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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 22, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

7 1 z IMPORTANT The Jeffersonian NOTICE. Ljok at the label on this If your subscription is more paper one than month behind your paper will stop after tins issue, if not renewed promptly. GREAT 0PP0RTUNI11 For a limited time you can get the Daily Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian, both one year, g OOiDU for only rn ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OP JEFPERSON COUNTY Vol. 2. No. 45. CLASSIFIED Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 22, 1909. ADVERTISING. SCRIPTURE T Given as Argument For Observ- For SAtK Tea bushels of Yellow Seed ing Lent and All Other Days. Corn: one cho;ce cow; one eiirht horse Lots for sale in Jeffersontown; call and see them. Huls for I'aintlur" room dwellintr house. I want a uood farm hand, married man; Correspondent From Valley Station Writes can furnish house; steady work. Want a Letter Telling What the Savior Says cook for camp. J. C. Brcck, Jeffersontown, e. Ky. 44-- 1 1 - 1 Advertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. FOR SALE. fragments taken up. Our Savior says, . fr j. dui ,i i uieau oi me, or i am the 1 am the light of water oi lite, and the world. Every Christian, young or old. rich or poor, is custodian of this bread, this water, and this light, only At Buechel Will Be Ready For to give to the multitude, and while we, too, vet our daily bread, God is Warm Weather. trusting us with His work and not un til all earth's millions, whose eyes are turned to us for light, and hold out Chester Sisson Accidentally Shot Mrs, our hands for the bread and water, Eunice Blankenbaker Dead - All the and the fragments of neonta arc picked up. will our work be done. News From Buechel. Our Savior said, "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and lollow Buechel, April lit. Mrs. Hilary me." Is it worthwhile? Some sor- About How We Should Live. For Sale The pure Homer Pigeon can be obtained from Ropers Smith. St. Matthews. R. F. D. IP. Box 55. Cumberland Phone East 1 1 1 I m ICE PLANT Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year ; known her last wishes: "I don't want W. to be buried in de cemetary, and I don't want no tomb stone at my head. I jist want you to take me out in de Well Known Citizen field and bury me dar, and in de P. HAYS of Fern teek, Czar Seeks Service of Indiana Corn King. Franklin Ind., April 6. Leonard B. Suddenly Passes Away. spring piant watermelons on my; grave. Tend dem good, letdem grow j big and ripe. Den when dey gits Wm. P. Hays, aged 64 years, sudden, good and ripe, take de biggest one ly passed away at his home in the and bust it on my grave and let de Fern Creek country Tuesday evenjuice run down." Now. we are not ing at 8:15 o'clock, after a very brief satisfied with the juice: we want the illness of pneumonia. Deceased had heart. In other words, we want the been complaining of not feeling well best, and all, for Jesus. for several days, but the services of Quite a large delegation was in at a physician were not thought necestendance, but in some instances a sary until last Friday. big area, comprising many schools, Mr. Hays death came as a great was represented by one man. Next shock to his many friends all over year we hope to have more schools Jefferson county. He was a promirepresented by their own delegates, nent carpenter contractor and a very uiu aiso nope to nave a number or uue niecnauic. anil built the majority new schools to report. of the houses in and around Fern The proverbial hospitality of Ken Creek. He was one of the first ortucky was in evidence at Elizabeth-town- , ganizers of the Jefferson County Fair, and the delegates will long re- and did much to put that institution member their pleasant trip. wnere it is He leaves hosts S. S. C'OE. of friends, besides many relatives, to mourn his death. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. MIDDLETOWN Mollie Kleissendorff. one half sister. Mrs. Jas. McCullough, and one half brother, J. B. Finley, with whom he Clore has been asked by the Russian govt rnment to come to that emmftr. for three 3'ears and instruct Russian farmers in the methods of raising American corn. Mr. Clore. it is said. MM a year and all penses. M-long has been g cognized as among corn raisers. He rceived lighest awards at the Paris, Buffal ago and St. Louis world's fairs. and a the Omaha corn , Tv - grand . sweepstakes, giving him the lWW ex-Clo- re re-'in- (,,...1 ""I'iij UL. wiuKjuicncai grow association. At the annual corn show held in the Coliseum at Chicago in October, 1!M)7. Mr. Clore was the exhibitor of the single ear ot corn which brought tee world's record of 2.)i) when put up for auction. The prizes which Hedges and Mrs. T. G. Hedges and Valley Station, April 17. Dancing, rowing women were coming to a card playing, theater and kissing sepulchre, and the question with little son, Houston, of Sp ncer counFor Sale Fine Buff Rock Bus. Home games. The Lenten season is over. them was, who shall roll away the ty, spent several days last week with Address Mrs. S. D. Thompson. lhone 8503-What of it? Is what is wrong during stone from the sepulchre? They Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Summers and Station E. R. F, D. 3. Louisville, Ky, Lent, right the rest of the year? 1 found it rolled away, and the ques- family. FOR Sale-- S. C. Phode Island Red eKtrs. fl once asked a lady if a Christian could tion asked, why seek ye the living ( Miss Elizabeth Haefei was badly setting of !5. E. O. Burdon have been won by Mr. Clore have Jeffer- dance, play cards: go to horse races among the dead? The Lord is risen hurt in a runaway accider t last week, Fisherville. Ky., or telephone and the theater, and still be a Chris- indeed. The stone is rolled away while out driving. reached a total of $8,000. all the corn sontown. tian? She said, "of course; don't I forever, and we are bought with a Master Irvin Wedekemper. who is which figured in these contests was 9' Timothy and dance, and go to the races, and the For Sale Hay; raised on a tract of land which conill of typhoid fever, is rapidly imat 3 weeny thtater, and play cards, and am I not price: not ten thousand dollars, but Clover mixed. Se' JOHl i tains only thirteen acres. The entire the precious blood of Christ. We are proving. tf. Ranch. a Christian?" farm on which Mr. Clore works conno longer Jones, but sons and daughJacob Hikes is beginning the founsists of but 12ti acres, but he and his per- ters of God, and our Of course, and several other father's name. dation for his new home in Buechel. For Sale Space in thisColumnalor.e cent two brothers all get their living from sons have told me there are many Daniel says, "They that be wise, shall a word. It's the best way to dispose of G. K. Hikes is opening an avenue it. Reac by 6,(X0 people every week, tf other things worse than dancing, and shine as the brightness of the firma- through his property in Buechel. Wedding of Miss Lillian Roemele and Mr made his home. Mr. Clore was born and raised in not that I set myself up to be a judge, ment, and they that turn many to The ice plant is on the boom at The funeral took place this morn- Oldham county Fob Sale S. C. B. Leghorn eggs (W. W. or have any stones to throw at any George Freibert Announced All the Ky., and is well righteousness, as the stars forever present. The foundatiDn for the Kulp direct): First ien. 13.00 per 15 eggs, $5.00 ing at 10 o'clock at the residence, known to many of the people of this per 30 eggs; Second pen. $1.50 per 15 eggs. body, but simply for information I and forever." And our Savior, "In building has been laid ani two eighty News of Interest. after which the remains were in- section. Address C. Christmann. Jeffersontown. Ky. asked what? and the reply came, asmuch as you have done it to one of horse power boilers were brought terred in the family burying ground. in It kissing games. There are so many the least of these my brethren, ye last week. things there is no harm in, that it is have done it unto me." What do we NEWBURG Miss Hindle, of Louisville, spent FobSale Place your orders now for straw- singular any A Splendid Offer. of us ever do wrong. Middletown, April 19. Mr. Chas roofing, guttering and want witn nusKs when we have our several days last week with Miss berry buckets. Also Not many years ago the city of Father's kiss, His arm around our Dora 443 spouting. R. B. Evans, Jeffersontown. Raynor, Jr., who has been quite ill at You can get The Louisville Times, April 19. The Rev. Geo. Tinsley Lannert. (regular price $5.00 a year,) and The filled his Louisville passed a law that the neck, the best robe, a ring on our Norton's Infirmary, is improving. regular appointment here Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mies and two For Sale Two fine Poland China brood saloons should close at midniirht and finger, Jeffersonian both one year for $3.5o. Sunday and the fatted calf killed? Miss Mary Fox, of Glenarm, has re J. B. Fin- delivered an excellent children moved last week from Louissows: will farrow in three weeks. not reopen tll 5 a. m. The presi The Louisville Times is the best sermon both morning and 44'2 Thou wilt show me the path of life, ville to their country hone. ley. Buechel. turned to her home, after a week evening. dent of the retail liquor dealers asso in Thy presence is fulness of ioy, at T. L. Skiles purchased afternoon paper printed anywhere. Mrs. F. P. Briscoe spent Sunday with a mule from visit to Miss Mamie Clore. keepers Thy right hand there are pleasures L. J. ciation, advised the saloon WANTED. uas the best corps of correspon- her father, Mr. Wm. Wilhoite. Stivers several days ago. Mr. Harry Weatherholt, of Clover that their license allowed them to forever more, Laura Katherine, the small daughThe entertainment given at the port, was the guest Sunday, of his dents. Wanted You to protect your tamily after keep open 365 days in the year and school-hous- e ter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Heafer, religion that can give "Tis Covers the Kentucky field Friday night by the aunt, Mrs. B. F. Orr. vour death by insuring in the Pacific Mutual. twenty-fou- r hours in the day. Still Sweetest pleasure while we live, while pterins on the bed SmWla Mary Walden Junior Builders was Very low rates. For information see J. C. his advice to them, was to comply Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hardin and "Tis religion must supply, quite successful. Twer ty three dol- son, of Shelby county, spent Sunday tf. Covers the general news field com- morning, accidentally fell and broke . Alcock. Jeffersontown. Solid comfort when we die." with the law, and close at midnight, lars was made. her arm. with Mrs. Hardin's parents, Mr. and pletely. Our Savior says, "The harvest truly reopen till 5 a. m. Wanted You to see the bargains in it. W. and not Mr. and Mrs. Justice Wesche, of Misses Mayme and Ida Belle Kaiser Mrs. James Orr. Has the best and fullest market Agee's ad in this issue. Our Savior gives two commands is plenteous." Louisville, visited Mr. and Mrs. John entertained Sunday, Messrs. Fred St. Paul says, "It is good neither Kinker Mrs. John Orr, who has been quite only. One is "Follow Me I" The and Alvin Kinker, of Louis Democratic in politics, but fair to Seebolt recently. Wanted Ye- - to let me cut your hair: your to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor ville, sick, is much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ham and little work. other, "Go ye into all the world!" wife is tired of the job. First-claand George Roecerer, of Ta everybody. If. and with the promise, "Lo I am with anything whereby thy brother stum-blet- lorsville road. Bro. J. W. Conkling and wife, of Fred Pbell. Jeffersontown. Send your subscription ritrht awav son, Richard, of Alabama, visited or is offended, or is made weak." you always, even unto the end of the The Kev. H. N. Reubelt filled his Louisville, will be the guests Sunday to this paper not to the Louisville Mrs. L. Shively and family last week. JYittllENT Dwelling of three rooms and IT world," and with the added promise, And "The greatest of these is love." regular appointment at Fairview of Mrs. John Waters. Mrs. Geo. Walker spent Saturday a .'es of land, near Jeffersontown. E. R. Times. This special low offer may Horace W. Moremen, . "Be thou faithful unto death, and I 3prowl, Agent. Cum b. Phone with her daughter, Mrs. R. Calla-gheW. D. Newbill and son, Louis be withdrawn at any time, so church Sunday, his text being "Paul's get Valley Station, Ky. will give you a crown of life." When were the guests Wednesday and it now. This rate is good only Conversion." for Mr. and Mrs. Lost Your best opportunity if you don't He was to ascend to God He told His Miss Florence Roggenkamp spent Thursday of Mrs. A. F. Moore, of mail subscriptions, and we J. H. Shively were read M. W. Agee's ad. cannot disciples, "But ye shall receive COMMERCIAL Sunday in Louisville, visiting rela Louisville. accept orders for the Louisville entertained at the home of Mr. J. S. . Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schindler and TimPB tives. Lost Seal pin. letter "K." in or about after that the Holy Ghost is come v. ..iini wiul paper nas a regu- - Gallagher Sunday. Christian church here. Leave at this office. upon you, and ye shall be witnesses Miss Lula Briscoe attended service Mrs. Jeff McQuilling, who has been daughter spent Sunday with Mrs. lar agent who furnishes papers by unto me." This with the promise, at the Baptist church in Louisville seriously ill of ofgaafe "heart '"fvouble, Schiudler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. the month. "Lo, I am with you always even to Convention to Be Called at Seelbach Hotei in is improving. Dr. .H. P. Sunday. Two papers for less than the m-- i Stivers is at John Donny. 19. Mr. Lud the end of the world," shows that South Louisville, April Louisville Followed By Mrs. R. L. Irvine entertained relaMr. and Mrs. Delahunt, Mr. and of one. tending her. Miller, formerly of Bullitt county, the five hundred gazing up into the Miss Grace Ebert, who is attend- Mrs. Ray, of Panar a, and Mrs. John tives from Louisville Sunday, Vou.had better avail nmnp'f a Banquet. died suddenly at the home of his blue dome of the sky were not the ing school in Illinois?"'' very ill there, Davis, of Knoxvillf. Tenn., were the this offer at once, as it may be withThe Young Peoples' Singing Club witwill meet with Miss Nellie Gallagher suffering with rhenma .ism. recent guests of the Misses Durr. drawn vithin the next few days. brother, Nat Miller, in Alabama, re- only witnesses, but we, to, are Saturday night. Mr. Arthur Waters has returned cently. His death was quite a shock nesses for Him, and not for a Lenten A meeting wa$ heli at Fairview season, but for 365 days in the year, People in this country are to his many friends. Lud was a church Sunday afternoon by the of- from Frankfort, Ky., where he was hours in the day, in the commercial convention ficers and members cf the Sunday-schoo- called by the death of his father-in-lafavorite among the boys and girls in and twenty-fou- r Mr. Zimmerman. for purposes relating to the his neighborhood and will be greatly and to all His disciples in all ages, which has been called to meet in Misses Margaret and Katie Simcoe missed. His body was brought here and to the uttermost part of the Louisville April 23. The meeting will work of the school. be heid in the Red Room of the Seel last Friday to the home of his aunt, world and to the end of time. The Beargrass Sun will were the recent guests of Miss Alice Mrs. Southworth. The funeral ser We are witnesses: when our Savior bach Hotel, and will last that after celebrate the twelfth anniversary of Yenowine. vices were conducted by Rev. Love- was on earth He fed the multitude nooD, being toliowed in the evening the school, on the f.rst Sunday in Mrs. J. Milton Robinson spent the THE MILLINERY HOUSE OF LOUISVILLE week-enwith her daughter, Mrs. lace, of the Methodist church, after with the five loaves and three small bv a banquet tendered by the Com May. which the remains were laid to rest fishes. He brake and handed to His mercial Club. The delegates will be Durr, of Parkland. Chester Sisson, the son Emmett in Cave Hill cemetery. We extend disciples and they to the multitude. given the freedom of the Southern of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sisson, of Fern .The approaching nuptials of Miss Where you always find the ve-- y latest styles and All were fed and twelve baskets of Electrical and Industrial Exposition, Creek, was accident illy shot while Lillian Roemele, of Shelby ville, and our sympathy to the family. will be open at that time. which playing with a dynamite cap, on Sun Mr. Geo. Freibert, of Middletown. lowest prices. A call sent out by the Commercial day afternoon. The fiesh was torn were announced at the Catholic 8" Club, of Louisville, which is arrang from the right hand and he sustained church at St. Matthews Sunday. Ladies' when in the City shopping call and see us. ing the affair, has gone to every com burns about the body. Dr. W. M, There will be a special meeting' of We will save you money. mercial body and county judge in the Rush was called. the Women's Foreign Missionary So State. It is asked that delegates be Mrs. Eunice Bhnkenbaker, of cie:y at the home of Mrs. Wm. Hord appointed by them to represent each above Fern Creek. di;d Sunday even Tuesday, April 27, at 3 o'clock. A SPECIAL; Our line of Misses' and Children were u6t clV county. The convention is expected ing at 8 o'clock, after- a lingering ill full attendance is requested, as there : is at all times very large. "ji- m"Hre artillery ws r to have representation from at least ness of cancer of the stomach, at the will be important business brought tton to celebrate me; tfc band w: 100 counties in Kentucky, so that home of her son, Wn Blankenbaker. up. No trouble to find just what you want at our House. Why slioij So That YOU Will Tiot playing to do n ' will be the most inclusive gathering The funeral services will be held at Mr. Chas. Raynor, Sr., and son, tide. ia4h midst m' a procession L of the sort siuce the last State De 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, from Edgar, who have been sick with seknow me noiV Why should I ei?z'fl OWef to All Polite and salesladies to wait upon you. velopment Convention. Buelah church, anc. the interment vere colds, are now well, and able to m an .: rni'mrone me The object of the meeting is to will be in Penn Rui cemetery. M. be about. viiswmers of Ihis Store. make the men of all sections of Ken- - F. Johnson, of Buechel, is a brother. Mr. and Mrs. Roemele, of Shelby-villtucKy Known to tnose oi other sec were the guests Sunday of Mr. Ernest Aebersold, of Fern Creek, A 42 Piece Guaranteed Dinner Set tions. The McCracken count' man will leave Ic r California, to and Mrs. John Freibert. and the Carroll county man are to get spend the summer with his uncle. Miss Adeline Bersot, of the New For The Small Sum of - - - together, and the Bullitt county man York School of Expression, will give 408 West Market, Between Fourth and Fifth Streets. and the Bell county man are to ex a reading at the Christian church, REPORT Saturday evening, May 1, at 7:30 p LOUISVILLE, KY. change ideas. The delegates will m. Admission 25 cents. It is for the does r.ot seem possible. But for a very fortunate bring information of the resources and oenent ot tne cnurch. j purchase from a large pottery company who needed needs of their respective counties, Of the First Baptist State ready cash, we would not be able to offer you the and this information will be filed. It this rare opportunity. You cannot go to any retail Convention Held A; Elizabethtown. will be the first time that a systestore in Kentucky and purchase a set of its equal matic effort has been made to com for less than $7.50 and in most cases they ask you pile such information. The first Baptist State Sunday- more. They are beauties, and all that is required School Convention net at Elizabeth- you to get a set at this low price is that your of LONG RUN. town April 14, 15 and 16. The delehusband, son or even a friend, buys a suit at this gates from Jeffersontown Baptist store. The price makes no difference so it's a man's April iy. Miss Bene uemaree was Sunday-schoo- l were Miss Olivia Ow or young man's $10.00 (or over) suit of clothes. The the guest of Mrs. Price this week. ings and Mr. S. S. Coe. Revs. W. F reason we can do this is that we are not giving them Miss Bertha Justice visited Miss wagner and faui Johnson also rep is simply a business proposition of as Premiums. It Lelia Sturgeon last week. resented the school. giving the patrons of this store a grand advantage. We have placed on our floors a nice line of new and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Morris spent I, as one of the delegates, was glad vehicles We could sell five times the amount of these fine Saturday in Louisville. I went. We heard so many good Ginn-- i' sets to dca'ers in qv sensware for this price. Mrs. Bullock, of Louisville, visited things, were ente tained so beautiBut we appreciate what our customers have done fully, and withal had such a good they shall share our good relatives here last week. for us and we intend that time. The different training classes, Do not miss this opportunity; if your husfortune. Miss fannie tfeiie lioodnight was a teacher, adult, Bible, etc., were fully band or son does not need a suit find a friend who recent guest here. We invite you to call and examine our discussed, new ideas brought out, and does. Remember we are not giving you anything Mr. J. W. Demaree spent Monday stock and get prices. several Sunday-s- c lools that have no but an opportunity. Come in and see the dishes and in Middletown. training classes decided to establish pleased. You cannot buy a set you will be highly Mr. Robert Jordan is visiting Mrs. them at once. of these dishes at any price unless you are a cusP. T. Pearce this week. The Convention wants to raise with tomer for a suit. Of course you can purchase a Mr. W. R. Cochran spent Wednes- in the year $10,000 to use in Sunday- suit without taking a set of dishes. day in Louisville. school work in the mountains. It INCORPORATED. Mrs. Mary Crosby was a recent wants to place a man in every moun guest of Mrs. Neel. tain county to organize Sunday- Miss Bertha Justice returned to schools, distribute tracts visit already organized and, her home in Louisville Monday, after schools in fact, give all 1 is time to this work. a visit with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cochran and We are not satisfied with the little family, spent Sunday with Mr. and we have been doing; we want to reach E. G. GREUSLING, Manager Vehicle Department INCORPORATED out and do more. One brother gave Mrs. J. E. Justice. The School Improvement League little illustration that suits very 222-22- 6 East Market St., - Louisville, Ky. Formerly with W. P. COLE & SO. will give a candy pulling at Hobb's well. He said that an aged negro and Floyd. Next door to Enterprise Hotel. Bet. Brook Temple Saturday evening, April 24. woman was on her death bed, and calline her children to her made The public is cordially invited. 763-- z. 13-- 4 2. 41-- tf IK-- r AuU-s- s IP-- 3H-- H to-da- y. Lid-.- ; an"-tbin- c. I 40-- 1 - -- ss h, 36-- r M-s- 44-t- f. r. - l, lay-scho- DeWITT'S ol d ld A Chance of a Lifetime I sjits - I' , :. e, I $1.95 I to-da- y L. DeWITT I Sunday-Scho- DO YOU LIKE TO RIDE? THAT'S ALL WE WANT TO KNOW. up-to-d- ate BUGGIES, DRIVING WAGONS and SURREYS. -- Southern Seed Company, Sunday-- BROOKS BROS. Preston and Jefferson Sts. Louisville, Ky.

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