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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 7, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

1 I y r e THE BOURBON NEWS I A t 10Z r PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR 3j1EXXYTII Injustice to the Teachers I and lost several large fortunes at onetime being worth over 200000 He was considered to be the nerviest bet Judge James Edward Cantril tor known to the sporting world Gambler he was every inch of his passedaway at his home on Chamber avenue in Georgeton at 5 oclock Sun frail body but abroad and at home he day morning The end came quietly was known as a square man was received The following the patient apparently sinking into DEATHS Jbol and f yesterdayby MrWm Grannanbrother of the deceased Rawhide Nev Obsequies over Riley Grannan re ¬ mains held here today Record crowd for Nevada All town business sus- ¬ His body pended during service leaves Reno tonight on Overland Limited for home Letter follows 10 p m GEO 0 WEEDEN Joseph Grannan and remains lean e Kansas City Wednesday morning Arrive in Paris Thursday noon Funeral ¬ services will probably be held Satur t day RASSENFOSS In a cablegram received by George Rassenfoss of Paris came the an ¬ nouncement of the death of his father Ferdinand Rassenfoss at Herxheim in Rhein Bavaria Germany Mr Rassen ¬ foss resided with his son Valentine Rassenfoss and at the time of his death was in the eightysixth year of his age The deceased was a farmer and died in the same house in which he was born He served as a private in the for German Australian war of 1866 was a member of the city thirty Mr Rassenfoss council of Herxheim visited his father eight years ago and contemplated another visit to his aged parent this summer deceased is survived by I The three of whom are citizens offour the sons United StatesJohn and Frank Rassen foss of Cincinnati and George Rassen ¬ foss of Paris The Rev George 0 Barnes the Famous mountain evangelist of Ken tucky died on Sanibel Island off the oast of Florida where he has lived in retirement for several years He be came widely known as an evangelist in the mountains of Kentucky and after- ¬ wards made a tour of the world Re ¬ vival meetings conducted by him were attended by great crowds and thous- ¬ ands were led by him to profess Chris- ¬ i- 1 rVl < + ¬ Y c r T 1 I r l 1frr I They know that here they can with I I j i looa COPYRIGHT < 01 TiC UaKCRB O- MICHAEL iS STERN FINE CLOTHING MICHAELS d STERN RocHesTeR N CO Spring C OrS Spring Shoes made on the right lines Built to match the best attire If you would have your feet well dressedand comforta- ¬ ble try Stetsons Oxfords Dr Reeds Gush ion Soles Dunlap and Korrect Shape Shoes We are exclusive agents I II The Mission Band and Jr C E of he Christian church will have an faster sale on Saturday April 18th at Mr J T Hintons Do not forget to je present g C R JAMES v I i8 c R I 1 Sai z K mI m T Fut iI iI 4 Oii R Ij rPiril 11 R B A VERY ATTRACTIVE LINE OF LADIESand CHILDRENS CO HIGH IIRADE OXFORDS The Ladies Store Ladies Best Grade of Oxfords that Sell every Lowest PricesSee Our Inorder to sell as many Suits before Easter as possible and where at 350 and 4 Our Price3 Utnrimmed Hats Flowers Feathers buying we make a to induce early Spring and Ribbons J Special Offering OF Ladies High Grade I II I g In Tans Browns and Blacks Newest Styles I U Y it- FOR EASTER MILLINERY t All the correct styles in all the fash = ion ble fabrics for Spring wear are f << here for your inspection FRANK Ladies JfyJzp9r de satisfy the least trouble and cost every want in Dress y SPECIAL SHOWING OF 1 1 Easter Sale I t 2t MANNS CONFECTIONERY I I = > From now on we will have nice pure ce Cream Soda every day Call in and try J THE BEGINNING OF EVERY SEASON FINDS KNOWING MEN ON THEIR WAY TO OUR STORE Ice Cream Soda I T I r h Our Spring goody arc Quick to gof tianity ° rlJ4 ffiettar hurry up 2ou know i1 April 51Q08 Paris Ky IIWIJ z 1 z Wm Grannan IB I ¬ bn C 1 I r requested by a member o Board to say that the re the Board had passed a res port t at effect that the teacher r n to theelected for next year un uUl rut be had closed is un r11fr the schools such a gentle sleep d avta rzt Judge James Edward Cantrill law in the re n Flr res before the BoardKen yer son of Edward F and Susan F art a Cantrill was born June 20 1838 ir tI vt itizen mentioned member o Bourbon county Kentucky The an above Board say that the Board cestors of this distinguished member tte to not elect the of the bar were natives of the com > resolved b1S v for the ensuing year until monwealth of Virignia from which tet i in May This paper was in they emigrated at an early day hh Bourbor it would not be until after grandfather settling in f This was perhaps county Ky His father was a farmer closed ° in this fertile region of the State ii we are glad to make cor trt n j r Now we will say in Mar Judge Cantrill attended a commor rcr InI school in the neighborhood of hh chool closes the last 16 years of age He have home na i retofore the teachres giving then until aboutGeorgetown College or April entered ed in beLl were not elected ample graduating at that institution in the tMt vro secure another position all year of 3858 After leaving college c tl1 bef re the he commenced the study of law in the v < i will be filled their application office of Mr Polk in the class consist Sr Bard passes on injustice to the ing of Rev J C Morris of Louisville w v it is an Hon J If you can elect a Superin R Webb R Ward of Cyntihana W tf and two or three others ree years in advancefor tsl vnu could give your teachers He was an excellent soldier a brave r and fearless Judge and a courteous in advancer K a few months gentlemantU School Board would hold its and refined in high standing a mem ¬ If A Mason some public place as the any citizen ber of the Knights Templar and Past tv Barter requires where do so instead Grand Commander of the Grand Com to attend Kentucky his tar chamber meetings indulged mandery of man was wide influence as fV and varied repurters would a fraternal H them j1 He was married June 5 1869 proceedings wrong rt g the Jennie Moore of Fayette county They had one child Hon flames Campbell Cheap Rates Cantrill who survives Tie fortyfive cents from Mary wife who survives him was Miss 7 ihllar and Cecil Can Cecil of Danville Ky to Chattanooga and trill their son is emploved by the Crescent Route April retan Queen Company Georgetown good returning April ndian Oil ifh rd 20th The funeral services Agent for particulars Tuesday afternoon atwill be held this J II Ask ith 2 oclock T A Lexing r H C King C P Mf Goe W Davis our wellknown D P A Chat or J C Conn > charge of In 33t Paris undertaker has doubt be one the tinocga Tenn of funeral which will no the largest ever held in the State The Secret Is Out Charles Riley Grannan died Fri- ¬ of pneumonia The tots are between High and Cy day at Rawhide Nev One free lot AttendHewas the son of Mrs Anna Gran r e 5 streets L sate and Register It costs you- non of this city and was in his 38th r year of age at the time of his death He is survived by his mother three sisters Edward Repairs on Turnpikes Let at brothersandand two of Cineinnati and Lizzie Joseph Auction City Attorney Wm Grannan and Miss who the let Mary Grannan city reisde with their Fer ant to advertisement mother in this trz ci repairing of turnpike in Bour the Few men in the world of sport and tn was put up at public outcry athun fewer followers of the turf have had a One jet house door yesterday more spectacular career than that of 12 to 18 4 miles were let at from bids on same Riley Grannan 12 he 73 per rod the lowest left his humble At the age of Th Supervisor then became disgust He sold the sale claiming that home to hustlethein race world in Ken ¬ 1 an i stopped tracks programs at l it continued the money would give tucky in spring summer and fall and t t icre the letting was half over worked year was about in winter boy in in hotels He was an Tie a4 rage cost last the Gibson House in being let elevator 7 r rod the contracts 300 Cincinnati and at the old St Charles iy s There are about d bid in New Orleans He had won i Hotel cut f pike in the county J NUMBM 43 PARIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY APRIL 7 1908 g I > i r p TailorMade Suits y A11 Suits that sell Regularly at 40 Special ArdreW Ali Suits that Spkial S sell Regularly at Pie 35 30o 2675 2750 25 2175 A t A11 Suits that sell Regularly at 2250 Special Price 20 J875 < r 1575 Special Showing for Easter in Every Department t i I f1 Panamas = =Jackets in Fancy Materials and Coverts = Silk and Wool Rain Coats Lace Silk and Wash Waists = Separate Skirts in Voiles and == = f = r aE f = 1 1

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