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Image 5 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), April 7, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

p > t y T NNHNNN N 1 New of the Town C riMl has been vlilUng in Lexington has returned homo j Hugh Orlffl It stable boss at the + Fox Run mines was in the city on I i business Tuesday i1i as lairs Rtfx MoBuon who has been F D Rash was in Madlaonvillo vlaitlngiiydr mothcr t Cadiz return ¬ 11 4t loads for photographs J Baileys ed home laat week Neat Splllman attended tile dance Monday Pianos for sale and rent W JI Chas Barnett and wife will leavb R N Clark was In Madlabnvllle jym UeY i Mfc and MrsOtley VU4t at Madtsonvillo Thursday tomorrow for a weeks visit to friends annoy J Born to the wife of Q J Hutch Monday to Tiers eson on the 4 inqt tflO pound boy Geo C Atkinson was 1uJEvans In Kansas City Mo >> Jodie Long and wife St Charles vllle Friday Sewintrhfae11i110gHorrettatWoou move to v In ocounty passed through the pity Saturday on on avouue J Balleya MadiBonyiHo Ky JaaR Rash was JI new onto to MadlonvUlo Ir seat Monday Burn to the wife of William phono 884 Miss Ethel Oliver ofHnwellwho Chas Bradley of MadlaanviUe la ShuItUl4n the 6th mst a hue boy it Jlg sting Miss Mabel nigh will v cwln r Ich mOB at W J now an nmployo of the St Bernard n home Saturday> Geo Miller spent Saturday BftUtvB Mlisonilio Ky phone afthia place s B B Hackney and children U2tBorn to the wife of Elmo Shaver relatives at Crofton o towell lad are vlafting her sla on April 2 a flue girl Elmo is i ban UUlstbadia having an addl Mrs David Adams was In Madl teF Mrs Henry Rogers Bonvllle Wodnesday built to hie homo on Main looking happy aira Hf Browning and daughter x Marvin Mitchell Attended the Alfred H Junes of BltrtislcywasI slatet Mrs W3 McGary made friends V ojhfi HnghGrininof St diaries dance at the Elks Hall at Madison in the city this week In Madisonville a visit Saturday wltti hag boon quite ill la reported vUlp Thursday night Mrs Guy Ashby visited frleiuls In Walton Perry who has boon on Ask Marshal Bradley what kind Mndisonvllle Saturday better duty at the Mortons Gap store lory t Dont Lily a Sewing Machine un of nn Apcfl fool Chas Barnett Miss Dot Bean visited friends Jn a few days has returnod home handed hhn the first tl1 yu uhontf WJ Ifolley Madl Madisonvilld Saturday Misv Ellis Griffin of Jhinton Ind You can Rot your horses shod to ijgiviiie icy Ul2t Jack Dookery of Macllspnyllics who has been visiting her uncle guaranteed at was in the city Saturday > Denipsoy Halo loft lust woek tpr suit and all work Fleet Griffin leturns home today ituia tile whore lie has aeourod n- NewtonB shop Eatlington Ky Geo W Rash of Madisbnvllle Miss Elizabeth Niabot of Oklaho 14ar lJtItlhhJ with a news company was iu the city yesterday ma City visited in city Saturday Noodles Oil and Attachments for y 1QllfW a number of the Shrinks S C Harlandof StCharles was In She is visiting relatives InMadlson ¬ all machines at W J Baileys Htu their ladies attended the bathe city on business Friday ntqutt Madisonville Tuesday night Madisonville Ky phone 884 18 2t Mrs A O Sisk made friends in yUle Mrs A J Jorgerflou of Fulton Every painter and paper hanger Madtapnylllo a viai Mondaywho haa been visiting hoc brother get new in the city la busy An Immense 8t td or sharpened M Kimmell made his patents Dr P B Davis returned homo last S < bindles at Newtons shop E rllntr amount of that class of wnrk is be In Hendetaon a visit Sunday lug done this spring l4atweekMrs tf JICy hey Lane anti her visitor Dr W K Nisbet made a business A large number of bur citizens IpTtlas Btuble Stone Thurs Mrs J W White of Birmingham will leave in a few days for New trip to MadiBonville Monday lay night In f1adisonvllle with in Madlsoiyllg a floe Shrmera Mrs Albert Hawes of Howell is Ala made friends fJ jfJu SbeMtettdec1 tho dingqn t 4rleiia t4 tttanct 7f Pit Monday visiting In the city this W meeting iuthatcity the Elks Hall t Mrs 6r Lamb and daughter oi Base Todd of Sullivan Removo the ashes and piles of XV J Bailey of Madlf onvlllo has Madi8onvillewere lathe city Satur- ¬ J from around your home and In visiting In the city this week t t for sale an electric motor used to dirt They attended the band r u a sowing machine See him boo the strati and alleys before you ate Mrs D ELynn made friends in day night the rink concert at mado to by tff officers MtdlionTiUe a visit Saturday 144t JfGfo you bay l I UA stitch In time artvefl ninef > So Miss LixKle 0111 who has been vie JW Mrs Richard Qriftlu visited ifelft All the Old shacks have boen re ¬ itfrtjr friends in Biloxi Miss clean up your back yards send alloys Lives in MadlBOnVIlla Monday IC moved from around We new City f 1 She year and have a f Ball and a park will be made be- early thistin cans and trash barrel to Mrs Joe Motli0fshiftd paid friends turned home last week visit toleaves Hot in a few days for a put your id t tween It and the railroad in Madisonville a Visit Friday Springs rk The servlces of Miss Dot Borffi r XVFOB SALEA brand now hand 1 Is Carrie Atkinson fs visiting Miss I zte RosseU Of h arden have boon secured by the elocution p JIa4e wagon at Newton shop o 4Macte of the very best material class for their entertainment to bo kfaro gliput Size 8x0 truss skeins given In Madlaonvllle for tIle benefit r 142t of the school The citizens of Morions Gap The Peoples Bank of Burlington f lima opeuoJ one or more new ao should not miss the chance of seeing 0ounta ovary day for the past three Morton Victory make his hlith and laiintha and they urn not losing any long lump at the E A C show there the lOth aid ones A complete line of wagon material 1 A complete line of steel buggy V ttlroa shafts singletrees spokes and at Newtons shop both In wood rims cross bars and all kind of stock and wagon hardware Will fcwg V fixtures at Newtons shop do work while you wait and all work guaranteed 14 2t e il rUn touly NONE BETTER NONE FINER The demand for houses In Earl From present Indication the E A 4There wore + 43 will have a large crowd at their ington remains good REGULAR PRICES Gap April 18 A several parties in the city lASt week 8h W at Mortons iiarKd number froinhere will attdrid Wiowadtsdptlbuy ita suitable slto could be secured OBilly Fugato HB a coon is great The little folder The Peoples As other eitic1s Bre havlug clean Selling Leathers This Season ago has ft V ingup day It would be a good idea Bank leaned u few weeks 4 foi our mayor to issue a call ou tho put people to thinking and the la- ¬ iinioVooo and miss it greatly when P YT while in Cincin ¬ S i nati a short time ago secured an I It is not running pTIIOK of P Lodge at Madison electric plating machine It IsIfrienda in Louisville this week town N J who has bean visiting r yule wore reorganized last Wtckj claimed to be lho best made and the Mrs Jno B Atkinson returned Mrs Wm Bradley spent Wednes- ¬ only one of its kind ju this part of home Monday Mrs Atkinson and v this lodge has been on the wane for day with friends in Madisonville Mrs Geo Newbolt accompanied her BOtoo time but now it has taken on the State Mrs Jno B Atkinson visited as far aa Nortonville The young men of the city gave new life and lots of new members o an impromptu dance at Webbs friends In Madisonvllle last week are being secured The front of Caualera pool room V Miss Laura Woodruff of St By special request Manager M- Hall Saturday night after the K K has been nainfod and the shod over et Gary will open his skating rick Sat Rand concert Quite a number otICharles was In the city Saturday the walk moved which adds greatly V urday night It was announced last the society people attended and en Miss Ella Vincent has returned to Its appearance 1 13a tardfty night would be the last juyed themselves from a visit to friends in Graham Twenty of our society ladies ac J brt the youpeople liketo havfi vTlje ladies of the Christian church i WihWlisoappbcetnap at Mad Qompanied thelrShrlner friends to will give a shirt waist bazaar at the iaonvillo was in tho city Tuesday eeme place to enjoy themsoIvetho banquetat MadlsonvllloTueaday aJH Oorbitt the photographer Is AuditorlutuRiuk this afternoon at Miss Edna Overall of Madison ¬ night A large class was put through having the old hose house rebuilt 2oclook and will serve supper at 6 ville visited in the city yesterday the mysteries of that degree iu MaL 1 ° for A gallery It will be made Hug oclock All are invited to attend Jesse Phillips and Charles Bar HonryVolnwy r and a sky light put in the roof and help these worthy ladles Huff a young son of Joe Harrison Hopper a brother of Mr net were in Madisonville Monday x V alldlldes and when completed will Hull full uut uf a hammock at their Everett Smith ot Eldorado III ii doubt bo thebest gallery in any Bryan and Miss Bottle Hopper died morning and at first In Nashville Sunday He has visit ¬ Is visiting his father Willis Smith homo Tnoeday be mwrn of ltd sire in the State jft was thought to seriously hurt but Ott Powers and Wife spent Sun with ci e exception of a few bruises O Barnes of the First regl ed this city several times and has many friends who mourn his death day in MadUonville with relatives was nut hurt much mt utU S A Is in the city He Is Jesse Withors goon and wife made cwnnectod with the home company His home was in Hopkiuaville for ORDINANCE inspection scary years its ltructor prior to the friends in Madlaonyllip a visit Sat on April 18 He IB First Sergeant Tho State has granted an allow- day rr Whereas Wm Bradley city hib company and wasm the ance of 00 per year to one man In of Leo Oldham of Hopkinavtiie Third Kentucky regiment in 98 and each military company to take spent a few days last week In the marshal has appointed Jas Kil J charge of all public property and ta roy W A Riodolph D B J keep same in good order Capt cityEd Coffmau of Slaughterville Griflin T 0 Todd K N Ojark The Pleasant View Greenhouse tofttween this city and Madisonvill- Powers of Company G will appoint spent Tuesday in the city on bust r Hawkins juo Morgan eif one of the largest in this part of a man in his company for the place nose Geo W Wilson Henry W Not a little excitement was oreat Mrs W A Randolph spout Mon ¬ Rouers VVm Olvess Bradley od Saturday night by Night Mar- ¬ day in Madisonville as a guest of Burues Juo T Barnett J toe manager cut 3000 carnations shal Mitchell firing five shots at a friends Tuesday morning coon whom ho had arrested and was nnd tiOOOro Mr and Mrs W E Rash spent Oorbitt its deputy marshulnow A largo crowd was on rv r ny are atJdinK three more houses escaping Sunday near Madi the O tyOoulllllof the city ofNo WpiesptChittiaking180peg µ areilesQ- it it only shot giip tvai bvlla iathoc9uury j dOt ordaiif as EartingtOttiy uilderglass TM Motoalf of Hop hit as the marshal at the Rice Bowles and Dr OB John ¬ follows That the said nppoint coons feet so as to atop him klinrUle IB the owner son made a bnainess trip to Fox Run neuts and ench of them be and 4 i 4tloodrioli You see the mortal weak misled Dwarfed ever by tho1 earthly clod ° I see how manhood perfected May roach the 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