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Image 10 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), April 7, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

m 1 h 1 Aa I r YfC 0 FROM RESCUED Custom Plowing iti cr = + t- New Industry Speech Vulgar and Profane in WesternFarm By G WELLESLEY BRABBIT ON s r RAFT OF ICE NEW YORK MAN FLOATING OUT TO SEA WHEN FEEBLE CRIES ATTRACT ATTENTION I HERE Is no need of going to Webster for the defini tlon of a cigarette Every ¬ body knows that it is a lit NEW INDUSTRY that of power plowing has sprung up in tie cigar It Is a bit of to the west and northwest within the last decade bacco rolled uo Ina bit of When the Dakotas Montana Canada and parts of Texas paper add made to look both attracwere opened to agriculture the farms were so large that horses tive and karmless It is a cigar In Its could not supply the motive power necessary for the plowing infancy In time if the one who in dulges in cigarette smoking lives lon of the great land tracts Traction engines were substituted enough it will grow Into a cigar But and they dragged the plows over the vast stretches of land the weed done up in the fine style of Thus power plowing had its beginning From this too sprung a cigarette is not thought to be quite so offensive and vulgar as when encustom plowing an occupation now numbering many hundreds joyed in the form of a pure Havana 01 of men with an invested capital of several million These men a big black Conestoga or a clay pipe do not own the farms upon which they work but plow them with their It Is tobacco all the same whethe held together by a leaf from Its own yaespecially made outfits for so much per acre stem or wrapped up In curl papers An uptodate outfit or rig costs 4000 and consists of a 20 or 30 or crammed into the bowl of a moor schaum For obvious reasons it is the horsepower traction engine and a series of plows usually in groups of 10 cigarette that is most affected by They are rated as 1012 or 14 bottom gang 12 or 14 called bottoms ladlesHowever it is not with cigarette to their number are attached to an angling platform on wheels according smoking that we are now concerned and arranged in pairs diagonally along the back with each pair slightly but with cigarette swearing For there in advance of the other Levers are attached to allso that they may be is a kind of profanity which bears the When going from one field to another same relation to the coarser sort oi raised or lowered at discretion Lord in vain taking the plows are elevated With this outfit the engineer or owner goes forth that thothe name of tho cigarette does tempting little and breaks up the soil at from 3 to 5 per acre according to the char ¬ to the full grown cigar This too Is acter of the land If it be new more is charged if old less The farmer tho form of swearing which is most indulged in by the fair sex It is not both cases furnishes the coal often fortunately that one hears a ofa In appearance the traction engine resembles the ordinary one seen round plump oath from the lips unutis When season in Illinois only it is larger with exaggerated woman shockingone does it if during the threshing especially terably it be back wheels They travel at the rate of two miles per hour over even from the lips of a mother in the midst ground and can turn under 25 to 30 acres daily From fiveto seven inches of her childrenH is the depth of the furrow Profanity The cost of rll But profanity akin to this loudmouthed and repulsive type and 1 board 3 j Iced for one horse Man to steer 150 water hauler a Very strong worth of coal is whichto suggests more emphatic inclina 50 cents sharpening plows 250 j words use the tion burned were it allowable to do so Is not un the conversation of large The good custom plower is bringing up the standards of his craft common in our wellmeaning and oven numbers of Having full knowledge that old world plowing methods are superior to cultivated ladies At every turn of those on this side of the water and realizing that the American farmer surprise in the talk that Is going on little occasion when often sacrifices quality for quantity lie has set about to reduce plowing to on every be a call for protest there it ia seems to > My European standards and has for the most Part produced satisfactory Good Lord > Good heavens results With his steam engine he can secure quantity with practical gracious I and so on through the list Sometimes there is more boldness in knowledge he obtains quality the expletive employed and one There are breakers ahead of him though that will give him worry whose opinions on actions are not unless he bestirs himself at once to avoid the trouble and that is price satisfactory Is denounced as nublanll Every one who hears the exIdiot cutting Qwing to its extreme youth the occupation has no organization pression knows exactly what the to speak of no power to maintain a standard wage for plowing and tho speaker wishes to say and the pftenresult has been a lowering of wages until now in some portions of the ed substitute docs not much reeve nor does the smile the situation west no money is male at all by it The farmer is glad and willing to pay which goes round In the circle of as high as 5 an acre for breaking his land and why less than this should listeners do much toward atoning fur Thrcsl ermens trade papers conventions and meet-¬ the suggested blasphemy be asked is a mystery Habit a Vicious One ings will change this and if worked aut in time the breakers may be avoided Now there is no need here of wan Custom plowing does not last the year around dering off into wide ethical discus to fix the precise though but that matters little For by simply unship ¬ slons and trying measure or the comparative measure ping the gang plow from the tractor the latter may of guilt In Gods sight which there be used for threshing road working and in the winter may be In this or that or the other Is enough to form time for hauling In Iowa for instance it hauls corn say of profanity Ithabit of swear that the cigarette for miles from crib tp elevators and from the country ing is not good Ic is a mild typo of to railroad points In fact there is employment to be profanity and because it is mild is by be found all the time and where there is nothing else more frequently put In evidence x women than men but it Is not good to do lumber may be cut It is an offense to a refined tasto It is a debasement of language and tends all the time to reduce ones vocabulary of choice and appropriate There is no nation that has begun to words It lowers the mental tone of develop the business of advertising as have individuals and circles and under the the Americans The art of advertising has delusive gulso of vivacity reduces YankeesLearn thought to the cheap quality of a bar been carried to a pitch in the United gain counter t States that puts it in a class by itself I The atmosphere of a home which happen to know that it is a rare tiling for is filled with these Explosives is not a one for anyof the big mercantile houses of Franco wholesome anywherechildren to breathe and everywhere It Is bad or the continent to spend as much as 10 It Is impossible to believe that a disThey have ciple of our Lord can be quite so 000 a year on the newspapers quite so spiritually minded can live not learned the value of printers inkas close and vital a relationshipinwith him have the Yankees Some of your merchant who made that startling deliverance By JULES LATOUR ol Marseilles princes will expend on a single issue in tell ¬ about our responsibility for even the words that wo use and be quite ing tho public of their wares as much as Idle much like him in mind and aim so our leading establishments will pay out in and character if there Is no restraint three months Not only do your storekeepers use the press on a big scale of the kind of speech which savors profane a mild degree but their way of telling the reader about their goods is the most plausible even In cannot express of the opinion ones If one the most delightful the most winning thing in the line of literary coax¬ and say ones say whether man or ing imaginable and I can well see how such efforts attract customers by woman without swearing or So much as indicating a desire to swear it is the t thousand better to remain silent Northwestern During my stay here I have become fascinated with the advertise- ¬ Christian Advocate ments seen in your daily newspapers and I read them with unalloyed Answers to Prayer delight merely as a study in an art in which you have exceeded the entire The answer toprpyerto most V prayersbegins on two sides Gods I and our own Wo must be willing to work toward it and sacrifice for it and the sacrifice is sometimes so At a convention held not long since in heavy that we shrink back If we Chicago it was urged that the increasing ask for health for education for we know that we must lack of farmers now assumes the propor¬ prosperity work in the direction of our desire tions of a menace to the United States If we ask for spiritual gifts we rea Here is onesmaUsolufion which will work lize that the snme Is true but too plead for some special out properly There are many homesup often when we blessing for those we love for the porting women in the cities and towns of lifting of a burden from their lives or this counttry who are working their lives ours for some charge that holds good We that out for a mere pittance widows with fam ¬ and happinesssurely fprget from its Us claim granting will ilies to rear but who are compelled to let some price of sacrifIce or renuncia their children run the streets without s tion Whatever our prayer we needs Iy MRS S rL RANDOLPH share in its answering mothers care and wives daughters and must have a of the Fathers unwilling not because sisters who are sole supporters of families ness but because of his love that Many of these long for homes on a farm knows us through and through but have not the means However the federal government or even the When a mans heart is drying up In rich corporations who have such lands could advance the use of a few desert of conceit hO tries to comacres to such as are worthy adding to this in each case a small house the himself by looking at the slzof fort furnishings food fuel seed agricultural implements and even a small his head sum of money it needed Fall this fully covered by an honest mortgage Unless a man makes the most of his this were dqno there would be very few foreclosures and many good opportunities he cant expect hit pp fkrms and fajanera added to the credit of ibis country ort IIUIes tp rooks thQ most of Mm ¬ ¬ ri A DEATH Now YorkrFoeblo cries for help that seemed tb come from far put on the East river were heard early ono morning recently by employes of tho municipal lorry at thQ pottery from a partially frozen man lying helpless a considerable distance off shore on a large ice floe on which he had floated for several hours For ton minutes the men were un able to seethe man who they be lieved was swimming toward the shore They called out but in response again heard only his faint cries for help At that instant the tide carried a number of Ice floes across the moonlit part of the Waters and tho mans form was discovered Frank Dugan of 1311 Bristol street ¬ ¬ ¬ folnI111Jg ° > c It Value of- Printers Ink l worldI Lack ¬ s of- ¬ Farmels Becoming Menace y p ¬ ¬ It l n I lr o J M Joy riding T Huh These city chaps srei Presidents Lincoln once told the fol I boasting all the while story to DH Bates luunmser Of whizzing past In motor cars irltliCltf gals In style of the war department telegraph of They let theIr sIren whIstles shriek JUB° See wflt know Im like an old colored man Ipreach And they almost stun comet tails they < flashing by like Ho spent so much of his time think IB tots of tun ing to the other slaves it kept him and nut though tho big machines can speed i a them from their labors His master Theyand costgiveprincely price or to me I the pleaauro never told him he would punish him the j seem quite no nlco next Limo he was caught preaching All JOY rIdes the farm boys have a 1 ey with Both or Sue But marsa said the old man rtc JJI old road by moonlight with tears In his eyes I always has Down tho sleigh built for two 2 horse to draw Influences from Bible texts IN POLITICS when dey comes In ma bald I jes calnt help It Can you mares Well said his master I suspect I But Ido sometimes draw inferences there is one text I never could under ¬ stand and if you can draw the right Inference from It Ill let you preach to r h ¬ ¬ < k gx j tt l s < His Secret- MJ > ¬ ¬ 1 tf I dont see how you make your butter Brown said to tho modern farmer Ive been around your farm for a week now but I havent soon a sign of a churn Ho laughed pleasantly partly beTho CongressmanCan you rco a cause of Browns stupidity and partly mend me to a good political C3rpef1 because of his success in keeping his The SenatorPolitical carpenter Oh my scheme What do you want done method a mystery Is a cinch he explained UAll I hay Tho CongressmanI want to sail to do is to take a flvcmllo trip along come campaign lies tho roughest road on my motorcycle with a bucket of cream strapped on Waiting ¬ on1fbout6 JL RURAL JOY RIDES your hearts content U What is do text mares asked the colored man I IThe ass snuffeth up thq cast wind Now what inference do you draw from that Well mares Is nober heard dat text befo nohow but I specie tiP In fruenco am she got to snuff a long time befo she got fat jrin los un DRAWING INFERENCES w J behindI Though tho wind may shako the shutter And tho days bring Icy rain Well possess ourselves In patience 4 Natural Born Pessimist Till the June bug comes again A Denver man says he was standing on the platform of a small town rail The Stand She Would Take road station not very far from this tho lady orator is one Rodrick city recently when a youth from the of tho most stern unemotional looks country came up and began gazing at Ing women I over met Why I believe tho train report blackboard On the if there was an earthquake she would board was written bo standing in tho same place attar It All trains on time Sept 1 was and Patrick McQann of 146 West After studying tho board a couplo of Van AlbertThats ridiculous What Thirtyfifth street and several other employes launched a lifeboat from the minutes tho young man turned would sho bo standing on 1 owning around ferry slip All The man Was found lying on his said trains on time cept one he Is the e Ill back One leg extended over vtho ice very one bet that there one meet her dignity I have come hero to His floe and was dragging in the water So It Was clothes were frozen to the ice His hair WANTED IT ALL HIMSELF man In Baltimore was A young was Covered with ice and his body was dining with a friend and happened to rigid from the cold They lifted him get hold of n second joint of a chick off the floe after a great deal of dim en which ho found rather hard to fculty and took him ashore without the use of consid In the hospital he said ho was Wil erable liam Wlssman 42 years old and that Gee but this is a tough Joint ha he lived at 216 East Fortyfirst street said to his friend On account of his condition it was It is that replied his friend hard to get a coherent statement ought to bo pulled from him AHo said he fell from a dock but he Mystifying could not tell whether it was near the Why did you leave Elafl Seymour foot of the street whero he lives or nigans boarding house in that Immediate vicinity Ashley There was too much Ho struggled to get to the shore but sleightofhand work golngonthe tide carried him out to midstream SoymourSJelghtofhnnd work got His shoes and clothes made it difficult for him to swim He remembers see tho coffee and tho toa from tho same Ing the lights of what he believes were pot ¬ Yes overy ir x jjclso 4 4 i 1 i 1 z i J1 > j JJ tf forcet itv ¬ ¬ ° tv i tr < i4 I rw > I i r = the Williamsburg and the bridges Brooklyn Wood Seasoned By Electricity In France a method of seasoning wood through the agency of electricity Is credited with much success It Is called the Nod nIirottonnean process The timber is nearly immersed in a tank of water containing ten per cent of borax five of resin and a little car bonate of soda and rests on a lead plate connected with tho positive pole of a dynamo Another similar plate lying on the exposed surface of the timber is connected with the negative pole Thus a current of electricity can be passed through the wood from which all the sap appears to be re < moved while the borax and resin take Its place in the pores In a few hours the timber is taken out and dried and the seasoning is said to be complete Gritty Reason Kind LndyAnd you ate going to Nicaragua and become a soldier of fortune Why not go in search of north ¬ Luxury Though luxury is something which only fools go In for the incidental crumbs thereof are what toed tho mule titude It is proof that Providence doesnt wish the multitude to go hungry when fools with a knack for ma king money keep on being born If all men were wise and luxury therefore a thing unknown we might still be fed after a fashion but the sum total of happiness would be less Nobody would be happier except those few who have been permitted by trial to discover what a poor thing luxury is while the rest of us having nobody to envy would be miserable Puck ¬ ¬ 1of Gr i tty 1 PlgHeyl Georgek keep out of snowballs little boy mudpuddle sign Y my theof Cant you read that I Then and Now In the days of old Tho knights were bold But In days of now Tho nights are cold f ry Why Go So Far v DoreUa1I1 take a long walk every morning for my complexionr MordelleWhYrI thought there was a drug store just around the corn nor v Gallant Egotists HawkinsAre you in favor of worn lucky for the world that some Its of us are succesful In life remarked an suffrage DawkinsNo I think women ought the man who made his pile to be spared suffering as much as po Whats the answer we queried t If all men bad Jd remain 10awcek sible clerks their selfimportance would sot ACCOMMODATING the atmosphere on fire explained tho party of the first part 4 Naters Tyenotter Tollers have gone where in f Not the Same What has become of Emma since she married Why she and her husband to light housekeeping some- ¬ Arizona NatersIs that so I didnt know there were any lighthouses In Arizona Usefulness vWhy are the funny men always kicking about the turkey hash Give It up I think Its a good thing It makes the descent from white meat to corned beef kind of gradual like Y < EightPound Square Tall Trout Too Dangerous Guest Thin lobster is very hard The largest square tall trout ever An aviator cannot lboastofhli Waiter Yes sIr We ware all out Y taken from Moosehead lake has just family of lobsters but you insisted upon haybeen hooked by a party of winter fish Why not 7 ermen near Tomheagan stream a lit¬ In his profession there is Ing one and thats the paper machs Because lobster out of tho window tie north of K neo It was taken by no cause for boasting of descent Crawford Johnson one of the best No Meat on the Platter A change known guides In the Maine woods Jigsby is all up Itf the air about bas tipped the scales at eight pounds and two ounces and measured nearly recently purchased traveling machine For they are both tabooing t What Has he anew motor car Their diet Is the bean twentythree Inches in length Kineo No aeroplane correspondence Boston Herald j ThIs Way IoDp you think this age travels IV Fitting Garb Two Ways of Saying ft How does Jack look in his hunting cycles 1 Y Then 1 am to consider myself re- costume asked the young suitor jected Simply killing Your are to consoler your offer of Contrary Prospect The Variety marriage returned wjth thanks and the This year bids fair to break toe What kind of stars take beat 1n regret that it is impossible at this Unto jo accept 1ttaI4 the daughter of th- Ihe melodramatic circuit Well I IH it will mead the ptce 1 su 8f it U tbf hootin UntH LouU star eiuaztne editor f An Jli + cyclesy 1 ¬ rt jJ I c > 5 n jt i 1 ire t l tt it i n a 5 S

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