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Image 7 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), April 7, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

wrT EtTTTT1c 1 I neryt j Spring Mr1l 1 Why dbY IN DOUBT juT1 i- ji meal of us Certainly it seems like carrying coals to Newcastle to speak of export Ing oatmeal to Scotland and yet every year the Quaker Oats Company sends hundreds of thousands of cases of Kjjforms woUldbescen ports on Quaker Scotch Oats This brand Is without a rival Is packed In regular packages and in hermetically sealed tins for hot cMmates 51 1 With a better understanding of the transient nature of tho many physi cal ills which vanish before proper efforts gentla effortspleasant Jinks That chap that wrote a his torical novel forged a note Now hes Good Work In Denmark in jail Under legislation emoted in 1905 the Blinks What was ho convicted for Danish government pays three fourths of the expenas of all poor BABYS SKIN TORTURE persons who desire to be treated in tuberculosis sanatoria When the hos When our baby was seven weeks pitals under construction are com old he broke out with what we pleted Denmark will have one bed in thought was heat but which gradually tuberculosis hospitals or sanatoria for grew worse We called in a doctor every 1200 inhabitants a fact which He said it was eczema and from that will mean that the length of treat time we doctored six months with ment can be considerably extended three of the best doctors In Atchison In the United States there Is one bed but he only got worse His face head for every 4500 inhabitants and hands were a solid sore There Deafness Cannot Be Cured was no end to the suffering for him iu We had to tie his little hands to by local ipplleatloni ear they cannot reach the db one way to There Is portion of the keep him from scratching Ho never weddeatncw and that Ie by conetltutlooaltemedies cure Deatnces Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the knew what it was to sleep well from rnucoia lining of the Eustachian Tube When this the tlmo he took the disease until he tube la InlAlnedoubaTo a rumbling round or Im was cured He kept us awake all out and this tube restored hours of the night and his health taken hearing will bo destroyed to ltapormal condi tion forevcrinlneeuca wasnt what you would call good Wo out of Inflamed caused by ot the mucous surfaces condition but an tried everything but the right thing We will give Ono hundred Dollars for any use ct caused that Finally I got a set of the Cuticura Dearness Catarrh by catarrh tor cannot be cur Cure Bend by UaUi F J CHENEY ct COQTole4a Q Remedies and I am pleased to say Sold by Drwrelsta 7c we did not use all of them until ho Take Hairs Family Pills for constipation r was cured We have waited a year Wong View of Marriage aM a half to see if it would return There would be less divorce said but it never has and today his skin is clear and fair as it possibly could exGov Pennypacker if there were be I hope Cuticura may save some fewer men like William Windle William Windle embarked on an ex ¬ one elses little ones suffering and also their pocketbooks John Leason cursion steamer for Point Breeze and 1403 Atchison St Atchison Kan Oct a few miles out as ho paced the upper deck and drank in the bracing ozone 1t 1909 ho spied his friend Jackson Why Jackson how are ye ho exNational Tuberculosis Sunday Present Indications point to a gen- claimed Are ye outfor pleasure or eral observance of National Tuber is yer wife alongculosis Sunday In more than 200000 Everybodyln This Town churches of the country on April 24 somo sick or will Reports from heads of local anti tuber ofIsthe diseases be some time with REM¬ that NATURES culosis associations health officers pastors mayors governors and nu Remedy as I do most of this sick ¬ bodies turos merous interdenominational show much enthusiasm over tho you free at my expense a 10 day movement The National Association send treatment that you may know just how Constipa- ¬ for the Study and Prevention of Tu good Natures Remedy is for LIver and tion Rheumatism Dyspepsia berculosls has prepared an outline for Kidney Complaint Natures a tuberculosis sermon for use on Remedy Is Better than Pills for Liver Ills mo today April 24 which will be sent free of AllDrugglsts Write H Lewis for free 10 St Louis days treatment A charge to any clergyman applying at Vindictive Cuss 105 East Twentysecond street New Ugh spluttered Mr Jones That York Thousands of these outlines are being sent out weekly to all parts nut had a worm In It Here urged a friend offering him of the country Prominent churchmen including a glass of water drink this and wash bishops and heads of all the leading It down growled JondsWash It down denominations have expressed their Why should Let him walk approval of the movement Everybodys ¬ f Deans seasonI flowerI standingfcretto ly swathed in tulle which covers them ia swirls or soft puffs This redeems tits masses of flowers from a too heavy appearance The shapes on which such a pro SIMPLE STYLE FOR asI I IN A little fiveyearold who had been watching her mother dress for an evening entertainment surprised her mother with the following question Mother didnt you say you were al most 40 years old Yes replied tho mother Well answered the little girl you dont look it tonight but you will tomorrow morningJudgeAll ¬ MILLINERY I 1 sorts ¬ ¬ Murlne r i t ¬ ci althQUghPartslan i Iot aaweatert l I J LL 4 s r Irk 1 I DEFIANCE W N STRCHfor Uf MEMPHIS NO 151910LAZY LiVER that I would not be without them I was troubled a greatdeal with torpid liver and headache Now since taking Cascarets Candy Cathar ¬ tic I feel very much better I shall cer¬ thinly recommend them to my friends aa the best medicine I have ever seen Osborn Mill f Anna Bazinet River llasfc No2 Fall t it Pleasant Palntabls Potent Taste Good Do Good NoVerSlclcen Weaken orGripc IDe 25c SOc Never sold in bulk Tbo ccnn Ins tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to cute or your money beck i 928 d L HALFTONES In neimartror IUP stntlonory printinghersof tw s pr for Iubll GOLDEN MEDIfBL DISCOVERY wIth coaled flesh and ESi gelid mmsclt v WISTEOS wZ nwsrirtx vnox Jan4dQba rl fag IM a The denier who offers a lubstitute1 for 1ho l4Disc9very la on the only seeking to make the little more profit on sale of less meritorious preparations tire oUt No never biilt Powderabakrntrnntcanamplelbe5eotswDr Pierces Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent ref Wiohunt CUBltHKKCJlSTlUitO on receipt ofstamps to pay expense di mailing only SendI anted 21 onecent stamps for th paper covered hook or 31stamps taamotorAtazrL conuuereda° for the cloth bound Address Worlds Dispensary Medical ok eHeneTsbtetsdoesltNnlotorroott 11dYlG >ee Association R V Pierce MD President Buffalo N Y ClarksSuui n Ur CIMsa224 aia St anlotheldteYowcindyeanygumentwithbutrtapisgapart Its difficult to arouse a mans en thuslasm by showing him a photograph of himself when a baby DAVIS PAINKILLER should be taken without Uolsr when tore chest ¬ ¬ ass wIdUlreatena hes Every man thinks Judge of human nature G Standard Oil Company PIEeS It builds tip the body 2 j igcorporated Dr a superior f i Be The stomach Is a larger factor Jn II life liberty and the pyre suit of happiness than most people are aware Patriotism can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia The confirmed dys > peptic is fit for treason stratagems and spoils The mad who goes to the front for his country with a weak stomach will be a weak soldier and a fault finder AsoUnd stomach makes for good citiznsolpas well as for health and happiness Diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and are promptly and permanently cured by the use of o ¬ 1 j rare yea get this Movesee that the name plate reads NEW POTKTOON 4 Every dealer everywhere If not at yours write for Descriptive Circular to the nearest agency of the NOTE Patriotism order 4 tS s1z will V d 1II III find Cascarets so good authoritythat cryptalbUles tn tlhth t Troubles You Think all you speak but speak not all you think Delarem tsplI bntrJfD P fe EY < 11 C predominateduring satinf 1 For Your Like Murlne It SQothes Soc at Your Druggists Write Books Free Murlne Eye Remedy Co Chicago > I oiq rJ CAUnoNASY Velvet facings In heavy black cover ornament the liver kidneYs and bowels Easysure a large to net vet a 25e Box The A II Lewis Medicine Co St Louis Mo that are the braid who alms Cabachons of plaited ribbon velvet Another Investigation are tho tailored touch demanded oa elegant Roble Maiden Is kissing proper Besides Enema Youth We might investi we long gate Two heads are better than one jewels Stanford Chaparral that hint ot the orient in their colors tag there va pins that offer sugges Narrow f cf velvet on brim tiooB Vf bane manufacture tor bro and beneath them cover only a part of Is gade tapestry and linen are the ma the straw Hicks Capudlne Relieves the aching and Cures tho cold Headaches fovcrlshness igdals ute i One little shop in Paris Effects Immediately 10 also Its MM shown pins with tops of itraw or X and 60o at Drug Stores Ii rima KWTSn to match the hats with maline bows to give delicacy Those who Relieve that man de Light blue loops ot two nth ribbon Which these novelties are to be worn fended from the monkey should re IB another milliners lace flowers i that its a poor rule that used to rover tho Dresden silk art wont work both waYs eU hlon Tkese are extremely pretty 1 With the tulle turbans and large laceKIM the Flies Now and Keep Crystal Bugles In Style r aimed straws DAISY IfLY KILLER disease away will do it Kills tIbuSandsLastsallseasonAsk rind 20c to H SOM V ERS yonrdealrior Jrobfclyn N Y on no oc p y r will the disks be used to fasten the The average woman can bluff al ¬ colored efTecfs In vogue during thee hat on her head It is Just one post r most any man but when it comes to r Wore evidence ef her attention to the bluffing some other womanwell 1 little details that combine to create a thats anotherstory fearmonlbus whole really very summery wll r Takers of the United States Census t reflect the changeable qualities of tho newest silks giving them a gossamer willuse Watermans Ideal Fountain Pen look as though they were made of because it is always ready and sure some dream stuff This result is espe ¬ When lifes all love tis life aught with white daytime gowns dally suited to the debutante who ThgoWJ1Jlal1 of all sorts linens usually makes her first semiformal ap else tis naught Sidney Lanler jpbngeea and wools pearanceduring the summer Mrs Wlrioiows SodthLngr Horchllenteethin8boaons thegumsreduces In Tho abbreviated little coats orBamjaaUoniUajrs cure wind co lie 2u aDottlr 1Slsts are natty affairs French Gloves They are ifxaight across tho back One woman can stir Up morel trou The Parisian tinted glOve is with us ble than a dozen mere men gaud of any sMpePjust above the waist or not We may pick whether ap line that fancy preicrlbes CemitlpaUon causes and seriously aRSTaratei May of the new ones are pointed It up or lay it down but it has been Ddiseases It If tbomughlr Tlnr jrauarcoaUid grmnulrPlercealelleb finished with quaint at the front and phikedruchts plaited or shirred etIts easier to break away than it is It is dollbUutof acceptance at the to get back faateniflg at Shoulder There has come about k wide return t4 blUBes that fasten across one New Spring Color bonlder or bath Jn the latter cass Chantecier one of thlt new gprfc is Jut fasteniag under the arm ther The opening la traiflifc across the top < ojor6f probably an Attempttocopy she core r4 thergarmept rtoeR oTsr 1Js head the brilliant purple is then fastened- comb eve this icoittritf right to tM IJko should Jaaui with smiiJ name bf Roe taudt shade that proti ha1n loopV otVbVaid nd Crochet buttons isei to takeN1W fork bF storm + rt f f 4 has a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot Drop shelves for the coffee pot or saucepans and nickeled to wsl racks It has long turquoiseblue enamel chimneys The nickel finish with the bright blue of the chimneys makes the stove very attrac- ¬ tive and invites cleanliness Made with 1 2 and 3 burners the 2 and 3burner stoves can be had with or without Cabinet Too Busy to See arousedtheyaro 1 > Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORJA a safe and sure remedy for Infants and children and see that it Bears theSignature of In Use For Over 30 Years The kind You Have Always Bought GrlppCapudlneThe i > l F No drudgery of coal and ashes no stooping to gefcjat t the oven no smoke no no odor just good cooking with greater fuel econoln Irons and water in wash boiler always hot Thei Patience Do you believe there are microbes in kisses dccaslonally out of OU feel dull Patrice I never saw any Yonkers Tho Headaches and Dizziness Statesman leghorn nlghtIt sImplicityI hatNo fie d 0 < I adulllbut yourridof EyesRelieved Do most unfeminine way important Is this little drat tho only trimming on bipo will bo Jeweled disks very satisfying to tho woman fk ijt BROILS steaks and chopsmakers i them tender and inviting bread muffins crack TOASTS ers and cheese ¬ Colorings ¬ 1I I tant millinery accessory and cleverlyVeiuablnes beauty with utility in an al straw 1 preventIt tQknow Alas Adaptedto the- Nowadays tho hatpin is tin impor IDEA sl whiChprtserves J placed In smartstanding effects and thero aro numbers of grass and flower sprays made up for tho purpose of trimming them Idea In This Millinery Accessory o ¬ ¬ HATPIN VELVET Utility More Than Ornament Is o ¬ tfl 1Si 4 pie and cake bakes them perfectly allthrofglir i and browns them and ROASTS beef ¬ ¬ 1 BAKES bread ¬ ¬ >i BakesRoasfsBroilsToasl ¬ ¬ l < 1 t invariably tend to produce a habit of body requiring constantly augmented doses Children enjoy the pleasant taste and gentle action of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna the ladies find it delightful and beneficial whenever a laxative remedy is invaluable as it may bo taken without interfering with sinessand does not gripe nor nauseate When buying note the name California Fig Syrup Co printed on tho front of every package Price 50 cents a bottle ¬ fusion of flower trimming is showp vary In style and in size from the small close fitting oriental turban to tho largest of picture hats Tho sum mer girl will delight in tho wldo brims and flowing lines with masses of blossoms and sho will bring down blessings and other things upon her pretty head when sho takes up moro space than really belongs to her nut whoever saw too many flowers Tho summer girl is sure to be forgiven no matter to what extremes she goes ¬ and she knows it These largo shapes are not pretty when made in any other than the w rs ren garden straws hair au those of tho field kayo been faith lightest weight has comoorto in most braids Hemp bo fully copied In muslin or silk or tulle- popular aland halr braid hats No other trimming is shown in such ways good stylo and classy aro t The smaller hats are nearly all mado of braids These are so light in a masses over the crowns in wreaths weight that they are sowed into a j iC i ¬ JULIA BOTTOMLEY the thermometer marks WHEN weather In early February earlier tho groat importing millinery houses aro humming with business They arc filled with an army of women choosing from be wildering varieties of the flowers and feathers and laces tho airy fabrics and lustrous ribbons and all the other decorative materials with which they Mfead to clotho tho heads of their patrons These enterprising women have HFig theyfail yaed e j It is pleasant and refreshing to the taste and acts promptly effectuallY dispels on the kidneys liver and bowels cleanses the colds headaches and fevers and assists In overcoming habitual constipa ¬ tion permanently also biliousness and the many ills resulting therefrom ¬ By i remedy with millions ot families and everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value good health Its beneficial effects re due to the fact that it is the only remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating tho organs on which it acts It is therefore allita portant in order to get its beneficial effects to purchase and note that ¬ T i ° pated condition of tho system which the pleasant family laxative Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna promptly removes That is why it is tb onlyI ¬ P 11 it6at Quaker Scotch Oats to Great Britain end Europe The reason is simple while theE IM hand Scotch have for centuries 3a oatmeal In quantities and with a r ilarlty that has made them the mrlit tugged physically and actfve mt tally of all people tho American has been eating oatmeal and tryIng all the time to improve the methods of manufacture that he might get that desirable foreign trade i r J- Great Britain buy E j

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