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Image 12 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), April 7, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

1J iii F it t < 1 1 >W lJ r r V 4 BQ areyou l uVl x s + uPIILIDi- f I 0 T now tirt- lt k c oO PfOPLfi SOON TJtlf LEARNED THAT 11 1 f A CU fINCORPORATED KENTUCKY EARLINGTON I t omerchandiser YfYiI i Is the store for a fair square deal Price but an eriprmous stock L c Y Ever This No Dickering Attempt at Deception No treatment and the same price our present customers and addingnew ones every week r What is good for anisirigIfsort them is good for Our store is u different from the ordinary t1on to you are not we extend here an earnest you are a patron of ours were quite sure that we shall retain you If come In and get acquainted We are complete outfitters of Men Women and Children d L rte rrrrrrrrr 01c k AND FOR MEN pY I J COME HERE WOMENS t renowned QUEEN QUALITY SHOES 250 BARNES made of strictly all wool material and every Priced suit guaranteed to give satisfaction 30 up to BARNES SPECIAL SUITS See these suits for yourself and observe the great array of patterns aid styles we put at your disposal and above all things no ¬ tice how much higher the quality is than the price Priced at 5 75Q i6i181 v w AND CHILDRENS SUITS FOR ALl AGES I Ir Staple I MILLINERYt r > Easter business we will by far most sanguine expectations Our magnifi cient array of Spring Millinery 4the outstrip our j contains new shapes flowers and trimmings 9 11 I elusive s that r modelst Our expert designers and trimmers can furnish you an exclusive hat at a much less price than you can get one in larger places We ask no favors We only ask you to do yourself justice by visiting out Millinery De ¬ partment ard take time to Took easefully and to carefully compare and t shd E We are showing many ex ¬ reproductions Parisian 1through y A < f lF > I 0 Bleached rt> i s 0 VV e S 5i 0 t Sig rt v t l v v i9C per 1 in a great variefy in lwV > 0 y Njnequarter UnbleachedSheetings at per yard 26cI pryq i2yd 1fcJest Blue Pants Cotton at Silk J We have what you want 0o ti perardR 1 Waists in Slack I tl r rz White and q a ita pricJ h fli Y t r that will pltitse ytiil d o- u Worsteda in Wliite and OnfQfc Tailored Waiit la 1 a c risJ Voile Skirts k JOC1 Staple Check GjnghamR at peryd6c RM Table Damask at perYd > 250 VSf boilVS J anftfmy panama Sktrte > at i C at per Domestic and Waist Wash Skirts per art1 pert > e Skirt ¬ styles and materials I v dies Suits Wab Suits d Sheetingat 1 a V r t > II Is replete with the latest styles 4n La e y DEPARTMENTV f r- o 1 nrY Hoosier yard wide > y J y f Yatd wide Bleached Domestic > figurer uarhngtonI youI < 15i how much you can save by buY in Your hat f stande 4 tv are required to comply with fashions extrem est demands Goods Piece 6J all of tiuyrng1 OUR the quality will allow We1 qibPte you only a few fabrics for yourx > We want to kindeonsideratioin I ti LADIESa Ready to Wetir- I aidm tee of the country and everyyardis marked as jpw as for a big hat season and judging from our rF Jy We han We have made extensive preparation t r arI rJ ¬ whats new with no thou r Y OXFORDS SPECIAL We want you to understand that care always as ready to show as to selland that you are always at liberty tg come in and see e5oii0i250i350i5 BOYS 350 3 r for ladies misses and children inall leathers suitable for any occasion Ladies Oxfords and Pumps at per pair 4125 135 150 and fie Misses Oxfords and Pumps at per pair 8I 150 175 and2 Infants low shoesat per pair 25C SOC 75Cfi 125 and 150 Dainty leathers dainty shapes dainty trimmings combined to make dainty foot at 2250 24 25 4V Priced at per pair for women MARX PINE CLOTHES Come for your shoes while the picking is so good and youll know what it means to own shoes that touch the spot exactly bl- I HART SCHAFFNER 200 250 300 a J clothing makers in the business This store is the home of 18 20 1 are the styles in footwear that the fashion originators have set out for the beauty pleasure and comfort qf the women All styles of our low cut shoes are correctly formed and they work in perfect harmony with the foot Come see the seasons fcst in the world I Come here with any spring suit notion you may have in your minds eye for we believe we can meet your every desire as to cut fabric and price Our excellent clothes are made to our special order by the best y FOOTWEAR SUMMER OXFORDS TIES AND PUMPS FOR YOUR CLOTHES at a r r > r llr l l- BOYS always touches the spot and it does not make much difference whether its j1 foot spot or aj price spot The man or boywho comes to this store for his shoes will go awaysatisfied Satisfied with the style fit and qualityof our This shoes and satisfied with our prices will hold true whether ke buys a pair of 6 and 7 Stacy Adams shoes at 550 the famous King Quality at 350 4 and 5 or a pair of our moderate priced Shoes w ° Our Footwear Vr No GetAll You Can t

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