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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 4, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

i t 1 i +l i r tT I a M t > ItrrI ttjt d IJ io I 3311J 1 a I iri t r irJa l 9 VOLUME ttnj Gnnt i COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY l t- J C i > 3 d > < r 4 L k 4- It rti b t ibMf i > F t J WEDNESDAY fJ r r 4t t APRIL 4 1906 NUMBER 21 JL r I 1 l i < r TIlE RECITAL Misses Katie Murrell and Lira Rosenfield Entertain a UtT f Audience t t The recitalgiven at the Lindsay Wil- ¬ son Friday night by Misses Katie Mur rell and Lina Rosenfield was enthusias ti ally received by the Columbia people every number deserving the storm of applause which it received Miss Murrell bore herself with a de¬ gees of composure remarkable for one of her experience She has only stud ¬ ied expression about one and a half Years but her interpretation of her readings was indeed fine Her program consisted of a variety of numbers which were distinct in lf > ° f t > wonderf i ¬ ful versatility as a Monma fine characterization of the old time negress was rendered so nat ¬ urally as to captivate all The control she has over her voice was evinced in the beautiful poem by Drifting 1 i i Thomas Buchanan Reed Miss Rosen field played a soft accompaniment which added much to its enjoyment Her ability as an artist was more shown in Eugene Arams Dream than in any other The heavy tragedy is so often overdone by young readers but Miss Murreil handled it faultlessly In her short numbers she was very pleasing When she had finished her last num ¬ bright monologue everybody was loud in their praise of Miss Katies i I MRS ANN BOWNAR DAILEY oJ The intelligence of the death of this estimable lady was received by relatives here last Saturday night She was a daughter of Capt James Murrell and was born and reared in Columbia In I 1857 then a young woman she left this place with relatives for Honey Grove Texas In a fern years after her arrival she was married to a gen- ¬ tleman named Davidson who lost his life in the Confederate army After the close of the war she was again married to Dr Dailey a prominent cit- ¬ izen of Honey Grove with whom she lived happily until his death which oc- ¬ curred many years ago The deceased was a sister of Mrs Jennie Mollie McClain of this place and Mrs Cor- ¬ ° nelia Gilmer of Texas She was a la ¬ dy of strong character and her social disposition made ner companionable and tied her frelJdst9 her The lateI Judge Garnett of this place in speak ¬ ing of her said to the writer while the deceased was visiting here several years ago She is one of the best wemen lever knew Had she lived until next November she would have been seventy years old Puss She was familiarly called and her death not only brings sorrow to her relatives but to her many friends jclearly t i E l < bera 1 t talentsMiss Rosenfield also did herself proud showing marked ability as a pianist Her numbers were rare treats Her interpretation and technique were esf oj ZephyrsI of touch and with much feeling Trau merie which is one of the most soul feeling pieces was rendered next and was played in a most pleasing manner Her two heavy numbers the Hungarian Dance by Brahms and Ara- ¬ besque by Chaminade she gave in a manner which exhibits her skill and ability as an artist Miss Rosenfield should be justly proud of her first Reci feb = t 4 Columbia for Tennessee 49 50 < t < r sustained a great loss and her children a devoted mother The end came Mon ¬ day the 26th all the members of the family being present The deceased was the widowofthe late W C Loy and was fiftyone years old Early in life she made a profess¬ ion of her faith in Christ and united with the Methodist Church and lived a consistent Christian until her death The interment was near the lategyres = idence many relatives and friends be ¬ ing present Staples < Lyon Buggy Special I IIt If 1906 CAMPBEOM1E KY Presents to the Vehicle users of Adair and adjoining counties a New Years Business Wjnner and Money Saver In our Lyons Special Top Buggy Buie The THIRTY FOUR Valuable Features Will Sell These Deepr 1st Full Depth Top 44 in cut leather quarters 3rd Leather pad- ¬ ded back stays 4th Heavy rubber waterproof roof 5th wood faced head linings 6th woodfaced lined rear cur¬ tains 7th mole skin front valance on top 8th Leather opensanatary spring 9th Leather oven stuffed cushion spring back 10th High leather padded dash 11th Leather fall on cushion 12th Four rollup straps on back cur¬ BRADSHAW W 1906 TOE LYON BUGGY CO Mrs Tim Bradshaw has recieyed her stock of millinery the nicest line she has ever offered to the public The goods were selected by Miss Effie Brad shaw who has been in the market two weeks Ladies are invited to call G 1 t JUST RECIEYED Mr and Mrs VIB W who are cosily domiciled on Greensburg street gave a duck supper last Thurs- ¬ day evening entertaining the following friends Mr and Mrs Geo Stults Miss Daut Marcum Miss Jean Duncan Dr tain 13th Full length velvet carpet 14th Inside panel finished or carpeted 15th Leather padded seat ends 16th Roundseat corners 17th 36 in shaft leathers 18th Double braced shafts 19th Long distance dust proof axles 20th Bradley shaft couplings 21st 8 point center clips on front axles 22nd 23rd extension spring slick toerail24th Threeprong oval steps 25th Guaranteed select hickory wheels j 26th All wood whip socket capped 27th Curtains stitched and reinforced 28th Option of body loops or wood spring bars 29th Body screwed glued and plugged with heavy sills running full length of bed 30th Seat well bolted on to bed31st Longitudinal spring when desired 32nd Lined holder on dash 33rd Option of open head springs when ordered 34th Plainornickel trimed as desired rubberI PAINTINGBody Black Gear Green Vermillion Red or Black as ordered i Axles 1516 inch arch or drop 48 or 52 track Wheels Sarven or 1 in tire 3640 3842 or 4044 t inch high Bodies 18 20 i2 or 24 in width and 55 in long While the body is painted plain black regular it can be furnished fancy stripped and ornamented seat risers or if prefered can furnish it in rosewood or marbleized green i and the evening delightfully spent Many years ago a flock of ducks gave Mr Staples a great deal of uneasiness causing beads of presperation to drop from his brow and at that time he swore vengeance against Webbfooted thee An Ad 11r E In the passing of this excellent wo¬ man the Fairplay neighborhood has Hughesh ELOPEMENT1Couple 1 9 5tl ht interpretationThe of these two young ladies is due to the instructions they have received from their respectiv teachersMiss Jean Duncan who has charge of the elocution department in the LindsayWilson and Miss Hattie Penland who is the principal of th music department They are thorou g in their respective callings and are per ¬ fectly devoted to their pupils Ii 4950 TilE LYON BUGGY CO MRS AMANDA LOY w satisfactiongauranteed213t to the study of technique and months b 4950 We will carry this job in many different styles and can furnish it to your notion on very short notice Compare the details and the 34 We defy any kind of competition on this job catalogue houses included 10 to 15 more sold by other dealers features with any other buggy that will cost you from tribe Eggs from White Plymouth cents per setting of 15 WHITE POULTRY YARD Mr Ray Williams of Caseys Creek son of Mr John A Williams arid Pinalee Russell daughter of Mr Jo Russell of Watson eloped for see last Monday morning leaving C lembiaat 4 oclock As we go to press they are doubtless married and on their return trip home We do not kno that there were parental objections as both the young people belong to good families We trnst that this union Win be a blessing to the young couple and that the remainder of their days maybe spent in unalloyed happiness purebred chickens TilE LYON BUGGY centshn Proprietoro Rock eggs 50 or you littlew t child of Mr and Mrs Dud Lawless of Cane Valley died being sick only two or three days The little one was only 18 months old and was active both as to walking and talking The parents have the sympathy of the people of that community as it was their only child and death was not expected at that time The parents desire to extend their thanks to the people who so kind ¬ the ly administered in this their sad be ¬ nOME COMING WEEK A number of citizens met at Courthouse last Monday afternoon to reavement take steps for the home coming week the meeting to follow the one to be The statement that there are no lots in Columbia upon which to build is a Gov J R Hindman was elected mistake We went over a good portion Chairman and J McScott and J E of town one day last week and quite a Murrell secret number of nice building lots were point¬ On motion the following committies ed out and we were told that they were appointed could be purchased Opposite where On ArrangementsW F Neat W JohnLee Walker and Geo T Flowers W Bradshmw G W Robertson T A are erecting houses there are four or Winfrey five acres the property of Judge W Murrell W R Myew JJicScbtt Ws Jones that would make a dozen On Programme WW Jqnes H resident lots We understaed this land Hindman is for sale Baker J 0 Russell f Eoffin Hurt AGTodd J E MurrelL FR JR I t FORSAL- j t LlO j 1 cPu1n IJtcftr rKl fljM t rusW 15 4950 adof Master James Holladay thirteen years 6ldr is perhaps the youngest historian in Adair county During the past winter he read carefully Elliots history of the United States eight was fined one dollar for drunkenness large volumes and was held under bond until next of this young man who instead of Saturday for carrying a concealed reading trash is storing his head with John Willis was arrested here last Saturday by Marshal Strange charged with being publicly drunk While be-¬ fore the Court it was discovered that he had a pistol upon his persons He edays I courser li m fair it < r thefaraiearof satd cropt a1iHdf tiI r > ft t1r i th ace rr kt f dF te 184t V H GriMtWO J ready fer trice JvBQiiJKitis j r J r 7 l nPs C < tL 1 IA i j NC 7f c < O 4 IJ QI4is K ter i 1 495O I < C 0 i

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