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Image 1 of Semi-weekly interior journal, April 21, 1891

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal

r- - Interior Journal. Semi-Weekl- y VOL. XIX. STANFORD, KY., TUESDAY. APRIL 21. 4891, MIDDLEBURQ, CASEY COUNTY. CHURCH AFFAIRS. Our doctors report tin community iu a distressingly healthful condition at present Kov. (J. C. Smith preached nt the Uaptist church Saturday. Hro. Smitli has n brand new wife, of which beseems to be Very proud. Nov. J. Howling will attend the Southern Itaptist convention sit Ilirming- am, Ala., which convenes on tin Stli of May lie will bu abient about ten days. James Nail him been unpointed received for Kohcrt Knight, who deserted liirt wife and eloped with the widow fomi) time ana. He Hold his olIVetM last Saturday to satisfy vaiious claims against Knight. A couple of fruit agents cut a wide "owath"at Yosciuitea week or more auo, for which they may yet have to account. They linik'd from l.ittlo South Fork and their names will be given to the readers i f the iNTttttimi Joiiin.u. iih noon hh your Hi nbu is enabled to obtain them. Hev. J. N. Howling has moved from Mc Kinney to thin place, lie is superintending the work of the Jniue Wash I list. tute. Ho iri ho full of badness and talks business incessantlv that our loaf- ,C have become u ncoui fortable in his preheiice and have betaken themiclves tofoiuo moro useful employment. John and Nelson Wilcher, tan bark t .en, are wortiing a large force of men in t ie knolis hereabout. They have a confor 150 cords, but they intend hantrail dling more than double that amount. Holland & Coulter are also dealing iu tho business and are woik-mforce of men in tho knobt near a under tho Mipervisiou of Mike J jIICH. If those who own properly here w uld build a few cottages to rent tliey viou'd dorivu a h.tndtrumc income yearly Iruin the rent of them, besides tulil great-ito the ap)uarance of our village. Tliuru are are only six houses in town to rent anil they are scarcely lit to live in. They have becomo dilapidated and are to the town. Yet tho owner in renting them for from $3.50 to ?T per If there were half a doMii or month nure neat dwelling- built the owner of these old shanties would be compelled to repair them, or they would remain lu-in- an ly g v ovo-sor- - empty. it idea of tho tmonnous extent of the government printing ollii'e may be gained when we statu that the public printer hai asked bidH for 15.1KH1 pounds of EngliHb, .000 pound of pica, T.'i.OOO V pounds of long primer, 00,000 pounds of brevier and IS.OOO pounds of nonpareil Of JO 5,000 poundH, or about It this amount $1,000 poundH have been awarded to our house. That is what the compositor would term a big "take." Typo must bo deliveied by the tlrst of September. It is the largest contract ever taken by a Western foundry. Jlarjhartllro". it Sp.n Uei'aTypu Founder, Chicago. car-load- I Mi all's Thiiiitk to Ci.kvli,in. In-gal- ls d says: "Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, and Harrison all read their inaugurals Cleveland spoke hit). It showed how thoroughly he had his intellect disciplined. There, beforo .r0,000 people, wlieru tho slightest mistake would have been held up to the country, with a piece of paper no larger than a visiting card, It to guide him, lie spoke to tho world was tho most remarkable exhibition of neryo nnd control over given by a president on his inauguration day." liar-Hel- -- After a silence which has grown monotonous, we lmvo concluded to speak out. Ah a matter of t fact, brethren, wo Frankwrotu Thu llrcnd-v- itinera." fort Capital. You wrote "Tho No, you didn't. r.eautiful Snow" and "Littlo Annio but tho author of "The remains u secret between our-seand the Harpers Publishing Co. Jessamine Journal. v Koo-uoy- ," Hread-winners- '1 lf John Oliver Daniels, of Hrunswick, is a colored man who is attached to coast survey. In connection with that business be has a school numbering over 100 scholars, which ho teaches at the rate of 25 cents n week per siholar. Hospeaka French, Spanish and English fluently. thohy-drograph- . ic - Half a tea8poonful doses rehuvo tho irritation of tho throat caused by coughing. Mixed with powdered tannic acid and diluted with water. It is n good gargle for a relaxed soro throat. Mixed with four times as much rose water it makes n healing wash for chapped (ii.YiKui.NK. hands. In the United States nuniully about 2,500 porsous aro tried for murder, with an average af about 100 legal executions. In five of the States imprisonment 'for life has been established for tho death penalty. Tho hottest place oil eurth is said to bo CaliforDeath Valley, in nia, with a record of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the highest record of Sahara Debert and tho shores of tho Persian Gulf. south-easter- n To The Voters of Lincoln County. LONDON NO. 14 LAUREL COUNTY. f?ltlll Oli.llilMi mil 'IO Iti.tiuttitii. Archbishop Itynn, of the Catholic from tho numerous assurances received' ." '"u filr't lamps are now np and Church, has issued an order forbidding from friends iu various parts of the couu give ngiii nigiitly, moon or no moon. any Sunday funerals in the future. R. IL C?nic nf I ...... n ....!..!. ..,.,, ..ju,, vslllllll iiuikii i Mint tl,..,,. iu ,. .,r......ii...... ....:...... :. .. .a, i iu in i, i'ii .niiimiiiiilil.iJi in , ,, Hev. J. C. Cold well left Thursday ' "u,''"u,, ''" very valuable horso favor of an East laid man representing for Mercer county to hold u protracted county iu tho next General As-- l'" Ir.0f'" ,,'". 1''rl',ny "k1, meeting, and will also attend I'rsbytery I'ttman, who has been I take this meth- - , ,' before his return. Klizibethtown News. numbly of Kentucky, orBveraI weeks, has gone to Man- oil of formally aiitiounciiig to von my Tho Uev. James Mc.Malion, pastor of to visit Jierson, W. C. Pitman, St. Andrew's Koman Catholic church, candidacy for that olllce. Iu deciding Mr8",at'k McGee is very sick and is I Xew York, lias given real estate in that to make tho race have not acted from "0t .PX,H,clu,11 to livi'- - Two of K. II. any ambitious impulse, nor have I ls?en city and Long llranch valued at 0 'hildren aro very cick with influenced by any peronal motives; but to the Catholic University ut Washsimply from a desire to serve the people "R'a"Hington. ll,e democratic candidate fortius of my county in what hope to1 Mrs. W. Welch lias received a ibeaiisefiilcaiMcitv. I ..... nn onlior. r,,1!",H,I0"n' '"":t will he from Bell letter from I'ev. tieorge O. Harncs sugcounty and the namu will be announced I gesting a plan for Mutemalic contribu- iinr do make any pretensions to states in a few days. tions by his friends for him and Hev. manship. Tho long sessions of past Chris Jackson exhibited a very large pretty good evidences that Geo. W. Dunlap, both of whom are in there has been a little too much oratory blue heron on the streets Sunday that he need of funds to push forward the gosin that body. What I believe thu peo- had killed on tho Littlo Laurel. It will pel of that Love they preach, and it will ple want at this time is moro businefB bu stulled by Dr. Melcon. appear in our Friday's issue. ro ''ol1" , ,Io,IK'B has been here and less moro economy The meeting conducted by Hev. and less prodigality. Therefore, if I am t0 8e nbo,,t !"'8 raniliilncy for euperin-- , Hen Helm and Hro. Joe Hopper, at I'"Hc instruction ami will elected your representative, it shall be J1'"'01"-olias been wonderfully blessed. oiiaulernblo following. my first and most solicitous care to ilis-Thus far sonm 10 persons have professed -,lrk a Great Shows aro advertised faitli in Christ and quite a number of Ichnrgoitia manner as faithfully, elli-- ! '" 'x,ll,,it ,lt,re next Saturday. A circus cieiitlyand conscientiously as lies with- others have expressed an interest upon ' n,wa.vs rawa a crowd here and the prob-in the scope of my power tho duties of a the subject of religion. All christian nl,iIl,3' is will he many present. I shall give my best atpeople should pray that the work will representative. St'"iltor Harris met so littlo encour tention to your interests and endeavor goon and increase iu power and Clay hero that to reflect in my acts, upon every ones- - flK,,nent for 'on until the whole community is lion of public importance, tho unbiased " (l0,11)tless felt like using thu Baino ex brought on tho side of Christ pressions about Laurel that he did about Recently Treasurer George II. Itruce Hi'iitimontH of my constituents. 1 shall Rockcastle. hold myself entirely independent of all and tli other managers of the Christian T.J. Perdue has built a house and church lliiiincial allairs resolved to gut it corporations and receive no privileges established his marble works near the from them to prejudice mo in favor of out of debt ami they have succeeded adthu few at the expense and detriment of depot nnd has now several orders on mirably. They sent out a circular letter hands. lie deserves and no doubt will stating thu condition of the church ami the many. Cherishing theso views and get all tho work he ran do. appealing to the membership to come promising to adhere to them if chosen, I Mr. Andrew Johnson is having the cheerfully submit my claims to the will forward with the money or sign an obliporch nnd other portions of the old brick-ogation for tho amount they would pay. of tho democracy as expressed at tho the bill torn down and will have some Sunday $Hi0 in money was raised and approaching democratic convention. parts of it rebuilt. It has been reported I) B. Khmi-to.Respectfully, more than a sulllcient amount pledged that he will moif to London. by thdHu who mean it to cover all old CRAB ORCHARD."" MATRIMONIAL MATTERS. debts and the entire expenses of the Twenty pounds sugar for$I at W. present year, including tho pastor's salDr. W. R. Armendt, of Owensboro, K Perkins'. ary. Born, to the wife of 1). C. Payne, an- Ky.. will be united in marriage to Miss Mai Underwood, of Union City, Tenn., FARM AND TRADE ITEMS. other line girl baby, Wednesday. at 10 o'clock a. m , April 22. The e We were glad to seu the I. J. busiW M. Ilright sold to H.ihr Kahu will takeplace atthe Baptist church ness manager at our entertaitnent and .'! a lot of HO pound shouts at cts. in Union City, .Miss Uhderwood has He was, very T. II. Smith hold to a Rockcastle trust he was entertained. Mrs. Jennie Williams, of visited the family of Mr. C. F. Kleiderer county party a lot of '2 year-ol- d heifers highly. Kd Mt. Vernon, was down Sunday to seo in this city several times and is a most at SHMO. sweet, pretty and estimable lady. Dr. A. M. Penco has entered his lwldio her uncle, W. T. Niunders, who is still Beazloy nnd Gaines Armendt is one of Owensboro's most W., by Pence, in thu Jessamine county very sick. Mes.-r-s were so taken with "Rachel" that they prominent and respected citi.ens The fair slakes. bridal party will return to Owensboro P. C. ICelloL'g, of New York, has re- spent Sunday with her folks. Miss Maud Bowman leaves to morrow for Louisville via Henderson and will be tho the first ceived JIJ.OOO as his commission for selllo visit Miss Nellie Smith. Miss Maud couple to occupy the handsome brjdal ing (iov. StMiiford's stock. tht',,0,'1 Henderson.-H- en. Abe Coleman, of Meteor, has sold I'ettus went home with Miss .Mnttieichaml),,"nt ou'am'r- I)r Armendt nmrrieil Henry, of Lancaster, who came over to fl'J.OtK) worth of colts of his own bn ed- Mi8i J'm,ie Kuchanan, of Crab Orchard, take iu "The Kent Dav." ingand handling within a'year. n,,a Is we" nn,i ''ivorably known here -- The Crab Orchard Dramatic Soeietv A. C Robinson sold to Tom Woods 10 fat hogs for It and a saddlo horse to nciUittol themselves with credit iiHtur-da- y DEATHS' DOINGS. ninbt. A larite irovvd witnessed H. W. Leo for $17". Lmcuster RecMiss Annie Cecil, the play and they seemed to enjoy themin ord. Joe Harlan sold Tuesday to W. M. selves very much. Wc notu the charac- this section, died in Scott county. We learn with deep and unfeicned Swope, of Lexington, a jack ters: .Mbn Loula Stuart and . I. It. regret that Dr. J. 15. S. Krisbie died at by Imported Abnm, dam bv Giant, for as Kachel and .Martin Heywood, thu $700. leading characters, acted their parts of his home in Kirksvillo yesterday mornJ. M. Maxwell. of Livingston, Tenn., broken hearted tenants with a great denl ing. Ho had been sick for a long time, sold in Mercer .V5 good mountain cattle of feeling; Mum Maud ;i'cttus, n.s Tolly but his friends were hopeful to the last. at '2 to :i cents and to Garrard parties L'." llriggs, in her winning way did justice llie burial takes place at Hich at same prices. to her character; Mhs Hannah McFall as "oinl. We shall have more to sav of his The Mercer Coal ami Grain Co. pur- D.I1HU Ileanstalk, the old lady, was per- life and labors in our next chased of McFatridge Bros. 10.000 bush- fect: Jv C. King, Silver Jack, thought '2 Dr. J. K. VanArsdalu telegraphed els of wheat at 0.r cts. just before the lire. moons rose o'er the city instead of one. from Warrensburg, Mo., to his wife that Ilarrodsburg Democrat. J. H. (Jilkerson, Hyssop, acted thu part his mother died Saturday of pneumonia. James Anderson sold to Johnson, of of a drunken man so perfectly that ho Mrs. Susan VanArsdalu was) born and Boyle, 1M head of mountain cattle at $11 fell against a tree and uprooted it; J. H. rais-ein the Rush Hranch neighborpur head. Mr A. also sold to Toinkiits, Cook, Hullfrog, who was so Biiro he hood, near this place, and after her marof Garrard county, a pair of maro mules would get a kiss and in getting his mouth riage moved to the Hustonyillu section.-He- r for I'JJK). husband died some 150 years ago in shape lost his goatee, and being surThe farmers say that tho ground is prised by Toby Heywood, who acted and about 13 years after she went to live so dry ami hard after tho heavy rains well his part, and by main strength de- with her daughter, Mrs. Ann.vSmith, in of a few weeks ago that it is impossible prived him of hissnect kiss; J. A. Ste- Missouii. Her last visit to her old homo in many cases to plant corn. Rain is phenson, Crumbs, makes a very digni- hero was about four years ago. Mrs. V. needed badly, but the signal sorvico has fied old man; Holdam Stuart, who acted was an excellent christian woman and ceased to predict it. two parts, Grunt ley and Iteanstalk, thu had been a member of thu H.iptUt church Mr. S. H. Baughman's Frank, by former a handsome young man, thu lat- sincu childhood. Kverybody that knew Rossington, and Litonia, by Imp. Lon- ter a very old man, acted both parts her in this section loved her for her madon, each showed a half in 50 seconds iu exceedingly well; Hundley McClure, l'at-to- u ny steiling traits of character ami will Louisvillo Friday. This is something King, and John Carson acquitted sorrow to hear of her death, oven tho' unprecedented for '2 s with the ihouibclycH with honor. The farce, she had lived to She was thu little handling that they have had. "Johnny, Von' vu been a Had Hoy," was mother of nine children, but all precedBalir ICuliu bought of A. W. splendid and kept the house iu an up- ed her to the grave save Dr. Van Arsdale, a lot of butcher cattlu at '21 to :tj roar, but it was too bad that Johnny got of this place, Lawrence Van Arsdale, of cents and of Jesse and Monte Fox 8 a. It his punts burned. Colorado, nnd Mrs. Smith. cunts. They bought several lots of extra Still After J. H. Miller. lino butcher hogs at to t cents and of Watkhi'Kooh ron Shoks. Iieef tallow To the Editor Interior Journal. i:. P. Woods a lot of wethers at 5.10. ounce; melt togethounces; beeswax Kowi.axi), April 18. Wo know what The prospect for a large fruit season er and add, when cold, an equal quanis very promising, but few buds having tity of neat's foot oil. Apply with a wo are talking about. Tho purest debeen killed. Siiuiro Murphy sayH ho woolen rag, rubbing in well with tho mocracy in tho county recognizes Mr. J. 11. Miller's good capacity to represent never saw the blooms so large. Thu hand. Lincoln county in tho next legislature, wheat is also very line, with thu acreago When once infidelity can persuade and we take this method to inform you fully 100 and the condition 10 or more. Twenty cars of distillery cattlu weru men that they will die like beasts, they and him and everybody else that we inshipped from hero Monday to Jersey Ci- will soon be brought to live like beasts tend to run him for thu nomination. Hriylit I'errell, J. 11. Gentry, ty, N. J., by Charles Byrne. The train also. Allen Ueazloy, M. 0. l'ortman, load of cattlo had a valuation of Si'o.OOO. No man ever gets to tho top anywhere T. L. Shelton, G. A. Benedict, Tho same party has :'.(K) cars in and about without lliht going through tires hot Tom Farley, H. W. Martin, Tyrone, which will soon bo ready for enough to show that he has good metal L. M. Keiil, J.T. Hatcher, shipment. Ilarrodsburg Sayings. iu him, Tlios. Haines, J. II. Kuleman, Dr. P. W. Logan says that his thorTho young man who fools nway his Wui. Murphy, J. S. Wickershani, oughbred Breechloader, is such a lino us thu farm-whas is O. V. Gentry. horso and excellent breeder that it is not time about makes a hen roost out of his $100 necessary to show him, but if thero aro Wheat sold iu Cincinnati Saturday those who want to seo the linest piece of at $1.1(3. horseflesh in the country, they aro corTo tho young man who doesn't know Major McKinley has been presented dially invited to como to his homo and how to dance, dancing never seems so a bar of tin mado iu California. examine him. immoral as it does when ho sees thu girl Axtell stood for $20 the season in Barnaul & Galloway bought 500 lie likes best of all waltzing around with 18SS. Now his book tills at $1,000 long bushels of wheat of W. J. Gillispio at $1 another young man. beforo tho breeding season opens. Why? m per bushel. 0. O. Chrismati, of Kirks-villSpare-ribwill bo plenty In Utah this Because he can trot. Kentucky Stock sold his farm of 200 ncres to Dr. Farm. fall, since the Mormon? inteud to get Phillips, of Monticello, for $17,000. A cyclone blow down tho & Galloway bought of J. B. Purks along with but one wife. at Hansford, Texas, killed two 100 barrels of corn ati:l per barrel, and Little Rock suflered a half million men and moving on to Paludora, entire200 bushols of wheat of lien Price at 1 per bushel. Paint Lick cor. Record. ly destroyed it. fire. A , The Plow of the Age, THE VUCAN CHILLED PLOW. 1 stol-Linco- ln 1 ' cl,'r j ."j0(),-00- j - j j (. 1 How-lan- B. K. A J N.MKNEFEE Stanf ord Lumber Yard, -- The best selected stock and lowest prices in Central Kentucky. d, f SASH, FLOORING, DOORS, LATH, CEILING, BLINDS, SHINGLES, SIDING, LUMBER, ' 1 j 1 Verandah and Stairwork at city prices. t,1-'- " -' inllu-une- o W. H. WEAHEIT. A. C. SINK. - speech-making- Farm kks, Aituntion. Wc call your attention to the following ad- vantages of "Th c Vulcan" over anv Chilled Plow made: h'Wt. the Vulcan is made of the original and genuine Chilled Metal. Second, the iron used in chilled parts is first ciualitv Lake Sunerior Clmrm.-i-l Third, wc give you a solid point, no scooping out or shaving off to save iron. Fourth, we give you a solid mould board, no thick edges with scooped back. Fifth, the Vulcan mould board is on the back by ribs and will stand double the strain of any other chilled mould board. Every Plow guaranteed. For sale by WI2l,E A1TD SL.A.T FSITCE. WOVELTSr in-la- We carry a full stock of everything found in a CkilSS LUMBSH your FIRST -designs and specifications before lettingITiSLHD. Examine our contract t , SINE for building. , MENEFEE, Stanford, Ky. & i ' NVTC n W wnrTTTKTTVSTVt'V WVT. WWJk. V V VlfPCOOCVVw.V!LiL3fcJBlZXii4 v. t "r8" - well-know- to-da- y J four-scor- year-old- Car-punt- and "Caittoriata so well adapts to children that I recommend It as superior to any prcscripUoa II. A. Anciirn, M. D., known to mo " Ill So. Oxford St., DrooUyn, N. Y, Children. Caxtorla cures Colic, Constipation, Sour Stomach, Diarrhrca. Knictation, Kills Worms, ghes sleep, and promotes ipestion, Ml Numerous testimonials will be lecured and Maiie in this space ut a later date and sold by will J. 1J. Hurray Street, N. Y. P. W GREEN, Proprietor. I have recently taken charge 01 this ,. at .1. 5"d intend Wp.r,;; Puollc pr. hl,h HIGr.INS.Jtanford.Ky In connection n unntn N.'iiiiiii appear 96-i- yr T7 kotebs hoxtse, SALVE, ' Cures cut, bruises, old soret, skin diie.-nes-, corns, bunion, i lies I Jiula, scratches, nnitcr Where er it has ' burns, dew poison ami an wo "ful blc. U. medication. The Csstal'u Coupasjv, n Jtai-le- y Infants for mar-riau-- Alio Farmers BanM Trnst Co . Pool and Billiard Parlors. OK STANFORD, KY. JSw$L ts now full organized and ready (or business with Paid up Capital of Surplus, . - - - - "t,X's. $200,000. 15,000. SUCCESSOR to THE LINCOLN NATIONAL HANK OK STANFORD, (Now closing up) with the same assets and under the same management. Ry provisions of Its chatter, depositors nre as fully protected as atu depositors in National Hanks, its shareholders betni; held Individually liable to the extent ol the amount of their stock therein nt the par value theteol, in addition to the amount invented in ouch shares. It may act as executor iidimmstratur, trustee, Ac, as fully as an inditidunl 'Io those who entrusted their liuisiness to ui while mnagltiK the Lincoln National Rank ol Stanford, e we here tender our thanks and trust they will continue to transact their business with us, offering a a guarantee fcr prompt attenar'' experience in tion to same, our banking ondas liberal accommodations as are conSTANFORD, KENTUCKY, sistent with sound banking Has a first class llarhcr Shop on Maiustrect, opDIKKCTORs: posite l'orttnan tlou-e- , and invites a share of your Prompt intention tooutsidc calls and patronage J J. Williams, Mt. Vernou; , pecial attention to ladies and childrer, Wiirlc J. M. Hail, SUMord; dune in the latest stjlewiih neatness and disSS 6m patch. J. S. Ows'sy, Stanford ; S.J. Kmbry, Stanford; J. K. Lnn, Stanford; A. W. Carpenter, Mllledgesille; J. K llaughman, Huttonville; J. K. Cash, Stanford ; William Gooch, Stanford, Ky E. II. FARMER, TONSORIAL AHTIST, ttnt AIMTER' er S. II. Shanks, President. R. Owsley, Cashier J G II -C- HICKEN- CHOLERA CURE! W. M. Rriglit, Teller J. MACIC Itauh man, General Rnok.Keepe' s '. 1 I 1 long-sighte- o self-binde- FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF STANFORD, Capital Stock Surplus J,- v (. court-hous- 16,500 d. The Directory of this Rank T. J. Foster, of Stanford; s Bur-nat- n $200,000 Attention of the public is invited to tho fact that this is the only National Rank in Stanford Under the provisions of the National Rank Act, depoMtnn arc secured not only by the capital liability lor un stock, but bv the stockholders amount equal to the stock, so that depositors of institution are secured by a fund of this Five sworn statements ofthecondition of the bank are made each year to the United States government and its assets arc examined at stated tunes by government agents, thus scouring and perfect safety to depositors. This institution, originally established as the In i88. then n.niiit 11 mlt nf si.iiifnnl ol Stanford iW and in lied as the National Hank as the First National Hank of again Stanford in iS3, has had practically an uninterrupted existencoofja years It is better supplied now with facilities for transictini; business prompt ly and liberally than cer before in its loug and fiduhonorable career. Accounts of corporations, solic-teciaries, firms and individuals respectfully m e, KY. o J. is composed ct Forcstus Ktid, Lincoln county ; J. W. Ilayden, Stanford; S. H. Haughman, Lincoln; M. J. Miller, Mt Vernon; S T Harris Lincoln; J.S Mocker Stanfard; G A Latkey. Lincolni 1' I1. Hill. Stanford; W. O. Welch, Stanford. W 1". Tate, Stanford. OFFICERS: S. Hocker, President; John J Mc Roberts, Cashier; A. A. Mc Kinney, Assistant Cashier oj-i- yr ClVi sl '"iBssssCWAYiwV N.'MsssssHMsflJAY ,lll I Thousands of dollars worth of chickens aro destroyed by Cholera ovcrj-yea- r. It is moro fatal to them than, all other diseases combined. But tho discovery of a liquid remedy that dotroys tho licrobes has been made. Half of tho young chickens are killed by Microbes beforo they aro bottlo is enough for fryers. A ljDO chickens It is guaranteed. If, after using two thirds of a bottle, you aro not Kttislled with it as u euro for Cholera, return it to tho druggist from whom you purchased it, and ho willrefund your money. 50-co- nt For i ale by W. laid. It McKobcrts. . j, dr ygiit Start. -

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