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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 15, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

A THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS 1903NUMBER IIUlflfWl JmIillllJml1 Mautrato lo voted toy tile Bridge I I t VOLUME 6 ADAIR COUNTY COLUMBIA KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 23 the Coroners Jury makes It a case of T murderBoth t e of the parties ar colored Nos 524 526 and 528 WI Market Chelf being one of the b t workers Street and most reliable colored m u in town while Penick Is one of tbemhtworth less and uo account negroes here TILE PROGRESSIVE STORE There was considerable talk among Four Floors 49 by 128 feet filled with Carpets Rugs Wall Paper the colored people of a mob but the PicturEs Etc It Py8 to visit this store if you want to law will be let take its course OUESV ¬ L KE Y T111o and IT SOMETIMES HAPPENS The street car conductor stood in front of the gray haired and welldress ed gentleman and exclaimed Fare goodH1RDW7REJ ¬ pleaseThe grayhaired gentleman felt ner but evidently he had left his purse at home ¬ vously in every pocket I 11J I J W ENGLAND 0 WOLFORDJOHN EUBANK Last Wednesday morning the Wolford have supported it and last of their movements to place Adair Fiscal Court of this county deci ¬ year Mr J J England and Mr S county upon higher and better ded to build an iron bridge over P Sullivan took in the situation plains and we can cheerfully state Russells creek on the Stanford saw the good that would come to that their efforts and accomplish ¬ road crossing which opens up trav ¬ bridging our streams and cast ments have been potent factors in el to a large number of our citiz- their votes for it that being the great demands made on this There county for homes at advanced ens who have heretofore been hin ¬ their first opportunity We are moving out of the dered and hampered by said creek is not a doubt as to the value of prices With the exception of Mr W 0 bridges there has not been a dol ¬ old ruts and the people of other The Loy who is ill every member of lar spent in this county for bridges sections are watching us the court was present and mani that should qot have been spent above mentioned bridge does not felted an interest in the proposi ¬ and the strong iron structures be yet complete the needs of the coun ¬ tion that left no doubts as to the ing erected each year are tieing the ty and we trust that the wisdom of result of a vote Above we pre ¬ various parts of this county into this court will not permit this sent the pictures of those who sup ¬ One common community We have movement to stop until the field An important Every heretofore spoken of the unflinch- ¬ has been covered ported the proposition question was ing determination and good judg ¬ crossing is at Neatsville and a since the bridge brought to the front in this county ment of our Fiscal Court We bridge should be built there just Mr John Enbank and Mr W 0 have been an enthusiastic endorser as soon as the county can do so POST OFFICE DIRECTORY County Attorney James Gar was selected bridge com ¬ missioner and executed a good bond for the faithful performance of duty as required by law nett Jr I Postmaster M BUW1IA S P SULLIVAN The people in the community who are to receive the bridge made a good effort to secure a supple ¬ mental fund and made bond to the Fiscal Court to pay 550 00 when said bridge is completed The Court let the contract for its building to the Champion Bridge Company Wilmington Ohio for 2400 to be completed by tho 15th of October 1903 i 700 a m to 9 30 pm Office boon week days I COURT DIRECTORY Three sessions a year T Monday injanuary third Monday In May and Third Monday In September Circuit JudgeW WJones Commonwealth AttorneyNH SheriffF W Miller Circuit Clerk JB Covey W Aaron x1 R d tails K P Conover Jailer AssessorE W Bnrton J JurTeyor R T McCaffreev School Snpt WDJonei Coroner 0 M Rursell Davidson Gordon JlontRomry O MarshalG T Flowe- rsCIURCU DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN KOKKSVIIIB pastor t TKBJTRe1and fourth Bunda econd Services a m every in eAch month Sunl1aYlchool aU Wcdneiday Prayer meeting every Sabbath nIght BAPTIST GBBB1IIBCBOSTBBBTReV tutor Services third Sunday 9beach month Jondayschol every Sabbath at a m Prayer nee ting Tuesday night CHRISTIAN K Azbill In each Pastor Sundayschool every Sabbath at a aia month nighPrayer meeting wedaesday PixBEld W Pint Sunday MASONIC No16 P and A MItegn ¬ in their hall over bank on Fri day nlghtohorbeforetha Toll moon In each month COLUMBIA LODGE meeting W D Jones Secretary WA Coffey W M B A Mj No 7 meets COLUUBIA CnApTBB Friday night aft r full moon A JEMUBBKiL HP W W BBAD8HAW Secretary I YETIMY Hare insist upon having your ad¬ 1 dress said the gentleman Its of no consequence sir Pardon me it is of consequence I can Very well sir here is my card That evening a grayhaired and welldressed gentleman rang the bell at 7689 Spruce street and to the maid who answered he asked Is this whereMlss Soandso lives Yes sir please step in and I will call her When Miss Soaudso appeared the gentleman stepped forward and ex ¬ not mllO SURGEON =I desire y W ¬ Son PATTERSON HOTEL HO 0 0 HJones rf iesToiAm at J2 fNo better place can be found than is new elegantly KY the above named hotel furnished and the table at all times supplied with tho best the market affords Food Stable in connection J B PATTERSON EDWARD DUERR SUCCESSOR TO S METTERER MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN BOOTS SHOES AND GAITERS No 720 Jefferson St South Side Bet Seventh and Eighth LOUISVILLE BOOTS and SHOES MAD JB KY to ORDER on SHORT NOTICE MONTGOMERY WITH FLOYD Scientific Shoeing BOHR WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS and Saddlery OF Harness I AND JOBBERS OF SADDLERY HARDWARE AND LEATHER 649 TV Market Street and 241 Seventh Street LOUISVILLE e I t = 1t BLINDSr int7l t 60 E L1 HUGHES 1 KENTUCKY < I SASH DOORS r A l- AND f Wilmore Hotel All Kinds of Building Materiall ladiesr hims r to sell jny reslr wdence and ground attached lying Deli Fair Grounds w Wm F Jeffries UCE C S GRADY DENTIST ¬ WM I OItENS1llAZY from Colutrbiaon Disappointment FOB BALE VULCAN PLOWS AND price for the BEST Headquarters for the best fertilizer at the LOWEST RICE Studebaker Farm Wagons Come to see us when in COLUMBIA HOTTER WCOFFEY Jj IMPLBIENTS NEAT O Wit BIGGS WITJUDGE T A MURRELL any antagoMr Biggs is a magistrate who voted This gentleman did not believe c COWthe bridge should be built at this tbatI nism to the bridge but came in on the against building the bridge but on HOLESALE proposition at the 11th hour moving a proposition to make it unanimous but gracefully accepted the will he voted inTheafllrmative that the vote be made unanimous Mr Biggs GROCERS and COMMISSION majority MERCHANTS is an upright citizen and a good mag- ¬ POULTRY RAISING Istrate but believed that it was not THAT WHAT Louisville Kentucky Early hatched pullets make the the time to bridge It you toot your little tooter best winter layers And then lay aside your horn MURDER AT GREENSBURG One of the most beneficial foods Theres not a soul in ten days time for poultry is linseed meal I will pay the highest cash prices for Will know that you were born GUEENSBUBU KY APRIL 12 1 delivered at Country Produce The laying hens like a variety To TUB NEWS Dont put it in the paper Columbia Will pay from 8 to 22c for not only in the soft food but in Then take it out next day Saturday night about 0 oclock John wool My store is connected by tele the grain The man who keeps a hummingW alias Mink Penick stabbed to hone throughout the ¬ Is the man who maKes it pay countySAM The guinea fowl is a great foragdeath Bud Chelf with a dirk cutting LEWIS er and destroys many insects that a large The man who advertises artery in his breast from which hens will not touch With a short and sudden jerk he bled to death in about five minutes Is the man who blame the printer The hens will lay better and be The killing occurred at a brick kiln Because it didnt workEr better contented if supplied with just at the edge of town a box of fine dry earth for a dust An inquest was held Sunday morn PELLYTON ing and from the proof it seems that bathThe D IC Pelley is attending court at Leghorns are popular with Chelf and several others had started to o SPECIAL attention given to Gold Filling Crown and Bridge those who do not desire to raise have a game of craps and that Fenick LibertyJ work Lemon and Geo Ellis writes chicks they being nonsltters and had followed and when Chelf saw him SaTOFFiGE over Russell that they are located atPortland Ind good layers coming he said that he was going back Murrells Store Columbia Zy T J Pelley sold a cow and calf to Poultry farming doesnt take a to town and not play with Penick as bloloioioiolololololc Jas Weathington for 33250 great deal of land but with good be had on other occasions reported the Charles Campbell of Neatsvllle was management the harvest comes ev- ¬ boys and that he Chelf was afraid here last week ery day that he would report them again This Miss Annie Williams of Mt Pleas ¬ 9 In arranging the perches in the made Penick mad and he struck Chelf ant who has been visitingat this place first with his fist and Chelf then start and at Edith returned htme last Fri ¬ poultry house have them far I am ready to do Blaok Smith ¬ day She was accompanied by Miss enough away from the doors and ed to leave when Fenick drew a dirk Ltnnie Sanders and stabbed him in the breast cutting ing of any kind from horse shoe windows to avoid drafts J 0 Feese and his nephew Willie ¬ Soaked lime placed in the drink alarge artery and once in the head ng to the repairing of the finest of your city accompanied Mrs R T I will make specialty ing water will often cure hens of Chelf started to town and died on the vehicles Jones home last Sunday way leaving a trail of blood from of shoeing horses with diseased laying shelllees eggs J H Sanders was in Campbellsville whereho was stabbed to where he died hoofs and guarantee satisfaction last week Joseph H Chandler Campbellsvllle Xyis agent for the counties of Adair Fenick came to town at once and My shop is located back of livery R II Hatter and wife of Junction went to the Jailer and told hfm he had and Taylor for Gaar Scott Co City visited here lastweejj Give ask Barbee Robertson Richmond Ind manufacturers of had some trouble and wanted a warEd Atkins called on our merchants Threshing Machines Traction mount ¬ rant for the arrest me your work of CHelfbut did last week ed and plain engines all sizes The- not watt untlU could be issued but macblnery made by this old reliable E L Feese has been spending sever and celebrated company fs unrivaled left town at once going to the residence afdaysln Columbia for efficiency durability and all quail ¬ of J B Marshall Elisor and asked to Everybody Is in favor of a bridge at ties that go to make a strictly first betaken charge of saying he killed Neatsvillc It is badly needed and we class outfit at prices that are reason- ¬ Cnclf inselldefense andshowsd where can get It by going after it right able and on terms that are liberal his clothes were badly cut but be Old WILMORE Prop Mrs A T Bartlett of Cane Valley Before buying do not fail to call on me not show any cut in clothing when he at CampbellsvlHe if you cannot will Ky has a sure homo cure for all ailGradyville cotrie to you if requested Everything equip to the Jailer The proof was ments peculiar to ladles Write for fully warranted plain that Chelf had no knife or weap sample or call and see her A free ten Jo H CHANDLER i not any kind and made no attempt nrckIrUoy way and thatI Good sample rooms and a first class Coffey Bros have a nice Denmark toipjure who send three cents for postage No- saddler stallion 10 were not made table Rates very reasonable Feedhands Call the Icuts in humbughundredstcatifyr m3U and see untilafrerther light The verdict bf tttabieattalihl lta x ¬ FIstulo Poll evll splints spavin orany surgical work done at fair prices r guarantee satisfaction I am fixed to take care of stock SD =i = 3+A SPECrALTY markete conductorBut > t s IFARM I tLODGES lar Empire Corn DrillsS T meeting Thursday night Services me sir said a charming Al- ¬ young lady stepping forward low me to tender your fare Thank you my kind young lady said the Fgrayhaired gentleman will appreciate your kindness ver much Pray do not mention it sir said th young lady giving the nickle to th PRO 0 METHODIST E M Metcalfo 8TBBBTROT BUM8VILLH pastor Services lint Sunday In each month Bundaytehool every Sabbath at 9 am Prayer CAUPBBLUTILLB have speedAllow KEMPI each month Attorney 1 But sir I Cant waste time talking old man Step lively when I stop the car The conductor viciously pulled the belbcord and the car slackened its SaturdayS OoORTKetalarconrt second Monday in JudgeT but Ab you are the young lady who paid my car fare this iiioruing Yes I bad the pleasure And I thank you Heartily my good young woman I hava come to ask if you will kindly lend tile 2 00 until OocMFirst Monday In each month Judge T A Murrell County AttorneyJaaGarnettJr- CITY said he claimed OOUJITT Cl beg pardon leftall my change in my other clothes If you will kindly allow uiu to rids 1 will hind you tie fare the next Cant do it growled the conductor Put up or get oll < j i xK r Kentucky stopI = t 5iif 7ft2 L h + WRITE FOR ESTIMATES tipTake 123 126E Main St Hldi + LOUISVILLE KY A J on the happenings of Southern Kentucky News and Corn r Journ al fbi 150 L b r t < r- > o JZCt r < +e + ti r a 1

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