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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1956

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I f ilPiish Cart Derby To Be Held Tomorrow r Derby Day UK stylo will bp tomorrow when the fourth annual lambda Chi Push Cart Dei by gets underway at 1:30 pm. on the Administration Mntion WLF.X. who will announce the races to rhi spectators over a public address system from the Judges' table. Judges for the originality contest are I Van I. I Martin. Robert R. Mills. UK registrar; and Mi- I.ury Thompson from Stewarts. Their decision aV to the winners will be final. The Push Cart Derby Queen will be crowned Jml before the first race and will reign over the afternoon. This year's queen will be crowned by Betty Ciaskin. last year's derby beauty. Candidates in the quern contest which was completed yesterday are. Fa ye Clibson. ATO; Joyce neals. PSK; Margaret Hod'ukin. KKO; Joan Hazel-woo- d. SN; Maxine Thompson. SX; Nancy Don Freed. PKT; Oayle Schuler. KAT; Alice Hoggs. F1I; Pat Long. TKK; Lonora Rogers. DTD: Sally Jo Moore. ZBT; Helen Hoover. AOR; Pat Phelps. KD; Carolyn Collier. XO; Carlene Mass. ACID: Pat Penny. KA: Carol Conrad. ZTA; Nelda Clarkson. SPF.; Earlene Farrls. DDD; Sonja Danburg. ADP; Joyce Ooff. KS: Joanne Wat.son. AZD; Joyce Ann Kane, SAE; Helen Shuck. PDT; Jean Gover. Triangle; and Greta Boswell. PKA. circle. This year's edition of the "push for prizes" will begin with a gala parade through downtown Lexington at 12:30 p.m. During this parade the fraternity and sorority push cart entries will be Judged for the originality contest. Prizes and trophies to of both fraternity and the winner and runner-u- p sorority divisions will be awarded when the parade h-- ' arrives at the administration building. A record number of 26 entries.. 9 sororities and 17 fraternities, will compete in the race around the circle. In the men's division the push carts will start directly in front of the administration building and go completely around the circle with three relay stations enroute. The sorority races will begin half way around the circle on Limestone and finish up in front of the administration buildine. There will be three relay stations for the girls also. Officials for the races will be Bernie Shively as the official starter, and Gig Henderson of radio J .. . Kernel Kutic With Spring; in the air, the thoughts of the male members of the Kernel staff turned to more than studies. As a result we're running a Kernel Kutie each week for the rest of the semester. This week's Kutie is Norma Jean Brandenburg. Norma Jean may pick up an orchid from the Lexington Flower Shop, located opposite the Good Samaritan Hospital. il Vol. XLVII University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., Friday, April 20, 195G No. 2.1 Third Party Formed By 10 Groups Informal Rush Banned By Dean Jam Session Smnli at the 1 sored by the Student Government Association, will be free to all University students. SGA Re-apportio- ns .. . Groups in the party are Delta Ton Delta. Kappa Sigma. Delta Chi. and Sigma Phi Fpsilon fraternities, formerly of United Students Party: Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Delta Delta sororiLambda Chi Alpha ties. Fraternity, formerly of Constitutionalists; and Kappa Delta. Alpha Xi Delta, and Alpha Gamma Delta sororities, also formerly of Contwo; Commerce gains one; Edu- stitutionalists. The organizations in a statement cation gains .one; Engineering gains two; Graduate School loses outlining their purpose, said that one; and the Law School remains "every candidate for an SGA office should be chosen on basis of the same. Other vacancies to be filled are merit, regardless of affiliation, and six in Arts and Sciences, two in should stand for the purposes of Agriculture and Home Economics, SGA, not for individual gains." After the announcement of the three in Commerce, two in Education, four in Engineering, one ' third party was made, the United in Law School, and two in Grad- Students Party voted to merRe Constitutionalists. No 'with thecould be reached, how- -i uate Scnooi. agreement Ten vacancies will be filled in ever, in a Joint meeting of the two the fall election next December. groups. Sharon Miller was elected chairman of the new party in a meeting Monday afternoon. Other officers are John Darsie, assistant chairman; Nina Vann. secretary, and. George Spalding, treasurer. ( X . tt Andrch vs iaineat UK's Entry In Laurel Festival val May ca ex-US- Assembly Members .A The Student Government Association voted Monday night to the number of representatives from each college according to present enrollment. Under the accepted plan each SGA member will represent 162 students in his respective college. The Assembly will still have 30 representatives. The chances in the Individual colleges are Arts and Sciences loses one representative; Agriculture and Home Economics - loses nil ; P; j I ! ': Troupers Present Big Show 26-2- 3. The Mountain Laurel Festival is an annual event held at. Laurel Cove outside Pineville at which candidates from each college in Kentucky gather to compete for queen of the affair. The girl who is chosen is. crowned by the Governor and reigns for one year as the most beautiful girl in Kentucky. Last year Booker was chosen UK May Queen and won the Sigma Chi Best Dressed Contest. This year she was selected as Queen. Booker entered the University in the fall of 1954 after having graduated from Stevens College. She is a member of Kappa Kappa' Gamma sorority. Ken-tucki- . , - . third major partv on campus the Students was iormcu 1 breakaway organizations from the United Students and Constitutionalists, rarties early this week. I hey have announced that they will run candidates in the forthcoming May 9 Student Government Association elections. A Booker Andrews, a senior from Russelville, will represent UK at the 1956 Mountain Laurel Festi- The crowning of "Miss Universe of UK" will be the highlight of the Cosmopolitan Dance to be held from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. tomorrow in the Ballroom of the Student Union Building. The picture of the candidates for the title have been sent to Jeff Chandler, movie star, from which he will choose the winner. Attendants will be a Miss Asia, a Miss Europe, and a Miss Latin-Amerito be chosen by the UK students from each of these countries. Following the coronation there will be a floor khow of dances n given by UK students from countries. for-ei?- Iiharilcann will nil , ..... f ff;?wK?h Dean Martin Cosmopolitan Dance To Be Tomorrow 1? at the jam session todi Fraternities will not be allowed to participate in any kind of informal rush next year, according to Dean of Men L. L. Martin. Members of the Intcrfraternity Council were told of this new ruling by Dan Woodward, chairman of the IFC Hush Committee, at their meeting Tuesday night. made the an nouncement of the enforcement of strict formal rush following a recommendation from representative officers and members of the rush committee of last year. For the past lour years, only the Initial fall rush programs have been formal. This rush week was followed ty optional informal rush sessions, usually held during the latter part of October and during the first two weeks of the second semester. The IFC itself has made no ruling outlawing informal rush. Regulations cf the IFC uotline the procedure for formal rush, but they do not provide for informal rush periods. However, since the inauguration of the formal rush system in the fall of 1952, the IFC has maintained one or more informal rush sessions each year. JFormal rush requires all rushees to register and also provides for the calendar dates and length of time ru.'hees may visit fraternities. Informal rush is regulated by only broad, general rules. New Party To Enter May 9 SGA Race an Right Down Our Alley", the new Troupers Show will be pre- sented Friday and Saturday April 20 and 21 in Memorial Coliseum. Curtain time for the show is 8 pm. clown acC There will be a starting at 7:30 pm. All of the stage action take alley in place in a remote off-beNew York ' City. The show includes singing, dancing, comedy, tumbling and an act by the Troupers Adagio team. Also featured will be the new Trouper orchestra in its first performance. Tickets are $.75 for UK ktudent.1 and will be available at the door or from any member. TTiere will be no reserved .seats. pre-sho- w at , Push Cart Derby Queen Candidates The Lambda Chi's annual push rart derby is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Keignlng as queen will be one of 26 beauties. First row (I. to r.l: Jean Gover, Helen Shuck, Alice Jean Boggs, Joyce Ann Kane and Joann Watson. Second row: Sonja Danburg, Pat Phelps, Earlene Farris and Nancy Don Freed. Third row: Joy .Moore, Faye Gibson, Carolyn Collier, Joyce GofT, Carlene Hass, Helen Hoover and Joyce Heals. .(Ten candidate Here absent when picture Mas taken.)

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