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Image 1 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), August 9, 1907

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

4 I THE CENTRAL RECORD LANCASTER KY EIGHTEENTH TEAK = S mmmm a EBig = d 3 in 5 t 1 Bargains a Buggies i = = a 1 = and = Harness Ir i = = = r = 1 F Genuine Ruberoid Roofing H = 1 + a = = i S J r Haselden Bros = = 1 Wholesale and Retail Hardware m WG m tfliUiUtt1 FRIDAYn The report that a drunken man at tempted to kill Matt Cohen at the Lancaster fair tired his pistol on the grounds and kicked up other devilment is a fake No disorder of any kind oc curred on the fair grounds or in Lancaster during the fair Bank Elects Offtcers WORK BEGINS NEXT WEEK STATE FAIR CATALOGUE READY of the directors of the Monday Handsomely Illustrated Book Tails Citizens National Bank held Work Mr Joel J Walker was elected presi Coilract Has Keel Awarded of Premiums Amusements En- ¬ dent to till the vacancy caused by the 01 New Hotel to Ire Piski ftterprises Music etc death of Lewis Y Lea veil Squire J S Johnson was chosen vice president the te Ready by lecarter ftt The regular edition of theKentucky place filled by Mr Walker John A State Fair catalogue printed in three A Good Ad Sanders was elected a director to fill colors and handsomely illustrated Rev A S Phelps pastor of the M E vacancy caused by death of Mr Leav came from the press this week ant church at Plainville Wis runs a ell These are all men of good busi thousands of copies are being mailed standing ad in the local paper call- ¬ ness qualification and sound judgment daily from the headquarters of the type to the which insures the continuation of the ing attention in display Fair at Louisville The preliminary goods he handles It read as follows splendid success with which this bank list for the State Fair was issued a Life Assurance Company is meeting James Hatcher proprietor of the Eternal month ago It covered eighty odd Danville stage line has had a tele Home Office Heavenly City New pages The regular catalogue has 152 Worthily Placed Honor phone installed in his residence for Jerusalem President the Lord Jesus pages The classifications in all de ¬ everlasting love The Chairman Louis McQuowan of the All orders Capital Gods convenience of patrons partments are complete together with tf firm assures you peace and joy here Democratic State Central Committee promptly answered the speed program and an announce and in the next world a life of ever- having announced that he would be ment of the big amusement enterprises Exchange Saturday No certificate of absent from home for several months lasting blessedness of the Fair There are also eight fine The ladies of the Baptist church health necessary the committee unanimously elected half tone views of the new grounds will have an exchange in the Stormes the Hon Jerry A Sullivan of Rich Plans for a new hotel were accepted and buildings recently purchased by Lancaster Boy Honored pro tem to serve room on Danville street next Satur mond as chairman the State Board of Agriculture as a They will appreciate day afternoon His many Lancaster friends are glad during the time This means that Tuesday and contract awarded to Lew- ¬ permanent location for the State Fair Work will your patronage to learn that Mr Bert A Spencer form the clever Richmond gentleman will is Glanz of Louisville One page is devoted to a description erly of Lancaster is meeting with so be in charge during the present cam- begin early next week the contract of the balloon race during the Fair Faulconer Property Sold stipulating that the building is to be much success in Louisville He is the paign A more conscientious honest The Faulconer property was sold leading member of the Spencer Hat man could not have been found and turned over to the owners on Dec 6th with three views of the balloons in the inThe this week to Mrs Isaac Hamilton who Co the most prominent retail dealers his legion of friends and admirers are The contractors are among the best air a large captive balloon is shown half tone There is a page will take possession immediately Mrs in the Falls City and is rapidly mov delighted with the action of the com- in the state and good work is assured to ¬ They were required to give good bond cut of Captain Knabenshue in the pas Faulconer will soon leave to spend ing toward the shady side of Easy mittee senger carrying airship which is to to carry out the contract The build- ¬ some time with her children and she Street He was appointed by Mayor Matt Cohens Good Luck ing will be three stories or with base- make daily lights and exhibitions at preferred selling to renting the place Bingham as a member of the board of Sept 1621 This is to Matt Cohen has duplicated by vic- ment really four stories as the latter the State Fair City Councilmen in the recent clean I only appear- ¬ Circuit Court tory at Lancaster by winning the first will be utilized for sample rooms bar¬ be Captain Knabenshues sweep made which tells of the high Circuit court better known as big standing he enjoys with the public second and third prizes in the five her shop bakery and other conven- ¬ ance in Kentucky or Southern Indiana His passengercarry ing airship will on ¬ will convene two weeks from men court The Record congratulates Mr gaited sweep stakes class at the Boyle iences The entire house will be heat- ¬ ly make six appearances in America next Monday and tomorrow Friday Spencer on his success counny fair at Danville which are the ed by steam with electric lights and year Sectional views of the air¬ is the last day in which suits for this only cases on record where the same running water in each of the twenty this ship are printed for the first time in may be filed There are several term man with seven entries in a ring has three rooms The dining rooms will The Colored Fair criminal cases on the docket and the The greatest event among the color ¬ won all three of the prizes Cohen be on the first floor The restaurant the State Fair catalogue The pages civil business promises to be better ed people in this section is the Lancas- won the first award with Star McDon lining room will be connected with are given to points of interest in and around Louisville while there is some than for some time past ter Colored Fair and they look forward aid the second with Autowin the that of the main one by folding doors valuable information on the railroad of so the two may be thrown into one with the greatest interest to the dates third with Winsome The stake depot and ticket offices together with Big Mortgage Filed 100 for this event went to Cohen Not The plan is a very pretty one and we The exhibition began this Thursday steamboat lines One of the most Co The Central Kentucky Traction only did Cohen accomplish this feat will publish picture of the building as the morning and will continue through attractive views in the book is an at ¬ which recently bought the property of Saturday The officers and stockhold- but he won thirteen blue ties out of soon as one can be obtained tractive zinc etching of the eruption the Bluegrass Traction Co this week ers consist of the very best colored fourteen shows of Vesusvius which is to be shown improvements At Graded School filed a mortgage at Frankfort for four citizens in the town and county and week Big Sum For Graded School million dollars in favor of a Philadel the affairs of the organization are con ¬ The trustees have just completed nightly during the State Fair together with Pains famous fireworks Co The mortgage states ducted on pbia Trust In the distribution of his large some muchneeded repairs on the strictly business principles from the that the funds are to be used to build The music is being furnished by Prof estate the late Lewis Y Leavell buildings and Jtrouuds at the Graded Natiello and his allstar bandis to give which connecting lines from Lexington to Wilsons band of Lexington and is made a very substantial gift to the School and the entire property is now Land of Music other named cities including Lancas- the best the association has ever had Lancaster Graded Schools After giv in better shape than it has ever been three concerts daily during the State Fair occupies two pages in halt tone ter The rings will be well filled and the hug thirtythousand dollars to certain Every room has been papered and re An entry blank accompanies each cat¬ painted the furnaces put in good shape show of stock good Many white people relatives he directs that the residue Church Dedication At Paint Lick post card in sev payment of ex and the fences all put in thorough re- alogue also a souvenir The Christian Church at Paint Lick will attend as they should and thus of his estate after colors the recipient is asked penses by given to the Lancaster pair It was regretted that the old en mail to which friend which has been recently built will be help these honorable colored citizens some to Graded Schools While it is impossible Dunlap summer house had to be rededicated the first Sunday in Septem in their enterprise Anyone desiring a catalogue will be to tell the amount until the will is moved as it was quite a landmarkbutI her Elder J H Macneill of Wincbes sent one by applying to the Secretary probated and the executor inspects the the woodwork had rotten Success to Tobacco Growers Hughes at Louisville ter will preach the dedicatory ser be safely estimated the entire structure so weakened that R E mon Everybody invited to come and Tobacco growers generally are to he estate yet it can will receive between it was not advisable to attempt to prebring a basket of dinner along Elder congratulated upon the unaimity with that the Schools Prof Lippard wants bright young fifty thousand dollars serve it When the bell rings in Sep- men and women to enter the Business M Rash of Winchester the pastor which the farmers of Garrard County forty five and J tax must be deducted tember the pupils will find the best College and prepare for good positions will begin a series of meetings on Sat have evinced their purpose of joining The inheritance pretty equipped and most comfortable school He has calls for more stenographers urday night before the fourth Sunday the Society of Equity and pooling but even with this we have it 2t buildings in the state than he can supply their crops in that organization The straight that the amount will reach in this month and will continue a few He names Mr manipulation by the gamblers of the the above figures Magazinesdays after the dedication W E Moss took first second and wheat market the past few weeks Lewis L Walker as executor As statPlymouth chickens I am taking orders for all leading third on Barred Fair He also tells can be pubLancaster from 100 down to 75 cents barely ed above nothing definate magazines Will appreciate your or- at thehas four hundred bushels of hill covering cost of production shows lished until after the will is admitted der Mrs Dolly Brown at Josephs us he onions for sale that he raised on one how completely the farmers areat the to probate but as Mr Leavell was a store acre Price SLOO per bushel preman of its a mercy of the such DENTIST II Fortunately Trusts incase of matters diction fine judgementprovidessafe against that the will tobacco in the however where the limited area of its the indiscriminate use of the funds over Herndons jewelry store II culture enables its growers to combine left to the institution and IIOffice advanj for their mutal defense and protection that it will be used to the best The will was made five years they by acting wisely can not only tage Now is the time to have your sustain prices but could absolutely ago bring the Trust to its knees as it Paste This In Your Hat simply must have their crops or go enLifting the Indications point to a spirited fight tirely out of business price from 5 cts to 15 cts is none too in the selection of a City Council at the election this Fall a new board to much under all the circumstances be placed in the field against the pres- ¬ ent one As we have always done The Will Be Warm The question of the selection of a Record will publish communications ¬ City Council is being discussed and on the subject but under no circumrowing quite warm The present stances unless the article is paid at five before yov go into the harboard will stand for re election and SoIcents a line and the writers full name We have had new ticket will be placed in the field SIGNED thereto news- ¬ We hays vest field The gentlemen composing new ticket enough experience to learn that Logan for mayor councilmen paper controversies never end until are H T stocBanks Hudson Alex Walker Jas W they have grown very bitter and that itSmith J R Mount Jas Hill and W B no good results therefrom also that allow Burton We heard of still another s very bad policy for an editor to nom deticket but the entire list was not giv some fellow to hide behind a press for en us The old board is composed of plume and use his printing breastworks If you have views dont Jno M Duncan mayor councilmen sign your J E Stormes Sam G Haselden CD be afraid to print them andhas always Denny Jas B Conn and name thereto This paper Powell S C everything in its power Thomas Austin All the gentlemen done and said and upbuilding of named are good men and we believe for the betterment county but read- Lancaster and Garrard will do their duty fully As the when it comes to stirring up strife ers of The Record know this paper is among our people please hitch us to for the enforcement of the law to the in the suburbs Pleaseremem ¬ letter and all it asks is a continuation hay out must have pay for such com- ¬ we of the peace and quietude the people ber to simply air your own now enjoy We believe this will be no munications personal views and that too in admatter what selection is made from are better equidped the fourteen men named in this article vance to vote either As it is not compulsory than anyone to do your Why It Helped ticket straight there will doubtldecision to hold religious work not only in the ma ¬ ess be a considerable lot of scratching When the little park was reached services in the done some doubted the advisability thereof chine line but on your but we have heard so many expressions Meeting Closed good results The Record tells The protracted meeting which has as to thefor the benefit of other towns thereof been conducted by Rev Henry Faulcon yet tried it The simple er for the past three weeks closed that have not services in the truth of the matter is that people beSunday night with to going to a Park Mr Faulconers work was di come so accustomed sit there like mostly to the backslider or church that they simply ected and all other kinds of work a log and go through church members but much good was al so many knots on service in a cut and dried manner you need to have done so done in awakening those outside the the text further church and his efforts will have a good never remembering the ¬ We carry a larger stock of When a meet and we believe a lasting effect on the than the front door held out under the trees where entire community RevCC Brown pas- ing is material than anyone and legs tor of the Presbyterian church render- a fellow can stretch out his or work even constantly adding tools ed valuable assistance to Mr Faulconer on a chaw of homemade crowd and nl conducting the services while the get out in the edge of the and material for your ben ¬ sweet singing of Mrs Juliet Rogers was hit his old corncob pipe a few licks going to lisefit See our greatly enjoyed and appreciated The then it is that that man is too At the idea of meeting in the little park prov ten and think about it services in Nothing lasts ed a splendid one as it was far more regular Sundaymorning churches everybody is dressed in comfortable and the services drew the like them stand- ¬ people who never darkened a church his best clothes the men with their hide from door Mr Faulconer will leave in a few Ing collars cutting the corset laces days to resume his work in and around chins and the women with aswhere all his time drawn as tight as fiddle strings and Philadelphia was given this a matter of course theres no pleasure He is consumed The Records advice threeweeks vacation rut said he- in being there and other ministers heart so set on the welfare to evangelists ad his in pleasant place to of this his home town he was willing too is to get out services and their words of com to lay aside the brief rest granted him hold warning will have a more far and tell his people the sweet message fort and reaching and telling effect of Jesus Christ There will be no excursion to Ciocin nati next Sunday the rail road cum r- paoy being short of equipment The crop of blackberries is not up to what was expected and their is 1- great disappointment among the housekeepers Mr J R Mount has been appointed chairman of the Garrard County Demo cratic Committee to serve during 1907 The appointment was made by the State Central Committee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Y tusa 2y At a meeting ¬ i ¬ I i jssisPsssusssPsssPe1ssssesZ t 160FULL IIIIIIII RL LINE OF CASKETS AND BURIAL ROBES ALWAYS IN 1 rTTTr WmHerndon DAVIDSON IERNBON Attorney At Law Office over Police Court room Prompt attention to business JTUJ JI J iBi IAttorneys SWWr STOCKJ At Law Kentucky drug store JJ Were now Herndon JI offer- IM K DennyI JfW Birders an MOW rS Repaired ingMidSummer Bargains in Sections Guards kBlades In everything in Knife Heads Rivets for All Makes of Machinesa- HighClass Dry Goods nd Wagons Plows Buggies Heres the Chance of a Lifetime RUBBER ¬ TIRES l The Joseph Mercantile Co Incorporated Conn Dry Goods Dress Goods Ladies Shoes Furnishings Carpets Etc 1 < Bros

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