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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 14, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

i THt rOUNAIN 0 . EAGJ.E . WHITESBURG, . 9 ., KENTUtfK'V LEGHER COUNT. . THURSDAY, P A GE JUNE 14? 1962 . Irvin Boggs dies of heart attack IN WHIQH.WE REPORT ON LETCHER NATIVES TRANSPLANTED TO LOUISVILLE Iroquois the mountaineers will tote tood baskets wrucn get oacx to their raisin'. There'll be fried chicken and chicken wit! dumplings (real dumplings, not dunked canned biscuits), shucky beans seasoned with sure enough sowbelly, cornbread of , meal fresh ground at Curt Coilins's mill at Red Star; layer cake with home canned apples (they don't sell no mix for this), plus, of course, the usual citified fixin's. (Jack Frazier threatened to bring a genuine dipper of a longnecked gourd.) And a good time will be had by went to Monterey recently with her aunt Crittie Andrews with the idea of spending a year with the Mosses, but at the Kentucky Hotel's Mural Room, where she has been hostess for many years, so many guest ask about her that the betting is "6.2 and even" that El will be back for the fall Churchill Downs race meet. r, So I called Mrs. Jack H. who lives in Lynnview. That did it. We got the whole of Letcher County involved in the project. There are a lot of Letcherites around here. In fact, there is an organization, society, association, conglomeration or caboodle of them. They're getting ready for a big shindig too. It set for the top of Iroquois Hill (South Louisville) on June 24. If you're in the big city then, drop in and see your kin. Invitation notices are being sent out by Miss Marv Elizabeth Draughn, Mrs. O. C. Craft abd Jack Frazier, and they figure they may have to buy as many as 200 postcards. Other spearheaders for the are Jason Holbrook, Hiram Taylor, Bill Maggard, Dew-ar- d Hill andSW. Franklin. down They started jotting names and right offhand they had Arlie and Ira Whitaker, Lawrence, George, Bruce and James W. Taylor, Harold Hampton, Hoover Ison, Harold Adams, Im-i- e Griffie, Abb D. Humphrey, John R. Bulick, L. E. Creech, J. L. and E. M. Hall, Henry D. and Roy Gilley. And Astor Brown, Clel Cornett, Ellis Hampton, Kenneth Lawson, Logan Jacobs, Peggy Maggard, Irene and Norma Stallard, Wallace Day, Bobby R. Ison, Jerry Lane, Buck Jones, Jeff Houchins, L. R. Kemp, Lee Frazier. Then David M., Philip, S. T., Richard and Dr. Bill Adams, Ronnie Cain, Wiley Webb, Andrew Sergent, Jimmy May, Jessie (Jake) Back, the Elk Creeker, and members of the Dr. Fred Caudill family. From across the Ohio River will come Hi Hard and Herman Wam-ple- r, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wampler of Letcher, and their families of Charlestown and Clarksville, Ind. And the list is far from com1 By LARRY CAUD1LL more properly, this, well carry a Louisville dateline. For the benefit of the folks back in Blackey, I told son James Ross (Cap), "We ought to check up on e very bod -y. (Not that we'd tattle out oi school, of course.) "Just get Jo Ann (Dixon) he said, as he engorgeo bacon and eggs and juice and jelly and toast and tomatoes--a- s they say of racehorses which eat well, ne's a "good doer" at the breakfast table. We thought offhand of his brother Charles, and Joan and Karen, over in Lyndon, and the Dixon gang, Andy and Faith, Charles and Ruby and their kids. Elma, oldest in point of residence in Louisville, was in Monterey, Calif. , with daughter Betty Sue and Capt. Jack Moss and Steve, J. Rodney arm Sandy. Perhaps, news report might -- Fra-zie- Fra-zler- ," all. conbecoming Apparently firmed tourists, Aunt Annie and Uncle Tommy Dixon flew into from Charleston, Louisville S. C. They had gone" there with daughter Elfie and Sgt. Burgess Miles. Daughter Mrs. Al (Martha) Pease and children joined them there from Pittsburgh. While in Charleston they took the cruise to Fort Sumter and a storm at sea sent all hands scur PICK er H I the H shape plete. Nanrv Plp.annr (Clhpf thinfifS I Vmro tn vizit with her elcror tie Lou, who is studying at i A delicious soft low-calor- ie Tiri a Chevy PACK up the family GO traveling rying below decks, but Aunt Annie insists she was no' more seasick than if she'd been "rldin the old mule." (Flies well, too, it seems.) Andy Dixon drove his parents home to the mouth of Elk over the week end. at home in Dayton Funeral service forlrvin Boggs, of Dayton, Ohio, were conducted June 7 at Little Dove Regular Baptist Church, Eolla, by Elders Clarence, Slagle, Bernard Banks, I. D. Maggard and John H. Polly. Burial was in the Sturgill Cemetery at Eolia. Mr. Boggs died June 2 at his home in Dayton of a heart at62, Gerald Dagnon completes training FORT KNOX Army Pvt. Gerald G. Dagnon, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ishmael Dagnon of Mill- stone, Ky., completed the eight week clerical course at the Armor Training Center, Fort Knox, on May 31. Dagnon received instruction in typing, English grammar. Army correspondendence and filing and preparation of morning reports. He entered the Army last January and completed basic training at the fort. He attended Whitesburg High School and was employed by Johnson and Collins grocery before entering the Army. tack. He was bom at Eolia. Survivors are three sons, Her-shBoggs, Miamisburg, Ohio; Wayne Boggs, Dayton, Ohio, and Kenneth Boggs, Xenia, Ohio; two daughters, Mrs. Hazel Bowman, Xerua, and Mrs. Nancy Lou Holler, Dayton; three brothers, Elmer, Leonard and Millard Boggs, and two sisters, Mrs. Laura Shepherd, Eolia, and Mrs. Bertha Clark of Ancin, Ohio. 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Jet-smoo- th out-nn- d- - dill in Louisville from Williams- - to come.. drink is coming soon! Hot. Nor- ton Infirmary to become a medical technician, but since their pap, Arch, is a Blackey native, they will be accorded guest privThis entitles them at ileges. least to say, "Howdy, folks," at the Letcher reunion." And all hands will unite to try to make a good hillbilly of Cap's Ann Caudill, a very nice redheaded Louisville native. To the picnic facilities atop Caudill Brothers invite you to visit their new place of business on Whitco Road GUAHAMTE BE -- CAPS all recapping done by IOE CAIinil a man with years of experience at recapping tires I COMPLETE SERVICE: ONE-ST- OP Four Sun Passenger and truck tires are recapped, wheels balanced and installed right here Chevy Pick up and delivery! Come in and t; V Fun ways to get away (shown top to bottom) are the Corvette, Corrair Monza Coupe, Nova Station Wagon and Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan. 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