred by It in de-ense of the United States: To authorize tne Secretary of tbe Treasury o make final adjustment of the claims of certain foreign steamship companies arising from the illegal exaction of tonnage duties ; for relief of John MoNaugnton, of Ohio, Involving the principle of paying the of a higher grade, while the claimant .eld and drew the pay of a lower grade In the olunteer service; appropriating Ki,000 tor the widow and daughter of A. S. Allen, tbe Inventor if the Springfield breechloader; providing for a school of instruction at Fort Riley, Kas., for avalry and light artillery. A proposed amend-.necommerce bill waa aub- to the lnter-Statmitted providing for an equitable division of traffic AtS:SUp. m. the Senate wont into ex ecutive session, and at 4 :3U p. m. adjourned. . House. The Senate bill was 'passed amend ing tbe act for tbe sale of certain Iudian reservations in Nebraska and Kansas by providing for the allotment of lands In severalty to minors and orphans. Also a bill for the erection of a public building at Wilmington, N. C. The pri vate calendar was taken up and and half a dozen bills passed. At 4 p. m. a recess was taken until 7, the evening session being for the consideration of pension bills. WAsniHTOK, Jan. 8. Sen ate. Not In session. House. In the House bills were reported for the construction of publio buildings in Brooklyn, Houston, Tex., snd Denver, and referred to he committee of the whole. The Senate bill waa reported back, repealing the tenure of office act. In committee of tbe whole a bill appropriating tsou,ouo for the erection of a publio building at Charleston, S. C and the e building In that sale of the present city, was taken up, and on a motion to reduce the amount to SaoO.uOO, tho morning hour expired without action. Tho bill for the bureaus of the Navy Department was debated without action. The river and was reported and recommitted. At harbor bill 1:20 p. m. the House adjourned 5 i j li ! r S A little, squatty man with gray hair was aitting in the corner of a crowded ChiSunday night. At South cago street-ca- r Water street a comely girl entered the vehicle. Not one of tho dozen malo passengers offered to give her a scat. Bhe stood-lik- e a stork until tho bridgo was passed, and then she ricocheted her way to the corner where the little,, squatty man waa sitting, and threw herself squarely upon his lap. Hero she sal quite contentedly until Dnvisou street was reached, when she signaled the conductor to stop the car. As she rose to take her leave she turned to the little, squatty man and said : "I've enjoyed my rido very much. I hope I have not made you tired." "Not in the least," replied tho old man, as ho dotted his beaver. "I'll be in the same place next Sunday night." JonN Casifield, the man who out off the rim of a Gainsborough hat which a woman s .n front of him atone of the Chicago persisted in wearhjg, bad to pay 15 for thee-tor- bis fun. .' Georoe W. Childs, of tho Philadelphia Ltdgtr, has an income of 1500,000 a year. Wnrr Senator Stanford; goes to Washington at the beginning of session be deposits 4500,000 at a local bank and he and his wife check against It. If any thing re, mains at the end of tha session, whioh happens rarely, It la left aa naet egg for toe next year's expenses. ' toboggan slide at Tuxedo lf exactly one mile long, and the e descends frequently made in just onemln-ut- Pierre LofcitLAJiD't offline. Cashiers now use skates In crossing the Bt, Lawrence. -- : v'l J

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